Complete Solar review

We improve the planet by making sustainable energy available to everyone at a reasonable price. The future of our people and our planet is at the center of our efforts as we face the increasingly severe consequences of climate change.
Complete Solar review

Complete Solar overview

We improve the planet by making sustainable energy available to everyone at a reasonable price. The future of our people and our planet is at the center of our efforts as we face the increasingly severe consequences of climate change.

What Complete Solar has to say about itself

Complete Solar is pleased to expand its service area beyond California, where it has been active since 2010, to include Utah, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Arizona, and New York. We're a small business run by individuals who are enthusiastic about the impact solar can have on households and the planet. Our extensive product catalog and array of roofing installation methods allow us to serve a broad range of client needs.

Complete Solar Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasAZ, CA, CT, MA, NJ, NY, UT
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing
Types PanelsPolycrystalline, monocrystalline, amorphous, and bifacial
Backup BatteryBackup batteries from Tesla Powerwall and LG Chem, inverters from SolarEdge, SMA and Enphase
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA

Complete Solar website review

The website for Complete Solar is effective and easy to use, and it provides a wealth of informational tools and resources regarding the company's services and goods. The site includes eye-catching photos exhibiting their solar installations, informative text about the advantages of solar energy, and easily accessible client feedback. This might aid prospective clients in gaining confidence and learning more about the services the business offers. The website also provides a simulation tool so users may assess the price and financial benefits of building their solar system. The website also has a substantial blog section that promotes the business's solar expertise. The Complete Solar website has been well developed and properly organized. The success of the page may be credited to its easy-to-use design, useful information, and menus that make it simple for users to discover what they're searching for.

Complete Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $7,500 - $30,000
Payment optionsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Cash, PayPal, Apple Pay, Klarna.
Payment discountsComplete Solar is currently offering a limited time offer of 0% approved loan financing for installations over $9,000. In addition, they are currently offering $1,000 worth of free accessories with a verified purchase of a solar system

Complete Solar online reputation

It is evident from the customer comments that Complete Solar has gotten a range of opinions from its clients. While some clients reported happiness with the service received and commended the company's personnel, communication, and installation procedure, others voiced serious displeasure. Unsatisfactory consumers have complained about Complete Solar's bad customer service and slow response time. Long delays in system deployment, ignored emails and phone calls, broken support commitments, and trouble getting through to management were all complaints. These consumers had a bad impression of the business because they felt ignored and irritated. The operation and quality of the installed systems were another frequent issue brought up by disgruntled consumers. Customers have sometimes complained about metering and micro converter difficulties as well as inadequate power production and poor system performance. When seeking to fix these problems, they voiced unhappiness with Complete Solar's lack of reaction and assistance, which they felt had a negative influence on their faith in the long-term durability of their investment. In addition, several clients complained that the installation's architectural flaws—such as exposed pipes and obvious conduits—diminished the aesthetic value of their houses. These clients were dissatisfied with the outcome because they believed that the craftsmanship and attention to detail were subpar.
"Complete Solar is pleased to expand its service area beyond California, where it has been active since 2010, to include Utah, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Arizona, and New York. We're a small business run by individuals who are enthusiastic about the impact solar can have on households and the planet. Our extensive product catalog and array of roofing installation methods allow us to serve a broad range of client needs." - Terry
"Working with CompleteSolar was the worst customer service experience of my life. It took them a whole year to implement my system from the time they first inspected my property. Meanwhile, my pals at SunRun were able to install their system in under a quarter. Now I'm stuck with a system that can't provide enough power to run my house, and a support team that takes forever to get back to me when I send them an email. They promise to appear for scheduled meetings but never do. The telephone is being ignored. The issue is completely ignored. There is no way to reach a management for help. I have been approached by other homeowners who are experiencing the same problems and would want to initiate a class action lawsuit. I'm going to join up with that and file a complaint with the BBB. I would rate this organization a zero if I could. Nearly $100,000 wasted with no service. What a sham and a waste of time." - Jackie
"Worst customer service experience ever! I spent $100,000 on a system that was meant to last for 25 years, but after just three months of use, I've had a number of issues, and the manufacturer has been completely unresponsive. I have emailed them over 30 times and called them 50 times, but to no avail. Their software indicates metering and micro converter problems and instructs me to contact Complete Solar; nevertheless, my calls to them have gone unreturned. Considering the size of the investment required and the length of time you'll be obligated to be a customer, I would never recommend this business. The first three months of my 25-year warranty have been nothing but trouble." - Alessandro
"Complete solar installation was a nightmare for me, and the exposed pipes on my roof detracted from the aesthetic appeal of my home. The contract was signed in November of 2022, but I have yet to begin using their services. After we installed it and they paid us, it was never simple to deal with them. I have to keep checking to see why my system has not yet begun using up my home's electricity supply. They've started utilizing it in the same neighborhood as other solar firms, and the installation looks great on the home without any pipes or anything like that. However, after having solar panels installed on December 27, 2022, I still have not been allowed to utilize the solar electricity generated by the system as of March 28, 2023, due to problems with the panels and the consumption meter. Since I can't use my solar panels, I have a loan for both the solar system and the utility company that I'll have to start paying next month." - john
"Terribly awful. Avoid using them. Solar has been delayed for months for me. The dead front wasn't installed on my panel by one of their teams, which is a serious safety issue. It might have been disastrous for my little kids. We waited for weeks before they sent out replacement staff. My pool's electrical circuit was cut off when they were disconnecting wiring, and now they claim it will be at least a week before someone can come fix it. Since they have already been compensated, they have no more need to perform a good job." - Jillian
"Both the on-site and office staff at Complete Solar performed really well. They updated me at every stage of the process. When I needed clarification, I was given it. If they didn't know the answer to my inquiry concerning a future date, they promised to find out and contact me back as soon as possible. Surveys, installations, details on obtaining necessary licenses, and the final inspection were all handled expertly. I have total faith in their team and employees and felt safe and secure the whole time. I am grateful to have them negotiating the purchase of my solar energy system on my behalf and enthusiastically endorse them. Complete Solar, you have my gratitude for reassuring me and always acting professionally. My thanks and admiration are with you." - Deborah
"The time between application and set up was far less than anticipated. There were no hiccups, and everyone could understand one another. The installation process was quite impressive. The contractors worked quickly and well and left no mess behind. They took extra care to paint over the conduit and conceal it from view. Overall, I was pleased with Complete Solar, and I hope that satisfaction lasts as long as the panels do. Thanks!" - David
"My interactions with this firm have been fantastic. Steve, the salesperson, was a wealth of information and was accessible at all hours. Giana, the project organizer, was really helpful and ensured that everything stayed on track and was completed on time. The installers were really kind and helpful. I felt like I'd known them forever the way they made me feel. It took maybe 6-8 weeks to do the job from start to finish (turning the switch). I am really satisfied and would suggest Complete Solar to anybody thinking about installing solar panels. Gratitude to you, sir." - Rosemary
"It only took Complete Solar 6 weeks to get the necessary permissions and have the solar panels and other equipment delivered. It took us almost three months of chasing around the Installation Department to finally secure a date that worked for us. The native workers who completed the task in question were superb. They were prompt and helpful in responding to our inquiries. We wanted some clarification and analysis of certain problems we were having. Gianna from Customer Service went above and above to address our concerns and answer all of our inquiries. She totally rocked! She was really attentive and helpful to us. Some problems arose after we began working with Complete Solar, but thanks to Gianna's hard effort and that of her staff, we were able to resolve them. I have already told our next-door neighbor about Complete Solar, and I want to do the same with other people." - Kathy
"Excellent laborer. Leo, the job's supervisor, was a consummate professional who patiently fielded my many inquiries as the project progressed. We overcame several obstacles and the municipal inspector gave us the green light. There would be no hesitation on my part to use them again should my electrical requirements grow. Many thanks for your help." - Alexander

