Massachusets Solar Incentives Get Federal $156 Million Solar Boost

June 6, 2024

Substantial $156 million in federal funding is set to provide low- or zero-income loans, financial aid, and technical assistance for solar projects for low-income households and public housing facilities. Additionally, the program includes funding allocations for technical help, education and outreach, quality assurance, and workforce training.

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Solar panels at the Boston Nature Center

How Big Is The Effect?

Although that grant is less than the $250 million Massachusetts applied for, the state expects to mobilize an estimated $286 million in other private capital. 

The combination of federal funding and private capital will deploy 125 megawatts of solar capacity, provide a 20% decrease in energy costs to more than 31,000 low-income and disadvantaged households, support 2,800 clean energy jobs, and decrease annual carbon emissions by 70,500 tons. 

What’s Your Part?

Although the grant is aimed at low-income communities, do not hesitate to ask for a personal solar quote. Your community might already be part of the state or federal program, and you can save money on your solar investment.

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Solar for All is a $7 billion program established in 2022 by the Inflation Reduction Act. This economic stimulus bill, which included $369 billion in spending on energy and climate change programs, will provide grants to states, territories, nonprofits, tribal governments, and municipalities. It aims to bolster solar development, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create energy savings for overburdened households. Importantly, it seeks to build markets for renewable energy businesses, focusing on low-income and marginalized communities that historically have limited access to renewable energy.


Andriy Ryzhyy
Andriy Ryzhyy

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