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When it comes to solar energy, Victory Solar is a leader in Texas. We are the leading local installer, and we can build a system from the ground up for your house or company. Locations throughout Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Fort Worth are serviced. Use That Power!

Victory Solar overview

When it comes to solar energy, Victory Solar is a leader in Texas. We are the leading local installer, and we can build a system from the ground up for your house or company. Locations throughout Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Fort Worth are serviced. Use That Power!

What Victory Solar has to say about itself

If you have any solar-related requirements, Victory Solar is the company to call. Sales advice, site evaluation, design, engineering, permits, utility paperwork, installation, and connecting are all taken care of for you. Victory Solar employs every single one of their installers and electricians directly. We place a premium on being quick to reply to client inquiries and reliable in our delivery of promised services.

Victory Solar Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryTesla Powerwall, LG Chem RESU, and Sonnen Eco

Victory Solar website review

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Victory Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $3.50 to $4.00 per watt
Payment optionsCash, checks, and all major credit cards
Payment discounts5% discount for cash payments and 10% discount for check payments

Victory Solar online reputation

Based on customer feedback, Victory Solar has had mixed results. While some clients have had positive experiences with the company, others have had negative experiences ranging from delays in completing projects to lack of communication and unprofessionalism. One recurring issue mentioned in negative reviews is that Victory Solar failed to complete projects or disappeared entirely, leaving customers unable to seek warranty or assistance. This is a serious problem for anyone considering the possibility of cooperation with the company. In addition, there were reports of unprofessional sales staff behavior, slow response times, and problems obtaining proper permits. These negative reviews suggest that Victory Solar may not be a reliable or trustworthy company to work with. On the other hand, there are positive reviews from customers who have had good experiences with the company. They emphasize the efficiency of the company, the clear explanation of the process and the helpful staff. However, it is worth noting that such positive reviews are in the minority. Overall, based on customer feedback, Victory Solar's reliability and professionalism are a serious concern. Anyone considering doing business with this company should exercise caution and do thorough research before making any commitment.
"Frauds and fabricators. After two years of waiting for batteries, they still haven't finished the work or vanished." - M.G.
"They did a wonderful job on my project, but now that they're closing down, I have no recourse for warranty or assistance." - Nenad
"A few weeks ago, Victory Solar and its whole staff just vanished. There was absolutely no contact whatsoever. After leaving many messages, Bright solar called me to let me know they were now providing service for Victor. Despite Bright Solar's repeated assurances that they will arrange the necessary service to finish installing my system, they have failed to do so for the last four weeks.Neither Victory nor Bright Solar should be used." - Jim
"Never do business with this firm. Two years ago, I decided to install solar panels. The installation was not authorized under a permit obtained by Victory. The permission application is STILL pending. We had to spend an extra $8,000 to bring our fuse box up to code and sturdy enough to sustain the panel system after their electrician had already pushed it to its limits. They've been vague, slow to respond, and unprofessional throughout. Now that we're moving, we'd want to take our solar panels with us, but they've given us a number of flimsy reasons why we shouldn't. We still owe them thousands of dollars, so why wouldn't we? A consumer advocacy body should investigate this business." - Trish
"Avoid this firm at all costs! When given the opportunity, I should have heeded the other reviewers' warnings about this product. Ken, the salesman, is very unprofessional and often makes false promises. When challenged about not following through on his assurances, he either becomes defensive or ignores your communications. Avoid the pain and hassle by not engaging with this firm. Even though we have been paying a double bill for solar panels that have not been turned on for over six months and for energy, we are still waiting for their delivery and for the pipes to be painted. I really wish we had never heard of this firm or dealt with them. If you look around, you will see very similar patterns in other unfavorable evaluations." - Natalie
"Everything about working with Victory Solar was excellent. The sales staff provided a comprehensive breakdown of the whole procedure, including all associated expenses and advantages. A Generac generator was also included in the deal. Operations and administrative support were the most productive. Everything went well in terms of documentation. If you're looking for a good solar panel company, I'll suggest them." - AS
"Absolutely fantastic. The staff was efficient and kind. We appreciate your hard work. Am a certain kind of person. They reassured me by thoroughly explaining the procedure." - Rana
"Exceptional help. Fast and quite useful. I now have a thorough understanding of solar power thanks to their clear and thorough explanation of the procedure. They took care of everything in a methodical manner and kept me fully informed at all times. But the biggest incentive to switch to solar power is the money you may save. As soon as you put your signature on the document, you will begin saving money immediately. Call and ask to speak with Mike. He owns it. Superb human being." - Omar

Victory Solar Social media
A company called Victory Solar specializes in creating and setting up solar panel systems for domestic and commercial clients all around the country. Their LinkedIn page gives the impression that they are a flourishing business. They publish a variety of articles on their page on renewable energy, business news, and technological developments. With more than 985 followers and a presence in all 50 states, they have a broad audience. They also publish frequently, usually twice or three times every week. Their "People" section displays a commitment to employing qualified experts in their sector, and they also keep an active presence in a number of associations relevant to the industry. Victory Solar also seems to be making an effort to participate in pertinent community events and talk about how solar energy may help the communities they serve. All things considered, Victory Solar has a well-kept LinkedIn page that exhibits their attention to clients and renewable energy.
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Victory Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews83


Victory Solar Pros & Cons

  • Variety of types of solar panels
  • Wide range of battery storage options
  • Payment discounts
  • Limited service area
  • Installation cost can be high
  • No warranty for solar panels

Victory Solar Final Conclusions

Based on the customer feedback provided, it is clear that the experience with Victory Solar has been quite mixed. While some customers have praised the company for its efficient and comprehensive service, others have reported serious issues such as work in progress, unprofessional behavior and bankruptcy. There are also reports of clients being left with collateral and unresolved legal issues, indicating irresponsibility on the part of the company. Therefore, it is difficult to draw an unambiguous conclusion about the work of Victory Solar. However, it is clear that potential clients should exercise caution and do thorough research before entering into any kind of agreement with a company. It is also recommended to consider alternative providers that have a proven track record of providing quality service and support.

Victory Solar locations

Main Address12705 S Kirkwood Rd Ste 218 Stafford, TX 77477-3813
Phone Number8329994635

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