V3 Electric review

We think that energy is entering a new era in which you may select how you want to pay for it. Several clients of V3 Electric have the opportunity to figuratively reclaim their electricity from the utility company.
V3 Electric review

V3 Electric overview

We think that energy is entering a new era in which you may select how you want to pay for it. Several clients of V3 Electric have the opportunity to figuratively reclaim their electricity from the utility company.

What V3 Electric has to say about itself

We think the energy industry is entering a new phase in which consumers may pick how they want to pay for their power. Giving someone a choice gives them freedom. The energy of tomorrow is this. This is how we live.

V3 Electric Solar Review

Year Started2014
Company Websitev3electric.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup Battery-
CertificationsBBB, NABCEP, SEIA, Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

V3 Electric website review

v3electric.com provides information on electrical services for both households and businesses. However, it offers installation and maintenance services for solar panels and other renewable energy systems. The company does not produce panels, but only installs them. V3 Electric also offers services for the installation of electric charging stations for electric vehicles. The site has video testimonials from satisfied customers. The disadvantage of the site is the lack of pricing for solar installation services.

V3 Electric price policy

Payment optionscredit cards
Payment discountsSolar Lease, Tax Credits, Utility Rebates, Payback Guarantee

V3 Electric online reputation

V3 Electric provides electrical services to homes and businesses in the state of California. The company provides services for the installation and maintenance of solar panels, as well as other systems. Customers are satisfied with the work of V3 and recommend the company. However, they notice shortcomings in customer support and the high cost of services.
"Even though there is a HUGE SIGN right next to our Ring doorbell that clearly states "NO SOLICITING," these men keep ringing the doorbell. What part of this "NO SOLICITING" do the MORON SALES PEOPLE you recruit not understand? This is really annoying. Your solar pitch doesn't hold my attention. You would be the last firm I would call if I wanted solar power!" - NOT INTERESTED CUSTOMER
"Before agreeing to utilize True-Up fees, make careful to inquire with V3. I was informed that I would save money on electricity use each month according to V3's estimates. As a result, I pay a true-up cost of $3k year and significantly more each month. They responded to my request for assistance by telling me that I should remove my 100+ year old trees in order to reduce my $3k true-up fees by 25%. Even if I did chop down trees (which I don't), I still lose money with V3 every month. V3 refused to accept responsibility for their error in underestimating my predicted energy output and instead accused me of utilizing excessive amounts of electricity. V3 messed me over." - Alan Ellis
"We are selling our house, so thankfully we no longer have to deal with this firm. We signed the agreement in December 2017, and it was jam-packed with v3's many promises. We had 18 panels put, and we were informed it would be more than enough to cover both our current energy demands as well as the cost of an electric automobile we were considering buying. Around Christmas, the panels were placed, and we were informed that it would take a few weeks for the city to check them before they could be turned on. We didn't hear anything from them until we got a call in February about someone coming to look at our house. The issue was that we were on vacation out of town. It appears that V3 scheduled the meeting with the city but neglected to inform us. When we tried to get in touch with them to schedule another appointment when we got back, they responded by saying they would look into it. In the meanwhile, we had to begin paying for a product that wasn't even being used. We probably phoned them once every two weeks or so in an effort to schedule another visit. The first one arrived in October. Our solar panels were installed ten months ago. The city inspector then arrived, but the v3 representative was "running late" and still more than an hour distant. Fortunately, the inspector was able to leave for his next appointment and return to authorize the activation of solar panels. There was also an app that kept track of the solar equipment, but we need a login and password from V3 to use it. They abruptly stopped answering our calls at that point. On top of everything else, the assurance that the panels would provide more than enough energy to suit our demands was utterly false. Every year, we had a tru-up of over $800. Our monthly payment increased by that amount, and our electrical prices increased by roughly 50%. Furthermore, we didn't even buy the electric automobile." - Andrew
"I purchased the solar panel from V3 and made a point of not touching my previous solar system when I signed the contract. On the installation day, they discover that they cannot install in the planned position and must instead install on the opposite side of the home, which I found acceptable. The wiring of my other system was moved without the presence of an electrician, disconnecting them in the process. When I got home that day, I saw that my first solar system had similarly been turned off (I did not know then that the actually also wire it wrong). It was a fight to get them to come and restart my old system, and once when I spoke to a representative, she asked, "Are you sure it's us?" She inquired about my proof after I said "Yeah." I do have it. It took them more than 2.5 months to identify the issue. Since I ask for the tried and waste my time sending the incorrect individuals, it takes a long time to send an electrician. To make it seem decent, they had to redo the mess that had been produced on the pipe side. This procedure required a lot of effort and time (that cost me work time)." - Gili
"Comparing all solar businesses, V3 came across as the most knowledgeable and competent. Even if emails and notices didn't seem to coordinate efforts together, using V3 was not a negative decision. But, it was also not acceptable with a shrug of the shoulders. They had to return to realign panels that had been improperly fitted and redo the Iverson box since it had a problem. Overall, going solar seems to be the best option, however V3's corporate chain has weak spots that may use additional supporting management. These include having a real person answer the phone when you contact customer care, and having the installation done correctly the first time. All in all, I have a neutral review that I'm not sure whether to suggest just yet." - Ray
"Of my pals have constructed their own solar systems. That's fantastic, however my major inquiry to them was regarding maintenance. They look after it themselves, which is what caused me to stay away from solar for a long. As my representative described their solar alternative, it seemed obvious to me. I don't have to worry about maintenance as my friends do because I simply purchase the power the system produces. All fixes are handled by V3. I had a problem with my Tesla battery, but when v3 arrived the following day, he fixed it. All the advantages of solar power without the ownership obligations." - norma.maverick
"The sales personnel I dealt with was really kind and friendly. Nivin and Valeria were experts. I was seeking for a replacement for the existing and long-standing electricity monopoly. Better company is more company. I'll thus give them a try. No complaints to date. Clean, properly installed, and operating flawlessly!" - Matt Franklin
"The procedure seemed to move quickly. Email updates were sent to me at every level. Completed surveys, finished designs, approved permits, planned installations, finished inspections—all very simple. Now, the typical Edison statement is negative $$$. Overall, simple, fast, and effective. They were recommended to me, and I'm ecstatic." - Jay
"V3 handled every step of the procedure. I chose v3 Solar's plan and purchased two Tesla Powerwalls along with my panels. I decided against purchasing since I personally lack the necessary revenue and cannot cover the price. Because they remove any responsibility for controlling the system, V3's strategy is quite effective. They take care of the system's maintenance and performance monitoring. Excellent service." - A.Lomar
"Strongly advise doing business with this firm. They have made going solar clear and simple. Excellent firm goals and objectives. Already, we're noticing monthly savings!" - Bethany

