Vasco Solar review

A solar energy business called Vasco Solar develops, produces, and markets solar goods. They are experts in off-grid and hybrid solar energy systems for domestic, industrial, and commercial use. This comprises solar photovoltaic systems that are mounted on the ground or rooftops, solar thermal systems, and battery storage systems.

Vasco Solar overview

A solar energy business called Vasco Solar develops, produces, and markets solar goods. They are experts in off-grid and hybrid solar energy systems for domestic, industrial, and commercial use. This comprises solar photovoltaic systems that are mounted on the ground or rooftops, solar thermal systems, and battery storage systems.

What Vasco Solar has to say about itself

Vasco Solar is a top manufacturer of renewable energy equipment, offering clients cutting-edge options so they may benefit from clean, sustainable energy. Our goal is to provide stable, cost-effective, and reliable solar energy solutions so that every one may take advantage of renewable energy's benefits. To lessen global warming and the impacts of climate change, we are dedicated to encouraging the use of renewable energy sources. We put the needs and expectations of our clients first and work hard to provide the greatest goods and services possible.

Vasco Solar Review

Year Started1991
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, ETL, IEC, ISO, CEC, MCS

Vasco Solar website review

Vasco Solar, a renewable energy firm, operates under the domain name It includes details about the business, its offerings, and how to get in touch with the staff. This is a reliable and trustworthy-looking website. The writing is excellent, and the layout and navigation are straightforward. Access to any data required to make an informed decision about this provider and its offerings is streamlined. In addition, an SSL certificate has been installed on the website to further protect user data during transmission. Finally, is an authoritative online resource that you can rely on for accurate information.

Vasco Solar price policy

PackagesSolar PV Package: starting from $9,500, Solar + Battery Package: starting from $13,200, Hybrid Solar Package: starting from $18,500, Hot Water Package: starting from $3,800, Grid Connect Package: starting from $10,000, Electric Vehicle Charging Package: starting from $3,500, Solar Pool Heating Package: starting from $4,500
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), PayPal, bank transfer, and check.
Payment discounts5% Cash Discount, 12% Trade Discount, 10% Early Payment Discount, 8% Volume Discount, 5% Referral Discount

