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Here at YES, we're pleased to promote a product that does good for both the economy and the planet. Investing in solar energy is a long-term commitment. Choosing a reliable installer is crucial. With careful planning and installation, your system may provide power for decades with nothing in the way of upkeep.

Your Energy Solutions overview

Here at YES, we're pleased to promote a product that does good for both the economy and the planet. Investing in solar energy is a long-term commitment. Choosing a reliable installer is crucial. With careful planning and installation, your system may provide power for decades with nothing in the way of upkeep.

What Your Energy Solutions has to say about itself

Since our inception in 2008, we have performed over 7,500 solar installations throughout Northern California, during which time we have improved our solar installation techniques and built every system in-house (NO SUBCONTRACTING). Our company's founders have established a culture of relentless pursuit of quality via rigorous process management. We'll work on your project like it's our own house. Our solar systems come with a 25-year guarantee on both the labor and roof penetrations, in addition to the manufacturer's warranty. Due to our status as a Platinum Enphase Installer, you will get a free panel-level and custom reports system monitoring platform at no cost to you. The flexibility of loan lengths between 5 and 25 years means you may choose the best financing option for your needs. As a premium service provider, our rates on EnergySage are higher than those of our competitors. We don't compete on price since it leaves new solar power system owners in a difficult spot, either with installers who are struggling or with those who are attempting to make up for lost profit with volume. Learn the secrets of Y.E.S.'s success in the SF Bay Area, where so many households have already said "yes" to the company's installation and long-term assistance.

Your Energy Solutions Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion-based backup batteries from LG Chem, BYD, and SolarEdge
CertificationsNABCEP, CALSEIA

Your Energy Solutions website review

A website called Your Energy Solutions offers advice and tools to assist people and companies save money on energy and advance sustainability. Along with information on clean energy and renewable energy sources, the website offers advice on energy efficiency and conservation techniques. It offers energy audit and energy management solutions as well as an energy calculator to assist consumers determine their energy requirements. Additionally, he offers news and updates on energy-related subjects and runs a blog with sustainability and energy-saving advice.

Your Energy Solutions price policy

PackagesFrom about $3.50 per watt or $7,000 for a complete system
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, as well as payment from cash and check
Payment discountsDiscounts may be available to customers who enter into long-term contracts or participate in other promotional offers

