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Since the beginning, we have only had one objective: to help satisfied clients reduce their utility costs. We do not simply sell solar; we examine your overall energy use and give advice on how to reduce your energy costs by switching to more effective, money-saving goods. Let Poly Energy change your life now with everything from pool pumps to water heaters!

Poly Energy overview

Since the beginning, we have only had one objective: to help satisfied clients reduce their utility costs. We do not simply sell solar; we examine your overall energy use and give advice on how to reduce your energy costs by switching to more effective, money-saving goods. Let Poly Energy change your life now with everything from pool pumps to water heaters!

What Poly Energy has to say about itself

We have created solar energy systems for homes across America, from South Carolina to California. Millions of business buildings and warehouses are excellent candidates for solar power. Lack the proper roof for solar panels? To meet your demands and goals, we can provide specialized structures and solutions. A corporation called Poly Energy was established in order to better the lives of common Americans and have a beneficial influence on the planet. We provide several ways to reduce energy bills, assisting others in becoming one step closer to energy independence.

Poly Energy Solar Review

Year Started2017
Company Websitemypolyenergy.com
Service AreasFL, GA, IL, NY, NC, SC
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries

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Poly Energy website review

The website features a straightforward style and a clean, modern user experience. Users may easily access the many areas of the website thanks to the navigation menu at the top of the page. Home, About, Services, Products, Blog, and Contact are among the thoughtfully arranged menu options. On the site, a sizable banner with a prominent call-to-action button invites users to find out more about the offerings of the business. The page also emphasizes some of Poly Energy's best traits and advantages, including its use of solar energy and energy efficiency. The history, mission, and values of the business are described in the "About us" section. Additionally, a team section displaying the expertise and experience of the staff is included. A blog area on the website routinely posts articles about sustainability, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. Users may get in touch with Poly Energy by a variety of means, including a contact form, phone number, and physical address, on the Contact page. Overall, the Poly Energy website does a good job of conveying the company's services, goods, and expertise in the field of renewable energy. A pleasant user experience is facilitated by a user-friendly interface, educational content, and expert design.

Poly Energy price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $35,000 or more
Payment optionsCredit or Debit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Financing Options
Payment discountsNo payment discounts specified

Poly Energy online reputation

The overall assessment of Poly Energy appears to be conflicting, according to a variety of customer evaluations. While some customers describe favorable experiences and are pleased with the services provided by the business, others have faced difficulties and have expressed worries that indicate need for development. Customers of Poly Energy's solar systems have reported considerable cost reductions and uptime. Customers' positive comments about the efficient installation of solar panels, water heaters, and thermal insulation show that Poly Energy can complete these tasks with high quality. Some customers complain about deceptive communication strategies, such as utilizing area numbers that do not correspond to the company's actual location. This raises questions about how open and truthful their communication is. There have been allegations of pushy sales techniques, including instances when people were refused permission to leave the premises and extortion laws were broken. This conduct speaks poorly of the company's sales strategy and customer service. Concerns concerning the reliability of installed goods like solar panels and batteries have been expressed in a number of evaluations. Conclusion: Despite Poly Energy's skilled staff, affordable solutions, and excellent installation appearing to have given some consumers a good experience, there are still significant problems with communication, transparency, pushy sales techniques, and product quality. Poly Energy has to resolve these problems and try to enhance its customer service, product quality, and communication procedures in order to enhance company reputation and overall customer happiness.
"They have been contacting me nonstop from area codes that are local to me but not to them. They have utilized a variety of Florida area codes, all of which are familiar to me. However, they are based in the Palmetto State. Really, that is misleading. If someone seems even somewhat dishonest at first, I will not do business with them. 0/10" - John
"Our area has been plainly labeled against solicitation, and we have never dealt with this firm before today, yet we had a really unpleasant encounter. After an argument with a neighbor, four Poly Energy employees refused to leave the property, in violation of Lexington legislation prohibiting the display of solicitation materials. It does not speak much for their sales skills if they waste 10 minutes harassing locals instead of moving on to a location where they have a better chance of making a sale." - Carolyn
"Please use extreme caution if you are considering doing business with this solar firm. I regrettably sent a solar customer of mine to poly energy, represented by Johnathan Rogers and Scott Denson. After the client ground mount was finished, I texted and contacted the men many times to inform them that I was now fully operational. I have also talked with their supervisor, Marvin Parker, who has assured me that he would contact with all parties and ensure that my payment is not delayed any more. He avoided me for a while, and now nobody can explain why I was never paid for my solar customers. Do not trust any of them solar-wise or in commercial matters; they are extremely unreliable, unethical, and have terrible workmanship. I will never, ever recommend this business or the people who have gone solar to anybody." - Alyse
"There was a severe lack of communication throughout the seven-month wait for the project to begin. When I finally did get an answer, it was that the panels may be installed when the weather was favorable. Because we need to be at home to reach the electrical panel and the weather is no excuse to delay outside work, I propose we begin with the inside. On the agreed-upon day, the city cuts off power to the entire house, and two hours later, Poly Energy arrives to install solar panels on the roof. This was not the day that I had anticipated being at home. It is safe to assume at this point that if anything went wrong after the installation, I would be out of luck with the way they do business. I urged them to pack up and go. Another handyman is in order." - Coach
"I had a 46k solar and battery system installed by Polyenergy four years ago. However, they had a separate firm install everything (the panels, the battery, etc.). What a shambles, they hawked the Tesla battery to me before the epidemic hit (they did not have it and did not care). They paid my power bill for a while, but it did not fix the fact that this system had been giving me trouble for close to a year. They had previously moved to an LG battery, but that one did not work out so well, and the guys had actually dropped it outside my house, so they had to buy a new one. Now, four years later, I am dealing with massive leaks in my roof because of the installation (it was a new roof), and the recalled battery in my car would not even turn on. Polys has me on the trail of the solar panel installation service (either Gosolarize or Solarize), but they would not return my calls. I apologize for the length of my explanation, but I want people to fully grasp the nature of these businesses. I have a leaking roof and a dead battery, and I am being charged $400 a month. Also, Marvin, one of the Polyenergy proprietors, called and asked whether I planned to file a claim for the leaks with my homeowners insurance; what should I tell him? Now I have to go through Sue to get the roof fixed. People keep asking me who setup my system so they can avoid working with them. I would go elsewhere for service because Gosolarize and Polyenergy do not stand by their products." - Arbra
"Today, I got to meet Matthew Rich and his team, who were doing some work nearby. They are wonderful to deal with; helpful, efficient, and kind. After talking to Matthew, I have been considering installing solar panels on my roof. He convinced me of the ease with which solar panels may be installed on a house." - Bruce
"Overhead, invoices, and other company expenditures may add up quickly for a sole proprietor. Never before had I considered going solar for my business since I incorrectly assumed that solar panels were solely for homeowners. So then I found out about Poly Energy! The firm furnished me with a system that not only saves me money but also ensures the continuity of my operations in the event of a power failure. Everyone I have worked with at this firm, from the sales guy to the installation, has been excellent. We appreciate the wonderful service and the many dollars we saved." - Robert
"Mike phoned me up when I asked for further details about switching to solar power, and he was really helpful. Even though there are a lot of solar energy providers in South Carolina, this one gave me the greatest quote I have gotten thus far. I made the proper choice. The data and communication are excellent, and if I suggest someone I may get $500. I did make some purchases, but thankfully this business offers a way for me to recoup some of my losses. What a fantastic bargain!" - John
"Superb Organization! This company did an excellent job installing my solar panels, hot water heater, and sprayed foam insulation in my attic. Both Dana and Crystal performed a fantastic job of getting everything done on schedule. Gratitude to All!" - Sherri
"I would suggest Poly Energy to anybody looking to have a PV system with a battery installed since they went above and beyond my expectations at every turn. My critical loads panel will be shown in a third image that I plan to provide soon." - Joy

