Verde Solar Power review

Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems are what Verde Solar Power focuses on installing for both residential and business customers. The firm does everything from conceptualization to construction to servicing and financing of solar energy installations. Verde Solar Power installs solar panels, conducts energy efficiency analyses, and gives 24/7 assistance.
Verde Solar Power review

Verde Solar Power overview

Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems are what Verde Solar Power focuses on installing for both residential and business customers. The firm does everything from conceptualization to construction to servicing and financing of solar energy installations. Verde Solar Power installs solar panels, conducts energy efficiency analyses, and gives 24/7 assistance.

What Verde Solar Power has to say about itself

Verde Solar Power designs, installs, and maintains PV electric solar systems. Energy conservation, economic value, and pro-ecology have been our goals. Our APS rate structure-specific evaluation program is the most accurate in this field. Each installation is custom-designed and fabricated. Verde Solar Power uses APS Renewables. We want to put this clean, renewable energy source to use. Solar power is the energy-ecology-economic answer!

Verde Solar Power Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesInstallation, Energy Auditing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead acid, and flow batteries.

Verde Solar Power website review

Verde Solar Power's main website,, is a polished, user-friendly resource for learning about the company and the solar energy solutions they provide. Information about solar panel setup, upkeep, and funding is all readily available on this user-friendly website. They also have a contact form and a blog with solar energy guidance. The website seems legitimate, and the business has been verified as legitimate by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. Customers may buy services with confidence because to the site's safe payment options. is committed to being a trustworthy resource for all of our clients' sun power needs.

Verde Solar Power price policy

PackagesResidential Solar System: $19,995, Commercial Solar System: $44,995, Solar + Battery System: $49,995, Off-Grid Solar System: $59,995, Solar Lease: $0 down and fixed monthly payments for 20 years, Solar Loan: $0 down and fixed monthly payments for up to 25 years
Payment optionscash, check, credit card, and financing.
Payment discountsPay Now Discount: 10%, Automated Payment Discount: 5%, Pre-Paid Discount: 5%, Senior Citizen Discount: 5%, Military/Veteran Discount: 10%, Multi-System Discount: 10%, Referral Discount: 5%, Low Income Discount: 5%, Community Solar Discount: 5%

