Tron Solar review

Tron Solar offers uniquely designed solar energy systems that are perfectly suited to your house. We are renowned for our painless procedure, superior installation, first-rate customer service, and environmentally responsible innovation. We have the best customer reviews of any solar business in Illinois. actual testimonials from actual individuals.
Tron Solar review

Tron Solar overview

Tron Solar offers uniquely designed solar energy systems that are perfectly suited to your house. We are renowned for our painless procedure, superior installation, first-rate customer service, and environmentally responsible innovation. We have the best customer reviews of any solar business in Illinois. actual testimonials from actual individuals.

What Tron Solar has to say about itself

In Vernon Hills, Illinois, we are a locally owned and run business. This proves that we are not just another huge corporate solar firm that enters your community before departing. Within an hour or two, we'll be at your door, and we're always available. You're in wonderful hands since our customer service staff has received national recognition and certification from the NCSA. You can rely on Tron for all of your solar requirements with confidence.

Tron Solar Solar Review

Year Started2018
Service AreasAR, CO, FL, IL, IN, WI
Service TypesInstallation, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsSingle-crystal, polycrystalline and thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, energy storage systems
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB, SEIA

Tron Solar website review

Tron Solar, a business that offers solar energy solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial clients, has an official website at The website provides a number of services, such as the planning, setting up, and maintenance of solar energy systems and energy storage solutions. In addition to English, Spanish, and French, the website is accessible in other languages as well. The website for a solar energy firm,, seems to be well-designed and educational overall.

Tron Solar price policy

PackagesAround $20,000
Payment optionsCash, credit cards
Payment discountsTax incentives, Utility discounts, Payback guarantee

Tron Solar online reputation

Customers have given Tron Solar high marks for both performance and customer support. Numerous clients have praised Tron Solar's expertise in solar system design and installation as well as its professionalism. Customers have complimented Tron Solar for their quick response times, readiness to address any concerns they may have, and capacity to continue offering service even after the solar system has been installed. However, there were some disgruntled consumers who complained about lengthy installation wait times.
"I am still waiting for it to be connected, so I can't comment on the product's quality. The salesperson persuaded me that the owner insisted on high quality work. The installation team had to enter the attic in order to complete the installation, destroyed a landscape light without informing me, and left a trail of insulation throughout the home when they finished for the day. On the day the technician was supposed to connect the wiring, he was on a personal call for the most of the time. I just learned that the installation failed the power company's inspection. When I brought these difficulties to their notice, the salesman didn't return my calls, and the person who answers the phone didn't try to give me the impression that they cared." - JM
"We were informed during the first sales presentation that they had all the necessary components. This was untrue. We began doing this in April. After approving engineering's design more than a month ago, it is already late August, and we are still waiting for installation. They state that they are awaiting a component. Since I've been a professional electrician, I haven't had to wait more than three weeks for any speciality parts. If anything breaks, what happens? We'd be repaying a $70,000 loan for a broken system that has been broken for more than three months?" - TK
"The company doesn't prioritize fixing difficulties with its solar system. After you had already paid for the system to acquire solar, they want you to pay extra money if animals break into the wiring and harm the solar panels. Because this is a very horrible company to deal with, I have reported this company to the BBB. If you are considering joining up with them, don't!" - David M.
"We purchased solar panels from Tron Solar for a 20-year lease, and the panels were put on our home in May 2020. We were promised that we would only be responsible for the set leasing payment and the cost of power supply. We need a certain monthly sum and are older citizens. Since the installation, every power bill has increased. The firm has really poor communication. Promises of a call seldom come true. We are producing electricity just fine, but as a result, our bills are substantially higher." - Kathleen F.
"This evaluation focuses on service and warranty; as of this writing, several panels have been inoperable for the last 21 WEEKS. Emails, messages, certified letters, and sometimes phone calls are answered with the phrase "we'll be out." Actually, just 3 trips over the previous several months; none of them resolved problems; one caused 25 panels to stop producing." - Rev. Marie Beth S.
"Jaime Wilson and her crew provided us with outstanding customer service, which words cannot adequately describe or credit. There are always roadblocks and circumstances beyond our control. The communication exceeded our expectations in every way! For your solar requirements, I would definitely suggest Trom Solar. They are very skilled and deserving of the highest praise. Avoid choosing anybody else and making a mistake... ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED" - JVP
"I want to express my gratitude to the Tron team for such an amazing solar experience. Working with you guys will be a blast. I want to express my particular gratitude to Marlon Erazo, our salesman, for being such a gift during this change. Solar was unknown to our family, and at first I had a lot of doubts. However, we were able to transfer effectively due of Marlon's effort and generosity toward us. Marlon has been with us from the beginning to the end, and we are appreciative of him. Tron, many thanks!" - TORSHA AND CARL
"Excellent business! Excellent working relationships with their staff. Rain or shine, the panels were placed by a diligent worker. You can clearly tell how committed they are. They stayed at my place until the job was completely finished and we were both happy. Well done and great work. I have no difficulty in recommending this business. Great people and a fantastic organization!!!" - Paz
"It's a pleasure to work with Tron. Within days of my request, Joe met with us and gave us all the information we needed to determine whether to go solar. Joe was very kind and always accessible. The installers were really competent and performed a fantastic job. There is always customer service. A five-star rating for Tron is definitely merited!" - L Lyman
"It might be difficult to find a reputable business to install my solar panel system at my house. The products Tron uses, the caliber of their installations, and their attention to detail have all exceeded expectations. The procedure of receiving solar subsidies from the federal and state governments was simple and straightforward, and our electricity cost has decreased dramatically. Very satisfied with every element of the transition to solar with Tron Solar." - Bellalta

