Susitna Energy Solutions review

The team at Susitna Energy Solutions specializes in engineering and development for sustainable energy sources. They are experts in supplying energy systems to areas that are not connected to a main power grid. They offer complete renewable energy system care, from initial planning to post-installation inspections and repairs.
Susitna Energy Solutions review

Susitna Energy Solutions overview

The team at Susitna Energy Solutions specializes in engineering and development for sustainable energy sources. They are experts in supplying energy systems to areas that are not connected to a main power grid. They offer complete renewable energy system care, from initial planning to post-installation inspections and repairs.

What Susitna Energy Solutions has to say about itself

We are the best place to find solutions because of our 30+ years of experience, our fresh leadership, and the fact that we will tailor our services to your specific needs. We assist with the planning and estimating of systems necessary for people to survive in the great outdoors. We go the extra mile to inform our clientele so that they can make well-informed, effective decisions that respect their needs and their wallets.

Susitna Energy Solutions Solar Review

Year Started1986
Service AreasAK
Service Typesinstallation, wind turbine installation, energy storage solutions, energy efficiency consulting and project management, energy auditing, and energy management services.
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous thin film panels.
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead acid, and other advanced battery technologies.
CertificationsNABCEP, InterNACHI, BPI, TPA, HES

Susitna Energy Solutions website review

The official website for Susitna Energy Solutions can be found at, and it is both informative and well-maintained, giving readers all the information they need about the company and the products and services it offers. It's straightforward to use and updated frequently with relevant details about the company's products and services. Links to social media and other useful sites are included on the site, as is customer service information. Since the site is highly protected, you can rely on it as an authentic resource for facts about the business.

Susitna Energy Solutions price policy

PackagesThe pricing packages range from $2,500 to $25,000 and beyond.
Payment optionscash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), PayPal, and check.
Payment discountsDiscounts for early payment are 10%. Discounts for multiple invoices are 5%. 2% discounts for payments over $50,000. Discounts for long-term contracts are 10%.