Poly Energy Social media

The Poly Energy Facebook page has a polished and eye-catching cover image with solar panels and a message endorsing sustainable energy. The corporate logo is the profile image, which aids in brand awareness. The page has been validated, proving its legitimacy. The website frequently posts articles about sustainability, renewable energy, and solar energy. The writing is excellent, and the content frequently incorporates interesting pictures or videos. The page has a respectable readership with a sizable number of followers and likes. Moderate post activity includes a mixture of likes, comments, and reposts. Customers may rate and post feedback on the page in the reviews area. Overall, the Poly Energy Facebook page shows a vibrant online presence, interesting material, and satisfying user interactions. The business uses the platform to communicate with, educate, and promote its target audience of people interested in solar energy and sustainability.
A solar firm that specializes in offering solutions for sustainable energy is called Poly Energy. The company's aim, products, and services are all thoroughly described on the Poly Energy LinkedIn profile. The focus on residential, commercial, and utility solar projects is mentioned on the page, indicating a broad range of customers. Solar energy, sustainable technology, and business trends are among topics that Poly Energy frequently writes. They often publish project updates, displaying their installations and triumphs. Poly Energy regularly engages with its audience and responds to messages, questions, and comments in a timely manner. Additionally, the business shares and advertises its partners' material, demonstrating a teamwork style and connections within the sector. The Poly Energy LinkedIn profile includes employee testimonials on the efforts of the team members. They exchange job advertisements, demonstrating their commitment to luring and developing talent. There are enough likes, comments, and reposts on the company's material, indicating that there is a subscriber base with interest. Overall, Poly Energy's LinkedIn profile efficiently promotes their brand, highlights their solar expertise, and interacts with the audience. Their active audience interaction, effective staff involvement, and content strategy all help them maintain a solid presence on the platform.
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Poly Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews604.5


Poly Energy Pros & Cons

  • Professional Team
  • Cost Savings and Operational Continuity
  • Quality Installations
  • Misleading Communication
  • Aggressive Sales Tactics
  • Payment and Trust Issues

Poly Energy Final Conclusions

Finally, the reputation of Poly Energy is a complicated amalgam of both good and bad qualities. Although the firm has demonstrated the ability to provide high-quality installations and affordable solutions, it also confronts substantial problems in terms of customer service, communication, and transparency. Positive reviews of their friendly and competent staff, as well as their capacity to provide essential load and battery systems, point to their promise as a provider of renewable energy solutions. However, unfavorable comments about deceptive communication strategies, pushy sales techniques, and allegations of product quality problems are grounds for alarm. These factors undercut consumer faith in the business and cast doubt on its moral fiber and dedication to delivering trustworthy solutions. In the renewable energy sector, which strongly depends on consumer trust and happiness, a company's reputation is crucial. In order to overcome these obstacles and cultivate a reputation for openness, honesty, and reliability, Poly Energy needs work hard. Poly Energy can strengthen its reputation and establish itself as a more dependable and established player in the renewable energy industry by putting more of an emphasis on ethical sales techniques, dependable installations, and quick customer support.

Poly Energy locations

Main Address174 Corley Mills Rd, Lexington SC, 29072
Phone Number8554976527

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