Best Solar Companies in Colorado

Best Solar Companies in Colorado

How To Pick a Solar Company in Colorado and Save Money?

1. Colorado State law allows net metering. A strong asset for any solar customer.
2. The State gives a 26% federal tax credit, attracting many solar enthusiasts.
3. Let's crunch some digits. 99% of Colorado homes can save with solar. Do the math.

Please consider:
1. Colorado's Solar Incentives mitigate the cost, a hot selling point.
2. Peak sunlight hours average 6 to 8 per day. Bright news for solar potential.
3. The ROI? Colorado homes save $20K on their energy bills over two decades.

Picking a Solar Company:
1. Check user reviews and BBB ratings - they're worth their weight in gold.
2. Favor companies offering solid warranties and no-cost installation and maintenance. Top-notch service matters.
3. Make sure your provider follows Colorado's rigorous renewable energy standards. It's not negotiable.

1. Solar power is skyrocketing in The Centennial State, deemed a high-growth solar market.
2. Colorado's favorable policies and sunny climate drive the boom. Sunny days ahead.
3. Saving green by turning green? In Colorado, it's not a question of "if", but "how much".

How Much Electricity Solar Panels Generate In Colorado?

Harnessing the power of abundant Colorado sunshine, solar systems can yield impressive results! A 5 kW residential system here generates an average of 7,300 kWh annually. But remember, total production varies with panel efficiency and local factors. Mountainous regions might see less output. Meanwhile, Denver's sunny plains may boast higher yields. For context, in December, the average system kicks out 275 kWh. In July, expect upwards to 825 kWh. This vast range highlights Colorado's seasonal sunshine variation. Under the Colorado Renewable Energy Standard, utilities must provide 30% of their energy from renewables by 2030, enabling homeowners to maximize their solar investments. By picking the right panels, optimum positioning, and professional installation, you can tap into Colorado's abundant solar potential. Harness the power of 300 sunny days a year, Colorado!

Solar Statistics in Colorado

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Average Cost of Solar Installation in Colorado by System Size

System Size (Colorado)Cash Purchase (After tax credit)Financed Purchase (After tax credit)

What To Look For in a Solar Installer?

1. State Rebates: The Colorado Energy Office offers a robust Solar*Rewards program. Don't miss these incentives.
2. Net Metering: With their generous net-metering laws, Colorado is a solar-friendly state. Make the most of it.
3. Tracking Weather: Colorado experiences over 300 sunny days per year, an ideal climate for solar power generation.
4. Installer's Portfolio: Ensure your installer has experience with Colorado's snowy winters and high altitudes.
5. State Laws: Become familiar with Colorado's laws on solar panel installation. Savvy installers will have a grip on this.
6. Financing Options: Research state-specific loans and financing options. Installers should provide detailed info.
7. Local Workforce: Many Colorado installers employ local workers. Support your local economy.
8. Installation Time: Quick installation times, average 2-3 days in Colorado, are a plus.
9. Installer’s Reputation: Installers with a strong local reputation offer better service and support.
10. Warranty Protection: Colorado law requires a minimum warranty period for solar installations. Know your rights.
11. Grid Interconnection: Understand Colorado’s grid interconnection policies.
12. Tax Credits: Benefit from the state's 26% tax credit for solar installations.
13. Unavoidable Obstacles: Closely observe the surroundings for unavoidable shade. It impacts power generation.
14. Energy Efficiency: Always consider the efficiency of solar panels during purchase.
15. Customer Reviews: Read feedback of previous customers for a reliable viewpoint. An installer with positive reviews is a green flag.
16. Licensing: Ensure the provider holds necessary Colorado state license for solar installation.


Is It Worth Investing in Solar in Colorado?

Absolutely, an investment in solar power in Colorado packs a punch. The state shines with approximately 300 days of sun per year. That's massive solar potential! Colorado law ups the ante, mandating utilities have 30% of their power from renewable sources by 2020.

Statistics echo this sentiment. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) applauds Colorado's solar capacity at 76 GW. That's greater than the state's total energy demands. Incredible, right?

Currently, 1 in 70 Colorado homes are solar-powered. A 17% increase in installations was netted in 2019 alone. By 2024, SEIA anticipates a whipping 4,152 megawatts in new solar installations.

Regulations sweeten the deal with solar panel installation incentives. Tax credits and rebates abound. The Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit offers a hefty 26% off your federal taxes.

All these figures underscore Colorado's robust solar market. Investment promises potent returns, particularly given dropping solar costs. Since 2013, solar prices have tumbled by 47% in Colorado. A lucrative vista for savvy investors, indeed.

Great for the pocket. Great for the environment. Solar is a skyrocketing asset in Colorado's sustainable future. With this data, investing in solar power in Colorado looks like a slam-dunk.

How Solar-Friendly Is Colorado?

Colorado's regulatory scene is truly solar-friendly with a powerful Renewable Portfolio Standard. By law, 30% of Colorado's energy must come from renewable sources by 2020. This strong legislative landscape aids the Colorado solar panel market, making it an obvious choice for ROI-focused investors. The state also boasts the fourteenth highest per capita solar installations. Its solar capacity in 2019 stood at 1,097 MW, an uptick of 27% from 2018. According to SEIA's 2020 data, solar panels in Colorado are producing enough power for over 210,000 homes.

Moreover, Solar Power Rocks gave Colorado an 'A' grade for its climate. High altitude and 300 days of sun are a perfect equation for impressive solar gains.

Colorado also has vibrant net metering policies. Instead of wasting energy, excess solar production offers money back to its consumer.

Lastly, let's not forget the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit. Applied to the total cost of installation, this incentive is nothing but a cherry on top.

In sum, these privileges make Colorado an alluring locale for solar enthusiasts. In other words, Colorado's solar market is a premium ticket to the green energy ride.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Check out the solar potential of your home, mate - does sunshine kiss your roof daily? The better the sun kiss, the better power returns. Consider your energy needs, folks. "Bigger needs = Bigger system", remember? Look out for local incentives too, folks! Get those green deals popping on your radar. Your roof's lifespan is crucial, gang - Ailing roof and fresh panels? Big no-no! And hey, lastly, swim through installer reviews. Yes, quality and price take the crown, dudes - don't get bamboozled! To be solar woke in Colorado, these essentials have got to be on your checklist.

  • Start with extensive online research. Utilize customer reviews to gauge cost-effectiveness. Consult Colorado's solar energy directories. Employ comparison sites to contrast prices. Check BBB listings for affordable, reliable installers. Explore community referrals and forum recommendations. Don't overlook savings potential in regional incentives or solar tax credits. Financial feasibility isn't just about the initial investment, check for long-term savings plans too. Lastly, request for multiple quotes - remember, the cheapest isn't always the best. Pay attention to quality, experience, and reputation too. Optimize your decisions for maximum solar benefits.

  • Our ranking adheres to a strict quality metric. Not all companies make the cut! Some lack proper certification or extensive industry experience. Others fail to provide complete customer satisfaction. We value transparency, craftsmanship, and stellar customer service. If a company stumbles on these fronts, they don't feature in our top rank. We're about promoting only the crème de la crème to our savvy solar consumers. Exclusive, yes, but excellence is the game in our arena.



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