Erus Energy review

Erus Energy creates solar energy ecosystems. The company based in Arizona and Texas was founded in 2004 and became one of the most renowned and creative solar energy firms in the market.

Erus Energy overview

Erus Energy creates solar energy ecosystems. The company based in Arizona and Texas was founded in 2004 and became one of the most renowned and creative solar energy firms in the market.

What Erus Energy has to say about itself

Erus offers an integrated approach to energy by reducing energy waste, allowing clients to maximize their solar investment. Finally, we use modern technology to put energy management and control at your fingertips. Our engineers, project managers, installation specialists, and sales representatives all have the same goal: to give the greatest value and service to every customer. Erus offers an integrated approach to energy by reducing energy waste, allowing clients to maximize their solar investment. Finally, we use modern technology to put energy management and control at your fingertips. Our engineers, project managers, installation specialists, and sales representatives all have the same goal: to give the greatest value and service to every customer.

Erus Energy Solar Review

Year Started2004
Service AreasAZ, NM, TX
Service TypesInstallation, Repair, Battery Storage, Roofing, Financing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film photovoltaic (PV) panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsBBB, SEIA

Erus Energy website review

The company has a website, which is filled with up-to-date information. But the main drawback is that there is no information about the price or technical characteristics of the batteries that will be installed. Also, the site has some security problems and takes a long time to load, which negatively affects the impression of the company. You can read user reviews on the site, but for any more detailed information, you need to make an appointment.

Erus Energy price policy

PackagesThe cost of solar varies from home to home. Financing terms also varies by location
Payment optionsPayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Apple Pay
Payment discountsFinancing at 0% per annum for up to 24 months, cash discounts and refer-a-friend programs

