Geoscape Solar review

Geoscape Solar's goal is to enable commercial, non-profit, and residential customers take advantage of the development of green energy and contribute to global warming's cooling.

Geoscape Solar overview

Geoscape Solar's goal is to enable commercial, non-profit, and residential customers take advantage of the development of green energy and contribute to global warming's cooling.

What Geoscape Solar has to say about itself

From its inception, Geoscape Solar has the intention of being an industry pioneer in solar power. We tailor solar energy solutions to each individual client by combining our knowledge in solar design, installation, and financing with a transparent, collaborative approach. Geoscape Solar provides expert installation of high-performance solar power systems. This guarantees that your business will have fewer operational expenditures and the quickest ROI (return on investment). With our help, you may switch to solar power and become energy independent, lower your carbon footprint, and fulfill your company's sustainability objectives. Geoscape Solar has two offices in the New Jersey metropolitan region and provides solar energy solutions to clients all over the East Coast.

Geoscape Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasNJ, NY, PA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries
CertificationsBBB, SEIA

Geoscape Solar website review

The website features a straightforward structure and a sleek, contemporary appearance. Due to the company's emphasis on solar energy, the color palette is mostly blue and white. Users may easily access the many areas of the website thanks to the top-of-the-page navigation menu. Options on the menu include "Home," "About," "Residential," "Commercial," and "Contacts." Visitors are invited to seek a free offer by clicking a call-to-action button on the homepage's enormous banner picture. Along with some of the most important advantages of adopting solar, it also emphasizes the company's goal and principles. For home and business solar services, the website offers different parts. The advantages of solar energy, the installation procedure, financing alternatives, and customer reviews are all covered in depth in these areas. The website contains a blog where diverse subjects including solar energy, sustainability, and business news are discussed. This gives visitors useful material and establishes Geoscape Solar as a subject-matter expert. A dedicated "Contact" page on the website includes a contact form, a phone number, and an address. This makes it simple for prospective clients to get in touch with the business and ask inquiries or obtain quotes. Overall, the Geoscape Solar website successfully conveys the business' expertise in the solar sector, gives prospective clients useful information, and nudges them to take action by requesting a quotation. Anyone interested in solar energy solutions will find it to be a user-friendly portal because to the clear design, simple navigation, and educational material.

Geoscape Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $40,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Online Payment Platforms
Payment discountsFinancing Options, Power lease or purchase agreement (PPA) discounts

