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In the solar industry, TMI Energy Solutions is your go-to. Their expertise lies in the fields of solar panel installation, solar energy system design, and energy efficiency consulting. Optional funding for solar power systems is also offered.

Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc overview

Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc. is a full-service electrical contracting firm. They specialize in residential, commercial and industrial electrical work. Lighting installation, generator installation and maintenance, upgrades and repairs are just some of the many services this organization performs. Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc. also offers 24-hour emergency electrical service to their customers.

What Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc has to say about itself

Tmi Electrical Contractors provides premier electrical services to businesses and factories across the world. Our highly trained professionals have more than 20 years of combined expertise in electrical contracting and are dedicated to offering first-rate work at affordable rates. When it comes to electrical systems and components, nobody does it better than us. Whether it's a lighting system or an industrial control system, our goal is to provide the best service possible without breaking the bank for our customers.

Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc Solar Review

Year Started1983
Service AreasOH
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow-battery technologies.
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, C-10, OSHA, NCCER, UL, LEED

Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc website review

The official website of Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc provides access to comprehensive information and support pertaining to their solar products. The website is designed with a user-friendly interface and offers comprehensive information on solar energy products and their installation procedures for residential use. In the event that customers have inquiries, they are encouraged to utilize the contact page on the website as a means of communicating with the customer support team. The provided materials are deemed current as the website undergoes regular updates and maintenance. The website exemplifies the company's commitment to providing superior services and products. TMI Electrical Contractors, Inc. solar power systems are regarded as a dependable and superior choice for individuals seeking solar energy solutions.

Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc price policy

PackagesSolar Battery Backup Package: starting at $6,345, Solar + Battery Backup Package: starting at $7,845, Solar & EV Charging Package: starting at $7,845, Solar & Home Efficiency Package: starting at $8,345, Solar + Battery Backup & EV Charging Package: starting at $9,845, Solar + Battery Backup & Home Efficiency Package: starting at $10,345, All-in-One Solar + Battery Backup & EV Charging & Home Efficiency Package: starting at $12,345
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), as well as PayPal and checks.
Payment discounts5% discount for military personnel, 10% discount for seniors, 15% discount for a referral from a current customer, 10% discount for members of select civic organizations, 10% discount for signing up for scheduled maintenance packages, 10% discount for buying select solar products in bulk

Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc online reputation

Overall, consumers who have been treated by Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc have been mainly happy with their services. Many have noted that the materials utilized and the installation procedure were of high quality. Customers have also commended on the excellent customer care they got, as well as the rapid and competent solutions to any concerns that emerged throughout the installation process. On the other hand, several consumers have observed that the services remain rather pricey. However, given the total efficiency and efficacy of the services, the price point frequently appears to be worth it.
"I would not utilize this firm for electrical work. We did, and I wish we had used someone else. Their customer service is pretty terrible. They put a bad component and charged me to come out and install a good part. They do not reply swiftly to inquiries or queries about their job." - Jaden S.
"My review would be terrible, my parents paid $4,500.00 for solar panels to be installed on their roof. Unfortunately, my father suffered a severe stroke and they can no longer stay at the residence. We sent them all the paperwork to refund the deposit and still have not received it, despite several calls and emails to Tmi Electrical Contractors. It is very sad that this firm is taking advantage of seniors. For almost 9 months now we have been trying to convince them to do the right thing and get the deposit back. They live in a senior care facility and could sure use the money." - Max G.
"I would want to grade with negative stars. They installed my system in February and were scheduled to come replace my inverter and here we are end of August and they never did. Would send messages to who I assume is the owner and they never call back. Now I go to test the outlet in advance of the storm and discovers out they never installed it. The entire sales pitch of having electricity throughout the day with these outlets serves me no use now that I may need it with this oncoming cyclone. Have not and would not recommend them to anyone!!!" - Antonio J.
"Frustrated when our array went down and we weren't told by eagle point. By the time I received a high power bill and informed Tmi Electrical Contractors and it took a long for them to come out to remedy the problem, we effectively wasted 2 months of solar collecting and banking for the winter. We have had awful electric bills. I have asked them on multiple times if they could provide any aid and they respond, "we'll check into it and get back to you"! We never hear back." - Steven C.
"We signed up for the solar cooperative, in August 2020. I turned in the required documentation the same day in August. After repeated phone calls to clarify if there would be an installation, we finally got the solar panels delivered on November 23. Since then, we have been waiting for Tmi Electrical Contractors to do an appraisal and turn them on. Our "salesman" seems to have left, and calls and emails to Tmi Electrical Contractors go unanswered. We have spent about $6000 up front and still have not received any service. I would avoid dealing with Tmi Electrical Contractors if you have alternatives. I expect to hear that they will cease operations any day now and we will be left with a roof covered with non-functioning solar panels." - Riley T.
"I've been using TMI for 4 or 5 years now. They put a solar array on the top of the building I oversee and have been performing preventative maintenance ever since. The solar installation was performed fast and effectively and, even though there were a few problems, they kept on it until everything was fine. Ryan followed up with me after the setup and, using an app was able to monitor the performance of the array, let me know when there were difficulties and send someone out to take care of the situation. I don't have to remind them about the PM as I do with some other contractors. TMI calls me to schedule it when it's due. I won't hesitate to employ them for more projects in the future." - Oliver N.
"We have used TMI at our facilities for 3 years in a row and the cooperation with them has been excellent. From the service department to the workers in our building, we have never been dissatisfied. Communication is fast, the task is completed quickly, efficiently, and in a quality manner. What is especially important to me personally is that I can invite them into the building, point out what needs to be done, and leave to do other things without having to worry about A. getting the job done on time and B. getting it done right. And just as importantly for a small church like ours, it's a gift to get great work done at a cheap price." - Miguel H.
"Have been utilizing TMI as an embedded contractors for some years and have always had a pleasant experience. The staff are all highly experienced and have assisted us more times than I can count in everything from day-day electrical maintenance, outage work, break-in work and big scale capital projects. Plan on maintaining this friendship for years to come." - Kyle M.
"I would not hire this organization for electrical work. We did, and I wish we had used someone else. Their customer service is very awful. They inserted a defective component and charged me to come out and install a good part. They do not react fast to requests or concerns concerning their employment." - Kaden W.
"We have gotten estimates from a variety of solar firms over the previous 3 years but Tmi Electrical Contractors stood out as being the most honest and professional solar system provider. They had a 2 page contract, which was straight to the point and had no hidden jargon to cheat you over in the long run. They installed the system with in 2 weeks. our system works excellent and we have already noticed a significant drop in out power bill from $250-300 to $60..and i don't believe we have a full month with the system functioning yet. If you want an honest, respectable and fair organization." - Caden B.

Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc Social media
TMI Energy Solutions's Facebook page is massively popular and well-known. There are presently more than 90people following their Facebook page. This website is trustworthy and professional, providing enough evidence of the company's expertise in the solar energy sector. The website's user interface is sleek and user-friendly. Images and videos are added on a regular basis to assist advertise their products and services. In order to further inform their clients, they have included links to relevant blog entries and publications. In addition, there is a space for readers to post comments and queries. The TMI Energy Solutions Facebook page is interesting and reliable, making it a valuable resource for anybody thinking about a career in solar power.
You can find a lot of information about Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc and the services they provide on their LinkedIn profile. Numerous products, initiatives and services are detailed there. This makes it easy to contact them and leave feedback and ideas. There are several best practices of their work on the platform. As customers, appreciate the selection of current industry news. This highlights the popularity of Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc. by showing the breadth of its network. The photos and reviews are well done, and the overall layout of the site is clean and well-organized. It gives the impression of reliability. Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc's robust social media profile inspires confidence in potential customers of the company. The overall message of Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc's LinkedIn profile is a commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.
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Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc average reviews

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Google reviews104.6


Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc Pros & Cons

  • Knowledgeable
  • Professional
  • Flexible
  • Limited Scope
  • Low Reputation
  • Liability Issues

Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc Final Conclusions

Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc. has been a private electrical contracting business offering its customers outstanding electrical services. They offer electrical system wiring, upkeep, installation, remodeling, and inspection services. Due to their reputation for providing personalized and high-quality services, people tend to have favourable opinions of this business.

Tmi Electrical Contractors, Inc locations

Main Address423 West Wyoming Ave, Cincinnati OH, 45215
Phone Number5138219900

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