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There has never been a better or more economical moment to make the transition due to the rising cost of power. Savings are obvious with Urban Solar; you can convert to solar power right now without paying a dime, while also lowering your house or business' carbon footprint and taking advantage of other incredible advantages like cheaper energy expenses, federal tax credits, and enhanced property or company value.

Urban Solar Group overview

There has never been a better or more economical moment to make the transition due to the rising cost of power. Savings are obvious with Urban Solar; you can convert to solar power right now without paying a dime, while also lowering your house or business' carbon footprint and taking advantage of other incredible advantages like cheaper energy expenses, federal tax credits, and enhanced property or company value.

What Urban Solar Group has to say about itself

Our goal is to give life to energy. We enable consumers to reduce their electricity costs, have an influence on the environment, and lead the electrical revolution by using solar energy. On our quest to create a company that has a beneficial effect on families, communities, and the construction industry, the Urban Solar team is united by solar energy.

Urban Solar Group Solar Review

Year Started2001
Company Websiteurbansolar.com
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid and flow batteries
CertificationsSRCC, NABCEP, SEIA, BBB

Urban Solar Group website review

The website is properly structured and has a contemporary, clean appearance for simple navigation. The company's goods and services are summarized on the main page, along with clear calls to action to learn more and get in touch with the business. Visitors to the website may examine Urban Solar's selection of solar lighting solutions, including overhead lighting, path lighting, and bus stop lighting, in the dedicated Products area. Each product has a page dedicated to it with comprehensive details and specs. Visitors to the website may also see examples of employing Urban Solar products in actual applications in the "Projects" section. A blog on the website offers helpful information about solar lighting innovations and market developments. Overall, it seems like the website is informational and well-designed, successfully exposing Urban Solar's goods and services to prospective clients.

Urban Solar Group price policy

Packages$2.50 to $5.00 per watt and can range from $3,000 to $25,000
Payment optionsCredit cards, and Paypal
Payment discountsCash discounts, early payment discounts and volume discounts

Urban Solar Group online reputation

Customer opinions of Urban Solar Group are conflicting. While some customers have had excellent experiences with installation and employees, others have had problems with dishonesty, silence, and installation difficulties. Numerous clients have complained that the corporation has failed to deliver on its claims of cost reduction and increased energy production, which has resulted in increasing expenses. Although they had a bad experience, several consumers commended the company's goods and some of the personnel for their professionalism. Overall, it seems that the customer service and installation quality provided by Urban Solar Group may or may not be effective. As a result, potential clients should use care and do their own research before deciding to engage with the business.
"They made many promises, but none of them came true. They waste my time, money, and, most importantly, sleep. They are unresponsive, lethargic, and dishonest. I now pay 100 more for electricity each month than I ever have. Since November, when we started looking into having our roof rebuilt, the panels have still "not been able to schedule" removal, and it is now the middle of January. They assured us that there would be no problem installing the panels on a roof that was 20 years old. Furthermore, our taxes are not producing any revenue. It is a credit that is deducted from your taxes but contains no cash. Never believe a word they say." - Taken advantage of seniors
"To sell their systems, they use outside sales representatives. One set of solar panels that would provide 108% of my energy requirements was shown to me. I agreed to the deal after the salesperson made several promises. There were no significant issues during installation. I was informed that Urban Solar will keep an eye out for any problems with my system. Since my system only generates 45% of the energy I need, my energy costs have increased. My panels likewise lost power on six of them. No phone calls about insufficient power generation or malfunctioning panels were made. Every call I've made to Urban Solar has been ignored. My BBB concerns have not received a response." - Adam
"We had a 250–450 per month electricity cost before to solar. Now that we have a solar bill of $305 and a power bill between $100 and $300, we are paying MORE! That was NOT installed, but when he showed us the plan of the home and the panels they were installing, they were on all the bigger roof surfaces. I had some doubts before to signing and wanted to do more research, but since we agreed to the application to get information and the inspection to see if our roof would be eligible, they threatened to sue us if we did not go further. In retrospect, letting them sue us could have really been BETTER! It may have cost cheaper than installing solar power!" - NEVER AGAIN SOLAR
"When I bought solar panels, I was assured that they would completely cover my home and that I wouldn't get a bill from FPL. I continue to get a monthly payment that is around the same amount as what I was previously paying. He also informed me of a referral program; but, after referring two of my neighbors, I have yet to receive anything. I now feel that everything he said was a lie. I wished I had done more study on the businesses and chosen wisely." - Brandon Sears
"The proprietors of this business are seeking for ways to defraud people. They ignored my referral for a multimillion-dollar house and customer, and on top of that, they failed to provide my buddy and their client with the technology they had promised. You are aware that the system cost over $150K." - R Cortes R
"In fact, I like Urban Solar. They run a reliable business and make quality goods. However, there were some difficult parts of my trip. This, in my opinion, is a project management issue. I won't mention the first PM who failed to keep track of the project. She was a glutton for excuses, and I was quite tolerant. She eventually quit the business, and Chad was mine. Then I experienced what it was like to work with a true project manager. He was on it nonstop. He was very open to inquiries and was professional, kind, and informed. I believe that Urban's company saw some quick growth, which hurt me. I adore the system, and the work was of excellent quality. I do in fact suggest them, although they are still sorting out their procedure in light of the enormous demand." - John Priddy
"My first set of solar panels were installed by Urban Solar roughly nine years ago. It was flawless. Even if the firm is substantially larger now, the service remains the same. Bryan Turner deserves particular recognition since he is both knowledgable and approachable, both of which are factors that are significant to me. I can only say one thing to anybody who is unsure about solar power: SOLAR IS A NO BRAINER HERE IN THE FREE STATE OF FLORIDA!" - Thomas Haueter
"Before choosing Urban Solar, I conducted extensive research on other solar firms. Bryan Turner, a representative, displayed a high level of professionalism and understanding. The installation went without a hitch and was finished sooner than I anticipated. Due to minor weather delays, the installers arrived on time and remained longer than expected to do the task. When they were done, all that was on my roof was a gorgeous new solar system. I would strongly advise Urban Solar to anyone who are debating." - Darrin Nelson
"Anyone interested in solar panel installation should strongly consider Urban Solar. After having meetings with three different businesses, we chose Urban Solar. First and foremost, working with our salesman, Andy Hopta, was an incredible delight. He was able to collaborate with the staff at Urban Solar to create a system that was precisely what we needed and desired because of his expertise in the solar business and his ability to pinpoint what our demands were. Our project manager, Catherine Ricalton, was competent and kept track of the installation procedure from beginning to end. Andy and Catherine spoke with us often throughout the project to keep us informed of all developments and were both always receptive to calls and emails. The 26% tax credit for all installations finished by the end of current year is another significant advantage. We are delighted that we went with Urban Solar for the installation and setup of our solar panels. They should be recognized for their corporate management style. You'll be very happy if you ask for Andy Hopta at Urban Solar if you decide to purchase a solar system for your home or place of business. Tell him that Lenny and Susan Feld thought highly of him." - Lenny and Susan Feld
"I am pleased that I bought solar panels. After paying my solar payment and my energy bill for the first two months (as compared to the same month the year before), I made savings of $100 each month. My monthly power cost has only been $10.75 over the previous several months. Furthermore, it has been a pleasure to deal with everyone from sales to install to servicing. I believe I chose the greatest solar provider out of all the available possibilities." - Victor Young

