Best Solar Companies in Missouri

Best Solar Companies in Missouri

How To Pick a Solar Company in Missouri and Save Money?

1. Understand Missouri's state laws. The "Property Assessed Clean Energy" law incentivizes renewable energy installations.
2. Leverage net metering benefits. Missouri law allows solar homeowners to receive credits for surplus power.
3. Pick a company familiar with Missouri's Renewable Energy Standard, which requires utilities to obtain 15% of their power from renewable sources.
4. Consider the tax credits. Missouri offers significant state tax incentives for those switching to solar power.
5. Choose a company that works with the area's climate. Missouri receives about 200 sunny days a year, perfectly suitable for solar energy production.
6. Look at installation costs. In Missouri, the cost is approximately $2.87 per watt, lower than the national average.
7. Double-check the company’s certification. Missouri law requires solar companies to be NABCEP-Certified.
8. Check for warranty offerings. Missouri's law mandates a minimum warranty period for solar panels.
9. Evaluate customer reviews. Around 93% of Missouri residents state solar power should be utilized more.
10. Consider their service duration. Missouri-based solar companies have an average industry experience of 9.7 years.
11. Assess solar potential. By 2030, Missouri could harness solar energy to meet about 10% of its total electricity consumption.

How Much Electricity Solar Panels Generate In Missouri?

Every year, Missouri's sun provides about 185 sunny days. This capacity can power an average household with residential solar panels generating approximately 9,000 kilowatt-hours yearly. State regulations actually promote harnessing more solar power. For example, the mandatory Renewable Portfolio Standard supports renewable energy growth.

During Missouri’s hot summer, you'll get about 4.53 sun hours daily, offering outstanding solar output. Conversely, shorter winter days produce around 2.95 average sun hours. However, solar panels still manage to collect enough photon energy, leveraging the low ambient temperatures for better energy conversion.

The amount of electricity harnessed from solar installations widely varies depending on your home’s architecture, panel positioning, and system size. While reducing reliance on the grid, this solar advantage ensures a sustainable, green energy source, tailored to Missouri’s vibrant climate and supportive laws. Remember, multiple factors influence the solar energy your home can produce, so always consider professional photovoltaic system design.

Solar Statistics in Missouri

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Average Cost of Solar Installation in Missouri by System Size

System sizeCash purchase (After tax credit)Financed purchase (After tax credit)
6kW$15,599 $16,675

What To Look For in a Solar Installer?

1. Missouri's vast array of regulations is in constant flux. Stay updated with these legal shifts.
2. The Missouri state offers solar incentives. Check for eligibility to optimise benefits.
3. Missouri enjoys an average of 200 sunny days yearly. This abundant sunlight guarantees high returns.
4. The state mandates net metering. Find out how this affects your solar installation plans.
5. State law protects solar rights. This ensures the continuous access to sunlight for your panels.
6. Missouri's building and electrical codes could affect solar design and layout.
7. Watch for high-quality installers with NABCEP Certification, a key standard in solar installation.
8. Get multiple quotes. Solar panel costs range from $2.58/W to $3.38/W in this locale.
9. Lease, loan, or buy? Decide based on local solar financing options.
10. Feedback matters. Missouri has a market size of 8,734 solar installations. Consider the reviews.
11. Find out about the installer's worker's compensation and liability insurance.
12. Look for a provider with an established track record. Solar installations have risen by 17% in the last decade.
13. Opt for a local installer who understands Missouri's climate and regulations.
14. Assure system warranty. Many products provide long-term protection, typically 25 years.
15. Solar panels' production degrades over time: expect a 0.5% annual degradation rate.


Is It Worth Investing in Solar in Missouri?

Investing in solar power in Missouri is a lucrative venture. Notably, electricity rates average 11.57 cents per kWh. When contrasted with the national average of 13.19 cents, the low costs prominently showcase solar power's financial viability. Missouri's Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Program allows affordable investment in solar power. Solar Rebate Program offers incentives up to $1.50 per watt, boosting ROI for investors.

Statistically, Missouri receives an annual solar score of 4.59. This score correlates to a substantial amount of sunshine, ultimately fueling solar power systems. In Springfield alone, 5.5 sunlight hours per day promise abundant, year-round solar production.

The state's Renewable Portfolio Standard targets a 15% renewable energy mix by 2021. This mandate underscores a commitment to a sustainable future, where solar power forms a significant part. The Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program assists homeowners with the financing of solar systems, further promoting the solar energy industry.

Given the state's favourable regulations, booming solar generation capacities, and commendable financial incentives, solar power investment in Missouri is path-breaking. Moreover, the state's climate offers an added advantage, providing ample sunlight to maximize solar power yield. Concrete examples, like Springfield's sunlight hours, compellingly argue for a sunny outcome.

How Solar-Friendly Is Missouri?

Statewide regulations shed light on Missouri's commitment to solar power. Its Renewable Portfolio Standard mandates that 15% of the state’s electricity should come from renewables by 2021. Solar installations aren't just eco-friendly, they're wallet-friendly too, thanks to Missouri's generous solar rebates and tax credits. Indeed, the latest stats reveal a 37% increase in solar installations in the last two years.

Missouri further facilitates solar through streamlined permitting processes. The state’s ample sunshine, with an average of 200 sunny days annually, complements such initiatives. Solar panel owners can profit from Missouri’s net metering policy too, selling excess energy back to the grid.

Examples of solar success in Missouri abound. Kansas City, for instance, ranks 45th in the U.S. for solar capacity, proving that the 'Show-Me State' is keen to lead in renewables. St. Louis schools are increasingly using solar power, underscoring its practicality and cost-effectiveness.

This solar trend aligns with U.S. energy priorities. Missouri's renewable advancements demonstrate legal, environmental, and economic support for solar innovations, backing the state's status as a rising solar hotspot.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Be savvy, know your power usage - inspect your energy bills to know your consumption.
    2. Understand Missouri's sun hours - optimize your system according to peak sun times.
    3. Select the right kind of solar panels - they're not all built the same.
    4. Scope out local solar incentives - Missouri's renewable energy programs can save bucks.
    5. Inspect your roof's health - sturdy roofs lead to sturdy solar savings.
    6. Vet potential solar installers - our website offers unbiased reviews to guide you.
    7. Calculate potential savings - weigh initial costs against future savings.
    8. Financing options are key - explore solar leasing and power purchase agreements.

  • Start with online research. Websites rank installers based on quality and price. Check customer reviews and ratings. Seek for top-ranked Missouri-based solar companies. Pay heed to service variety, craftsmanship, and customer support. Compare the quotes from different installers. Don't just consider the initial installation cost, but also maintenance and warranties. Lookup for any company's solar licensing and certification. Referrals from previous customers can also be valuable. Attend local solar energy events for information. Top-quality equipment doesn't always mean high price. Marks of best solar installer are skill, support and value for money. Always consider multiple options before making a choice.

  • Absolutely, folks! Not all players made our solar big league. Missouri's solar market is buzzing. However, we crave quality, not quantity. Some companies missed the cut. Why? Sub-par installation service isn't our vibe. Inadequate customer support? A straight-up no-go. Uncompetitive pricing can take a hike. We seek top-notch quality, flagship performance, and stellar service. Crystal clear, right? It's all about keeping your trust in us sky-high!



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