Ecohouse Solar review

Innovative business Ecohouse Solar specializes in the planning, setting up, and maintenance of solar systems for residences and commercial buildings. We provide cutting-edge goods and services that save money, produce clean, dependable energy, and are environmentally conscious. Installations and customer service are of the highest caliber thanks to our team of qualified experts.
Ecohouse Solar review

Ecohouse Solar overview

Innovative business Ecohouse Solar specializes in the planning, setting up, and maintenance of solar systems for residences and commercial buildings. We provide cutting-edge goods and services that save money, produce clean, dependable energy, and are environmentally conscious. Installations and customer service are of the highest caliber thanks to our team of qualified experts.

What Ecohouse Solar has to say about itself

A leading supplier of customized, all-inclusive solar energy systems is Ecohouse Solar. With unrivaled value and performance, we provide cutting-edge solar energy solutions and installations that are created to fit the specific demands of our clients. Regardless of your specific demands, our qualified team of solar specialists collaborates with you to create the finest solar solutions. Ecohouse Solar is the green choice!

Ecohouse Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasOH
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries.

Ecohouse Solar website review

Ecohouse Solar's main site is a model of efficiency and clarity. Ecohouse Solar's website includes exhaustive product and service descriptions for all things solar. In addition to a variety of materials (pictures, videos, and articles), the website also includes customer contact information. There is a blog on the site that informs visitors of corporate news and information. Ecohouse Solar, as a whole, has a very reliable official website. The website looks great, and it contains only up-to-date, correct information. The website also highlights the company's dedication to providing cutting-edge, eco-friendly products and services. Because of these factors, we feel comfortable recommending this website to you.

Ecohouse Solar price policy

PackagesThe Solar + Installation Package – starts at $19,990, The Powerhouse Solar Package – starts at $25,990, Battery Ready System Package – starts at $34,990, the Add-on: Battery Ready Energy Storage Package – starts at $6,490, Solar Lease Program Package – starts at $0 down and $63/month, System Maintenance Package – $199/year
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) as well as PayPal and check.
Payment discounts10% Military Discount, 5% Senior Discount, 5% Referral Discount, 15% Discount on Energy Assessments, 10% Discount on Solar System Maintenance

