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The photovoltaic (PV) modules used by First Solar Team are designed, manufactured, and distributed by the firm. They use a novel way to supply the world's energy demands with their thin film solar solutions.

First Solar Team overview

The photovoltaic (PV) modules used by First Solar Team are designed, manufactured, and distributed by the firm. They use a novel way to supply the world's energy demands with their thin film solar solutions.

What First Solar Team has to say about itself

First Solar Team is committed to becoming the premier supplier of solar energy solutions for both commercial and residential clients, and our work reflects this commitment. Find a solar energy solution that meets your demands and your budget with the aid of our knowledgeable staff. We provide comprehensive services, including expert consulting and installation, to guarantee the longevity and proper functioning of your system.

First Solar Team Solar Review

Year Started2019
Service AreasCO
Service TypesInstallation, Maintenance, Design and Installation, Repair and Diagnostics, and solar energy system inspections.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLead-acid, lithium-ion, and flow systems.
CertificationsUL, IEC, ISO, OSHA, NEC, EGIC

First Solar Team website review

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First Solar Team price policy

PackagesSolar Power Package - Starts at $1,500, Solar Panel Installation Package - Starts at $2,300, Solar Battery Storage Package - Starts at $1,600, Solar System Maintenance Package - Starts at $1,000, Solar System Monitoring Package - Starts at $400, Solar Energy Audit Package - Starts at $250
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards, PayPal, checks, and wire transfers as payment options.
Payment discountsVolume Discounts - up to 10%, Military Discounts - 10%, Senior Citizen Discounts - 5%, Commercial Discounts - up to 10%, Government Discounts - up to 15%, Free Shipping, Referral Program - 10% off regular prices for new customers who are referred by existing customers

