Blue Sky Solar and Roofing (Temporarily closed) review

For all your solar and roofing needs, look no further than Blue Sky Solar and Roofing. They are experts in assisting both individuals and companies in making the switch to renewable energy. Repairs, replacements, and expert advice are just some of the roofing services they provide.

Blue Sky Solar and Roofing (Temporarily closed) overview

For all your solar and roofing needs, look no further than Blue Sky Solar and Roofing. They are experts in assisting both individuals and companies in making the switch to renewable energy. Repairs, replacements, and expert advice are just some of the roofing services they provide.

What Blue Sky Solar and Roofing (Temporarily closed) has to say about itself

Blue Sky Solar and Roofing, is your local authority on superior solar services. To maximize the value of our customers' solar and roofing installations, we provide a comprehensive suite of services. Our company's primary goal is to provide its customers with first-rate solar and roofing solutions supported by friendly, helpful staff members. Our skilled personnel can assist you with every step of the solar energy process, from first consultation through roof inspection, repair, and replacement.

Blue Sky Solar and Roofing Solar Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasTX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Solar Repair, Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, bifacial solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-Ion, and Lead-Acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, TSCI, EPA, OSHA

Blue Sky Solar and Roofing (Temporarily closed) website review

The official website for Blue Sky Solar and Roofing,, is currently down.

Blue Sky Solar and Roofing (Temporarily closed) price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installation – starting at $4,999, Solar Battery Storage – starting at $3,400, Residential Roofing – starting at $3,000, Commercial Roofing – starting at $7,500, Skylight Installation – starting at $1,500, Gutter Cleaning – starting at $250, Roof Maintenance & Repair – starting at $450
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) as well as PayPal and check.
Payment discountsSenior Citizen Discount: 5%, Military Discount: 10%, Government/Public Employee Discount: 5%, Refer-A-Friend Discount: $500, Volume Discount: 5%, Multiple System Discount: 10%, Group Discount (3+ systems): 6%