Complete Solar Social media
A successful Facebook page for a solar energy firm is the Complete Solar page. The page has more than 2,500 followers and offers a variety of material, including inspiring words about the environment and vibrant photographs highlighting their solar systems. In addition to a corporate blog, client endorsements, and access to exclusive specials and events, the website provides a broad variety of helpful information and tools. They also emphasized the knowledge of their staff and provided information regarding solar energy. Additional social media connections on the website allow visitors to interact with the business and its representatives on a more personal level. Additionally, Complete Solar interacts with subscribers via their communications and provides prompt customer service. The Facebook page for Complete Solar is generally well-structured and intended to efficiently market the business and its services. The active interaction with followers, the readily available and practical knowledge, and the aesthetically pleasing stuff posted on the page are all factors in its success.
An excellent page for a solar energy firm may be seen on Solar's whole LinkedIn profile. A message urging visitors to learn more about the business, a number of messages outlining the advantages of solar energy, and different infographics demonstrating financial savings are all included on the website. Case studies, customer success stories, and films that describe the services they provide are also included on the website. They further emphasize their dedication to customer service and sustainability on their website by featuring company events and accolades. Additionally, Complete Solar routinely offers employment openings on their page, highlighting their dedication to the renewable energy sector. They utilize their page to connect to their website and advertise forthcoming events. The page also features a conversion tool. Overall, the Complete Solar LinkedIn profile is efficiently promoting the company's services and ongoing projects while showcasing its expertise. The success of the page may be ascribed to its active interaction with followers, the helpful information it offers, and the eye-catching material it posts.
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Complete Solar average reviews

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Google reviews2464


Complete Solar Pros & Cons

  • Expert installation and customer service
  • Timely support and knowledgeable staff
  • Financing and other payment options available
  • Installation cost may be expensive
  • Limited availability in some areas
  • Additional features may not be available in all areas

Complete Solar Final Conclusions

Complete Solar is, all things considered, a dependable and well-respected solar energy provider that provides exceptional installation and customer care. They provide a comprehensive selection of goods and services, each of which may be adapted to meet the specific requirements of a client. Their social media presence is interesting and successful, and their website is user-friendly, educational, and beneficial. Additionally, they provide financing alternatives to make installations more reasonable, and they have a variety of payment choices accessible for customers to choose from. Complete Solar is a fantastic option for everyone who is thinking about switching to solar power because of their unwavering dedication to quality and superiority.

Complete Solar locations

Main Address3000 Executive Pkwy, San Ramon CA, 94583
Phone Number8772994943

4 local offices

California – San Ramon 3000 Executive Pkwy, San Ramon CA, 94583
California – Oxnard 300 E Esplanade Dr, Oxnard CA, 93036
California – San Diego 5030 Camino De La Siesta, San Diego CA, 92108
Utah – Lehi 2500 Executive Pkwy, Lehi UT, 84043

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