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Florida Power Management collaborates with industry leaders in solar installation and energy equipment manufacturing to get cutting-edge solar technology at competitive pricing. The whole value chain, from system design through procurement, engineering, and installation, may benefit from our extensive knowledge and scalability.

Florida Power Management overview

Florida Power Management collaborates with industry leaders in solar installation and energy equipment manufacturing to get cutting-edge solar technology at competitive pricing. The whole value chain, from system design through procurement, engineering, and installation, may benefit from our extensive knowledge and scalability.

What Florida Power Management has to say about itself

Thousands of Floridians have benefited from Florida Power Management's assistance in putting solar panels on their homes and businesses. We are committed to offering the most effective solar solutions to each of our clients and are optimistic about the future of solar power in Florida. Florida-based, with locations in both Orlando and Tampa. Come see for yourself why Florida Power Management is regarded the top solar business in Orlando and Tampa by checking out their portfolio of permitted, installed, and monitored solar systems around the state.

Florida Power Management Solar Review

Year Started2016
Company Websitefloridapowermanagement.com
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and amorphous silicon
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsFSEC, NABCEP, SRCC, BBB

Florida Power Management website review

The website is easy to use and has a white and blue color pattern. The content is organized, and the site navigation is simple. The website belongs to an organization named "Florida Power Management" that offers energy management services. The website offers facts about the personnel, services, and contact information of the business. The website offers an easy-to-use navigation system that enables visitors to quickly access its many parts. It seems like the website is responsive, which implies that it can easily adjust to various screen sizes and devices. Overall, Florida Power Management's website is a polished and educational online representation of the company.

Florida Power Management price policy

PackagesTypically, a 3.5kW system costs between $9,000 and $10,000, while a 5kW system can cost up to $15,000.
Payment optionsCash, check, and major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express
Payment discountsCash back incentives, reduced interest rates and other special offers

