Verde Solar Power review

Verde Solar Power review
Our Mission has always been one of energy conservation, economic value and pro ecology. We are dedicated to assessing, designing, installing and servicing solar power systems in homes, businesses, churches, schools and community buildings in the Verde Valley. Verde Solar Power engineers, installs and services Photovoltaic (PV) electric solar systems. We are centrally located in Cornville at the Windmill Garden Center to serve the Verde Valley residential and commercial market. Our assessment software is custom designed for the APS rate structure and therefore the most accurate for this area. We custom design and fabricate each installation and service all solar electric systems. Verde Solar Power utilizes the APS Renewables Program for our customers. We endeavor to spread the usage of this ideal energy source and our vision is to put this great resource to work in the Verde Valley. Solar power is the “Energy – Ecology – Economy” solution! Our company was founded in 1996, (formerly named Sedonix Solar), to design and develop electronic equipment by Greg Collins, an electronics engineer with an avionics background. Greg has promoted, installed and used grid-tied and off-grid solar systems since 1988. With the advent of the current tax incentives making solar power affordable, the business was reorganized in 2006 to focus on grid-tied solar power systems and a retail store was opened in Cornville in 2009 which established Verde Solar Power. Our design goal is to achieve the most cost effective, aesthetic solution for each application. We can engineer a system for any kind of roof type and pioneered the local use of ballasted and cable tied mounting systems for flat roofs. We promote grid-tied systems in cooperation with APS, and the new hybrid battery backed solar systems.
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Main Office Address 9530 E. Cornville Rd #C (Windmill Garden Center), Cornville AZ, 86325


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