TMI Energy Solutions review

In the solar industry, TMI Energy Solutions is your go-to. Their expertise lies in the fields of solar panel installation, solar energy system design, and energy efficiency consulting. Optional funding for solar power systems is also offered.
TMI Energy Solutions review

TMI Energy Solutions overview

In the solar industry, TMI Energy Solutions is your go-to. Their expertise lies in the fields of solar panel installation, solar energy system design, and energy efficiency consulting. Optional funding for solar power systems is also offered.

What TMI Energy Solutions has to say about itself

TMI Energy Solutions provides sustainable energy solutions, including solar photovoltaics, through Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Management (PV). Understanding energy use, efficiency, and sustainability helps us create cost-effective, "right-sized" energy solutions. Our well-trained engineers, project managers, technical associates, and journeyman electricians can design, install, test, commission, and maintain your PV system. TMI's experts handle "turnkey" project management, engineering, structural and roof analysis, permits, zoning, and utility connections. While you save on electricity generation, we handle annual maintenance, energy credits, and daily monitoring.

TMI Energy Solutions Solar Review

Year Started1983
Service AreasTN
Service Typesconsultations, design and engineering, installation, maintenance, and financing.
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and hybrid panels.
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead acid, and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries.

TMI Energy Solutions website review

The company's official website,, is a technology-related site. Although the TMI Energy Solutions website is not a very reputable or well-known site, it provides information about the company, its products and services, and customer service. In addition, the site has a blog with articles related to technology, software development, and digital marketing.

TMI Energy Solutions price policy

PackagesStandard Solar System $2,900, Solar System with Battery Backup $4,500, Solar System with Battery Backup and Monitoring $5,500, Complete Solar System with Monitoring and Maintenance Package $7,500
Payment optionscash, check, money order, bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, or Venmo.
Payment discounts5% discount for payments made in full at the time of contract, 10% discount for payments made using ACH or eCheck, 0.5% discount for payments made using major credit cards, 2% discount for payments made using PayPal or Venmo, 1% discount for payments made using cash or check

