Yes Solar Solutions review

The team at Yes Solar Solutions is well regarded for their work in the solar energy industry across the state of North Carolina. Our cheap solar solutions for homes and businesses are backed by our unrivaled knowledge and service. By installing solar panels, batteries for energy backup mechanisms, and electric car charging stations, we provide our clients with renewable energy, save business money, and help lessen their environmental impact.

Yes Solar Solutions overview

The team at Yes Solar Solutions is well regarded for their work in the solar energy industry across the state of North Carolina. Our cheap solar solutions for homes and businesses are backed by our unrivaled knowledge and service. By installing solar panels, batteries for energy backup mechanisms, and electric car charging stations, we provide our clients with renewable energy, save business money, and help lessen their environmental impact.

What Yes Solar Solutions has to say about itself

We are excited to have been the first North Carolina solar company to have a Tesla Powerwall installation certified by Tesla. In the event of a power outage, this remarkable innovation acts as a rechargeable battery for your home, drawing power from the energy stored inside. Find out what a Tesla Powerwall can do for you. Individuals, businesses, nonprofits, municipalities, state and federal agencies, and armed forces installations may all benefit from our expert solar energy consultancy and installation services in North Carolina. Solar Solutions is the only company in the state of North Carolina to have both NABCEP and Green Plus accreditation. We safeguard autonomy, democratize solar energy, and establish market benchmarks.

Yes Solar Solutions Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasNC
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB

Yes Solar Solutions website review

The website seems to be well structured and properly developed. The company's services are highlighted in a slider on the homepage, along with a call to action button to arrange a free consultation and information about the company's services. The company's services, which include solar installation, battery storage, and energy-efficient renovations, are covered in full on the website. Additionally, there are sections for frequently asked questions, customer reviews, and a blog with various posts on solar energy and sustainability. It is crucial for the user experience that the website's navigation menu is simple to use and that it is mobile device-friendly. Overall, seems to be a well-designed, educational, and user-friendly website.

Yes Solar Solutions price policy

PackagesA basic system will cost about $5,000
Payment optionsCash, checks, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, and wire transfers.
Payment discountsDown payment discounts, veterans discounts and referral discounts, solar rental programs

