Best Solar Companies in Nebraska

Best Solar Companies in Nebraska

How To Pick a Solar Company in Nebraska and Save Money?

1. Nebraska's net metering policy: It's a legal mandate in Nebraska.
- It's a boon for solar owners since it allows them to send unused solar power back to the grid.

2. Climate conditions in Nebraska: The state gets an average of 213 sunny days per year.
- This makes it an appealing target for solar power installation.

3. Efficiency rates and solar panel quality:
- It's critical, especially in the harsh Nebraska winters.

4. Incentives specific to Nebraska:
- Reduces the upfront cost. Nebraska rewards solar owners with credits for the excess power they produce.

5. Local regulations: These vary by city and county.
- Checking with local authorities will ensure that your setup remains compliant.

6. Maintenance and support: Ongoing technical assistance is key.
- Nebraska weather conditions can be unpredictable, making reliable support a must.

7. Cost-effectiveness: Nebraska's average cost per solar panel installation is $20,080.
- A top-notch company offers reasonable prices for high-quality service.

8. Company reputation: Positive reviews can be the difference between success and failure.
- Trustworthy companies in Nebraska have a strong reputation, based on years of customer satisfaction.

These points help in navigating Nebraska's solar landscape efficiently, ensuring savings and energy independence.

How Much Electricity Solar Panels Generate In Nebraska?

Solar potential in Nebraska is substantial. The Cornhusker State boasts an average of 4.2 sun hours per day, ranging to 4.5 in July. Given this, a solar panel system with a capacity of five kilowatts could generate about 6,390 kilowatt hours (kWh) a year. However, seasonal changes factor in. For instance, in the sunny summer season, the same system can produce around 750 kWh monthly, while the frosty winter may see a reduced output to 325 kWh monthly. Thus, Nebraska's climate variability does affect solar electricity output. Solar supplies rely on sunny weather, posing a challenge during Nebraska's overcast or snow-filled days. Stricter zoning laws and regulations can also obstruct solar installations in certain areas. Despite these potential hurdles, harnessing solar power in Nebraska offers a clean, renewable, and abundant energy source, perfect for green-conscience residents. Remember, actual output can vary greatly based on several factors such as system size, panel direction, shading, and more.

 Solar Statistics in Nebraska

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    Serving SD County & Beyond, Based in Oceanside CA, 92058 171.2 mi
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    2004 SW 5th Street Unit A, Lincoln NE, 68522 172.2 mi

Average Cost of Solar Installation in Nebraska by System Size

System sizeCash Purchase (After tax credit)Financed Purchase (After tax credit)

What To Look For in a Solar Installer?

1. State Laws and Regulations: Nebraska has specific requirements for solar panel installations. Always choose a company well-versed with these legalities.
2. Rebates and Incentives: Nebraska provides lucrative solar incentives, including a 26% federal tax credit for installations before 2023.
3. Local Climate: Nebraska's over 200 days of sun offer optimal conditions for solar installations. Choose a company with local knowledge.
4. Customer reviews: Always pay attention to previous customers' testimonials. They provide insights into a company's reputation.
5. Cost: Price is vital. Nebraska's average installed cost is $2.65 per watt, use this when comparing prices.
6. System Quality: Using cutting-edge technology increases energy efficiency. Confirm the quality of the panels being installed.
7. Installation Experience: Delve into the installer's history. A seasoned installer is likely more reliable and efficient.
8. Service After Sale: Ensure the installer offers solid post-installation services. They're essential for long-term solar panel maintenance.
9. Financing Options: Determine if the installer provides attractive financial agreements. Nebraska residents can tap into PACE financing for solar installations.
10. Certifications: Confirm that the installer has the necessary industry certifications. Ensure they follow the Nebraska energy code.
11. Energy Storage: Some companies offer energy storage options. This can help maximize your investment.


Is It Worth Investing in Solar in Nebraska?

Nebraska's solar market has rocketed, with an impressive 1,155% growth since 2015. Thanks to plentiful sunlight, investments are reaping hefty returns. By state law, Net Metering backs solar investments, permitting credits for surplus solar energy.

The state's RPS law also boosts solar viability. Although voluntary, the 10% renewable energy goal by 2020 has escalated solar adoption. Notably, local utility companies, like Lincoln Electric System, offer performance-based incentives for solar power.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, Nebraska ranked 47th in 2020, yet held potential for exponential growth. Indeed, photovoltaic prices have plunged 43% over the last five years, instigating affordability.

Nebraskan solar pays back in seven years on average, with 20-25% ROI over the system's lifespan. Investors anticipate almost 2 decades of pure profit, a promising prospect. Add to that an estimated 766 jobs and a surge in local tax revenue, and the state's economic climate grows warmer.

Furthermore, the state’s solar tax exemptions remove a significant financial barrier, sweetening the investment pot. Omaha Public Power District, for instance, offers an energy efficiency program, “Shading Your Home,” an icing on a lucrative solar pie. Thus, Nebraska's favorable solar landscape offers an attractive, high-yield investment route.

How Solar-Friendly Is Nebraska?

Legally, solar installation in Nebraska receives a green light. The state's regulations favor renewable energy sources, including solar power. For example, Nebraska's Net Metering law, enacted in 2009, initiated the boom for solar installations. Solar panels' efficiency surges to 84% in Nebraska, significantly higher compared to the national average of 77%. This owes to its strategic geographical location and climate.

According to Nebraska’s state energy office, solar electric generation surged by a whopping 367% from 2010 to 2019. The Solar Energy Industries Association ranks Nebraska 47th in the nation for solar capacity, with roughly 57 MW installed in 2020. This has primed Nebraska as a potential solar energy powerhouse.

Indeed, a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory quotes that Nebraska could produce up to 1184 gigawatts of energy from solar power, placing the state among top 10 potential solar power producers.

From an economical standpoint, solar holds promise in Nebraska. According to the latest data, the cost of solar installation in Nebraska fell by 55% over the past five years. This prompts local residents to shift to this eco-savvy energy alternative. Solar power In Nebraska seems sunrise-ready, poised for a bright, energized future.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Look for top-rated, reputable installers – our website's reviews give you the scoop. Evaluate your property's sun exposure – key to maximizing solar gain. Crunch the numbers - upfront costs versus long-term savings. Check Nebraska's solar incentives and buyback programs – these sweeten the deal! Consider your roof’s condition – it would be a drag to replace post-installation. Grid connection vs. off-grid? Each has benefits. Lastly, environmental impact – switching to solar reduces your carbon footprint. Going solar is a bright idea in Nebraska! Our website is your trusted companion in this sunny journey.

  • Start with online market research. Check customer testimonials and installer reviews. Compare installation costs and services offered. Look for certified, reputable solar providers for quality assurance. Explore government incentives or rebates that can offset costs. Utilize local solar associations for references. Consider the equipment's efficiency and lifespan. Negotiate installation costs for a budget-friendly solution. Remember, lower cost doesn't always mean better value. Quality installation guarantees long-term savings.

  • Our Nebraska solar player rankings are 100% raw-sterling content, baby! We're all for comprehensive, fair play here. But, some firms didn't make the cut. Why? Simple. They didn't meet our planetary-standards. Couldn't hack the sunbeam intensity. Maybe they lacked industry experience or showed skimpy customer service. Some even had misaligned business practices. We're all about shining the light on top performers. So, sorry folks, not every solar installer can bask in our top-rank sunshine. We're keeping it exclusive to the solar elites. After all, we're solar connoisseurs, not jack-of-all-trades!



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