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Trinity, which was established in 1994, is the biggest privately held home solar installation business in the country. Our knowledgeable teams, which are dispersed throughout nine states, have more than 1,900 workers who are committed to simplifying your solar journey. Together, more than 77,000 homes are helping to build a better future via solar, and we're making a difference.

Fast Facts
Year Started 1994
Service Areas 9 states
Service Types Solar panels, solar battery storage, EV chargers, solar monitoring
Types Panels Tesla (solar panels and Tesla Powerwall batteries only, excludes Tesla Solar Roof shingles) Panasonic LG Enphase microinverters and inverters
Backup Battery
Warranty Options 25 years for equipment and 5 years for workmanship
Payment_Options Cash, loans
(BBB) Rating
Content Phone 888-865-7300
Main Office Address 2211 Allenwood Road, Wall NJ, 07719


Since the beginning, we have put our clients first, and we work hard to make sure every family we serve has a good time. Our specialist teams are well-equipped to meet all of your energy demands thanks to their extensive expertise and skill sets. You may feel secure knowing that when you select Trinity, a family-owned company, you'll get the specialized care you need.

Hudson Greenaway
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    Dani - Trumbull, Connecticut March 15, 2022 at 8:21 pm

    I thought I was getting a local, family owned solar company that would install, manage and service my system. The salesman must’ve been good because that’s what he sold me but delivered on nothing. I have had nothing but issues since install a few years ago. I have saved nothing on monthly bills – in fact, I am paying more during the summer with solar than prior to when I was just with UI. I don’t find this company to be trustworthy at all. Like someone else said, they are only concerned with making the deal – don’t care what happens to the customer after. I’ve reached out multiple times, have done nothing to help. Steer clear or be ready for 20 years of issues and aggravation.

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    Robert - Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey June 25, 2022 at 6:08 am

    Did a great job on our metal roof- steep and slippery. Customer service was top notch. W

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    eMeS - Passaic, New Jersey August 26, 2022 at 7:53 am

    I opted for ownership package which costs more per month but supposedly gets paid off in full within 6 years if you surrender the government credits. The federal government gives you a 1/3 tax credit on the cost of the system. I was only able to get 65% of the amount when I filed my taxes and had to wait an additional year to receive the remainder of the federal credit. Additionally, to get the state SREC credits requires extensive setup and maintainance and nobody at Trinity/Sunnova knew how to do it. It was very difficult for me to set up but I did eventually figure it out and did manage to earn about $800 in SRECs per year. There was over a month in which the system failed to record the solar generation and they needed to send someone to reset it. I lost all of the income from those 45 or so days and I needed to pay the additional cost of energy from PSE&G. Nevertheless, I was still responsible for the $97.03 to Sunnova for those two months. When I called to iquire about this loss, they actually lied and told me that while the energy was not recoreded specifically for that time it was still there for the cumulative total. A year later when I compared the generation for those months for both years it was clear that nothing was offset and whatever generation may have taken place during that time was simply lost completely. I estimate that Trinity owes me about $250-300 for that malfunction. And an apology for telling me false information to get out of taking responsibility. My next complaint is regarding Sunnova, the company that finances Trinity’s solar contracts. A year and a half after my solar system was activated we needed to relocate and I sold my house. If I had known when I signed up that I may have to move in such a short time I would not have opted for the purchase option and I may not have gone with it altogether. It turned out that not only were my attorneys not familiar with how to process solar system transfers, Sunnova did not seem particularly experienced either. I made several calls to Sunnova customer service – it seems that they outsource to India but I cannot verify that – and I asked them what I needed to do in order to make sure the process is carried out smoothly. I did whatever they told me but there were several steps they neglected to tell me about, such as the need to provide them with permission to speak to the new owners. In the end, the sale of my house was delayed for nearly a month and I was responsible for paying the exorbitant property taxes and home insurance, as well as interest on the mortgage for that time. I estimate the loss to be over $2,000 due to this delay. Finally, the sale took place last week. Guess what I discovered when I logged into my bank account today? Sunnova charged me my monthly $97.03. When I called, I thankfully got a person on the phone for the first time without waiting a long time, and I was told for the first time that I need to sign something. Out of space but there’s more

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    Tom - Sewell, New Jersey September 27, 2022 at 1:21 am

    Trinity Solar installed my 32 panels in 2011. I have had maintainance service from them several times without any problems both with them Wall office setting up appointments or with there service techs. The contract with them is in partnership with Sun Run in California. Today I had a replacement invertor installed after the problem was diagnosed by Trinity’s tech 2 weeks ago. That was an acceptable time for them to come to my home with a replacement. The tech was prompt and courteous; he also was wearing a mask while he was here in my garage. The area was clean when he left and served me very well. I have recommended Trinity to friends and will continue to do so.

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    Ronald peterson - Brigantine, New Jersey February 6, 2023 at 4:22 am

    Like every solar company they promise you everything, the install was 5 stars but the support after is terrible, I was promised $500 cash when I signed up but I never got the cash instead was a reduction in price for the system I bought , I emailed sales guy for support on how to sign up for the SREC website I get no response, they made the sale now they are done with me believe me the support after the sale is very important to me

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