Tron Solar Social media
The Tron Solar Facebook page has a great layout and lots of interaction. Various types of information are featured on the page, such as business updates, client success stories, images, videos, polls, events, and surveys. They also released their own "Tron Solar" software, allowing users to monitor their solar investments in a single, user-friendly dashboard. Additionally, the page contains a "Community" button where people can connect and converse about topics relevant to solar panels. The page is quite beautiful overall and appears to be drawing in visitors. The page is frequently updated with fresh content, and it promptly attends to client requests and feedback. Tron Solar appears to be actively using their website to tell people about their company and offer them useful information. In light of this, the page appears promising and offers a fantastic platform for expanding your marketing activities.
The LinkedIn page for Tron Solar is professionally done and has a ton of useful information. It provides perceptions into the business, its culture, and its workforce. Along with photographs and videos pertaining to their projects and business endeavors, the page also features team news and updates. The page also provides options to engage with Tron Solar's team and remain up to speed on their operations, as well as connections to their website, blog, and social media profiles.Overall, the page is a useful tool for Tron Solar to connect with and communicate with followers and future clients. It offers a user-friendly platform so that people may learn what makes Tron Solar stand apart from other solar energy providers. The page additionally promotes a supportive and enthusiastic community, which contributes to the distribution of the business's message and the development of its brand. The page is generally well-built and does a decent job of expressing the company and its beliefs.
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Tron Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews6354.9


Tron Solar Pros & Cons

  • Excellent reputation
  • Speedy and efficient installations
  • Award-winning company
  • No leases or PPAs
  • Relatively young company

Tron Solar Final Conclusions

Tron Solar is a business that specializes in offering solar energy solutions for home and commercial buildings. Since they have been in operation for a while, the firm says it offers its clients high-quality solar systems and services. Tron Solar has received mixed feedback from customers. Customers who had their solar panels put properly and witnessed a considerable drop in their power costs have said the firm provided them with great experiences. However, some customers have said that they had a bad experience with the business and that the installation procedure was difficult or delayed their installation. For its efforts in the solar energy sector, Tron Solar generally gets overwhelmingly good client feedback. Their sustained success may be attributed to their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to providing excellent customer service, which have helped them build a solid name in the field.

Tron Solar locations

Main Address950 Corporate Woods Pkwy, Vernon Hills, IL 60061
Phone Number(800) 484-8766

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