Vasco Solar online reputation

Vasco Solar's clients have, on the whole, been satisfied with their services. Many clients said the installation procedure was quick and the client care was beneficial. Numerous clients also commended Vasco Solar's services for being convenient and reasonably priced. However, a few clients complained that Vasco Solar's choices weren't the best ones for their circumstances, which led to some problems. However, clients who have employed Vasco Solar's services have generally been pleased with the outcomes and the caliber of the goods provided.
"I can't express how dissatisfied I am with the service right now. Because of our positive experience with the installation and follow-up, we have told other individuals in our area to consider using Vasco. Three years later, we had to have them take down the panels so they could fix the roof. There was no reply to my email or phone call. My husband took them down, but we'd like a call back so we can put them up again. I'm not looking for anything for nothing; I'm willing to pay, but I want to make sure the job is done well and without any collateral harm. We will no longer be providing recommendations." - Jeffrey C.
"We needed to find a business that could install solar panels to heat our pool and generate electricity. At first glance (at least at their website), Vasco seemed like a promising candidate. It made us feel like we had to beg for their attention as customers. We provided all the data they requested, made several phone calls, and sent numerous emails, but have yet to get a response. To acquire a price quotation, I had to actually follow them down. I emailed them days ago with a query about the quotation, but I haven't received any response. I've even requested that they be forthright in telling me if they don't want the business (for whatever reason) so that we can stop wasting time and get the project rolling with someone else. Vasco is the most apathetic and unprofessional sales team I've seen in a long time, and they personify the antithesis of customer service." - Avery J.
"After deciding to obtain a new roof for our house on July 30st, I used Yelp to find a company to take down and replace our solar panels. Tucker emailed me the next day to say he will review aerial images of my property and provide a quotation. I went with a different firm after waiting a few days for a quotation, and I still haven't had an estimate or a call about this job as of today. I appreciate that they weren't interested since the pay was too low, but at least some explanation along the lines of "hey, we won't do a small job like that" would have been preferable. Funny thing is, I'm a real estate investor with many rental properties, and I'm contemplating installing solar panels on a handful of them. But I doubt Vasco Solar will get any of my business." - Drake O.
"Vasco solar is NOT something you should consider. After taking your money and locking you into a system, they will abandon you. When I tried to contact tech support, they gave me the runaround. I gave them a bad rating on the help center. Calvin told me he would never send a tech out to assist me again due of my poor review, and now Vasco is retaliating against me. Is this the kind of organization with which you want to do business? Instead, go elsewhere for a provider that values its clientele more than its bottom line." - Erik L.
"No one showed up for my January 18, 2021, 11 a.m. warranty repair appointment, nor did they contact to cancel. Later that day, when I phoned to find out what had occurred, I was told that someone would contact Troy and get back to me. Not once did they. On January 18, 2022, I phoned again, and this time I was told someone would contact Bryce and call me back. Not once did they. Then, on January 18, a man contacted me and asked to set up a meeting for this coming Monday, January 20 at 9 a.m.... No one has shown up or called, and it's nearly 10 a.m. Since they haven't lived up to their warranty, I've decided to take legal action, beginning with the BBB." - Tyson I.
"We compared prices on solar panels and ended up choosing Vasco Solar to heat our pool. Vasco Solar didn't just come in to give me an estimate, they also checked the roof plan. The team did the installation and they were very kind, patient and qualified. They had to repeat themselves at least three times, but they did it cheerfully and patiently the entire time. Thanks to them, we use the pool every day; their work is excellent. It was the best choice we could have made, and I wish we had made it sooner. Thanks to Vasco Solar's efforts, we were able to have an enjoyable summer with our heated pool." - Leo N.
"Choosing a solar panel installation company can be difficult. I settled on Vasco because they are in the area and have extensive knowledge of both photovoltaic solar panels and solar heating for pools. The manager is very kind and responsive. The costs were reasonable. Special thanks for his diligence and competence. I appreciate the positive attitude." - Jared F.
"Earlier this month, I got the opportunity to collaborate with Vasco. My interactions with them have been really positive so far. When I inquired about the cost of installing a solar pool heating system at my home, I was blown away by how affordable their estimate was. Jeffrey was easy to work with throughout negotiations, and the crew finished the installation in a few of days.The staff was able to connect the system with my preexisting pool automation in about 1.5 days, and now I can manage anything from my phone. In all of my dealings with Jeffrey and his team, I have been impressed by their competence, responsiveness, and efficiency. Nonetheless, I have not yet tried out my new setup." - Braylon R.
"We needed to have our old patio torn down, so we contacted Vasco Solar to take down the solar panels from our pool. We contracted Vasco Solar to re-install the pool solar when we had a new alumawood patio put in. We trusted them to properly re-install our pool solar since they had done so before. They were accommodating about our schedule changes while we waited for patio permits from the city. Our satisfaction with the reinstallation is high. Absolutely no nail penetration. The technicians were reminded that this is a spanking new patio, and they seem to have taken great care. Adding a fresh photo that contrasts the old patio with the new one." - Andy G.
"A colleague suggested that I get a quotation from Vasco Solar, which I did. They promptly reacted after being reached by phone. The estimate was fair, and the installation was completed in under a month. The wonderful, helpful, and kind staff. Everything from priming and painting pipes to cutting and pouring concrete took just a single day to install. The garage now has 8 solar panels. You may even cement in the paw prints of your dog. The solar pool heating system was effective, and the water temperature reached 80 degrees in March of 2021. Prior to installation, the pool temperature ranged between 61 and 64 degrees. Before having one installed, I did not have a pool heater. If you own a pool in Southern California, you should get solar panels from this firm." - Raymond E.

Vasco Solar Social media
If you're looking for up-to-date information about solar power, go no further than Vasco Solar's official Facebook page. The website looks polished and has a wealth of information that might be useful to its audience. Thousands of people are fans and follow it on Facebook because of how popular it is there. It continuously adds to its vast trove of informative and fact-checked information. The corporation spends significant time and resources writing about its commitment to renewable energy and its many product offerings. They update their site periodically with information regarding the progress of their initiatives. Customers interested in solar power and the company's offers may also benefit from this.
A company called Vasco Solar offers solar power-related services. Their LinkedIn profile is presented in an elegant, simple manner. Nothing else is provided, even though the necessities, such as contact information, exist. Unfortunately, given the limited customer base and overall lack of information about their services, it may be difficult to trust their website. Additionally, there are no customer reviews or narratives of their experiences, both of which would have aided in establishing trust. Without further details about Vasco Solar and its products, it is hard to establish a clear judgment of the company.
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Vasco Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1004.8


Vasco Solar Pros & Cons

  • Environmentally conscious
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Direct-to-consumer
  • High Up-Front Costs
  • Lack of Dependability
  • Limited Availability

Vasco Solar Final Conclusions

Solar technology business Vasco Solar specializes in solar-powered system design, installation, and upkeep, making renewable energy available and reasonably priced for households and businesses. People have given the business extremely excellent ratings for both the quality of their installations and customer service.

Vasco Solar locations

Main Address17150 Newhope St #403 Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Phone Number7149688845

2 local offices

California – Fountain Valley 17150 Newhope St. #403, Fountain Valley CA, 92708
California – Fountain Valley 17150 Newhope St, Fountain Valley CA, 92708

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