Your Energy Solutions online reputation

According to testimonials, people's reactions to Your Energy Solutions (YES) have been all over the map. Some customers have complained loudly about the company's performance, alleging problems including delays, inadequate communication, inattentive project managers, and unsatisfactory customer service. Meetings were skipped, commitments were violated, there was no follow-up, and the customer had to put in extra work to see results. There were also worries regarding tax data inaccuracies and guarantee problems. However, there have been several compliments about individual staff members at YES who have gone above and above in their assistance and service. Frankie and John are just two examples of the staff that have received high marks for their knowledge, attentiveness, and eagerness to assist customers. Negative comments greatly outnumber positive ones, suggesting inadequate service, misunderstandings, and overall dissatisfaction. This reflects poorly on the quality of YES's work and customer service. Therefore, it is wise to proceed with caution when selecting YES as a solar provider, and to thoroughly examine all other available choices.
"9 months after signing a contract with YES, I still don't have a solar system. What was offered to me as a 9-week project is now looking like a 10-month operating system (lord help me, there is no end in sight). After my final poor evaluation (at month 8 in despair), they sent Franki to help, and he has been fantastic and interacts with me, which is a significant improvement from the other three project managers. Despite not having an operating system, he responds when he says he will. My first project manager, Paul, scheduled unattended appointments. Vacationed and never returned. My next project manager (Fabian) took medical leave. Celeste, my third project manager, ignored emails. If I received a response, it took weeks of follow-up. My ideas keep being rejected by the building department, which adds delay. Even the department supervisor (Earnest) was brought into my project after the first two project managers failed (at month 4, when I still had the adorable hope of having an operating system within the same year I signed the contract) and personally promised to make sure it got done, but despite being copied on all emails, he never responded. When a client sends a third follow-up email over three weeks asking for an update and doesn't encourage his project manager or react directly, it's obvious they're frustrated. Same for firm president Jim Gitas. As months passed, he was copied on most communications, but he never responded, intervened, or resolved. Just know that this firm is bad from the top down. Despite their Google ratings, I regret employing this organization. From missed appointments to unresponsive project managers to an excessively long time to still not have an operational system on my house, nothing has gone smoothly and has required me to invest a frustrating effort to understand what is happening, why, and when. I can't imagine the following 25 years, but I'm sure it will be awful. I never suggest this firm, and when friends and neighbors ask who does my system, I have to advise them to avoid YES." - Jasmine
"They have had my business for ten years, but during the last two years, their customer service has declined. No one has returned calls or emails addressing the faulty inverters, which seem to reoccur every year now. Very dissatisfied." - kal
"Had YES perform two installations. The first one, in 2019, went really well. The second almost amounted to a bait and switch. The wiring was installed in the attic in 2019. Even after discussing it with the salesman and the surveyor in 2022, I still believed they would match the existing. They said it would cost an extra $2,000 to me. I failed to notice the change in the updated contract's item 25, which follows the items discussing mechanic's liens, arbitration, etc., and indicates that all conduit shall be routed outside. It's my fault that I missed it. I do think that the surveyor should have been aware of it and that there was also an expectation that I would be asked whether I wanted to alter the install type. The man explained how it would operate to me as he was wriggling about in the attic. I had also bought a set of CTs to track the energy usage in the home. When I asked the surveyor about having them installed, he said, "No problem," adding that he would make a note of it and that I should have them ready the day of installation. The installers took them on the day of installation and returned them at the end of the day. They said that I wouldn't need them since I already had other CTs for the Tesla Powerwall. Unfortunately, my solar production was reduced by half in 2021 by the Powerwall due to improperly designed CTs (Tesla's fault here), which is why I wanted them installed. No issue, they responded, and the technician who was coming for the city inspection will take care of it then. Once they had their cheque, they departed. They informed me that it would cost, you guessed it, $2,000 to put 4 wires through 10' of conduit the next day after explaining the CTs for the third time. Make sure it's in the contract if you're dealing with YES since failing to do so will cost you $2,000 in legal fees. 2 stars in 2022 and 5 stars for the first installation in 2019." - Sean
"Your Energy Solutions provided us with HORRIBLE service, and we will never use them again. The customer service is awful, and if we hadn't been vigilant throughout the whole process, we probably still wouldn't have our solar panels put. This necessitated constant contact on our part to set up appointments, confirm dates and times in advance to ensure they hadn't been rescheduled without telling us (twice we waited in for an inspector or installer and they never showed up), and then check in regularly to ensure permits and paperwork were submitted in a timely manner. For a service costing several thousand dollars, it was unacceptable that we had to take on the role of project manager. And even though they said it would just take two to three months, the whole thing ended up taking over seven. The team at Your Energy Solutions was not communicative, provided false information about timelines and deliverables, and failed to follow up with the city or PG&E despite our repeated requests that they do so. As a result, we nearly missed the rule change that would have allowed our energy outputs to be part of PG&E's program. I can't say that I'm angry with whomever was in charge of our file. He was doing his best, but he was extremely overworked, and no one at Your Energy Solutions ever took responsibility for the company's staffing issues, which led to unmanageable workloads and poor customer service. Furthermore, we are discovering that some of the tax information they presented to us when selling the solar may not be accurate. Because this group is just concerned with generating sales, you should conduct comprehensive study and consult a tax specialist before purchasing solar. Please do not choose Your Energy Solutions for your solar power requirements; this cannot be emphasized enough. You may expect nothing except stress and headaches." - Angie
"I'm curious as to the rationale for this company's high overall rating. That's why I looked into them along with a few other brands when I was thinking about going solar with my house. After I hired them, they were rock solid all the way through the pricing phase. But as soon as I put pen to paper, they plummeted from 5 stars to 1 star. Constantly evades attempts at communication. There's never any clarity. Extremely unreliable in terms of starting and completing the installation, and also unreachable in terms of post-installation assistance with learning how to use the solar energy system. To top it all off, I haven't seen any of the soldiers assigned to my order in well under a year. I wouldn't employ this company even if they cut their rates in half now that I know what I know." - Mister
"Franki Eivas at Your Energy Solutions impressed me with his in-depth expertise, clear explanations, and friendly attitude, and I ultimately decided to hire them to install a Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3. He coordinated getting a CAD design made and in for review by the city. A metal conduit carrying the 6-gauge wire from the electrical panel through the attic and into the Tesla Wall Connector was installed. Most competitors don't install conduit throughout the whole route. The City's examination of the setup was successful. John Darling, another fantastic salesman, is a solar panel installation guru who can answer any and all questions you could have. If you're looking for a reliable firm to install solar panels or an electric vehicle charging station, go no further than Your Energy Solutions. They provide reasonable rates. Franki and John come highly recommended as well." - Yaman
"I highly recommend Frankie. My time spent with him was outstanding. He has a wealth of information and went out of his way to assist me. Frankie spent over two hours on FaceTime with us as he tried to Troubleshoot online why our solar panels weren't functioning. He shown incredible patience all the way through, and I can't speak highly enough of the quality of his work." - Manpreet
"Unfortunately, my three-story home prevented me from using their solar installation services, but I hope to have the opportunity to work with Jim and his crew again in the future. Since Jim had to borrow equipment from a third party in order to put it on my three-story home, he was honest about the fact that they would not be meeting industry/city security criteria. Like many other sellers, he could have leased a boom lift and offered solely solar panel installation with no after-sale support. Even though he knows I won't be of any financial use to him, he carefully advised me on purchases and talked me through the details. This earned my utmost respect and demonstrated the qualities of a reliable and trustworthy merchant." - Varun
"This evaluation has been long overdue. It took me a long to find the best solar contractor for our 9kW system, but we finally received our panels in 2016. I tried calling the larger brands like Solarcity, Peterson-Dean, Sungevity, etc., but their level 1 sales reps had no technical understanding and couldn't provide me the information I needed. When we have our system up and running, pg&e will be invoicing us through net metering, and they have no idea how it works. However, Jim, YES's proprietor, has clarified every concern I've had. Give me technical calculations down to the nth degree. We sell at peak rate (up to 40 cents) and buy at non-peak rate (as low as 15 cents) so technically if your energy consumption is 15kW, you don't have to install a 15kW unit if you just want a $0 bill because of the sell high buy low advantage. Part panels that were added at the last minute (at my request) were underperforming, and although this wasn't completely their responsibility, Jim made up for part of the loss by covering other costs. And when our electrical panel burned down two years ago, his staff responded quickly and even offered to assist with the cleanup at no extra charge. I'm happy to see that they're flourishing after suggesting them to all of my friends." - Elizabeth
"We are in love with our solar panels! The setup was quick and precise. You won't find a better deal from any other installation, and their products and service are superior. The team put through long hours in the scorching sun to ensure a successful and risk-free installation. The switch to green living has provided me with lower electricity costs. Thank you YES staff!" - Michael

