Eagle Point Solar review

American corporation Eagle Point Solar offers solar energy systems. They offer solar energy systems for residences, enterprises, ranches, and public and governmental institutions. They offer a comprehensive selection of photovoltaic (PV) system services. In addition, they offer services for energy monitoring, energy storage, and energy efficiency improvement.

Eagle Point Solar overview

American corporation Eagle Point Solar offers solar energy systems. They offer solar energy systems for residences, enterprises, ranches, and public and governmental institutions. They offer a comprehensive selection of photovoltaic (PV) system services. In addition, they offer services for energy monitoring, energy storage, and energy efficiency improvement.

What Eagle Point Solar has to say about itself

Eagle Point Solar, is one of the leading suppliers of solar energy systems for homes and businesses in the US! We have devoted more than ten years to assisting our clients in lowering their energy expenditures and using solar energy for their residences and companies. We provide a full range of solar energy services, including system design, installation, monitoring, and maintenance.

Eagle Point Solar Review

Year Started2009
Company Websiteeaglepointsolar.com
Service AreasIL, IA, WI
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and hybrid panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Eagle Point Solar website review

The appearance of Eagle Point Solar's main website, eaglepointsolar.com, is trustworthy and professional. It is jam-packed with useful details about the company's background, philosophy, offerings, and services. Customer testimonials and contact details are also provided. The sum of these elements makes eaglepointsolar.com a highly reliable website. Additionally, the business seems to be active on social media, posting information about its efforts there. All of this points to the company's high degree of dependability and expertise.

Eagle Point Solar price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Panel System: Starting at $14,999, Residential Off-Grid Package: Starting at $11,999, Residential Solar + Battery: Starting at $19,000, Commercial Solar Panel System: Starting at $26,000, Commercial Solar + Battery: Starting at $35,000, Solar for Hotels & Resorts: Starting at $36,000
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, check, and wire transfer.
Payment discountsVeterans and Military Service Member Discount of 10%, Senior Citizen Discount of 10%, Property Tax Exemption of 20 - 25%, Home Energy Efficiency Loan Program of 5 - 10%, Referral Bonus of 5 - 10%, Online Ordering Discount of 5%, Group Shop Discount of 3%

Eagle Point Solar online reputation

Customers have generally enjoyed doing business with Eagle Point Solar. Numerous consumers have commended the high caliber of the provided goods and services as well as the top-notch support they received at every step of the way. One of the best characteristics of Eagle Point Solar's solutions, according to other customers, is their price. However, several clients have emphasized that they might reduce the quantity of documentation that goes into their procedure. Regardless, Eagle Point Solar has established itself as a trustworthy supplier of high-quality solar goods and services.
"I would in NO WAY suggest this business! As of 10/23/21, our solar project, which we began in March of this year, is still not operational. We now pay for both our power provider and a solar installation that we cannot utilize. Throughout the whole process, there have been SEVERAL setbacks, NONE OF WHICH ANYONE ACCEPTS OR ACCEPTS RESPONSIBILITY FOR. I, the client who is paying more than forty thousand dollars to acquire it, am the sole one overseeing the project and keeping track of deadlines. Additionally, the $8,000 tax refund we were informed we would be eligible for was a major factor in why we decided to install solar panels in the first place. I've started my worry that I won't receive it or would have to wait until the end of NEXT year to obtain it since it won't be operational by the end of the current calendar year with ZERO acknowledgment. NO "were going to look into that for you" or "we are going to do our best to get you up and running before that happens" - NOTHING!" - Peyton E.
"Very dissatisfied with their lack of communication and customer service. They created a mess in my former house that had to be cleaned up many times. They also installed the pipes through a very old garage and on top of an old fence without asking where I wanted the vehicle charger to be positioned. There were no calls at all, and they demanded $400.00 from me to make up for their error before moving it. I would never advocate using them and won't do so in the future." - Hudson O.
"Disappointed because eagle point failed to warn us that our array had failed. We lost around two months' worth of solar energy collection and banking for the winter by the time I received a hefty power bill, alerted eagle point, and they finally came out to fix the problem. Our power expenses have been over the roof. I've sought for help multiple times, and each time they say "we'll look into it and get back to you." No one gets back to us." - Mark L.
"I really wish I hadn't chosen EPS to put solar panels on my house. It's been a horrible ordeal that's lasted more than seven months. I'm afraid that if I hadn't been persistent about getting my system installed, I'd still be waiting. In a strict sense, the installation isn't done yet since my Enphase Enlighten account hasn't been activated. EPS was at fault, in my opinion, since the corporation was unaware of and unable to deal with certain standards imposed by my local energy provider. It was only after much effort on my part and a switch to a popular microinverter brand that the utility company gave their blessing to the installation. The electricity provider contacted me, thank goodness, to tell me about their EPS problems. When it was ultimately installed physically, I found it to be of high quality. The meter box and all of the junction boxes were neatly labeled. Avoid earnings per share at all costs. I would look over other installers before committing to EPS." - Nicolas M.
"In August of 2020, we will begin installation of our coop solar panels in Linn County, Iowa. In August, I turned in everything on the same day. We finally had our solar panels put on November 24 after repeatedly calling to find out when we might expect them. Since then, we have been patiently awaiting Alliant Energy's inspection and activation of the system. No one at Eagle Point is answering their phones or emails, so our "salesperson" must have disappeared. There has been no service despite our upfront payment of almost $5000. If you can help it, don't do business with Eagle Solar. Any day soon, I fully anticipate hearing that they have gone out of business, leaving us with a roof full of useless solar panels." - Paul G.
"I made the decision to seek out second views after obtaining a quotation for solar panels for my house from a business that claimed I could recoup 90% of my power. Finding Eagle Point Solar was an amazing stroke of luck for me. I provided the standard data (my address and how much power I use). Because of the surrounding trees, a detailed study I obtained using more recent technologies revealed that I would only recover a maximum of 35% of my investment. I chose against going solar after weighing the benefits and drawbacks with my contact at Eagle Point. In a sector where misleading information and high-pressure sales techniques are common, finding an honest broker was fantastic. Highly recommended." - Emmanuel F.
"We lost our building in the derecho in 2021. When we rebuilt, we made the decision to concentrate more on becoming green. When our CEO spoke with Eagle Point Solar, he was impressed by their expertise and competitive price. Our quotation was received in May, accepted in June, and installation got underway the first week of August. Despite the little delay for some of the materials, the turnaround time was fairly swift. The technicians were courteous and knowledgable. Our project manager and I had great text conversations. At Wired Production Group, we are eagerly anticipating our increased solar energy efficiency!" - Trevor D.
"The electricians at Eagle Point Solar did a fantastic job connecting my roof to solar panels. They accomplished the task efficiently. One of them kept commenting on the progress of the project. The only problem I encountered was that they were reassigned to another assignment for a week, so they could not finish my project in that time. They had to finish my solar panel installation before starting another one. If you are looking for a solar panel installation company, I highly recommend Eagle Point Solar." - Omar M.
"I erected my home eight years ago. I've always wanted solar panels. Took their quotations at that time. Since my roof is not very south facing, achieving the desired output would have required a combination of roof mount and ground installation. That will increase the price, of course. Repeatedly revisited every several years. This year, panels finally had enough electricity. Only 11 rooftop units achieved what 20 ground-based units accomplished 8 years ago. In fact, we were able to cut costs by more than half overall. Therefore, I pressed the button on the gun. In a word, expert. Completed the work in less time than expected. I liked that there was never any pressure on me if it wasn't the correct moment. I've also seen the company's meteoric rise to prominence. They must know they're onto something." - Cristian V.
"Two additional solar businesses gave presentations, and we listened to them both. They both lacked Eagle Point's level of professionalism, readiness, and expertise. My understanding of the solar process has expanded beyond my wildest dreams. Ricardo's explanations made us feel like we were important, and we learned a lot. I have recommended Eagle Point to all of my friends, despite the fact that we were unable to use solar panels owing to the nature of our roof." - Derek J.