Erus Energy online reputation

Erus Energy appears to have provided poor customer service and experience to some of its clients, based on ratings and overall web reputation. Some customers were forced to pay for services that were never delivered, incurred property damage, or received a system that was less efficient than promised.
"Timeliness and customer service are poor. On January 11, 2022, we held our initial meeting with Erus Energy. The panels were installed on the roof on May 12, 2022. On June 9, 2022, an APS inspector arrived and marked the electrical box as authorized with a green tag. On August 4, 2022, we asked for a revision. Erus Energy stated that they were awaiting the green tag of the electrical box from APS. We snapped a photo of the green badge and asked Erus Energy why there had been such poor communication between APS and them. Then they tried to convince us that we would have to pay for a "upgrade" in addition to having our shed moved, which would cost at least $2,500. The installed power boxes were too near to the shed. We informed them that we would not be relocating the shed because it had been there since the beginning and that we would not be paying for any upgrades because none had been discussed at the original meeting. Every time we tried to call the specified contact, we were told that a new contact had been provided. When the utility change request was eventually approved, they were prepared to begin the relocation and MPU processes. We were informed through email on November 2, 2022, that completion and launch were only around the horizon. On February 24, 2023, one year and one half months after the commencement of operation, the last connection to our solar system was made. The worst aspect is that from the date the solar panels were installed on the roof (5/12), we were promised a 12-month payment-free period. However, since the final hookup wasn't completed until 2/24/23, we missed out on missing 9 and a half months' worth of power payments, or at least $950. In summary, look into any solar firm you might want to work with, but given our experience, we DO NOT RECOMMEND ERUS ENERGY." - Mike Yost
"Before installing solar panels, do some research. When switching my electricity on and off, Erus energy broke two fuses, a transformer, and a ceiling fan. It took the Erus repairman two weeks to even determine what was wrong with my ceiling fan, and he kept saying, "I don't know." I soon discover that my A/C is experiencing problems. When I originally told the repairman about the problems, he did not even look at the HVAC system and told me that he was also experiencing HVAC problems and was unsure of the cause. However, he assured his firm that they were not to blame for the losses. My HVAC system couldn't have been damaged by the power spike Erus Energy caused, they assured me. However, if one just searches for it, they will find a number of publications that argue the opposite. Not to add the documented claims made by the people who fixed my HVAC that they were to blame. Three months have passed since I first called and waited. After three months, Erus Energy decided, "just to be nice," to reimburse me half of what I had to spend to have my HVAC serviced. However, I had to sign a liability release form. Simply put, I have been insulted nonstop the whole time. In addition, they attached their box RIGHT NEXT TO A WINDOW...It looks terrible and will make it more difficult to sell my house in the future. I have informed Erus Energy that if they are being fair and pay me the $900 they owe me for having my HVAC serviced and move the box, I will remove this bad rating and move on with my life." - Caroline Pagette
"DO NOT FOLLOW THEM, RUN away. As of now, July 26, 2019, I reside in El Paso, Texas, and my system was set up and operational by the end of April. (44 panels a big system). The main breaker (250 amp) has tripped five times since that time, on June 10 and 26, as well as today, July 15, 20, and 21. It takes at least 30 minutes for the main breaker to cool down sufficiently to reset. When it happened the first time, I simply reset the breaker in the mistaken belief that it was an isolated incident. However, when I phoned the customer support number, I was informed that I should hire an electrician at my own expense to determine why the breaker they had put was malfunctioning. They should have done everything right the first time, I was informed, adding that if I wanted them to come out, it would cost me $200.00 to rectify things. I called an electrician, who said that the breaker got too hot because either it had too much of a load (I have a 44 amp system, which is a big system), the breaker was faulty, the heat from the El Paso sun beating down on it directly at 2PM (100-105), or the system was incorrectly engineered. If it happens again, call the company and ask them to come look at their system, the electrician advised. On July 15, 2019, it occurred once more. When I contacted, they said they would get in touch with the local office in El Paso, Texas, and that someone would get back to me within 24 to 48 hours. In the meanwhile, it was 102 degrees outside, I had no air conditioning, and all of my electricity went out for around 45 minutes. Benjamin T., the project manager from the Phoenix office, phoned me later that day and informed me that someone from the install crew will arrive at my house after 1pm on July 16th, 2019. I waited, but nobody showed up. I am a senior project manager, and I would never handle a customer in this manner. It is poor business, and if I did, I would soon be seeking for employment.Ben T. was not available when I phoned on July 19, 2019, so I left a message, but I never got a response. The breaker tripped again on July 20 and 21, 2019, so I contacted Mr. Taylor once more. This time, he wasn't home, so I left another message. I eventually spoke with him when I phoned again about two hours later, and he promised to contact the setup team and call me back with a day and time for them to arrive. Again, as of July 26, 2019, I have not spoken to or seen anyone from that firm regarding the problem. If it isn't rectified, I'll be searching for a lawyer to help me get out of this BS Contract, so they can take the panels down and I can go back to El Paso Electric. Why don't they just take over when this system fails since I never had a problem with breakers tripping while they supplied my electricity? Oh, and I still get a monthly payment from EP Electric for $20 to $40. Read more reviews here before making a purchase.I'm starting an ANTI-ERUS campaign in my neighborhood and you should too. I'm going to post a sign that reads DO NOT GO WITH ERUS FOR YOUR SOLAR NEEDS THEY DO NOT FOLLOW-UP AFTER INSTALL in my yard and around the neighborhood on street corners, parks, etc. Close on a property for my brother " - jshaleen
"I got the panels for my home from Erus. I had no idea that my interaction with Erus would cost me money, time, energy, and unending levels of stress. What the Texas Ops team, including the VP, 4 Corporate Customer Service Representatives, and 2 Ops Managers/higher ups at Corporate, have done to me while I've been working in the field is utterly unacceptable. The most frustrating part is not being listened to and being legitimately talked over and interrupted while talking. The tone employed and the solutions given simply serve to exacerbate the situation, and the sense of invalidation, extreme disarray, and unimportance have resulted in extremely bad feelings about this corporation. Many members of the corporate and technical teams used the word "disaster" directly to describe the business they appeared to have purchased. That in itself says something is wrong along with a description of the "why". I paid to have my name changed to that of the new owner of the property and the solar panels, but absolutely nothing has worked out. In my opinion, the Texas team needs to be completely reconfigured, including the VP. I have several mails and a history of my actions leading up to and after calls to the corporate office from July until today, 11/7. At this point, my experience has been so abhorrent that I had to escalate it to the BBB. I did find out, though, that someone I had engaged with earlier in the process would provide the response. Being a new homeowner is difficult enough, but over the past nine months, Erus has left me feeling intellectually, emotionally, and physically spent. I was verbally dismissed when I made this claim, and the response was something to the effect of "that might not be the case." According to my observations and experiences, the business as a whole requires training in customer service, dispute resolution, project management, and interpersonal communication. " - Danielle R
"We live in Florida and used erus energy to put our solar panels in. We previously got along well with them. Since they are no longer in Florida, we now have a large number of broken micro inverters, but they promised to call a nearby contractor to come fix what was required. That was a few weeks ago, and not only have we heard nothing, but we also have an additional $600 in electric bills. Oh, and our repair guarantee is no longer in effect, so it's impossible to say how much this will cost. " - Jo Moore
"Colby, their salesperson, is fantastic! Extremely knowledgable. The installation crews have all been extremely professional and friendly. The device is of extremely high quality and comes with an excellent warranty. My only gripe is a lack of communication. " - Gary Mann
"A painless experience! I worked before with a different company to get solar installed on my home... It didn't work out! No contact, no follow-up, and no solar installation on my property after four months. After terminating my relationship with the aforementioned service. I then got in touch with Erus. The distinction was as stark as night and day. Multiple team members communicated at all times, the installation was swift, and Erus updated regularly on the status of the municipal inspection and within an hour of the meter being set by the power supplier. The staff members were kind, knowledgeable about their product, and nice! I highly recommend their services! " - JohnF
"Throughout history, humans have sought to harness the immense power of the sun, not only to reduce their reliance on costly electricity, but also to facilitate simple pleasures such as watching an Adam Sandler movie on TBS at a fraction of the usual expense. For decades, the sun has been an elusive and hoarding entity, keeping its life-sustaining energy to itself. However, thanks to Colby Salisbury, I have finally been enlightened. With his expertise and equipment, I was able to capture some of the sun's glorious rays and infuse them into my home, banishing the darkness as though Gandalf himself had returned. It has been ages since I felt the same invigorating strength as when I used to drink Sunny D on my childhood porch. Colby, like Icarus of old, dared to approach the sun on my behalf, and I am eternally grateful. May the light of the divine bless us all." - Burke Morrill
"When I couldn't find anyone else today, Tonya was there. I was unable to confirm the specifics of the upcoming installation since another customer service representative provided us with a wrong phone number. Tonya intervened and obtained the details I required. She helped us through the procedure even though she wasn't in charge of our account. A good employee who works for the firm as a whole rather than just her clients!" - Gordon Barron
"I recommend Erus Energy for helping you make the change to solar! My sales rep, Jason Lord in Phoenix, was extremely helpful, expert, and knowledgeable. Jason kept in touch with me even after I decided to buy it to make sure everything went as planned and lived up to my expectations. Thanks to the Aeroseal service, I began to see savings before the panels were placed. I'm so happy and grateful to have more money in my account now that the panels are placed! Call Jason and Erus -  you won't be sorry!" - Cassaundra Vosper