Susitna Energy Solutions online reputation

Susitna Energy Solutions provides renewable energy services. Their goal is to offer reliable, affordable energy solutions. Customers praise their customer service. Customers say the team is helpful and the products and services are good. They like the affordable prices, fast response times, and flexible payment options. Susitna Energy Solutions provides sustainable energy solutions with a proven track record.
Incompetent, dishonest, and attempting to pass off used components as brand new. He claims to have a cabin in the woods, but that's not really off-the-grid living. It fails to properly size systems, uses the incorrect electrolyte in the batteries, and fails to follow through with the installation. He only works on a time and materials basis and always overcharges, so he refuses to submit bids. He'll build the wrong boxes and charge you for his learning on the job. Installs potentially hazardous materials with flimsy equipment, then expect you to pitch in while charging you the full price. sued for these actions. - Hudson D.
By the month's end of July, we had already decided to hire Susitna Energy Solutions to set up a solar panel system on our roof. Due to restrictions placed by the homeowners' association (HOA), we were forced to reduce the number of solar panels in our original plan from 29 to 16. We also decided to upgrade our battery storage system to two Tesla Powerwalls. The design approval document was signed on September 9th. We were told that, as homeowners, it was our responsibility to contact the power company and arrange for a temporary outage. The Electric Company said they routinely do this, but they were willing to accommodate our request for a specific appointment time. The installation was supposed to take place on October 19 but was doomed to fail from the start. The electrician dispatched to turn off the power was late, and when he finally arrived, he was the wrong person. (It's not the company's fault, per se). In my opinion, if they had planned ahead, the most qualified person would have been present to do the work. Although it appears to have been approved, it turns out that our electric company did not approve of the plans. As a result, the panels were installed but remained unconnected. We were informed that updated electrical plans would have to go through the proper channels for approval. The city inspector showed up, claiming he had only received the original blueprints and not the updated versions. We've tried to get in touch with the company multiple times to inquire about updates, but no one has responded meaningfully each time. Despite having been informed by our project coordinator that a post-install" coordinator would be getting in touch with us, we are not yet at this stage. The post-installation coordinator has been contacted via email, phone, and multiple attempts at transferring us by customer service. Nothing has worked as of the review's completion." - Grayson T.
The panels have been in use for two years now. They stopped working for a total of 5 months after only 3 months! Due to their admission that they did not perform the promised monitoring, we were given a $500 gift card. One of their technicians was dispatched, and we're told the issue has been resolved. The electricity bill we got last month was $370. We were told that the electricity we generated was only worth $38. From what we've gathered, it looks like we generated around 900 kW. To find out what would happen if we contacted customer service again, we did so. The switchboard has an intermittent problem with one of the lights. A full two years have passed with the second light not functioning. Going solar seemed like a great way to cut costs, which we greatly appreciated. Regrettably, we are not satisfied with the outcome after spending $16,000. To be honest, I don't believe Susitna Energy Solutions is as great as they claim to be. Perhaps we received a defective set. - Maverick B.
With another provider, I was quoted an exorbitant price. Susitna Energy Solutions charged me $2.55/kWh for solar panels, and they flat-out refused to adjust their rates. There are limits to the number of times I'd wager on this company. - Caleb S.
The panels were installed in October, and it's been almost five months and we're still waiting for the system to turn on. Our nightmare experience with Susitna Energy Solutions. They have a terrible reputation for internal and external communication. - Jaxon E.
In all the time we've worked with Susitna Energy Solutions, we've only met staff who were knowledgeable and friendly. After many meetings and a lot of time, our solar energy installation project was made to fit our needs. They did everything they could to meet with us, look at photos of the site, and talk about our energy needs and goals. We ended up with a system that works and makes us a lot of money. Leo from Susitna Energy Solutions would not have helped at all if he hadn't taken the time to answer all of my questions and come to our site to help. Thanks a lot, Leo. Susitna keeps helping us and helping us improve our system. Their products have been tried and tested, are of the highest quality, and have worked perfectly so far. If you work with Susitna for off-grid power and other types of energy, you can't go wrong. Plus a lot more. That's how I worked with them, and I'd do it again if I could. Absolutely. Thank you! - Luke F.
My house in the mountains above Girdwood, Alaska, which is not connected to the power grid, was made to function perfectly by the staff. The owner in Alaska graciously gave me a tour of his off-grid home and demonstrated the operation of his wind and solar panels, batteries, and generator. He installed a 24-volt battery bank, solar panels with a 60-amp charge controller, and an 8-kilowatt Northern Lights inverter system. The owner and his staff were very helpful and patient with me. To help me better understand how everything functioned, they took the time to explain it to me and even took my call on the weekend. Susitna Energy did a fantastic job wiring my house, and I would gladly recommend them to anyone in need of alternative energy sources. - Julian R.
In other words, if you're looking into solar energy companies, this one is the only option. Other companies interviewed me as well, and some of them applied undue pressure. This organization represents the pinnacle of professionalism. They work together effortlessly. Quickly and with negligible effort on my part, it was completed. To put it simply, they blow my mind. To have an electric bill of only $12 from the power company is a welcome change. With the arrival of summer, my solar output has risen to meet my needs. They even provided me with an app to track its performance day-to-day, weekly, monthly, and annually. When I look at them, I can't help but smile. The wisest choice I've ever made. - Matthew P.
Our solar panels were finally installed today! Fast and easy, that's how I'd describe the whole procedure. We have been kept fully informed of all developments thanks to excellent communication. Excellent service has been provided to customers. The appropriate circuit breaker for our AC unit was not present in the existing panel. Luca, the electrician, switched out the old circuit breaker for a brand new one at no extra cost. Once we pass the final operating inspection, we can begin producing clean energy! - Anthony N.
Outstanding standard of excellence and customer care throughout. Everything from working with staff to getting permits to choosing and installing panels. These fellas know what they're doing. We had a smooth launch and early success. This setup was very streamlined and tidy. From beginning to end, the installation of our 10000Kw system took about 4 hours. There was no ugly conduit running across the roof, and the small amount that was visible (on the side of the house near our meter) was painted to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding wall. In fact, we started putting money away on the first day we were operational. Already, after only three months, Dylan has racked up a $250 debt with us. Absolutely nothing bad can be said about Susitna Energy Solutions on my part. The entire thing was a fantastic experience. - Thomas M.

Susitna Energy Solutions Social media
The LinkedIn page for Susitna Energy Solutions looks incomplete. With no pictures, a limited profile description and sparse connections, it is hard to trust the authenticity of the page. There are very few followers and there is no engaging content to read, leaving little indication of the company's activities or its sustainability. The page's appearance is unappealing and doesn't give users enough confidence to invest in the company’s products or services. If Susitna Energy Solutions wants to inspire trust, they need to invest in a comprehensive marketing strategy and create a visually attractive web presence with useful, interesting information.
- Subscribers

Susitna Energy Solutions average reviews

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Google reviews144.9


Susitna Energy Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Innovative
  • Cost-Effective
  • Responsible
  • Lack of financial resources
  • Limited customer base
  • Limited geographic reach

Susitna Energy Solutions Final Conclusions

Susitna Energy Solutions is an Alaskan company that develops, owns, and runs energy projects. It is based in Anchorage. They focus on developing renewable energy and finding ways to store energy to bridge the gap between traditional energy sources and renewable energy. Customer reviews say that Susitna Energy Solutions has a great reputation for providing high-quality services and making customers happy.

Susitna Energy Solutions locations

Main Address2507 Fairbanks St Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Phone Number9073371300

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