Verde Solar Power online reputation

Several consumers have spoken highly about Verde Solar Power's customer service, praising its competent personnel, affordable prices, and speedy installation procedure in online reviews. The company's attention to environmental sustainability and consumer cost savings has earned high marks from satisfied clients. The company's solar panels and other offerings have also received rave reviews. The vast majority of Verde Solar Power's clients are satisfied with the service they received.
Less than two years after installation, I had one panel fail. Around 7 months later, a second panel had problems. When the first panel broke a year ago, nobody has bothered to repair them. When I phone the local branch, nobody can tell me where things stand; instead, they always claim they'll get back to me, which seldom happens. Workers have arrived twice but have not yet resolved the issue. - Justin B.
I'm writing this to warn other naïve clients. They guarantee 95% energy savings. They provide 5-20%. Solar loans need double energy costs. Asking them to review/help/fix the problem/compensate the customer for their GROSS underestimation results in them quoting their contract (which conveniently leaves out the 95% offset that is verbally mentioned during numerous conversations) and leaving you with a too bad, so sad message that they won't help. After asking several personnel in many areas. Once you commit, this firm will avoid helping you as much as possible. Staff aren't mean, but they're taught to say anything would calm the consumer until they obtain what they need. Our solar panel installers arrived with the incorrect plan, placed a totally improper layout on my roof, and had to take everything and replace 2 weeks later with the exact specifications. The install team manager informed me twice over the phone that he would look into covering the 2 additional panels the sales team upsold me on for free" owing to my many problems. "Don't worry bud," he said. He hasn't called since. The roof had to be patched after the faulty install. "I'm informed you require a drywall job?" replied their repairman. Nobody informed him. No, the failed panel install left roof gaps that required fixing. He said he had the tools to fix the problem, but nobody informed him about it. The installers returned and fitted the panels, sans the additional 2. No explanation for my financial commitment or wholeness. After two months, panels neutralized 4% of my power. I contacted and wrote to enquire what was going on. They presented me their year-end predictions, based on the 1 month of energy consumption data from last year they wanted at the start. I instantly understood why they don't request a year. When I compared their "estimates" to my actual consumption from last year, EVERY MONTH was lower, even the month for which they had my data!" - Samuel E.
Avoid this firm for solar panels. Every Verde Solar Power representative lied to my wife and me about earning a FEDERAL" tax credit for installing solar panels on my business. My wife and I submitted our non-refundable tax incentive today, 3/08/2022. No incentive. We were supposed to get $12,000 for our solar panel financing. Electricity costs higher now." - Victor R.
I believed their deal was competitive and didn't comprehend the procedure. I get an email about a $38k loan in my name. I installed because it was too late. A billionaire's brand's bigger system costs nearly $20k less. This ridiculous markup ruins their good work and professionalism. - Edgar L.
I'm pleased with the end result, however the organization has serious issues with internal and external communication. A couple Zoom meetings in March of 2020 kicked off our efforts to acquire a solar system from them, and by April, we had reached a deal. The system wasn't installed until early July, and we weren't able to turn it on until late September, a day before we were scheduled to begin making payments. The system failed repeated inspections, and the company's failure to tell its installers what was wrong prolonged the wait in turning on the electricity. Verde Solar Power arranged a second, unsuccessful examination after the first revealed many wiring mistakes and a lack of supporting documentation. There were weeks of downtime before the staff could be sent, drop off the papers, and begin repairs. The final remaining part of the system, the installation of a sense monitor, has not been completed as of this writing, and we have not heard from their representatives. We have been online and passed all tests for a week now without hearing from Verde Solar Power. - Dean O.
Our flat roof can accommodate a 15 kilowatt (kw) system, and I gathered four estimates for the installation of two 6-kw inverters. With cutting-edge hardware and software, Verde Solar provided the lowest price offer. The California offer was three times as much as the next highest. Verde Solar boasts that their proprietary roof mount method, which they developed themselves and say has never had a leak, can be installed in only two days. Not to worry, since the system has a 10-year warranty that covers everything, even roof leaks. When I pay the bank the tax credits and loan installments that are less than our current APS payments, we will enjoy free power for the life of the home since Verde took care of all the paperwork with the bank. The net present value was four times the initial investment. The owner of Verde is very involved with his team in addition to his many other responsibilities. We had a foggy, wet morning and yet managed to produce 40 kWh, so we're really pleased with the system. - Carlos O.
Our Sedona home's 22-panel solar array was installed by Verde Solar Power. The setup went off without a hitch. My service requests have been met with prompt attention from Verde Solar Power. I strongly suggest you have Verde Solar Power set up a system for you. - Billy W.
Overall, our experience with Verde Solar Power has been fantastic, and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. The guys who were in charge of the installation did a great job. The only downside was that we had to wait for APS to give the okay and approve everything, but we were already told that would happen. We have an electric-only house, so we've always used the most economical APS plan; but within three billing cycles of installation, we saw a significant reduction in our monthly payment. The energy savings quickly offset the initial investment in materials and labor. If only we had just started this a few years ago. - Denis C.
I'm really happy with the work that Verde Solar Power accomplished for me. They planned and constructed a solar array for my house, but I can't recall how big it was. Before the installation, my monthly utility expenditures varied from $400 to $712over the period of almost two years. My costs have fluctuated between $0 and $20 each month since the installation went live. My APS power bills often fall within that range; no, they are not errors. Verde Solar Power is outstanding in every way. They excel in their craft to an extraordinary degree. Their plan fit my house almost precisely, they were efficient and neat in their work, and the work itself looked great. Basically, I did nothing (except to pay the bill, of course). They handled all the paperwork, permits, etc. I had to interact with APS, the energy company, but Verde Solar Power walked me through everything I needed to accomplish. I have no qualms about hiring them again. The high initial investment was the sole drawback, but that was to be expected given the high cost of solar panels. The price of solar panels will decrease in the future as new scientific discoveries are made in their production. - Jack T.
A Sierra Club article is what first made me aware of Verde Solar Power. They are a solar energy provider, and Sierra is behind them. I made several inquiries, assuming that the installation would be too expensive for my budget. The fact that I could receive the installation for free thanks to all the programs they had and all the rebates I qualified for was a pleasant surprise. The idea excited me much. My out-of-pocket expense was minimal. I compare the cost of my 20-year lease to that of my monthly power bill. When compared to what my utility bill would have been, I will begin saving money in two to three years. Verde Solar Power's salesman was fast and comprehensive in his presentation. Before the installation, I had a lot of doubts about my roof and wondered whether I should get a new one. In case I had more issues about the roof after we left the sales office, I could cancel the contract in writing. The project manager of Verde Solar Power, Brian, listened carefully. The regular communication was beneficial. The data was likewise excellent. When I emailed him, he responded quickly. I had a hard time finding roofers to come out and look at the home, but the names he gave me were helpful. There was no discomfort at all. - Jerry N.

Verde Solar Power Social media
The Facebook page for Verde Solar Power is the best place to learn about the business and what it does. The site's polished logo, striking images, and straightforward content give it an air of professionalism and thoroughness. The Facebook page for Verde Solar Power lives up to the company's stellar reputation in the solar business. There is a wealth of information about the business and its offerings on this page, in addition to connections to other relevant pages and multimedia content like movies and images. People's faith in Verde Solar Power's Facebook page is well-placed; it's a terrific resource for learning about the business and its services.Verde Solar Power's business profile on LinkedIn is a reliable source of information about our solar energy services. The design of the profile page is quite professional, but because there are no videos or photos, it feels empty. There is a small but gradually expanding base of subscribers indicative of our commitment to solar energy. The company is not yet as well known as other companies in the solar sector, this does not affect the level of service they can provide. If you need help using solar energy to power your home, Verde Solar Power is a great option.
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Verde Solar Power average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews135


Verde Solar Power Pros & Cons

  • Renewable Energy
  • Cost Savings
  • Customer Service
  • High Upfront Cost
  • Limited Location
  • Maintenance Requirements

Verde Solar Power Final Conclusions

When you work with Verde Solar Power, you'll get solar energy solutions that help you save costs and your carbon impact. Using state-of-the-art technology, they provide a range of services, including setup and upkeep, monitoring and optimization of solar panels, and more. Verde Solar Power has earned an average rating of 4.5 stars from customers who have had mostly pleasant experiences with the firm.

Verde Solar Power locations

Main Address9530 E Cornville Rd Cornville, AZ 86325
Phone Number9282840884

2 local offices

Arizona – Cornville
Arizona – Cornville 9530 E Cornville Rd, Cornville AZ, 86325

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