Florida Power Management online reputation

Reviews indicate that consumers had a mixed opinion of Florida Power Management. While some customers have had positive interactions with the business, others have had negative ones. The electrician who installed the solar panel at FPM provided very favorable feedback, which says a lot about the quality of their work, customer service, and attention to detail. Another client praised the salesperson's expertise and lack of pressure. However, installation delays, poor connectivity, and subpar performance are mentioned in a number of unfavorable customer testimonials. Even after several efforts to contact the company's specialists, some consumers have also claimed non-functional panels and unsolved problems. Based on these testimonials, it would be prudent to proceed with caution and do extensive due diligence before selecting Florida Power Management as your solar panel provider.
"I had a 21-panel system installed in June, which I had ordered. When I received my power bill, I saw that the meter had not been turned on. After I protested, someone presumably went and did it. After I reported that my meter wasn't recording any output, an engineer visited my home on 7/27/22, worked there for an hour, and promised to keep an eye on things going forward. Almost a month after receiving an email with a link, I clicked on the link. The 21 panels are only generating from 2. They must have spent a whole month "monitoring" the low output. After calling and leaving two voicemails and finally resorting to online chat, the technician advised me to repeatedly disconnect and power down the machine with no success. It's like trying to explain to me how to adjust the brakes on a brand new automobile. No call back yet, unfortunately. My recommendation is to keep a close eye on your meter since their definition of "monitoring" is very different from mine. If I hadn't checked, I wonder how long this would have gone on for." - Lynn G
"On September 9th, we signed up with Florida Power Management. The installation was slated on October 21. Although solar panels were put in, on October 29 the permit was refused because they were put in improperly. For them to return and replace the panels, it took two months. I made my first payment the next day. On January 5th, the permit was eventually granted. Out of the 35 panels we installed, 14 are still inoperable. The technician was supposed to arrive on February 1st, but the 14 panels are still not functioning. On February 8th, they changed their initial estimate of the reconnect time from 24 hours to 7 to 10 days. They don't check in with you to see how the job they did or the work that has to be done is going. They don't follow up on the task or respond calls. We allegedly need a noise filter. Our output is monitored by Enphase, yet we are only generating 1% of the independence from our power provider. As a result, apart from the $138 that we pay the solar firm each month, we are still paying money on our electricity. They genuinely don't care if your solar system is operating well or not, so good luck dealing with them." - Frederick Terry
"My worst experience ever. I wish I could offer a poor rating. No one was able to provide a timeline for when and how things will occur. was repeatedly misled, and they put off the installation and switch to solar. They won't repair the things that are still hanging off my home. Simply avoid this company at all costs." - Jill H
"Having dealings with this firm was a living hell. I really wish there was a star rating of 0! Even tried to contact the "owners" of the business, but the customer service was terrible. If at all possible, you should keep a safe distance from this firm!" - Stewart L.
"Please learn from my awful experience with this company. Solar panels, homes, and cars are big expenditures. Like those other transactions, the supplier should recognize its weight and give the best communication and assistance. For a company touting a $40,000 solar panel purchase and installation, Florida Power Management disappoints. The system was triggered 21 weeks after I signed paperwork in mid-March. The company blamed Covid 19 and the fired salesman for all the difficulties and took no responsibility. While I was informed of the delays, my neighbors installed and started solar panels in a fraction of the time. So my solar panel loan wouldn't overlap an electric bill with no savings. a lie. My solar and electricity bills are due this month. My system began 22 days before loan installment. Home electric monitoring system Sense was picked. I signed the documents allowing this. It didn't fit. I had to haggle with the company owner until he brought it to my door and forced me to fix it. I had to engage a side electrician to install it, proving him wrong and making me the victim who had to pay for an electrician while he had an army of electricians who should have done it as discussed at the table. Untrustworthy firm. Steer clear. They blame others—even former employees—for mistakes. They'll involve customers in employee strife. Uncommunicative approach." - Christopher T.
"As an electrician, I gave some thought to installing my own solar panels, but I changed my mind after doing some research and discovering some challenges I hadn't anticipated. I made up my mind to seek estimates. FPM's prices were far lower than the competition, and the company guaranteed a high level of detail. I was extremely particular about the way things were handled. Now that the system is up and running, all I can say is that I couldn't be happier with how things ended out. They performed everything I asked, down to the last detail, even running conduit inside the attic (which was a very small attic, and I feel awful that I had them crawl through it). The quality of the job was excellent, and I am quite pleased with the results. I'd suggest them to anybody thinking about going solar." - Trent
"A member of the same family suggested that we work with this firm. Even though we had plans to visit another firm on the same day, the sales representative was very informed and did not exert any pressure on us to sign a deal." - Lynden Hall & Maria
"So far, so good; there was an issue with the inverter, but it was discovered within a week or two of the system becoming live. I was really satisfied with the turnaround speed of the service, which was just three days to return and solve the problem. Since the loan didn't pay them for about a month after they finished their work, my sales guy told me I would have to wait about a month to close out the permit and begin the refinancing process. All in all, I am quite satisfied with them and would suggest them to anybody." - John T
"Wonderful experience. Bring Ben in and put him through the paces. I kept him in the dark about the fact that I had compared estimates from two other highly regarded businesses. These people were aggressive from the start, so I requested a number of additional services, such as running pipe where I wanted it to go and working around a spot on my roof where I didn't want panels, among other things. I'm quite pleased with how much detail was paid. Although my neighbor's Tesla system was installed a little bit more slowly, the finished product is much cleaner than his. I couldn't recommend it more!" - Patrick A
"I've now had my solar system for three months. I finally chose to go solar after being originally hesitant. Ben was fantastic to work with, in my opinion. He was trustworthy, knowledgeable, and he looked out for us. This business has my highest recommendation. Two Duke bills that usually cost $200 or more were returned to me for a minimum of $11.40. I can't speak highly enough about Florida Power Management and Ben in particular. have already introduced a few friends to the business." - Arnold Gregor

Florida Power Management Social media

The Florida Power Management-affiliated Facebook page has a respectable number of fans, which suggests the business has a solid online presence and probably engages in digital marketing. The website has news on current projects, postings about the company's services, and articles with useful energy-saving advice. Additionally, there are often updates with customer success stories that provide a good perspective on the business and give clients confidence in their choices. Additionally, there are customer reviews on the website, which may help prospective clients understand the caliber of service to anticipate from the business. The website is generally well-structured and offers visitors a favorable and instructive viewpoint on Florida Power Management.
The Florida Power Management linkedin page provides a thorough and effective view into the business. The fact that it has more than 300 followers demonstrates its online presence and dedication to interacting with prospective clients. It is divided into parts that show the firm's goal and values, main functions, a list of advantages, and most recent accolades the company has won. The brief history of the business is also included, which sheds light on the brand's enduring power. The portal also includes updates on job opportunities, enabling prospective job searchers to learn about positions without exerting themselves too much. Overall, Florida Power Management may benefit from the page's systematic and comprehensive look into the firm, which helps build a strong and favorable internet presence for it.
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Florida Power Management average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews914.5


Florida Power Management Pros & Cons

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Environmental benefits
  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Expenses
  • Limited control
  • Inaccurate readings

Florida Power Management Final Conclusions

Florida Power Management has a dubious reputation, according to client testimonials. While some customers have expressed satisfaction with their installation and customer service, many others have encountered problems, ranging from delays and poor communication to incorrect installations and unresponsive support. Before making any choices on solar installation, it is crucial for customers to do their own research and thoroughly weigh their possibilities.

Florida Power Management locations

Main Address660 Garden Commerce Pkwy Winter Garden, FL 34787
Phone Number(407) 554-2047

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