SunVena review

The biggest solar energy provider in Florida is SunVena. SunVena is the top supplier of solar energy solutions in the state and has years of expertise in installing and maintaining solar power systems. Custom solar energy solutions made to meet the demands of each client are SunVena's primary emphasis. In order to satisfy the demands of its clients, the firm also conducts research and develops innovative solar energy products. As the leading solar energy provider in Florida, SunVena has built a reputation for quality.
SunVena review

SunVena overview

The biggest solar energy provider in Florida is SunVena. SunVena is the top supplier of solar energy solutions in the state and has years of expertise in installing and maintaining solar power systems. Custom solar energy solutions made to meet the demands of each client are SunVena's primary emphasis. In order to satisfy the demands of its clients, the firm also conducts research and develops innovative solar energy products. As the leading solar energy provider in Florida, SunVena has built a reputation for quality.

What SunVena has to say about itself

Innovative business SunVena specializes in the creation and distribution of premium solar energy systems. The business works hard to provide its clients with cutting-edge features and technology that significantly increase cost-effectiveness and sustainability. From the creation of original business solutions to the installation of advanced solar systems, SunVena offers a variety of services. SunVena provides goods and services focused on long-term effectiveness and sustainability thanks to years of experience and competence.

SunVena Solar Review

Year Started2018
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, flameproof lead-acid batteries, and solar thermal energy storage systems.
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, UL, RCMN, C-10, SEIA

SunVena website review

The official website for SunVena is Customers may discover all the relevant firm contact information there. The website has a sophisticated, well-designed appearance and is extremely simple to use. For contacting the firm, the website provides a quick registration process. There is a ton of helpful material on the website that is simple to understand and is supported by images and videos. For individuals who are interested in switching to clean energy, the website is a trustworthy resource since it has a lot of pages that detail all the phases of the process. As a consequence of the company's tireless efforts to promote its website, a sizable number of clients are happy.

SunVena price policy

PackagesStandard System Package - Starts at $9,488, Premium System Package- Starts at $13,488, Commercial System Package- Starts at $27,488, Roaming Power Package- Starts at $7,888, Residential Solar With Battery Package- Starts at $12,168, Commercial Solar With Battery Package- Starts at $38,068, Off-Grid Package- Starts at $17,888, Grid-Tie With Battery Package- Starts at $20,888
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, personal checks, wire, ACH, and bank transfer.
Payment discounts5% off for booking a solar system online, 10% discount on solar installation for senior citizens, 15% discount for Veterans, 10% off for referrals, 5% off for bulk orders, 10% off for charitable organizations