Blue Sky Solar and Roofing (Temporarily closed) online reputation

Blue Sky Solar and Roofing look to give exceptional service, as seen by positive reviews from its clients. The high level of expertise and speed with which their inquiries were answered was greatly appreciated by many. Others thought they overpaid for the services they received and received poor service. Customers have generally found Blue Sky Solar and Roofing to be trustworthy and dependable.
"If you want your solar panels to be a scam, go with them. My project was begun in August 2020, and as of December 2021, it is still unfinished. They also made almost everything need payment before disconnecting my solar panels and promising to reconnect in two weeks. That was at the beginning of November, and now we are in this situation. My power bill only increased after the first installation, which took forever! They misrepresent the situation and fail to mention that you need to switch to an energy provider that "recognizes solar credits." When you finally do, the bill is now three times more than it was before! Avoid picking them! Dan Mestas, the business's owner, is involved in this as well. He claims to provide excellent customer service, but in reality, he takes advantage of other individuals. I informed my spouse that this business is a fraud! Do not fall for their scams!" - Larry E.
"It was the worst possible situation. I would not have gotten solar if I had known then what I know now. Whoever can get them off my roof would be much appreciated. I should have canceled when the installation was late. Ugh…. It amazes me that they can get away with it. I think they steal or hoard part of the stored energy for personal gain. The reason for this is that when we return home after our excursions, our power consumption has been quite constant compared to the previous year. I'm trying to find someone who can come and accurately assess the amount of energy being generated in order to expose these con artists." - Alberto W.
"We bought a house with brand new solar panels. They broke down a long time before the one-year guarantee was up. At closing, we were required to pay off the panels, and despite many phone calls, we have heard nothing back. It seems like a quick service call would solve the problem, but getting through to someone on the phone has been a nightmare, and they always claim they'll get back to you. The phone was never returned. Do not use this firm!" - Walter R.
"This is a ridiculous business. The panels were placed by Blue Sky Solar and Roofing, and I bought the house. My panels still aren't talking with each other or generating electricity, despite my repeated attempts to have them fixed over the last two months. They refuse to respond or make any attempts to resolve the problem. This is the greatest degree of ineptitude I've ever seen, and I intend to seek legal recourse to address this obvious violation of the contract. This local business has shown little interest in assisting its customers or the environment, and it needs to be held accountable." - Rocco T.
"To newcomers considering going solar, I say: "If you want to pay an extra bill, go solar." When I first got solar panels installed on my home, the salespeople assured me that I would generate all the energy my family would ever need. Instead, I was hit with two monthly bills: one for the panels, and another for the power company. My second bill was 20 dollars less than the same month last year, but the cost of the solar panels was $170. As a result, my total outlay increased by $150. They assured me that the government would cover the initial cost of the installation, but this turned out to be false. Please don't make the same errors I did; I owe $9,000 in a down payment and $179 every month for 25 years, and I've gotten nothing in return. Worst business ever, they never inform you the." - Jett O.
"After comparing costs with three other firms, I decided that yours offered the best value for money. Blue Sky Solar and Roofing were able to get me set up with solar without any upfront costs, and now my combined solar and energy bills are lower than they were before I went solar. The cost of electricity is only expected to increase over the next 25 years, and I'm stuck paying the same low rate for the duration of my contract. Many thanks, Blue Sky Solar and Roofing!" - Brett E.
"In 2021, I had solar panels installed on my single-family house, and I couldn't be happier with the decision. I am appreciative that credits my monthly electricity bill with any excess kilowatt hours generated by my solar panels. I expect my disposable income will decrease over the long run as a result of inflation, climate change, and the increased solar radiation that is pounding Earth. For the last two years, all I've needed to do when I had questions about my home's solar system was get in touch with customer care to obtain some basic explanations." - Colten F.
"Starting with Jessica in sales and continuing through the full process and installation, this firm provided us with excellent service. Jessica was always accessible and provided thorough explanations to any inquiries. The installation crew did a fantastic job...The men did an excellent job and left no mess behind. They worked on the side of the home for almost 5 hours to install 30 panels. Everything seems in order, and our queries have been well addressed. I have nothing but praise for this firm." - Curtis N.
"In the past, we've had some unfavorable encounters with solar salespeople. They keep coming to our home and trying to sell us stuff in an aggressive manner. Blue Sky Solar and Roofing's own Brian stood out. When I had questions, Brian answered them thoroughly and patiently. He spoke with my spouse and myself in a language that we could grasp. After we signed the contract, he promptly set everything in action. The installation took place last Thursday. The crew who arrived did an excellent job and left no mess behind. Due to an impending ice storm, they completed the project in a single day instead of the usual two. The electrician explained everything to us and what to anticipate going forward. Palmetto is performing above and above our expectations thus far. We appreciate you taking the time to come and chat with us about solar, Brian. You stood out from the competition because of your expertise and eagerness to assist us to save costs." - Darren S.
"The setup and maintenance provided by Blue Sky Solar and Roofing have been excellent. When I needed assistance applying for permission to operate a transmission and distribution firm, they were invaluable. After I was given the go-ahead to begin operations, I called the Blue Sky Solar and Roofing representative who helped me set up the inverter system. The companion smartphone app is also a great resource. The energy generated by the panels is shown in real-time. They were really helpful and quick to respond whenever I contacted them via phone, text, or email. The installation was flawed in one spot; a seal had to be changed. After I made the request, an employee was sent to put the seal back in place. I haven't run my panels for a full year yet, but ever since I turned on the inverter, my monthly expenses have dropped by more than seven times what they were previously. My monthly bill has dropped by seven hundred percent. So far, Blue Sky Solar and Roofing's service and the panel's performance have exceeded my expectations." - Philip G.

Blue Sky Solar and Roofing (Temporarily closed) Social media
The Facebook page for Blue Sky Solar & Roofing has an excellent amount of Likes and followers in addition to a bright, professional-looking profile and cover photographs. Services like solar panel installation and roof repair are described in detail on the site. Customers have shared several photographs and videos documenting the transformation of their houses thanks to the efforts of Blue Sky Solar & Roofing. In addition, connections to the company's website, product page, and solar calculator are all within easy reach of the client. In addition, frequent updates are provided on sales, deals, and other money-saving information. Considering all of this, it's no wonder that Blue Sky Solar & Roofing's Facebook page is gaining traction and attracting a sizable following.
BlueSky Solar and Roofing, where I am employed, has a really warm and friendly presence on LinkedIn. A polished logo and a brief, informative statement of the company's mission are shown on the website. There are considerable numbers of both followers and staff members listed on the page. Along with pertinent postings, photographs, and videos, it offers illustrative and educational information. The material is current, which is a good indicator of how often the website is updated and how accurate it is. Because of these factors, the reader may be certain that the page is an authentic representation of the business. Finally, the LinkedIn page for BlueSky Solar and Roofing is reliable in that it is informative, current, and well-designed.
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Blue Sky Solar and Roofing (Temporarily closed) average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews35


Blue Sky Solar and Roofing Pros & Cons

  • Experienced
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Comprehensive
  • High Upfront Costs
  • Necessary Maintenance
  • Weather Dependency

Blue Sky Solar and Roofing (Temporarily closed) Final Conclusions

A reputable supplier of trustworthy solar and roofing solutions is Blue Sky Solar and Roofing. Due to the current epidemic, the business has temporarily closed down, however many of its clients have experienced excellent interactions with it in the past. The firm has received reviews ranging from "excellent" to "highly recommended".

Blue Sky Solar and Roofing (Temporarily closed) locations

Main Address4425 W Airpot Fwy Ste 220 Irving, TX 75062
Phone Number4695188081

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