Magic Sun Solar review

Magic Sun Solar is a solar energy company that focuses on giving residential and commercial clients in the Sacramento area the most affordable prices possible for the installation of solar panels. The production of electricity is a potential use for these systems. The company constructs solar arrays on an individualized basis and offers all-inclusive solar installation packages.

Magic Sun Solar overview

Magic Sun Solar is a solar energy company that focuses on giving residential and commercial clients in the Sacramento area the most affordable prices possible for the installation of solar panels. The production of electricity is a potential use for these systems. The company constructs solar arrays on an individualized basis and offers all-inclusive solar installation packages.

What Magic Sun Solar has to say about itself

The organization offers a variety of installation services, from full installation packages to specialized systems that match your demands for energy and spending. Its major objective is to assist households in becoming solar-ready at little to no expense. The business will aid you in finding funding choices, making the most of incentives, securing licenses, and connecting to the grid. Additionally, the business gives system monitoring and a 25-year workmanship warranty!

Magic Sun Solar Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar Electric/PV System Installation, Battery Bank Services, Solar Electric/PV System Repair, Solar Panel Installation, Solar Panel Repair, Off-grid Solar System Services, Solar Panel Cleaning
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, deep cycle AGM batteries, and flooded lead acid batteries

Magic Sun Solar website review

The official Magic Sun Solar website is a well-designed, informative resource for anybody interested in the company's solar energy solutions. The site's layout, structure, and navigation are all top-notch. Since there are several video testimonials from satisfied customers, site visitors may rest certain that Magic Sun Solar is a real business. You may learn more about the business, its offerings, and its products by perusing this site. In addition, there are resources for learning and teaching, energy efficiency, and consumer feedback and testimonies. Resources such as frequently asked questions, methods for saving money with solar energy, and updates from Magic Sun Solar are also provided. The site provides no-cost advice and estimates for switching to solar power.

Magic Sun Solar price policy

PackagesBasic Solar System Package starts at $3,000, Deluxe Solar System Package starts at $5,000, Premium Solar System Package starts at $7,500, Complete Solar System Package starts at $12,500, Super Solar System Package starts at $17,500
Payment optionsChecks, bank transfers, credit cards and PayPal
Payment discounts10% discount on all solar power generation system supplies, 5% discount on all solar panel system installations, 5% discount on all solar system maintenance services, 10% discount on bulk purchase of solar energy components, 15% discount for veterans and families of military personnel.

