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Solar energy distributor Generation Sun offers residential, commercial, and industrial customers solar energy solutions. The business focuses on offering engineering services, solar energy supplies, and installation and maintenance services. To assist consumers in accessing and using the advantages of solar energy, Generation Sun furthermore offers consultation and finance services.

Generation Sun overview

Solar energy distributor Generation Sun offers residential, commercial, and industrial customers solar energy solutions. The business focuses on offering engineering services, solar energy supplies, and installation and maintenance services. To assist consumers in accessing and using the advantages of solar energy, Generation Sun furthermore offers consultation and finance services.

What Generation Sun has to say about itself

Generation Sun is a pioneering organization with a mission to provide renewable energy to buildings and communities all around the globe. Generation Sun, with its team of committed and enthusiastic specialists, offers long-term answers to the worldwide energy dilemma by expanding the use of solar energy. Our innovative and comprehensive strategy is focused on giving local people access to renewable energy that won't harm the planet. Generation Sun's steadfast dedication to sustainability is paving the way for a cleaner energy future.

Generation Sun Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasOH
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, flow, and lead-acid systems.
CertificationsLEED, NZC, STC, PVC, HVC, SDHW

Generation Sun website review

The main website is sparsely designed and lacks a professional feel. It is difficult to determine how reliable it is, as it does not appear to be very large and does not contain a lot of information. It cannot be called legitimate as it lacks necessary information, such as a contact form, that would be seen on a legitimate business website. There is some corporate information there, but if you want more information, it's better to call or write.

Generation Sun price policy

PackagesSolar Starter Package - Starts at $9,999, Solar + Battery Package - Starts at $14,999, RePower Solar Kit - Starts at $2,999, Solar Pool Package - Starts at $4,999, Deck Mounted Solar Array - Starts at $8,999, Inverter Maintenance - Starts at $799, Roof Mount Solar Kit - Starts at $6,999, Ground Mount Solar Kit - Starts at $7,999, Solar app - Free, EV Charger Package - Starts at $1,999
Payment optionsCredit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
Payment discounts10% discount on first purchase, 10% discount for loyalty members, 10% discount on limited-time deals, 10% Referral bonus

Generation Sun online reputation

In general, Generation Sun's clients were pleased with their interactions with the company. Many satisfied clients have remarked on the company's competent service and reasonable costs. The ease and high quality of their services left a lasting impression on their clients. However, many were unhappy with the lengthy wait times and the lack of interaction with the workers. Generation Sun is still a great option for solar solutions despite these little issues.
Since I had solar panels put on my roof, I've experienced a leak. After my first contact, an employee came out and said the flashing around an exhaust pipe was to blame for the leak, so they replaced the flashing and departed. When I finally got around to replacing the ceiling, it promptly began leaking again. A roofing expert examined the problem and found that it was coming from underneath one of the solar panel mounting brackets. They are currently unhelpful and unwilling to send someone out. The only advice I received was to hire someone else to repair the leak at my expense, and I was charged to have the panels temporarily removed. I would never suggest working with this firm. - Mario D.
We wanted to ask some questions concerning the criticisms leveled against Generation Sun, but no one ever got back to us, so we ended up canceling. If there had been an issue with the system, I doubt we would have had phone calls returned. Bad service to customers. Even worse, they issued me an invoice for $1400 after I canceled after they had already begun basic work. I would have advised them not to finish the job after billing me for it if they had answered the phone when I phoned. Don't make the same mistake I made and hire them. - Jaxson R.
Worst customer service in our company's history. Solar panels from Generation Sun have increased our monthly outlays when combined with our electricity cost. I have followed up many times since we got the panels, but no one has responded to my inquiries or offered assistance. Other reviews suggested calling customer support to resolve the difficulties, but my own experience has shown that doing so has done nothing except aggravate me worse. The salesman is persuasive and does a fantastic job of persuading you that you would no longer have to pay for electricity. The opposite has been true for us; in fact, we've had to spend more money and endure more suffering as a result. - Roman S.
Very poor judgment. After we signed the deal, our sales contact disappeared. After trying to overcharge us for a change order they didn't carry out, they finally fitted the panels. The panels were installed in August 2020, and it is now June 2021; they still aren't producing any electricity. I performed all the work for the permits, and then when the hardware didn't function they told me to RMA it with the manufacturer. - Leo K.
I'm dissatisfied and have been attempting to get in touch with my sales rep. The building department has not yet inspected my solar installation. The problem is, I just had a new roof put on, and now pigeons are building nests beneath the solar panels, which might lead to leaks. I've tried phoning him, but he doesn't seem to be around. Since the solar panels are rented, I need your assistance in having pest control equipment installed at no cost to me. - Jared T.
My parents contacted me for advice on whether they should replace their roof and go solar. Generation Sun contacted them and told them that their home qualifies for the solar roof program because it gets a lot of sunlight, but it needed to be replaced. After, a representative from Generation Sun, explained the reasoning behind this possibility, my skepticism quickly faded away. So far, our interaction with Generation Sun has been very positive. In about six weeks, we hope to install solar panels and a new roof. - Jeffrey D.
Generation Sun was fantastic to work with throughout his roof inspection. Through it all, Andy maintained a level of professionalism, expertise, and politeness that was appreciated. Andy's professionalism and thoroughness immediately struck me as a welcome change. He carefully inspected your roof and gave me an in-depth report on its condition. Not only did he address our every worry, but he also made several excellent suggestions that will help our roof last for many years to come. Andy's expertise and commitment to his clients are what set him apart. He seemed invested in advising us on how to improve our living situation. He had superb interpersonal skills and was consistently helpful and informed. In conclusion, if you need a roof, I strongly suggest you contact either Andy or Generation Sun. I do not doubt that you will be as pleased with Andy's service as I was because of his unparalleled professionalism and knowledge. Andy, I appreciate your excellent assistance. - Raymond F.
Although I seldom write reviews, I just must for this one. Every single encounter I've had with Generation Sun has been excellent. My sales representatives are fantastic. The sales process never seemed pushy to me. It was just like chatting with old friends. Her dedication to satisfying customers is exceptional. The installers and especially my inspector, were top-notch. What a fantastic time, thanks so much to everyone involved. - Drake L.
Nearly two years have passed since we first started looking into getting a solar energy system, and during that time we have met with dozens of salespeople, all of whom have made grand promises about how much money we would save and how much it will cost us monthly. Generation Sun's Calvin was the first solar energy representative to give us a complete rundown and offer us the greatest package at a price that made sense. Calvin did an excellent job of elaborating on the benefits of working with Generation Sun as opposed to other solar businesses, and how much money we would save by installing a system that would provide almost all of our home's electrical needs at a very reasonable cost. - Erik O.
Wow, this business exceeds expectations. We were cautious and waited a few years, but now is the perfect time to switch to solar energy. The roofing firm they hired did an excellent job from start to finish, and the result is a beautiful new roof. The solar panels and roof were both installed on a single day, separated by a week. Excellent assistance! The company's email updates are the best possible way to maintain contact. - Marco A.

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Generation Sun average reviews

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Generation Sun Pros & Cons

  • High-quality products
  • Comprehensive customer service
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Lack of financial stability
  • Limited consumer exposure
  • Inadequate infrastructure

Generation Sun Final Conclusions

Solar installation is only one of the many renewable energy services provided by Generation Sun. People who have worked with the firm in the past had largely positive things to say about the quality of service and knowledge they got. Generation Sun is worthy of a 4 out of 5 score.

Generation Sun locations

Main AddressLakewood OH
Phone Number8887247861

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