Urban Solar Group Social media

Anyone interested in sustainable energy and renewable energy sources should check out the Urban Solar Group Facebook page. The website does a fantastic job of marketing the goods and services offered by Urban Solar Group as well as provide useful information about the solar energy industry. It often publishes articles about solar power, as well as research papers, interviews, and news reports. Assistive films and diagrams provide a thorough explanation of the company's solar panel installation procedure. Additionally, the page often informs its followers on the most recent activities of the business, including new installations, clients, and awards. Through posts and comments, the page interacts with users on a daily basis. They also welcome inquiries from their fans. In conclusion, the Facebook page of the Urban Solar Group is a great resource for anyone interested in solar energy in terms of outreach and knowledge.
Anyone interested in learning more about renewable energy and sustainable energy sources can check out the Urban Solar Group's LinkedIn profile. A summary of the company's goals, objectives, and achievements are provided, as well as specifics regarding the company's offerings and those of its business associates. Case studies of completed initiatives, insights from firm executives, and references to related journals and studies are also included. Job opportunities with the Urban Solar Group are also advertised here on a regular basis. The page is very interactive with its audience, as seen by its response to inquiries and comments.If you're interested in solar power and the services offered by Urban Solar Group, you should check out their LinkedIn profile.
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Urban Solar Group average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews4084.2


Urban Solar Group Pros & Cons

  • Wide range of custom installations
  • Competitive prices and payment discounts
  • Financing options available
  • Installation costs can be expensive
  • Limited availability of solar panels in some areas
  • The installation process may take a long time

Urban Solar Group Final Conclusions

Based on the customer feedback provided, it is clear that Urban Solar Group's performance is mixed, with some customers expressing satisfaction while others feel dissatisfied. Some customers have experienced problems during the installation process, unresponsive support and broken promises, resulting in increased energy bills and frustration. However, there are also positive reviews, customers praise the quality of products and installation, as well as the professionalism of some employees. Ultimately, it is important for potential clients to do their own research and carefully consider their options before choosing to work with Urban Solar Group or any other solar company.

Urban Solar Group locations

Main AddressSGI Power Transmission, Boca Raton, FL 33499, United States
Phone Number888-387-65-27

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