Magic Sun Solar online reputation

Customers generally enjoy Magic Sun Solar's customer service, the installation procedure, and the overall caliber of the company's goods and services. Many clients commended the team at Magic Sun Solar for their skill and understanding. However, several consumers complained that the installation process might have gone more quickly and that customer support should have provided more detailed timetables. Customers of Magic Sun Solar generally have favorable things to say about the business and its services and think of it as a trustworthy solar supplier.
"Use this company not. I regret to inform you that because of the poor wiring work they performed, we had to seek a resolution via the California State License Board. Beware if you can't see the installation from your roof and observe what happens below your panels! We were at least reimbursed for the wiring difficulties, however, we would have like to have our whole installation removed so we wouldn't have to deal with them ever again. They also often offer consumers outdated solar panels, so if/when you need to install more, you can incur expenditures that you had not budgeted for." - Mary D.
"Although it is fully earned, I truly did not want to give this business a dismal one-star rating. To investigate a fault issue I was experiencing with my current solar system, I contacted Magic Sun. They arrived promptly and found that the solar panels were the cause of the issue. The technician promised to speak with the business owner and get back to me soon with their advice. After a few days, I texted the owner but got no answer. The office was contacted by me two weeks later. The office staff member was kind and assured me that she would get in touch with the owner and get back to me. Since that chat, many days have passed, and I have heard nothing more from anybody. The owner should at the very least have the decency to let me know if he did not want to continue working on this issue and not leave me hanging." - Andy C.
"It took a while for Magic Sun Solar's staff to get back to us when we called with a question. We received a solar-powered heated pool for the summer last year after the staff arrived and "fixed" the solar panels. The street side water leak caused by our solar panel was discovered by our neighbor in the fall of 2022. We've phoned Magic Sun Solar numerous times and left voicemails asking them to return and assist us in repairing (or perhaps replacing) the solar panel and ensuing leak. NO ONE picked up when we called. Please don't bother contacting me; I really don't understand the five-star rating since even the most basic professionalism of responding to my customer is lacking." - Jen D.
"We are devoted consumers. I did say to repeat. After moving, we requested Oscar to come outside and give us a quotation. It took some time, but he eventually succeeded. Was supposed to provide us the quotation in a few days, however, there was no issue when it didn't arrive in our inbox. So, after calling him, Oscar informed the caller that he would deliver the item by Wednesday. Thursday already, and there is still no quote. We are really patient and understanding. However, if you've promised to do something twice, then follow through. You don't seem to be sufficiently hungry for business, therefore we will take ours somewhere else." - Vicki N.
"The sales personnel was excellent and helpful, however the installers were very unprofessional, disrespectful, and unresponsive to my basic requirements. They mistreated my stuff and dismissed it like it was nothing. Although the product works well, we had a negative experience and, if we had it to do again, we would choose a different provider." - Frank G.
"We are thrilled with the solar panels that Magic Sun put for us. Adlai, our sales representative, accurately represented the panels' outstanding quality. The installation went well and quickly. Zach and the rest of the installation staff painted our solar lines to match the color of our house and were extremely courteous of our property, wearing boots inside. Their work has earned our highest praise!" - James C.
"Even after being in existence for more than five years, a system constantly performs better than expected. The service has been outstanding throughout the whole process, from the very beginning, when planning the system, taking capacity and suppliers into consideration, all the way through the creation of a quality system with beautiful craftsmanship, and ultimately to the continual support on the system. Magic Sun, I am grateful to have you as a friend!" - David K.
"Osscar, our salesman, was very knowledgeable and made the negotiation process before signing enjoyable. Zack and his installation team did a terrific job, finishing the task in approximately three hours while patiently explaining everything to me and responding to all of my queries. The next day, Daniel came over to assist with the municipal inspection, and he was also fantastic. Overall, everyone at Magic Sun transformed whatever worry I had about what I anticipated would be a difficult undertaking into a positive experience that I have no regrets about. I heartily advise anybody considering solar for their home to contact these crew!" - Erik P.
"This business is excellent! If you want a solar system installed, don't contact anybody else since Magic Sun Solar is the best. I used Magic Sun Solar for my present residence after using others in the past on other places. THE BEST ACTION EVER! Adlai excels in assisting you in creating the ideal system to provide the required level of output. We use a lot of energy, and he created the ideal solution so that we could stop wasting money on PG&E bills. I am very grateful to this firm for everything—from the office personnel to the men that installed our system—from their promptness and professionalism. They are without a doubt the greatest and the highest quality contractors ever! Thanks a lot!" - Immanuel K.
"After months of investigation and obtaining quotes from ten companies, I chose Magic Sun. Magic Sun was the most knowledgeable by far. The most recent technology was offered by Magic Sun at the most affordable price. Many others will attempt to sell obsolete technology at the price of the most recent technology. Customers are satisfied with the systems devised and deployed by Magic Sun. From quotation to installation, a remarkable experience. My Magic Sun system is overproducing, and the meter does indeed cycle backwards -- this is not a metaphor!" - Jason S.

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Magic Sun Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews194


Magic Sun Solar Pros & Cons

  • Professional installation
  • Affordable pricing
  • Service & Support
  • Vulnerability to weather conditions
  • Maintenance
  • Obtaining Permits

Magic Sun Solar Final Conclusions

The company installs solar panels, solar hot water systems and other solar products. Many customers have received only positive feedback on the work of the company. They note the competence and professionalism of the company's employees. The company has more than 4.5 stars and a very higher number of positive reviews. This indicates the impeccable reputation and reliability of the company.

Magic Sun Solar locations

Main Address3750 Taylor Rd Loomis, CA 95650
Phone Number9162592587

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