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How We Pick and Analyze Solar Power Systems

The aim of Solarpowersystems is to provide our customers with the most qualified and detailed reviews of solar power providers. Relying on us, they skip tiresome hours of market research and product analysis and cut to the chase — finding a perfect match. Here is what makes us trustworthy partner.

Extensive knowledge of the field

To call ourselves experts, we have acquired a profound knowledge of solar energy and how it can be applied in our everyday lives.

Focusing on the benefits

Knowing how solar power systems work from the inside out, we are able to determine the main benefits our customers can get by applying one.

Choosing providers

We only list providers that share our beliefs and uphold our strict requirements for the quality of their products.

Examining customers reviews

Getting to know the experiences of the existing customers gives us the first glimpse of the product in action.

Manual testing​

Before recommending any solutions, Solarpowersystems first checks its features and qualities manually, which requires visiting the manufacturing facilities and testing raw materials and their assembly.

How Does Solar Power Work?

Sun is the most important source of energy on Earth. It is vital for sustaining the life of every living organism as well as generating electricity for our everyday needs. While it radiates sunlight to every part of the planet, the amount we receive differs greatly depending on the location, season, and time. Using photovoltaic (PV) processes, we are now able to catch solar energy and turn it into more practical forms using solar panels. 

The cells of the solar panels are made from semiconductor substances similar to those used in computer chips. Sunlight hits the cells, and it knocks the electrons off the atoms. The electrons produce electricity as they drift around the cell. This PC charge creates a direct current (DC); they are captured by solar panels and converted into alternating current (AC). It is the type of electrical current that we use for home appliances and more. 

Converting light into electricity has long been used in different spheres, though its first massive production started in 2000. As one of the extremely beneficial, cheap, and clean sources of electricity, solar energy has excellent potential to expand even more in the nearest future.

What Are the Components of the Solar Power System Kit?

Inverter. Inverters perform the most complicated part of the process. They are responsible for converting DC into AC electricity, which later powers all your home supplies. Unlike solar panels, inverters work non-stop; thus, this piece of equipment is the most fragile and should be taken care of precisely.

Photovoltaic panels. Whenever you think about the solar power system, the first thing that comes to mind is solar panels. Indeed, it is a very important component of the solar power system. The electrons that are built into it are the ones that produce DC electricity once the sunlight stimulates them through the surface of the panel. 

Solar racking. It is a part that attaches solar panels to the roof. Considering the fact that they are located outside and are constantly impacted by weather changes, high-quality racking should never be underestimated. 

Battery unit. The energy produced during the day is stored in batteries to be used during the night when the system is not producing electricity. People who have high demand using solar energy, specifically in the evenings, will profit from installing a battery unit to a great extent. Depending on the storage capacity, price, lifespan, and the material it’s made of, there are different types of batteries. What unites them is the dollar they can save you. 

Monitoring system. Solar monitoring systems are often integrated into inverters to track all the activities that occur. It is your primary resource to get to know all the necessary information about your solar power system. These systems differ drastically. The basic ones provide the general state of affairs of solar power consumption, and the advanced ones can even send notifications on your phone informing you of real-time data or providing customized reports. 

What Are the Types Of Solar Power Systems? 

Grid-Tie System Solar System. This kind of solar power system is the most popular one for several reasons. It is connected to your home and, at the same time, to the utility grid. It does not include a storage battery because in the case when the solar power generated by the solar panels is not sufficient, the rest is drawn from the grid. And in the opposite case, the excess energy generated by the solar system can be sold to your local utility company. 

Off-Grid System Solar System. As the name implies, an off-grid solar power system is a typical autonomous solar power system with energy storage that is not linked to the utility grid. It uses exclusively solar panels as a source of energy. This energy is either transferred to home supplies or stored in the battery unit. Since it’s not connected to the electric grid, it needs more equipment, so off-grid systems are larger and more cost-efficient. 

Hybrid Solar Power System. A hybrid solar power system is a grid-tied solar power system with battery backup. It’s the most expensive type of solar system; however, this kind has recently gained much popularity. When there is excess solar energy, it is used to charge batteries and stored for further use. When the demand for solar energy is higher than the system generates, the energy from the batteries is used.


How Much Does the Solar Power System Cost?

Many have probably asked themselves, “How much would I pay for the solar power system for my home?” The question is complicated and has lots of answers. The approximate cost of installing a solar energy system can range anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000. The cost of electricity varies by state, but the average is around 14 cents per kilowatt-hour. To roughly estimate the price of the solar system, first, you will need to determine a few important facts. 



Answering all the above questions will give you some understanding of how much you will need to invest in a solar panel system. We strongly encourage you to use our calculator and find the best solar power providers in your area. The experts in this field will offer you more details and in-depth characteristics of your future project. 

What Are the Advantages of the Solar Power System?