Yes Solar Solutions online reputation

Customers' experiences with Yes Solar Solutions vary widely. While some customers have had positive experiences, others have encountered poor customer service, overcharging, and communication problems. It is important to note that there were also grievances concerning the culture of the workplace and personnel conduct. Positively, clients that implemented the system successfully noted lower energy costs as well as effective and trouble-free systems. Some reviewers also praised the company's professionalism and the equipment's high quality. Overall, Yes Solar Solutions seems to have both happy and unhappy clients. To ensure you're receiving the greatest price and customer service possible, it would be worthwhile to do extra research and request a few quotes if you're thinking about dealing with this firm.
"I just cannot endorse Yes Solar Solutions. Aside for the initial pitch, communication has been terrible throughout the entire process. I contacted them after seeing positive feedback about them on Tesla's Yelp page. Yes's stated price for the installation was $3000 more than the average of the other two plumbers we contacted. Other electricians disproved of Ben Phillips's fabricated difficulties with our build out. With this firm, I was thinking about going solar-only. I'm pleased I didn't trust them with a big job right away; now I can start on something much smaller." - Levine
"The situation changes drastically as you set foot in the workplace. There was a lot of tension among the women, and they looked at me without saying a word, so I left. Another time I walked in, a woman stepped up and politely inquired as to whether or not I had been given a beverage or anything free; instead, everyone there had simply gazed icily into the distance. Watch your step around these parts Very uncomfortable atmosphere, as the women here are unfriendly to anyone who isn't exactly like them." - SevenK
"We waited for a quotation on installing a Tesla electric vehicle charger for months, and when we finally got it, it was $3,300. Wiretech was ultimately chosen for the job, and we paid them $1500 to finish it. We were given a date with a few weeks after they were out the following day to survey the area." - OH'AR
"I submitted a service request for my solar panels online. I tried to set up a time for the service, but I never heard back from anybody. You shouldn't bother talking to them. After the shopkeeper got back to me, I decided to give them another shot. and broke down how much I would charge to fix it. They assured me that the problems will be fixed the same day, but that did not happen. They just did an inspection and I was billed for much more time than was actually spent on it. They then sent an estimate for the necessary repairs, the cost of which would be tacked onto the price of the inspection. When I phoned their office, I asked to speak to the owner, but the agent I spoke with was impolite. Again, this business is not worth your time. The quickest assistance you may expect is an invoice for the inflated costs you incurred." - Budayr
"For a school assignment, we attempted calling them to ask some questions regarding solar energy and being environmentally friendly, however the conversation was cut off before we could finish. Subpar assistance." - Cameron
"Our rooftop solar system from Yes Solar Solutions in Cary, North Carolina was installed around nine months ago. There have been no problems thus yet. They're up on our roof, where they can do their work in peace and reduce our Duke Energy bill. We seldom give them much thought, yet every so often I check the simple and straightforward app on my iPhone. Yes Solar Solutions is the company to work with if you're thinking about installing solar panels. Excellent tiny local business with friendly, personal service. Our highest recommendation!" - Tom
"True, Solar is a prime example. Everyone I spoke with was knowledgeable, kind, and prompt in their responses. The setup was completed quickly, accurately, and problem-free. In addition, they offered a far more affordable pricing than the rivals. The Yes Solar team was very helpful in explaining and fixing a problem I was having with my Duke Energy bill. Since its debut in May 2022, the system has functioned well, and I like using the companion app to track the amount of free power generated by the system on any given day. Yes Solar has my highest recommendation." - Robert
"Extremely professional throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation through the installation and post-installation follow-up. Equipment of extremely excellent quality, which has performed well thus far." - Dylan
"It's been quite close to a year, and we've managed to put away quite a bit of money. Even though the winters were slightly less productive due to the cloud cover, we were still able to save money in comparison to the year prior. All things considered, we couldn't be more pleased with our system. No mechanical failures, no need for repair calls, and no serious problems either. Would definitely recommend." - Nikki
"Our rooftop solar system from Yes Solar Solutions in Cary, North Carolina was installed nine months ago. The system has been working well. We like contributing to the system by returning unused energy. Love that it requires less of a monthly payment to be sent to Duke Energy. Seeing the energy being produced in the moment via the SolarEdge display is our favorite part. To yet, our energy output has prevented the release of 7,720 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Yes Solar Solutions is the firm you want to work with if you're thinking about installing solar panels at your home or place of business. Every aspect of the service was top-notch. Yes has installed solar panels on the roof of both of our homes within the past decade. Highly recommended by us!" - Ladds

Yes Solar Solutions Social media
Yes, Solar Solutions has a strong Facebook presence. They often publish articles on solar energy education, advertisements for their goods and services, and customer reviews. Links to their website and social media profiles are also provided, along with corporate news and information about forthcoming events they may be attending. The postings are well-written and interesting, and their fans actively interact with them often. Since the page's launch in 2009, it has gained over 1,100 followers. Since they routinely reply to comments and questions from followers, they have a generally favorable reputation. This website is an excellent illustration of a professionally maintained page that promotes and informs visitors about solar power.
Indeed, Solar Solutions is well-represented on LinkedIn. its profile is well-written and contains information on its services, corporate culture, goal statement, core values, and a link to the website. The page also has postings, images, and videos showcasing business developments and activities. With around 1,200 followers, they have a sizable following and update often. The page has been active since 2012 and has attracted a lot of interaction from users, including comments and positive reviews. This website is a fantastic illustration of how to sell your business on LinkedIn.
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Yes Solar Solutions average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews2494.9


Yes Solar Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Certified installers with years of experience
  • Payment Discounts and Financing Options
  • Competitive pricing
  • Limited selection of solar panel brands
  • Limited service area in North Carolina
  • Installation cost can be high

Yes Solar Solutions Final Conclusions

According on the experiences of several clients, Yes Solar Solutions seems to work inconsistently. While some clients have praised the business for their lower energy bills and effective, trouble-free systems, other clients have complained about poor customer service, overcharging, and communication problems. There were also complaints concerning the working environment's culture and employee conduct. It is important to remember that although some clients were pleased with the firm's expertise and the quality of the equipment, others weren't. In order to guarantee you receive the greatest pricing and customer service, it may be worthwhile to do further research and get many quotations if you are thinking about doing business with Yes Solar Solutions.

Yes Solar Solutions locations

Main Address202 N. Dixon Ave. Cary, NC 27513
Phone Number(919) 925-4707

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