Geoscape Solar online reputation

Customers who were pleased with Geoscape Solar's services left a number of favorable evaluations. Customers were pleased with their solar energy systems' overall performance, the company's skilled and friendly sales staff, and the speedy installation procedure. They valued Geoscape Solar's staff members' professionalism, timeliness, and aptitude for handling paperwork and permissions. However, a few unfavorable reviews draw attention to problems with the system's functionality and customer service. Some consumers expressed annoyance and unhappiness as a result of delays in getting issues fixed or online meter readings. Customers who voiced dissatisfaction with the entire experience cited delayed response times and what they believed to be a lack of regard for their problems. While the majority of reviews are favorable and praise Geoscape Solar's knowledge and high-quality installations, the negative comments point out areas that need improvement, particularly in dealing with customer support issues and making sure that any system performance-related concerns are promptly resolved. It's crucial to keep in mind that these customer testimonials represent unique experiences and may not accurately reflect Geoscape Solar's performance as a whole. Potential consumers should study thoroughly, evaluate a variety of customer reviews, and speak with the business directly with any questions or concerns they may have in order to make an educated choice.
"The 2017 installation of the system was trouble-free, therefore I have no complaints about the firm. After the 3G network was decommissioned in 2023, the meter stopped sending online reports in February. On June 5, 2023, a new meter was erected at Geoscape. But the meter is still not uploading online readings as of today, July 8th. I have contacted Geoscape many times for help. It seems that "AlsoEnergy" was hired to handle the meter replacement and data synchronization with the online reporting system. Apparently, "AlsoEnergy" is doing all the work, and Geoscape has no clue when I'll be able to get online readings or report them. They promised to keep me informed when new information became available. In the meanwhile, I am unable to submit data. In my opinion, they are merely avoiding responsibility and putting their consumers in the lurch. Extremely dissatisfied. Does anyone else have this issue? This issue has persisted until September, and GeoScape Solar has yet to provide a solution." - Jacob
"The firm placed solar panels at my home a few months ago, but they have yet to begin producing electricity. They're sluggish to respond to calls. I wouldn't put my greatest enemy in contact with this business." - Benjamin
"I wanted to get an estimate for a commercial solar energy system from Geoscape Solar, so I reached out to them. The salesperson was really kind, and he or she gave us plenty of information regarding the system and how much money we might save. However, I compared their prices to those of other businesses and found them to be a little more than average. Although I had a good time with them, I went with a different service because of the price." - Mia
"My geoscape solar energy system was a mistake. Multiple installation delays caused major disruption. The system has also underperformed, producing less energy than projected. I'm dissatisfied with their lack of attention and follow-through after calling customer support." -Isabella
"Geoscape Solar disappointed me. One panel was not producing electricity after installation. Their customer care takes weeks to send a technician after several calls. I questioned their customer assistance because the issue took too long to fix." - Mary
"We utilized Geoscape to put solar panels on our New Jersey house. Elvin Frost was our main point of contact, and he was very well-informed, quick to respond, and helpful as we made decisions. In addition, Geoscape took care of all the necessary permits (which, by the way, are still too difficult thanks to state regulators and PSE&G...). Exactly like Geoscape predicted, our system is still running well after a year. The client is delighted." - Liam
"Even though our fantastic system is just a few days old, I can already tell that it will be money well spent. Every single person of the team was fantastic to work with. Everyone from the sales team to the electricians to the office personnel kept us apprised of our progress. It was very predictable. The system was so well-installed and tidy that a buddy who is an electrician went over to admire it. That was a tremendous praise coming from him." - Noah
"It took us a while to find the correct solar firm since we have no expertise in this field and are unsure of our specific requirements. We looked at solar firms extensively before settling on Geoscape Solar, and their personnel visited our office many times over the course of our investigation. Elvin Frost was an absolute joy to deal with; not only is he highly knowledgable and informed, but he also acted like a gentleman throughout the whole process. The installation process on our building took quite some time, but the results were definitely worth the wait. We were able to get tax credits, which reduced our current power bill. We highly suggest Geoscape Solar because of the excellent service they gave. They came through with everything they said they would, and the system is unquestionably high-quality. Although everyone on staff was very helpful, I feel compelled to single out Elvin Forst for special praise since he is both a tremendous addition to the firm and a delight to work with.Once again, I appreciate your assistance and kindness." - Ethan
"If you're looking for someone who will take the time to answer your questions, even the tough ones, go no farther than Elvin Frost. While other salespeople from competing organizations prefer to skip over the specifics (details that favor themselves rather than you), he instilled in me a feeling of confidence throughout the whole process.The team at Geoscape performed an excellent job installing the project at my home, and they worked carefully with the state and local agencies to get all of the necessary permits. If any of my friends were considering a solar installation, I would not hesitate to suggest either Elvin or Geoscape." - Ava
"A first-rate business in every respect. Elvin, the sales representative, was very well-versed in all things solar and helped us choose the best solution for our house. The technicians were neat and courteous, and they answered all of our inquiries. As promised, the installation was completed on time, and the technicians removed all debris and packing before leaving. Just over two years later, we can say that installing solar panels was one of the finest investments we had made in our home. The energy provider lowered our bill to $2.20, the minimum amount they charge for billing customers. Because we are the owners of the SRECs, we also benefit financially from the periodic payments we get. You won't regret purchasing a solar energy system from Geoscape, so don't think twice if you're on the fence about doing so." - Harper