Reduces monthly electricity bills. Once you install the solar energy system, you notice a huge drop-down in your monthly energy bills. Since you can satisfy some part of the electricity demand with the electricity produced by a solar power system, your energy expenses will go down. Depending on the size of the solar system and how much power you use, you will be able to have a solid economy.

Renewable and free energy source. The fact that solar power is a completely free and renewable energy source is one of the most significant advantages of solar panels among all others. Having a free and clean energy source for your whole life is probably what makes solar power systems so attractive nowadays. It is available every day and may be used wherever on the planet. Unlike some other energy sources, solar energy will never run out.

We will be able to access solar energy for as long as there is a sun, which means that we will have at least 5 billion years before the sun dies, as predicted by experts.

Increases the value of your house. Installing solar panels on your house will increase its value on the market because of its advantages. Solar-panel-equipped homes will be worth more than those without them. Image deciding to purchase a house and choosing between the one heavily dependent on the grid and the other producing its own energy. The choice seems obvious. Again, solar panels do have a high initial cost, but they are also terrific investments.

Reduces carbon footprint. Solar energy is clean and environmentally friendly. Being environmentally aware is critical for the planet and all of its inhabitants. Reducing our carbon footprint is what can absolutely change our future and the future of our kids in the most beneficial way. It is unquestionably one of the fundamental benefits of solar panels and one of the most common causes for consumers to switch to solar power.

Low cost of maintenance. The maintenance of solar panels is becoming less and less necessary because solar companies are now offering warranties for extremely long periods of time. This is great news for homeowners since it allows them to install solar power systems without having to maintain or inspect them regularly. If your system performs at its best on a daily basis and does not exhibit disruptions, you don’t need to ask your supplier for check-ups. 

What Are the Disadvantages of the Solar Power System?

High upfront cost. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to afford solar panel systems due to the upfront cost, which is pretty high. Despite the fact that they are now less expensive than ever, you will still need to have deep pockets. This is a serious drawback of solar panels. However, the future looks promising as costs are dropping and local governments are applying initiatives to provide more and more solar incentives and solar rebates.

Needs a lot of sunny weather. Only when sunlight strikes solar panels can the energy be produced and transferred to your domestic supplies. As a result, there won’t be any energy production without the sun. Solar panels work best on bright days, yet they can still produce electricity on cloudy days. It is not highly advisable to install a solar energy system if you live in an area with little sunlight or if your house is located under big trees that project lots of shadows. Remember, the level of your solar energy system performance is extremely dependent on the number of sun rays hitting your solar panels. 

Needs sufficient space on the roof. Installation of solar panels depends in large part on the available area. If your roof isn’t big enough, you might need to reconsider going solar altogether. Solar panels cannot be installed on relatively small houses. 

This is crucial for individuals who want to equip their houses with a robust system that will last for many years. Though some suppliers do provide adjustable assemblies for smaller roofs, they are considerably costly.

Pollution during the manufacturing process. Although solar power systems immensely reduce carbon footprint than other energy sources, some pollution processes still have to be considered. Production, delivery, and installation of solar power systems still result in greenhouse gas emissions. Especially its production process may often include some dangerous materials and products. 

The interest in purchasing solar panel systems has constantly been growing since its invention. The more solar panels are installed and used, the more people realize how beneficial they are as a source of electricity. Solar energy has a wide range of benefits that significantly exceed its drawbacks.

With the list of solar energy’s pros and cons, we hope you are better equipped to decide whether or not to move on with a solar power system. Yet, we advise you to use our free services and find the best local solar companies in your state.



How much sunlight do you get?

The more sun your house is exposed to during the day, the more money you can save installing a solar power system. If you reside in Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Texas, or Colorado, you should definitely go for a solar system! If your house is located in the states with less amount of sun, you should consider the orientation towards the sun and the everyday amount of shade. 

What are your electricity needs?

The quantity of solar panels you need to install heavily depends on your home’s energy use. You may determine your family’s daily average energy use from the monthly energy bills and compare it to the number of solar panels required to meet your energy demands

What are your roof conditions?

Provided your house gets a lot of sunlight throughout the day, it is not sufficient to go ahead and install the panels on top of it. The heavy panels will be mounted on the roof of the house, so its conditions must meet all necessary requirements.

Are you eligible for any discounts?

You instantly qualify for a federal solar tax credit when you buy solar panels. A 26% tax credit is available to anyone who purchased a solar system to use for domestic needs. The credit for homeowners in 2024 will be reduced to 10% for commercial operations. Also, contact your local energy supplier to learn if you qualify for any state or city rebates. 

Are there any additional costs?

The price of solar energy is also affected by a number of additional costs. You might need to spend an extra back on your local permissions, certificates, etc. Your suppliers might charge you for setting up a primary project for you. Also, installation costs differ from company to company, but as a rule of thumb, it’s never cheap. 

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