Best Solar Companies in Arizona

Best Solar Companies in Arizona

How To Pick a Solar Company in Arizona and Save Money?

1. Factor in the company's "Green Cred" or reputation for sustainability - 75% of consumers prefer eco-friendly brands.
2. Look at their ROI, or "Return on Investment". Remember, solar pays. In 2020, Arizona homeowners saved an average of $1,200 a year.
3. Study the “CPW," or “Cost per Watt.” The average cost per watt in Arizona is $2.56 (2021 figures). Be sure you're not overpaying.
4. Confirm SB 1465 compliance. This Arizona-wide law mandates solar panel installation standards. Your chosen company should adhere to these rules.
5. Check the company's reviews. 67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews (2021 stat).
6. Evaluate financial options. Arizona provides a 25% tax credit for solar, up to $1000. Your provider must know this.
7. Consider local climate factors. For example, high temperatures can decrease solar panel efficiency. Your company must be well-informed about this.
8. Always go for the company that keeps up with the “Real-Time Sync” of technology. Arizona's solar sector is set to grow 7% in 2022.
9. Finally, ensure they provide efficient customer service. Around 89% of businesses compete through the level of customer service they're able to provide.

How Much Electricity Solar Panels Generate In Arizona?

Arizona's radiant sunlight offers superb solar potential. With 300+ sunny days annually, typical solar panels can generate around 7 kWh daily. Let's dive into seasonal fluctuations. Summer, with about 13 sunlight hours, can yield up to 40 kWh per day on 6kW systems. However, winter brings shorter days, about 10 sunlight hours, and production drops to nearly 30 kWh daily. Hence, a yearly production reaches an impressive 10,950 kWh! Arizona's higher-than-average insolation rate (5.37 kWh/m2/day) promotes strong system outputs. Solar panels face a 33% efficiency loss due to high summer temperatures but even then, they work optimally. Worth mentioning that state laws also encourage solar maximization. So, sit back and watch as the Arizona sun fuels your home with impressive consistency. Let the sunny state power your future! Harness every sunbeam to energize your home year-round, with numbers that deliver. You simply can’t shy from the sun’s generous offer!

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Average Cost of Solar Installation in Arizona by System Size

System sizeCash purchaseFinanced purchase
Note: These prices are based on the data from Solar Reviews and, and they are subject to change based on the market situation. Prices include the federal solar tax credit (ITC). The "Cash purchase" column represents the cost if you pay for the system upfront, while the "Financed purchase" column represents the cost if you finance the system with a solar loan.

What To Look For in a Solar Installer?

1. Review State Incentives: The state of Arizona offers solar tax credits, rebates, and performance-based incentives.

2. Climate Considerations: Arizona's average of 299 sunny days annually intensifies the potential for solar power.

3. Cost Versus Savings: Solar panel cost averages $20,000 in Arizona. However, this can be offset by potential savings of approximately $16,558 over 20 years.

4. Building Codes: Installation must comply with stringent Arizona Residential Building Codes to ensure safety and quality.

5. Installer Credentials: Ensure that your chosen installer possesses NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification.

6. Local Business Status: Local solar installers in Arizona are more familiar with state law, regulations, and climate conditions.

7. Equipment Warranty: Ensure a warranty period covering at least the average payback time of 7 years in Arizona.

8. Depth of Experience: A seasoned installer guarantees mastery of complex, evolving solar technology and state regulations.

9. Customer Reviews: Check for proven reliability and customer satisfaction from reviews and testimonials.

10. Financing Options: A wide range of financing options, such as solar loans, solar leases, and PPAs, should be an important consideration.

When picking a solar installer, mindful research and due diligence is a must.

Is It Worth Investing in Solar in Arizona?

In Arizona, solar investment is a no-brainer. The state tops the U.S. charts for annual sunlight hours. With 299 sunny days per year, the solar irradiance is 6.5 kilowatt-hours per sq.m/day. Statistics reveal that the average Arizona homeowner saves nearly $16,000 in 20 years.

Arizona boasts substantial mechanisms for green investment. The Residential Arizona Solar Tax Credit refunds 25% of solar system costs up to $1,000. Federal tax credits can slash another 26%. Moreover, SRP and APS offer rebates for grid-connected systems.

Arizona’s net metering policy also benefits solar investors. It allows electricity feed into the grid to earn credits. Thus, each kilowatt-hour of surplus generation knocks out power bills.

Yearly, Arizona’s solar capacity grows by 269.98 MW. Considering the solar power purchase agreement, average rates sit at $0.139 per kWh. Coupled with Arizona’s yearly 6.3% electricity price hike, solar's feasibility becomes clear.

However, observe HOA guidelines. Some have a notorious reputation for resisting solar initiatives. State law, however, is pro-solar, overriding unreasonable HOA-imposed barriers.

So, Arizona’s sun-soaked environment, favorable policies and financial outlook showcase why solar investment is a wise move.

How Solar-Friendly Is Arizona?

The stats speak volumes - sunny Arizona is prime real estate for solar energy. In fact, Arizona ranks 3rd nationwide for solar capacity, with over 3,400 megawatts installed. This translates to 6.5% of the state's electricity. Hence, homeowners see a clear ROI, usually recouping costs in less than 7 years. Not only that, but the state law extends incentives to residents. Notably, Arizona's Net Metering policy allows for grid offset, boosting cost efficiency. Statute 44-1761 also protects solar consumer rights and transparency in contractual agreements. However, the copper state's fervor for solar isn't just about the privilege of 300 days of sunshine a year. It's rooted in legal frameworks designed to bolster renewable energy. For instance, Arizona's Renewable Energy Standard requires utilities to derive 15% of their power from renewable sources by 2025. With such a framework in place, Arizona's future shines as bright as its skies. Hence, early adoption is the key to harvest these solar benefits to its fullest. Embrace the sun, minus the burn. Let the sun pay your bills. Solar adoption in Arizona offers environmental, economic, and legislative advantages for residents.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Factor one is ROI. Solar panels aren’t cheap; ensure they're worth the investment. Second, look at sun exposure, necessary for optimal output. Third, review the installation company's reputation: you need trusted professionals. Next, think about the size of your system: it should meet your energy needs. Consider the aesthetics: solar panels should harmonize with your home's style. An additional aspect is local regulations: not all communities allow massive solar installations. Lastly, think about desert dust: panels need regular cleaning to operate efficiently in Arizona's dusty environment. Taking time to evaluate these factors ensures a bright solar future!

  • Begin by researching locally-operated solar firms. Check out customer testimonials and reviews online. Contrast their price rates and services. Don't overlook their experience and credentials. Value cost-effective solutions and premium-quality services. Explore state solar incentives for cost mitigation. Always negotiate the installation price. Understand installation warranties. A well-established installer may promise longer warranty periods. Prioritize future savings over initial expenses. Lastly, it's wise to secure multiple quotes for comparison purposes. Stick to these strategies for budget-friendly solar transition in Arizona.

  • Our ranking system isn't a free-for-all. It's a veritable who's who in the solar biz. Not every company makes the cut. Some were benched due to limited Arizona operations. Others lacked adequate customer satisfaction scores. A few just didn't shine brightly in terms of value for money. Our selection process? Stricter than a cactus in a desert. We focus on quality, reliability, and customer feedback. So, only the top-notch, sun-catchers get the spotlight. It's all about keeping our ranking real, folks! Remember, in the Arizona sun, not all that glitters is gold.



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