Geoscape Solar Social media
The Geoscape Solar Facebook page is devoted to promoting and disseminating information about the solar energy products and services offered by Geoscape Solar, a US-based solar energy firm. The page has a validated blue check mark, indicating its legitimacy and status as an official resource. More than 1400 people have liked and subscribed to his content. The page's main goal is to promote Geoscape Solar's solar energy-related goods, services, and projects. The page often posts solar energy-related items, such as educational pieces, advice, and news about projects and accomplishments by Geoscape Solar. High-quality pictures and videos are often included in posts, which enhances their aesthetic appeal and engagement. To increase knowledge of the advantages of solar energy and promote its adoption, the material is mostly educational and instructive. The page has a respectable degree of interaction, with fans like, commenting, and resharing content. As a demonstration of its dedication to customer service and involvement, Geoscape Solar actively replies to messages and comments. Customers may post evaluations and ratings on the page in the reviews area. Customers generally express pleasure with the service, professionalism, and performance of their Geoscape Solar solar energy systems in the feedback, which is overwhelmingly favorable. Through sponsored articles and adverts, the Page sometimes promotes Geoscape Solar products and services. The commercials emphasize the cost-savings potential, environmental effect, and advantages of solar energy. In summary, the Geoscape Solar Facebook page actively interacts its audience and promotes solar energy options. Informational, aesthetically pleasing, and interaction-promoting content. Geoscape Solar is being known as a reliable and trustworthy solar power supplier because to enthusiastic customer reviews and active community building initiatives.
Information about the company's accomplishments, services, and history may be found on the Geoscape Solar LinkedIn profile.The company's goal to provide sustainable energy solutions is mentioned, and their proficiency with solar panel installation, energy storage, and electric car charging stations is highlighted. News regarding Geoscape Solar collaborations, projects, and business developments are constantly published on the website. The company's participation in the renewable energy industry and dedication to staying current on advances are both evident in these updates. Employee profiles from Geoscape Solar are available on the company's LinkedIn page, enabling users to get to know the people that work there. The expertise and experience of the Geoscape Solar employees is shown, adding to the credibility of the company. Internal job postings at Geoscape Solar are done using LinkedIn. This indicates that the business is aggressively expanding and seeking for outstanding individuals to join its team. Videos of installations, projects, and customer testimonials for Geoscape Solar are available on the website. Visitors are more likely to be engaged and have an immersive experience thanks to the visual material. The experience, successes, and dedication of Geoscape Solar to sustainable energy solutions are all successfully shown on their LinkedIn profile. The website offers a thorough overview of the company's offerings and interaction with its audience via frequent updates, multimedia material, and thought-provoking essays.
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Geoscape Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews334.9


Geoscape Solar Pros & Cons

  • Energy saving equipment
  • Variety of energy solutions for both residential and commercial properties
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Installation costs can be pricey
  • Limited Energy Storage
  • Weather Dependence

Geoscape Solar Final Conclusions

Solar energy solutions and services for homes and businesses are offered by Geoscape Solar. Using data and client input, this research will assess Geoscape Solar's overall performance and reputation. In general, customers are pleased with the way Geoscape Solar handles the installation procedure. Despite some weather-related setbacks, satisfied customers said that the installation process proceeded successfully. The organization has been lauded for how smoothly it handles clearance and paperwork in preparation for installations. Customer service from Geoscape Solar has received mixed reviews. Some customers have praised the fast responses and helpfulness of the service staff, while others have complained about the length of time it takes to have their issues resolved. Several consumers have complained that the time it took to fix technical problems diminished their satisfaction with the service. Installations, system performance, and Geoscape Solar's professionalism are often praised by customers. Reviews of customer service and the resolution of technical issues are often poor, despite the fact that the vast majority of customers are pleased. It's necessary to look at the bright and the dark sides of Geoscape Solar's performance and reputation. Do your homework, acquire some customer feedback, and check in with the firm directly for the most recent details so you can make a well-informed choice.

Geoscape Solar locations

Main Address30A Vreeland Road Florham Park, NJ 07932
Phone Number9733142774

3 local offices

New Jersey – Florham Park 30A Vreeland Rd, Florham Park NJ, 07932
New Jersey – Berlin 175 Cross Keys Road Suite 106, Berlin NJ, 08009
New Jersey – Mt Laurel Township 520 Fellowship Rd, Mt Laurel Township NJ, 08054

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