V3 Electric Social media

facebook.com linkedin.com
The Facebook page for V3 Electric is an excellent reflection of consumer happiness. Positive client feedback may be found in the evaluations, and there are also various images of the team's work that amply demonstrate the caliber of their offerings. More than 1300 active followers and likes are on the page. The portal also delivers information on V3 Electric specials, sales, and other promotions, keeping clients informed about the business. Overall, this page effectively conveys a satisfying user experience.The V3 Electric LinkedIn page has a wealth of information pertaining to the business and the services it provides. In addition to providing an overview of the company's mission and principles, it also showcases its work through a number of case studies. In addition to that, it consists of images and video clips that demonstrate the exceptional quality of the services that they provide. There are more than 1800 active followers on this page. Additionally, the page includes connections to the company's expert personnel as well as employment opportunities, which enables prospective customers as well as employers to learn more about the business. Overall, the V3 Electric page on LinkedIn is an efficient approach to communicate with consumers as well as those who could be interested in working for the company.
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V3 Electric average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews2834.3


V3 Electric Pros & Cons

  • Support issues after installation
  • Customer Service
  • Price
  • Quality assurance
  • Competent staff
  • Extensive service area

V3 Electric Final Conclusions

Currently, V3 Electric is a local solar company in California, and their goal is to become the most reputable energy supplier in the entire country. V3 Electric has a solid reputation as an average rated solar installer among customers.

V3 Electric locations

Main Address4925 Robert J Mathews Pkwy #100 El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 United States
Phone Number(844) 837 6937

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