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Large home automation and security provider Vivint provides its clients with simple and smart home solutions. One of the key industries the firm works in is solar energy, one of several. Their products are made to assist clients in controlling their energy use so they may take pleasure in their residences. The business is dedicated to providing exceptional solar energy solutions, effective customer service, and high-quality goods.

Vivint overview

Large home automation and security provider Vivint provides its clients with simple and smart home solutions. One of the key industries the firm works in is solar energy, one of several. Their products are made to assist clients in controlling their energy use so they may take pleasure in their residences. The business is dedicated to providing exceptional solar energy solutions, effective customer service, and high-quality goods.

What Vivint has to say about itself

With simple and cheap access to solar energy options, Vivint's commitment to sustainability is established. In order to assist homes in using the power of the sun, Vivint, one of the top solar energy firms, provides a variety of solar goods and services. Customers may save their energy bills and take advantage of renewable energy sources thanks to the company's creative solar systems, which it designs and installs. Solar energy affordability and appeal to everyone is a priority for Vivint.

Vivint Solar Review

Year Started1999
Service AreasAZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, HI, IL, MD, MA, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, TX, UT, VT, VA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, FCC, IBTS.

Vivint website review is the company's primary website. Beyond solar energy solutions, contains an abundance of home improvement-related content. The website provides customer service, simple instruments for locating the ideal solution for your household, and a vast selection of products. In addition, the website offers a wealth of information about solar panels. Overall, is a dependable information source. In addition, the site's partnership with energy provider Vivint Smart Home grants consumers access to a smart home security system. All of these factors increase the site's credibility and dependability.

Vivint price policy

PackagesVivint Solar Panel Installation - starting at $12,900, Vivint Solar Battery - starting at $13,900, Vivint Smart Home Technology Package - starting at $99/month, Vivint Light & Ceiling Fan Installation - starting at $67, Vivint Smart Home Add-Ons (Web Camera, Video Doorbell, Glass Break sensor, Smart Lock, etc.) - starting at $49, Vivint Solar Monitoring & Security System - starting at $19.95/month.
Payment optionsCash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, check, and wire transfer.
Payment discountsNo prepayment discount of up to 8% off the total cost of the solar system when you make a prepayment. Military discount Military first responders can get a 5% discount. First Person Discount active and retired military first responders can get 5% off the solar system. Early Payment Discount Customers who pay off their solar system within 12 months of installation can receive a 2% discount. Referral Program Discount customers who refer a friend or family member to Vivint can receive 5% off their solar system.