First Solar Team online reputation

Customers have given First Solar Team both positive and negative feedback. Numerous customers have praised the team's customer service, attention to detail, and quick answers. However, some customers have expressed worries about the rates, and not all customers are happy with the services. Whether or whether you are pleased with the finished result, the First Solar Team has consistently provided service that meets your expectations.
"I'm really dissatisfied with this business! Installation at first was a nightmare. Since the roof slopes toward the north and receives little sunlight, one of the panels was positioned there. The roof was in excellent shape, so I was informed. My old roof simply gave out after a few years, therefore I need a new one now! My system and my residence are both little. My annual true-up expenses have been approximately $5,000, and they have given me a figure of $5283 to take down and reinstall my solar panels so that my roof can be fixed. There are reputable solar firms out there; keep exploring and ask for recommendations from individuals who have solar systems and have used their service departments for many years." - Leon N.
"Is there a star for NO? The worst business ever! Because there are pigeons in my neighbourhood, I asked them to put cutting cages. For a two-story house, the employees kept forgetting to bring a tall ladder. The metal panels to the animal cages were simply knocked out by the pigeons, as I had feared they would. Without success, I texted, phoned, and emailed the business. I got in touch with additional suppliers, who said the installation was broken. I would have to spend almost $2000 to remove every cage, not to mention the additional expense of getting rid of the pigeons and their waste. Use this business at your peril! Worst customer service!" - River L.
"The worst firm I've ever worked for is First Solar Team. Permits, timeframes, and components were all incorrect. There were continuous delays and a breakdown in communication between the warehouse staff, field technicians, and schedulers. Nobody is aware of what is happening, and management doesn't seem to be concerned. If you're thinking of going solar, choosing First Solar Team will subject you to suffering for at least 18 months. The field technicians are quite kind and seem to be skilled (but they also exhibit signs of annoyance at how poorly their whole firm operates)." - Karson O.
"The absolute worst business I have ever dealt with, I began the process to install solar panels and a battery backup in October 2022, I am paying over $60,000, and there is zero contact from the company about the progress of the installation. My batteries still haven't been fitted, however. Because to the poor internal communication, when they attempted to arrange a finale inspection, I had to remind them that they still had not completed my setup. The BBB will get a report from me. I advise you to avoid the frustration and choose someone else if you are considering working with this organization." - Gary M.
"The very worst business to work with. I signed a contract with them to install batteries two years ago, and it's still ongoing. There is no contact at all, and when I need to take days off work, no one comes up and they never phone to cancel. I've also called multiple times to request to speak with a supervisor immediately, but I never received a call back. And to top it all off, they failed installation at a final municipal inspection since it was a fundamental, common sense thing to perform. installing barriers around the garage's batteries so they won't explode if a vehicle hits them. I won't ever suggest them to anybody." - Matteo K.
"I'll begin by mentioning that I am quite picky about who I choose to work for me, to the point where I typically do most things myself since I don't trust contractors. I need new gutters, solar power, battery backup, and a new roof (complicated roof). I began by requesting quotations from over 15 firms. When that was rapidly reduced to three, First Solar Team was head and shoulders above the competition. Davis was really knowledgable, was familiar with his goods, and was able to address all of my in-depth inquiries from the moment I first called the sales office. I chose them to handle the batteries, and shortly after that, I received prices for the roof, gutters, solar panels, etc. The job was done expertly and with an emphasis on quality. Davis was excellent at scheduling, communicating, managing, and all of the above. They carried on their promises and made the interaction easy. Anyone thinking about solar, batteries, or roofs should investigate First Solar Team, in my opinion. This is an unpaid, impartial evaluation." - Justice P.
"Our installation was recently finished by First Solar Team. The whole procedure was conducted with great professionalism. Tthe sales representative, was tremendously helpful and went above and beyond to fulfill our expectations, particularly when it came to panel placement. He was reachable at all times and came to inspect the installation in person. The installation team was incredibly skilled, welcoming, and careful while placing panels on our freshly resurfaced roof. We STRONGLY advise using this provider." - Kellen D.
"Our 12KW solar panel installation in the Bay Area now includes two TESLA POWERWALL II backup batteries. The PG&E Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) paid for the project's costs. It required some back and forth to have the contract revisions incorporated since SGIP was not mentioned in the boilerplate contract text. After the deal was signed, everything went without a hitch. On the external wall of the garage, the batteries are installed. A very clean appearance was achieved by installing all of the wiring within the wall and concealing it with sheet rock. The team at First Solar Team handled all the paperwork, and PG&E paid us back the whole amount." - Mohamed E.
"I had looked at other solar firms during the previous two years, but I wasn't satisfied with the prices or the salespeople in each case. When I worked with First Solar Team, everything was simple, uncomplicated, and free of tricks. As I had seen other installations with conduit and boxes all over the place, I was really concerned about this one. I spoke a little bit about this with the installers, and they conducted a really clean installation so there wasn't a large mess on the wall. Great installers who cleaned up after themselves. We like having the AC set to freeze out in the summer and paying nothing for power at that time." - Lance B.
"About six weeks ago I spoke with Nicholas. He arrived on time and talked about the benefits of going solar. He was very patient with us as we repeatedly asked questions about his products, despite his obvious product awareness. After deciding on the composition of the system, we hit the road. Despite the 110 degree heat, the installation crew did a fantastic job installing the mechanicals. They completed it in a few days and showed they were experts in their field. If it wasn't for the new equipment on the garage wall, you wouldn't even know they were here. They did their job very well. The system is set up, but it's not working yet. There seems to be a problem with the microtransducer (whatever it is). This issue is being handled by Sophia so I expect we will be up and running soon. I highly recommend contacting these folks if you are interested in solar power and letting them give you the great service I had." - Jacoby T.

First Solar Team Social media
The Facebook page of the solar energy company named "First Solar Team" does not look especially trustworthy. The page's design is basic, and there are not a lot of subscribers. There are no comments and there does not seem to be a very active community yet. It has a few posters and videos that provide basic information about the company and its services, but there is very little else that could be found here. The page is also not very popular as yet, as the number of likes is quite low. Furthermore, there are no links to external pages that help in evaluating the company. All in all, there is little information about the company and its services provided on its Facebook page. This does not exactly inspire confidence in the company.
The LinkedIn company page of First Solar Team is minimalistic in appearance, only consisting of a description and a few pieces of company media. Although the page mentions several awards that the company has won, there are few subscribers and little else in terms of information about it. There are no comments or reviews, making it hard to determine whether the company can be trusted or not. It is evident from its low subscriber count and lack of content that this page is not very popular. Therefore, it may be wise to exercise caution when dealing with businesses affiliated with the First Solar Team.
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First Solar Team average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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First Solar Team Pros & Cons

  • Expertise
  • Innovative
  • Sustainable
  • High Upfront Costs
  • Limited Availability
  • Lack of Flexibility

First Solar Team Final Conclusions

Many unique types of photovoltaic systems are available from First Solar Team at affordable prices. Installation, maintenance, and repair are all part of what they offer for both commercial and residential installations. People have been left with very positive impressions of First Solar Team's professionalism, responsiveness, and quality solar products.

First Solar Team locations

Main Address6422 South Quebec St Building 4, Centennial CO, 80111
Phone Number5853536320

2 local offices

Colorado – Centennial 6422 South Quebec St Building 4, Centennial CO, 80111
Colorado – Centennial 6422 S Quebec St, Centennial CO, 80111

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