Eagle Point Solar Social media

Eagle Point Solar's Facebook page provides a wealth of information for anybody curious about solar power or the company's offerings. The page's design and content are of the highest quality, and it has a sleek, expert aesthetic that makes it a pleasure to explore. Eagle Point Solar has a lot of great customer feedback and industry certifications, so it's apparent they're trustworthy and reputable as well. There are frequent posts, images, and videos showcasing their wares and the benefits of solar power. Their webshop and other helpful resources are linked there as well. Because of this, it is a fantastic resource for customers interested in learning more about the business and the goods and services it offers. The Eagle Point Solar Facebook page is generally reliable and informative.
You can trust the information on Eagle Point Solar's LinkedIn profile. The solar energy business is heavily influenced by its sleek, contemporary style. This page is well-known and popular given that it has over nine thousand followers and is updated often. Their high overall rating of 80%+ is indicative of the positive feedback they've received from consumers. The portal also has several resources, such as blog postings and industry news, to assist readers in making informed choices about solar energy. In sum, Eagle Point Solar's profile on the professional networking site LinkedIn is well-rounded, attractive, and influential.
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Eagle Point Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1394.5


Eagle Point Solar Pros & Cons

  • Experienced
  • Comprehensive
  • Innovation
  • Limited Scope
  • High Competition
  • Lack of Financial Strength

Eagle Point Solar Final Conclusions

Eagle Point Solar is an Iowa-based supplier of solar energy systems. They work with business and residential clients to provide solar panel installation, consultancy, and maintenance. Eagle Point Solar consistently receives high marks from customers for their competence, reliability, and courtesy.

Eagle Point Solar locations

Main Address2400 Kerper Blvd Dubuque, IA 52001
Phone Number8773572555

7 local offices

Iowa – Dubuque 2400 Kerper Blvd, Dubuque IA, 52001
Iowa – Cedar Rapids 1220 Capital Dr. Suite B, Cedar Rapids IA, 52404
Iowa – Webster City 732 2nd St, Webster City IA, 50595
Iowa – Grimes 3000 SE Destination Dr Unit B13, Grimes IA, 50111
Iowa – Des Moines 1955 NE 58th Ave, Des Moines IA, 50313
Illinois – Canton Spoon River Electric Cooperative Building 930 South 5th Avenue, Canton IL, 61520
– Cedar Rapids 1220 Capital Dr SW, Cedar Rapids Iowa, 52404

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