Erus Energy Social media
A wonderful resource for the most recent information from the firm is the Erus Energy Facebook page. Along with client testimonials, pictures, and videos, there are blogs and updates regarding the business's current products and activities. It's also a simple method to contact Erus Energy and inquire about their offerings. They also provide useful advice on living sustainably and conserving energy. The Erus Energy Facebook page is generally educational, interesting, and user-friendly.
A wonderful resource for learning more about the business and its staff is the Erus Energy profile on LinkedIn. The page provides a summary of the business's objectives, offerings, and successes. The most recent news from Erus Energy is also included, along with information on job openings and employee perspectives. They also provide articles on business-related issues and environmental efforts. Customers and consumers may connect and interact professionally with the business via the page. The Erus Energy LinkedIn page is generally interesting, engaging, and professional.
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Erus Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews3634.2


Erus Energy Pros & Cons

  • Transparency
  • Offers customers the choice of four purchasing plans
  • Installs solar systems using a succinct, four-step process
  • Timeliness
  • Customer Support
  • Not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Erus Energy Final Conclusions

According to the evaluations and general online reputation, Erus Energy appears to have offered bad customer service and experience to some of its clients. Some consumers were required to pay for services that were not provided, suffered property damage, or obtained a system that was less efficient than promised. Some were even forced to pay for enhancements that were not discussed during the original talks. A customer wasted 9.5 months of free power because the firm delayed the final connecting of the solar system. Another customer alleged that the firm had taken money from their bank account. A customer wasted 9.5 months of free power because the firm delayed the final connecting of the solar system. Another customer alleged that the firm had taken money from their bank account. As a result, anybody contemplating doing business with Erus Energy should extensively study the firm and get feedback from other customers before making any commitments.

Erus Energy locations

Main Address2141 East Camelback Road Suite 250 Phoenix, AZ
Phone Number8889070067

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