Ecohouse Solar online reputation

In general, the clientele of Ecohouse Solar expresses contentment with the caliber of service they have received. The majority of customers provide positive feedback, highlighting the professionalism and efficiency of the installation team, along with the observed cost savings in their electricity bills. Nevertheless, a subset of customers has voiced discontent regarding the quality of customer service, asserting that their inquiries were insufficiently addressed. Notwithstanding this, customers persistently express high levels of satisfaction with the Ecohouse Solar experience and actively endorse the company to their peers.
"There has been no communication for weeks. Repeated failure to react to messages or texts and empty assurances that problems would be handled promptly. Weeks after the panel installation, I had to ask Ecohouse Solar to install the necessary hardware, and they didn't even stick to their initial schedule. After I had already signed the contract, only then did I get the project schedule. The engineering blueprints were completed after more than a month and several emails. The business I hired to install the panels lacked these blueprints and was planning to wing it until I showed them what Ecohouse Solar had supplied me. Ecohouse Solar claims the contracted business has the final say over the design since they are doing the installation; however, if this is the case, then why did it take over a month to complete design plans that ultimately didn't matter? The installers smoked on my roof and then left the butts." - Jack A.
"We've had nothing but trouble with Ecohouse Solar. There will be a delay of 8-10 months and a leaky roof when the job is finally finished. In addition, they gave false information on the SRECs. We were offered a set monthly payment of $92 from SRECs for 10 years by the sales representative before we signed the contract. We were given several payment plans after the solar panels were installed since the first offer of a fixed $92/month was incorrect. We choose to own and control our own SRECs. We did some research and found that your solar panel and installation prices are much more than the market average. I wish we had have done more homework before giving in to the door-to-door salesman who came to our neighborhood." - Kevin T.
"The corporation functions like a hivemind. They don't appear to be able to stay in touch with you when plans alter. I doubt that their phones even function. It's great that my panels went up a week before the scheduled install date, but I never got a call to let me know. I got home to see some random people up on my roof. The electrician was supposed to arrive at the appointed time, but after three weeks of calls and SMS on my part, I finally learned why he had failed to do so. While I'm usually a pliable customer, it's unacceptable that you would spend $32,000 without informing me." - Jordan O.
"Cease immediately! AVOID CONTACTING THEM AT ALL COSTS!!! Ecohouse Solar has stolen our money, and I want to hold them accountable in court. We had a new roof built on before we considered installing solar panels. The financing for the solar panels also covered the price of the roof. It makes the most sense to accomplish everything at once, thus this is a typical practice. In July 2019, we had a new roof put on, and in the following months, we had solar panels put in. All cash for both projects was to be withdrawn by Ecohouse Solar and a check was sent straight to the roofing firm. My roofing firm has been waiting patiently to be compensated for their services. They were promised payment one month after the project was finished. Back in September! The roofing business can't avoid placing a lien on my home at this time. For the theft of $6200.00, I intend to pursue legal action." - Justin F.
"In September of 2020, we arranged to meet with a potential panel buyer. They promised the panels would be set up in three months. I received an email confirming the installation for 11/10. They skipped the setup. They promised that by mid-January everything will be ready. The month of February is almost over, and the panels still haven't been set up. I got a call saying they couldn't install it until after March because of "Trump's" taxes on foreign goods. When we placed the purchase for the panels, these tariffs had not been enacted. When they installed the solar panels, it was not there. Despite spending hundreds upon thousands of dollars, we still don't get solar panels installed. The company's direct sales team has been let go. I'm starting to wonder whether we'll ever really receive the panels." - Luke B.
"I enjoyed my time spent at Ecohouse Solar's employ. Gavin is very well-informed, gave us a thorough explanation of the system, and assisted us in applying for a 30% tax credit, all of which made this project feasible financially. The staff did an excellent job and were pleasant to deal with throughout. The repair was completed quickly, and a thorough cleanup was performed afterward. The installation of the solar panels came first, and then we opted to supplement the system with a Generac generator. Gavin did a great job of communicating with Mid-Ohio Generators to determine what was needed for the hookup. We advise giving some thought to a generator right away. We are not only self-sufficient in terms of electrical production, but also protected against blackouts. Ecohouse Solar has my wholehearted and unqualified recommendation." - Mason S.
"In August of this year, EcoHouse built a 9.1KW system for us, and we couldn't be happier with the service we received. Our representative, Mike Hopper, was always accessible and quick to reply to any inquiries we had. We had to adjust our schedules to fit family obligations, but the firm made that easy for us to do. The installation took less than 3 days, and the whole site was left spotless thereafter by the crew's careful attention to detail. We are overjoyed with our energy savings and our positive impact on the environment, and the system is working well." - Evan C.
"The job that Ecohouse accomplished for us exceeded our expectations. Our solar panels and net metering (AEP) from the utility company are a great combination. Due to the installation of new panels on the barn, the existing subterranean wiring between the house and the barn must be upgraded. Ecohouse was the only firm that could get our preexisting system up and running while also accommodating our various outbuildings and generator without breaking the bank. Mike Hopper and the rest of the team were very helpful in explaining the system (including the mobile app) and keeping us updated on the timeline and next steps. This cost includes the installation of a new breaker panel and all applicable taxes and rebates. The cost of our electricity in February was $0.22." - Brandon W.
"Ecohouse was the clear winner when we compared their expertise, pricing, and reputation with three other installation firms. Seeing the project come to fruition and the resulting increase in electricity generation has left me feeling quite satisfied. The project manager was quite helpful in explaining everything that was happening and in hearing my feedback on the design and how it would work on my land. Several stages were completed without my presence, which resulted in some confusion but ultimately satisfying outcomes. I anticipate significant cost savings from the system, and the fact that it was completed in time for summer (a full month early) is icing on the proverbial cake." - Lucas I.
"We had EcoHouse check out the situation, and they provided us with a detailed quote that included a schedule and everything. We're able to have things done in time. We ran into an issue in the middle of the process, but they worked with us to find a solution at a fair price. We reduce our carbon footprint and our utility bills all at the same time. All of life's ills can be cured by better communication. The method is successful because of the two-way communication between you and them. Trouble in the office? Further dialogue may be required. Are your children causing you stress? Further dialogue may be required. Disagree with your partner? You may want to increase the frequency with which you send flowers and talk to them. Solar panels in good working order are useful, but so are flowers. We do both, and we recommend that you do the same." - Isaac H.

Ecohouse Solar Social media
Any household interested in solar energy can readily get clear information on going solar and all the perks that come with it on the Ecohouse Solar Facebook page, making it a trustworthy source of information. The website design is contemporary and polished, and it has embedded movies as well as gorgeous graphics and high-resolution photos. The community members who have benefitted from its services have most crucially given it an astounding amount of likes and shares. Finally, the page provides useful connections to additional solar energy resources, such as Ecohouse's website and other trustworthy internet sources. Ecohouse Solar has established itself as the go-to source for solar energy solutions because of its thorough and user-friendly source of information.
Ecohouse Solar, a seasoned solar energy service company, has a substantial presence on the professional networking site LinkedIn. The page has over 300 followers and is often praised by its users. This illustrates the trustworthiness and credibility of the firm. The time and care put into the page's layout and design is evident. Because of its ease of use, it provides its users with the finest possible experience. The staff members are profiled as well, highlighting their roles and interests. The well-designed website and the mostly positive remarks make it easy to trust EcoHouse Solar. Therefore, anybody thinking about investing in solar power should consider it a great option.
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Ecohouse Solar average reviews

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Ecohouse Solar Pros & Cons

  • Green energy
  • Financial savings
  • Reliability
  • High Initial Installation Cost
  • Installation Time
  • Maintenance Requirements

Ecohouse Solar Final Conclusions

A family-run business called Ecohouse Solar offers both home and commercial solar energy solutions. They provide consumers with top-notch customer service and high-quality solar goods, which are supported by glowing testimonials from pleased clients. Ecohouse Solar has a score of 4.5 out of 5.

Ecohouse Solar locations

Main Address4350 Equity Dr, Columbus, OH 43228
Phone Number6144567641

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