SunVena online reputation

Customers enjoyed working with SunVena. Most clients said the salesmen were competent, accommodating, and instructive. Installations went rather well; there were no issues, and customer support reacted swiftly. However, several consumers had problems when their panels were shadowed and overcharged. However, looking at the company's total rating, it is clear that these instances are more of an exception. The business has strong demand in its industry, and despite some small shortcomings, its reputation is generally well-regarded.
"Five of the 22 panels are constantly in the shadow throughout the winter. Unharmed panels are producing at least 1.25 kilowatt per day. The final panel produces roughly 200w, whereas the other four produce less than 100w. The system is operating as intended, according to the firm when contacted. on other words, I invested nearly $6,000 on five panels that would mostly be in the shadow. regret purchasing. Because the creators don't care how much money you earn off of the design, apply your own common sense and carefully examine it." - Edwin V.
"Despite the fact that our HOA forbids solicitors, Dave from SunVena knocked on my home without my permission and rang the doorbell. My three-year-old was still wailing and yelling like a crazy person when I just woke her up from her sleep. Dave, I really appreciate that. You could have just left your business card and a message at the door if handing us your card was that crucial. I will NEVER do business with SunVena. I would happily pay a company that respects my home privacy and doesn't annoy me, even if they charged three times as much as your rivals. You're knocking on people's doors in the year 2022 to promote your business? I'll phone the police and ask them to stop you if you come to my home once again." - Sam F.
"There hasn't been any customer service since the salesperson left my home with a signed contract. We had to wait 8 months after installation for activation, during which time we had no communication and no one picked up when we called. As soon as we switched it on, we did save some money. I've been attempting to contact them ever since our system went down on September 6th. Every time I call, I have to spend an hour on hold before being sent through to voicemail. Voicemails are not returned. In the last month, I've been on hold for more than 15 hours, yet I still haven't spoken to a person. The sales staff promptly responds, however they are unable to provide assistance. I thus have a broken system and a corporation you may get in touch with. Run away if they start to approach you. Fast." - Noah S.
"We chose this business since it claimed to be the oldest solar firm and had positive evaluations. I like how non-pushy their salespeople were. I'm really sorry we traveled with them. One thing has followed another. I'm not sure whether we are simply the unfortunate one, but from installation, there have been problems. The latest is that they applied incorrectly, so instead of a schedule of six months, we are now looking at twelve to fifteen months. Such a badly managed business to allow for so many errors. The department head was someone I attempted to contact at one time, but he never responded. Simply said, I don't believe they give a damn." - Wade T.
"They first phoned my husband and I often before I consented to meet with them. The salesperson assured us at the conclusion of the meeting that the new legislation protected us and that we wouldn't be required to pay any more fees. Additionally, he said that we would only be required to pay PSE&G and not SunVena. They eventually installed our panels after a few months, but not before leaving a mess on the roof and billing us for all of our gutter hours. Our roof's bracket cracked, allowing water to enter our living room. Three calls later, nobody picked up. They stated they couldn't "look at it" for another two weeks when we eventually got through. Then, today, we received a bill from a business named IGS Energy. They have my contact information and credit card details for auto-pay, despite the fact that I've never heard of them. We were informed that we owe an additional $120 on top of the $170 we already paid PSE&G for the first month of solar. We don't like this installation or this firm. The panels are out of our price range as well. When we enquired about IGS with our salesperson, he informed us that he was no longer employed there and was unable to assist. It's a complete farce, and when you phone to ask what's going on, nobody picks up." - Seth R.
"Out of all the businesses we spoke with, SunVena was the most open about how solar energy operated. They saved us money on our energy bill and powered our whole home using the sun, so we loved them. After being installed, they were thoroughly cleaned. Overall, I had a lot of fun. SunVena was the company we spoke with that was the most upfront about how solar energy worked. We liked it since our whole house had solar power, and the light bill was included. After installation, everything was thoroughly cleaned. Great experience overall." - Calvin K.
"We thought a lot about solar. In truth, our neighbor installed solar panels and supplied us with some electricity. But until we met Kevin from SunVena, we didn't feel like we had the knowledge to proceed. We felt that the initial round of the process was highly educational and that we weren't being pressured to buy anything or make a decision. Every issue I had was swiftly and completely addressed by Kevin. My spouse said the installation crew was excellent. He said that they accomplished the task promptly and with good teamwork. A few folks have already heard about SunVena from us!" - Prescott F.
"I'm glad I got to know the Sunvena personnel, especially Wolfgang, who was really helpful and instructive throughout the whole thing. Having solar panels placed on my house's roof was the option I first wanted, but after learning more about pergolas, my interest in this structure significantly increased. I was able to coordinate my crew of installers with the help of Sunvena. If you've been thinking about adding solar panels to a pergola, don't miss this opportunity since SUNVENA offers everything you need." - William N.
"I'm pleased with the way SunVena installed my solar panels. The sales representative, informed me of all I had to know right away, and it was all accurate. He presented me with a few alternatives, allowed me some space to consider them without pressing me, and provided prompt responses to my queries. The planned dates for installation, inspection, and turning on were all met. In one month, the job was done. Excellent customer care and follow-up are provided. I did my homework, and it paid off with SunVena. If you're searching for solar panels, there aren't enough positive things I can say about them. Roberto, your sales representative, will be with you at all times. You will be cared for well. He always updates me on new facts and is always kind and understanding. Five Stars' review." - James M.
"To anybody who wants solar panels for their house, I would suggest SunVena. The assistance I received starting with my first conversation with Jacob Lee, who informed me about SunVena, was the greatest guidance I could have had. To get such excellent service, all I had to do was collaborate with him, SunVena, and myself. The panel installation team was pleasant, professional, and on time. The staff did a great job of collaborating and making sure I was satisfied with their work. Very professional. Again, I can't stress enough how highly I suggest this firm if you want a solar system for your house." - Harry W.

SunVena Social media
SunVena has an official Facebook page. The page has a high-quality design and accessibility. More than 1,500 people are subscribed to it, and they constantly support the page with their likes and comments. The profile is constantly updated with new posts that contain photos about the work done and the simple life of the team. The page has all contact information, a brief description of the company, and links to other social networks, so customers are presented with services that the company performs. Contacting SunVena via Facebook is very easy; your request will be answered in the shortest possible time. The company already has more than 380 enthusiastic comments about the work done, and the average rating is 5/5. The page will be useful not only for contacting the company but also for general development in the field of solar energy.
SunVena's official page on the LinkedIn platform doesn't stand out much for its uniqueness, with more than 650 people subscribed to it. The profile has all the necessary contact information and links to other company resources. The page describes its line of business, number of employees, and partnerships. New posts appear frequently and carry useful information about solar energy, and at the same moment, subscribers put likes and comments. In general, the page is trustworthy, although it is quite simple, but at the same time useful for customers.
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33 Subscribers

SunVena average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews5474.9


SunVena Pros & Cons

  • Quality Products
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Competitive Prices
  • Limited Product Range
  • Limited Availability
  • Poor Documentation

SunVena Final Conclusions

SunVena is one of Florida's leading solar energy suppliers. The majority of clients praise the employees' skills and professionalism. Some, however, believe that the costs are excessive. In spite of this, the business is renowned for its dedication to providing top-notch service. The installation of solar panels is a popular service among customers. The popularity of the business has increased, and quality social media design is very educational. Customers may entrust this organization with their solar energy needs overall. The firm has already received over 1000 reviews, with a 4.9/5 average.

SunVena locations

Main Address4005 Church Street SANFORD, FL 32771
Phone Number4075539584

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