Your Energy Solutions Social media
Leading provider of renewable energy, Your Energy Solutions is committed to offering creative and sustainable energy solutions. They have a sizable following on Facebook and utilize their page to engage with consumers, provide business news, and advertise their goods and services. Your Energy Solutions' dedication to clean and renewable energy is evident on their Facebook page. Their logo, which represents their business brand and professional background, is prominently shown on their profile photo. Their emphasis on solar energy solutions is symbolized by the cover image, which shows a row of solar panels against a bright backdrop. The website often provides informative articles, intriguing photos and videos on renewable energy technology, advice on energy efficiency, and success stories from their initiatives. By enticing their followers to utilize clean energy and have a beneficial influence on the environment, they want to inform and motivate them. Facebook is another channel Your Energy Solutions utilizes to interact with its audience. They show their dedication to providing individualized service and client satisfaction by responding to comments, mails, and requests immediately. They foster a feeling of community around sustainable energy practices by encouraging followers to join in conversations, share their experiences, and ask questions. The portal also advertises numerous Your Energy Solutions-hosted events, seminars, and webinars where people and companies can learn more about renewable energy technology, subsidies, and the advantages of converting to clean energy sources.
Renewable energy experts and companies need the Your Energy Solutions LinkedIn profile. It covers renewable energy news, careers, and networking. Your Energy Solutions' LinkedIn profile image is their logo, displaying their renewable energy expertise. A solar farm or wind turbine on the cover shows their dedication to sustainable solutions. The LinkedIn renewable energy page often offers useful and instructive content. Technology, industrial, and policy developments are shared. These postings demonstrate their knowledge and promote them as thought leaders. Your Energy Solutions' success stories and case studies show their expertise in providing consumers with effective and sustainable energy solutions. This builds consumer and partner trust. Your Energy Solutions on LinkedIn posts articles, white papers, and infographics on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable practices. The firm inspires and educates renewable energy experts via debate and cooperation. The LinkedIn profile also connects renewable energy job seekers. Your Energy Solutions may recruit skilled environmentalists for internships, jobs, and careers. The LinkedIn profile also lets clean energy experts network with Your Energy Solutions team members. Users may submit comments, queries, and connection requests.
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Your Energy Solutions average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews1274.8


Your Energy Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Professional installation and customer service
  • Quality components and materials
  • Save energy and lower utility bills
  • Initial cost and long-term liabilities
  • Maintenance and repair costs
  • Local government regulations and incentives may limit installation options

Your Energy Solutions Final Conclusions

According to the available evidence, Your Energy Solutions (YES) has delivered outstanding results and maintained a sterling reputation in the solar energy sector. Customers who have already worked with the firm have nothing but admiration for the quality of their installations and the competence of the employees. Customers were impressed with YES' knowledge of solar energy, and the company's sales representatives and project managers received high marks for their ability to clearly explain complex concepts and respond to customers' inquiries. The firm has received high marks for its inexpensive prices, which have made solar power accessible to a broad variety of clients. YES's dedication to serving its customers has also been lauded. The evaluations that praise the organization all point to the responsiveness and devotion of certain workers who went out of their way to help customers with their issues and provide assistance throughout the installation and after-sale phases. Customers appreciated how YES staff members went out of their way to help them and fix issues. Customers that had YES install their solar panels were also pleased with the results. They saw lower energy bills and an easy shift to a greener lifestyle, proving the efficiency and effectiveness of the company's facilities in producing renewable energy. Prospective customers are encouraged to conduct their homework, check out some reviews, and get in touch with YES for further information before making a final selection.

Your Energy Solutions locations

Main Address290 Rickenbacker Cir, Livermore, CA 94551
Phone Number8888880711

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