Vivint online reputation

Although most clients had a negative experience with Vivint, some people were pleased with the service they got. Concerns have been raised about the effectiveness and knowledge of the support personnel and the caliber of solar energy system installation and maintenance. Some clients also had billing troubles and received bills for services they had not received. This implies that prospective clients should know the likelihood of receiving subpar service while selecting Vivint.
"My solar panels were installed by Vivint in May 2020. The panels only held up for one year. Since March 2021, the corporation hasn't repaired or maintained them. After a comprehensive roof inspection, the panels were put in place. I located a persistent leak. My daughter's room floor crumbled due to this leak, and my garage's walls and ceiling were also harmed. In order to rebuild the roof, get rid of mold, and repair water damage, I asked for the removal of the panels in April. The employer wants $5,610 to get rid of them despite the fact that they haven't worked in over a year. I urged the firm to reduce the amount, but they would only do a 50% reduction, which I can't afford to do and shouldn't have to do because they owe me $2340, or $156 per month, for 15 months. Sadly, the business won't cooperate with me. I tried to remove them to mend the roof, but they wouldn't allow me. I asked their return for my lease. I need assistance removing the panels and breaking my lease. Even though I made many commitments, they haven't called since April 20. Because the customer support agent indicated she needed to speak to her supervisor but never returned, I've been on wait for an hour and 22 minutes." - Robin K.
"After spending $26,000 to have our solar installed in the summer of 2022. Despite the fact that it is December 2022 and 2023 right now, our solar panels are still not functional. We were informed that our issue would be handed to a case manager and that someone would come to check on it when we phoned customer support, which takes an hour simply to speak to someone. Because we've spent so much money on them and received so little in return, we're sick and weary of dealing with them. AVOID VISITING THIS COMPANY. IF YOU NEED SOLAR, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. I would give 0 stars if we could, but we can't!!" - Clarence Т.
"A dissatisfied client. More than two years ago, I changed my email address, but you didn't. My phone isn't getting any calls. The quantity remained constant. You neglected this for six months. Not a good enough. Even the $400 dollar I just received, I'd give you every Benjamin I have right now second if I could. How was I helped by the sun?" - Sandy L.
"I simply want to express that the top solar business wasn't all I had hoped for. getting our solar specialist off to a good start. He came up with a fantastic plan, made sure solar panels could be installed on my roof, and got to work organizing everything. Then, after around a month, the building staff worked fast to complete the project. After that, the building inspection took place two weeks later. After that, the electrical inspection took place two weeks later. not another. There hasn't been any sun for the last six months. The issue with Vivint is that they don't have enough employees with project management skills to properly complete the necessary paperwork for utility company interconnections and then inform consumers that they have been neglecting the paperwork for the last three months. Don't purchase solar power from them. Never spend time attempting to communicate with them." - Ernest C.
"I've been billed for the service I've utilized since August 20. It took until the end of October for the system to begin operating. I've been attempting to receive credits for the last month after my bank account was charged for use when the system wasn't running. Customers get poor service. They promise that I will hear from them shortly and that an investigative report is being prepared so that the modifications may be implemented. As of December 2, there is still no billing information on my account despite the fact that this occurred a month ago. No one has any answers when I call again. The only communication I get from them is a request for me to complete a customer satisfaction survey, which I do and rate as low." - Samuel W.
"I've had Vivint since February 2020. Paul, my sales representative, did a fantastic job of educating me about solar. Paul was always available to answer my inquiries and kept me informed. He chose the appropriate system size for me in order to minimize my Duke energy costs. Being under a leasing agreement makes me extremely pleased. I've phoned customer support twice since I set up the system to ask questions. I've never had any issues with them. They solved my issues within a short period of time! My monthly expenses have always been $13.85 since I founded Duke. Paul and Vivint, thank you both. Vivint is a fantastic option!" - Luka F.
"Vivint has been really helpful throughout the whole process. Initially, I was planning to do PPA, but when it was about to end, I changed my mind and chose the loan option. I was assisted to convert to the financing option by my Vivint agent. Despite their many issues, they were quite helpful and considerate to my family. We are very happy that our panels are finally installed!" - George S.
"Although we are still awaiting the installation of the panels, Abraham and Daniel have stayed in contact, provided prompt responses, and skillfully addressed all of my inquiries. Even one of the installers, Matthew, was kind, efficient, and quite competent. Everything I've done thus far has been fantastic. As I go to the solar panel, I hope this continues." - Bruce M.
"Because I didn't believe going solar would save me money and because I was concerned about how it would effect the roof and other things, I was quite apprehensive about it. The solar expert, Ron, was excellent. He walked me through each step, responded to all of my inquiries, and always called me back. I don't often write reviews on this business, but I felt compelled to since I'm so pleased. I haven't had a negative balance in the summer since over a year ago. Because I'm saving more than half of what I used to spend on power, I'm delighted I rented. If you want to go solar, choose Vivente and Ron the solar specialist. The choice I made was the finest one I've made in a while." - Christopher V.
"As soon as I signed the contract, Vivint took care of my account and guided me through the whole process, including collecting updates from the county and energy provider and having solar panels installed. I would have enrolled with Vivint 12 years ago if I had understood how simple it is to use solar power. They made the procedure simple and fast, which benefited the environment by utilizing clean energy while saving my home money on energy costs. I'm really grateful to the knowledgeable Vivint employees that made this feasible for my family." - Mark W.

Vivint Social media
The massive Facebook page for Vivint has more than 500,000 likes and 489,000 followers. The page has a "Checkmark" to attest to its reliability. The website offers a shop where visitors can learn more about the company's items. Posts provide important information, images, videos, and descriptions of the job completed. The profile includes each contact person's details and a synopsis of the business's operations. The main flaw of the website is that there is no space for consumers to remark and rate the job that has been done. The firm is active in a wide range of industries; hence, there is minimal information on solar energy on the website.
Vivint's extensive LinkedIn page has more than 60,000 users. Despite the company's engagement in a wide range of other products and sectors, there isn't much information about solar energy on the website. On the page is a brief description of the business and all of the contact information. In large part because of the subscribers, the page's posts are often updated. Customers will generally find the website useful, albeit more information on solar panels might be included.
YouTube Channel
23400 Subscribers

Vivint average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews302.6


Vivint Pros & Cons

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Lengthy Contract Terms
  • Limited Access
  • Customer Service Issues

Vivint Final Conclusions

Solar energy solutions are among the numerous services that Vivint, a sizable firm, specializes in. The panels, the technicians' expertise, and the customer service are all appreciated by the customers. Although many people have had bad experiences, most evaluations are bad, and clients are advised not to contact them. The firm is active on Facebook and LinkedIn, which makes contacting them simple. However, the organization needs to work to improve its 1.1 out of 5 overall rating.

Vivint locations

Main Address3311 N Interstate Hwy 35 #101 Austin, TX 78722
Phone Number8013779111

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