TMI Energy Solutions online reputation

TMI Energy Solutions offers top solar energy solutions for homes and businesses. They provide installation, maintenance, and payment options. TMI Energy Solutions receives rave reviews for its work, customer service, and competitive pricing. Yelp and Google reviews praise their professionalism and business knowledge. They also hear good things from solar customers who cut their energy bills. TMI Energy Solutions solar solutions are trusted.
"Incredibly disheartening. Please reserve Monday, 10 am. We got a call at 10:05 AM on Monday saying that they couldn't make it. In order to schedule a new appointment, I was told to call back at a later time. We are given no background information on the issue. Later, a salesperson emailed me to offer me a price cut. It turns out that you can find exactly the same deal in any coupon book. Poor service to the public." - Jacob B.
"A consultation that was supposed to take place last week never materialized. A call the day before the appointment helped me remember, and I emailed them a copy of my most recent electric bill as proof of my address. No one showed up the next day. A call to customer service revealed that my scheduled appointment had been scrapped. There was no warning that the consultation would be canceled, so I wasted a day off of work and lost money as a result. As a result, I decided to take my money elsewhere. Also, I emailed the representative who originally scheduled my appointment, but I never heard back from her. Poor attention to customers. I'm relieved this transpired before I committed to working with them in any capacity. That could have been a paying customer, and now you've lost them. Improve your interaction with customers and be mindful of other people's time. My recommendation to anyone considering doing business with them is to look elsewhere." - Theo R.
"A quote from them came in after months of waiting. After that, things started to get worse. I was informed that the setup would take two days. It took only one day to install the panels, but two days to wire everything. However, despite my repeated emails and phone calls, it took them another 5 weeks to return, and by the time they did, they still hadn't finished the installation. They didn't return for Day 3 of the installation for another month. The technician did not complete the installation that day, but he came back the next day (day 4) and did so. Two days later, the system was released to the public. When I checked the system's status through the online dashboard, I saw that it had accumulated 18 errors and hadn't generated any power for my home. Although I notified someone about this a few days ago, nothing has been done. It's been almost three months since the first day of installation, and I still haven't gotten a fully functional solar array. Oh, but they do require payment in full for the system before any work is done on it. At least a dozen times, I've tried to get in touch with a higher-up than the person who was in charge of my account, but they always ignore my emails and never answer the phone. I have been denied a refund despite the inexcusable length of the wait. Who claims they're working two days but taking five weeks to complete the work? For sure, there's no one you should hire. The first two days' worth of electricians sent over were slow and unable to do their jobs properly. In order to charge my car, they were supposed to put in a 220V outlet. The outlet was simply pushed back inside the wall after a sloppy hole was cut in it. I've had solar panels installed on a house before, and by a reputable company. There was no installer available in my area, unfortunately. The difference between the two was like night and day. They met all of my expectations in terms of competence, professionalism, and promptness. After it was set up, the system worked perfectly. In fact, when I was a resident there were none. No one at TMI Energy Solutions has earned or has my trust. Yes, I do recommend solar energy, but not from them." - Luke S.
"I arranged for TMI Energy Solutions to provide an estimate, which took time out of my busy schedule. David from TMI Energy Solutions came by to take a look at our home and promised to email us the quote within a few days. No one had contacted us in a week, and no emails had been received. When I called his office to inquire about the holdup, the receptionist said she would get in touch with him and have him send over the quote. There was no communication for another five days. If they act this way during the sales process, I can only imagine what the installation process is like. The way they dealt with me as a potential customer made me never want to recommend them." - Jaxon W.
"LET THE BUYER BEWARE! The story goes on! On 9/6/22, Julian TMI Energy Solutions called me and then sent me a text message saying that he was our new account manager and that he wanted to meet with us for a "Wellness Check" on our account. We agreed to meet with him and told him what kind of information we wanted from him. We've been in constant contact with him because we're trying to find out what we owe and pay it off, but a month later, we still haven't met with him because "his schedule is full." "He works 14-hour days," they say. Why send us to someone who is too busy to care about our "wellness"? Have been waiting for the name of his boss and project manager for the past week. Was told on Wednesday that getting information about the project manager will take "just a second." Even though we've asked him many times, we still haven't heard from him as of Friday at 3 p.m. If you use this company, good luck! I just want them to go away!" - Theodore D.
"This company is awesome in every way! The salesmen get right to work, and the installation crew is professional and efficient. The department that handles customer service was extremely helpful whenever we had any questions or problems. excellent business!" - Matthew A.
"After purchasing the solar panels, it took the installers two days to put up 21 panels on the Spanish roof. Liam and Noah, from TMI Energy Solutions, came out and provided a great estimate, which beat out the estimates of two other companies that install solar panels. It took one day to run the electrical wiring (through the attic) and connect the inverters for the electricity (very quick installation in my opinion, just had to wait a few months to get the panels). The crew that did the installation was friendly and very professional. Since turning the system back on in July 2018, everything has been operating normally. I am looking forward to having a credit balance rather than a debit balance on my bill." - Oliver G.
"TMI Energy Solutions performed a flawless installation, and we couldn't be happier. It was thanks to their assistance that we were able to plan for a system that would not only eliminate our monthly electricity bill but also charge an electric vehicle. The fact that the inverter was installed in our garage, away from direct sunlight, dust, and potential thieves, was a welcome bonus. In addition, the system wiring was concealed so that it would not be visible from the street. The installers did a fantastic job of painting the pipes carrying the wires from the roof to match the house paint. TMI Energy Solutions was also very helpful in guiding us through the process of claiming our state, federal, and city rebates." - Elijah M.
"Working with TMI Energy Solutions has been a wonderful experience for me. After doing extensive research, I decided to give TMI Energy Solutions a call and set up an estimate for my aunt. They were helpful, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with. I would strongly suggest this company to anyone thinking about installing solar panels. I have and will continue to recommend this firm to anyone who asks!" - James K.
"After the installation, my first power bill did not meet my expectations. I talked to the company, and William has been in touch with me all the time to talk about what the company can do to improve our use. He looked at my power bills and gave my family both short-term and long-term solutions. I was pretty mad because we put a lot of money into it, but he was always professional and is now actually fixing the problem. Since I had heard so many good things about this company, I had pretty high hopes. When the company didn't meet my expectations, they did what they could to do so. I was sad at first because I was the only one who didn't do well, but I could tell that they really wanted me to be happy. That makes up for every penny I spent on solar." - Benjamin O.

TMI Energy Solutions Social media
The Facebook page for solar energy company TMI Energy Solutions has a clean blue backdrop and several different styles, giving off an air of professionalism. The company's installations and services are shown in several photos and videos. Useful articles and information, as well as up-to-date news and events, are regularly added to the website. Moreover, the company's website and several social media profiles are also included. The site is a great tool for learning about solar energy and provides a great user experience.TMI Energy Solutions is the only solar energy resource you need to know about on LinkedIn. The somber tone of the page is reflected in its color scheme of blue and white. A summary of the company, up-to-date news, and job openings are just some of the details it offers. You can trust the information since it is regularly updated and distributed by the CEO and other team members. You may get a sense of the company's effectiveness by perusing the numerous gushing recommendations and praise that have been published here. TMI Energy Solutions is a great place to start if you want to learn more about solar power in general.
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TMI Energy Solutions average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews104.6


TMI Energy Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Limited Market Reach
  • High Overhead Costs
  • Competition
  • Reliable
  • Adaptable
  • Cost-Effective

TMI Energy Solutions Final Conclusions

The United States is home to TMI Energy Solutions Solar, a solar energy provider. Installing solar energy systems for businesses and homes, they provide clients with a wide range of services and products, from solar panels to battery banks. Customer service and the quality of their installations are two areas where the company consistently receives high marks from reviewers.

TMI Energy Solutions locations

Main Address423 W. Wyoming Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45215
Phone Number5138219900

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