Xero Solar review

Xero Solar is a company that develops, designs, and installs complete solar energy systems. The company offers complete turnkey on-site solar power generation solutions to residential, commercial, and public building owners, as well as utility companies. To help customers make better choices about their solar energy assets, Xero Solar offers an array of energy storage systems that can address your needs for home or commercial backup power, load shifting, and peak demand shaving.

Xero Solar overview

Xero Solar is a company that develops, designs, and installs complete solar energy systems. The company offers complete turnkey on-site solar power generation solutions to residential, commercial, and public building owners, as well as utility companies. To help customers make better choices about their solar energy assets, Xero Solar offers an array of energy storage systems that can address your needs for home or commercial backup power, load shifting, and peak demand shaving.

What Xero Solar has to say about itself

Xero Solar is a solar business committed to meeting your every solar energy requirement with innovative, high-quality products and services. Each one of the customers can expect nothing less than the best from the skilled specialists who make up a team. The company was happy to provide a variety of affordable payment plans in addition to our cutting-edge designs and installations. Consider no task too large or too minor for qualified staff. Make your fantasies come true and reduce your monthly electricity costs with Xero Solar assistance.

Xero Solar Review

Year Started2010
Company Websitexerosolar.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar site assessments, design, and installation, optimization, financing, maintenance, renewable energy tracking, and energy monitoring.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, multi-crystalline,thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA), flooded lead acid (FLA).
CertificationsUL, NECI, NABCEP, CSA, WELL Building Standard, FAST

Xero Solar website review

You may learn a lot about Xero Solar and its products by visiting its official website. Three easy-to-navigate sections on the homepage—"Culture," "Careers," and "Services"—help users zero in on certain topics. The "Culture" area is where you will find information about Xero Solar's mission, values, and what makes the firm unique. The "Careers" tab is where you'll find opportunities to join the company's staff. The "Services" tab covers the gamut from provision to setup to upkeep and repair. Customers like how simple it is to navigate and find what they're looking for on the site.

Xero Solar price policy

PackagesXeroSurfer - 12-panel system starts at $7,298, XeroJet - 16-panel system starts at $8,698, XeroSeeker - 20-panel system starts at $10,398, Xerosonic - 24-panel system starts at $14,098, XeraPremium - 30-panel system starts at $17,398.
Payment optionsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, cash, check, and financing.
Payment discountsSenior Citizen Discount 10%, Student Discounts 15%, Military Discounts 20%, Repeat Customer Discounts 15%, Referral Discounts 10%, Seasonal Discounts 25%.

Xero Solar online reputation

Energy supplier Xero Solar focuses on assisting people to acquire solar electricity at reasonable prices for their homes and businesses. Numerous reviews highlight the excellent service, educated personnel, and affordable price of Xero Solar. However, some customers have complained about poor customer service and a delay in responding to their inquiries or concerns. Customers tend to have a positive overall perception of Xero Solar and describe it as a reputable and trustworthy company.
"Xero Solar installed solar panels for my house and my office. Both endeavors were disastrous for us and remain so to this day. Poor or nonexistent customer service. They keep promising to come over, but they never follow through. The solar grid at my business establishment has never functioned properly. The home that we have now is giving me nothing but difficulty. I've been trying for months, and they've had plenty of chances to help us. Xero Solar is just interested in doing the installation, collecting payment, and moving on. There is 0 post-payment help available." - Jesica L.
"It seems like this firm was once well-managed but is now in disarray. It's quite difficult to receive a callback. It's futile to try to have a meaningful conversation. My Los Angeles construction company enlisted its services to install solar panels on a brand-new structure. After the deal was finalized, issues arose. Since this has been an ongoing project for many years, they have had plenty of time to ensure proper installation and keep in touch with the customer. We've made it a priority to provide them with several avenues for maintaining open lines of contact. It can't be done. They refuse to learn the meaning of responsibility. When you point this out to them, they become defensive. A terrible customer is a bad client. When a trader or service provider casts the blame squarely on the customer, it's practically a given that something is wrong. They've also taken to blaming me for their distance from the job site, which raises the question: if you didn't want to work there, why did you accept it? They roll up in dilapidated vehicles and get agitated at the least provocation. Something is wrong with this firm; they are completely inept and uninterested in helping you. Don't put yourself in danger; just stay far away from it." - Miranda W.
This is a business that I cannot endorse. About two years have passed since I first got my solar system. Xero Solar spent a full year working with the city to get the necessary permits. The cost of the hardware and backup battery alone was above $20,000. My monthly electricity cost has not decreased at all. Which the power provider assured me would result in refund credits. There have been zero reductions in the amount of my monthly power bill. They also botched the electrical wiring, so I had to call in a professional to fix it. I simply want to provide a heads-up that this particular business is not worth the risk. You'd think that after many years in the industry, they'd have things figured out by now, but that's not the case. - Anna U.
"Doesn't follow through on his promises. So, there was a conjunction of bad service and communication. He had multiple opportunities to do a simple task, yet he botched them all. I'm going to bring in a replacement and recommend they do the same." - Ralph T.
"Our 12-panel Heliocol solar system was installed by Xero Solar in 2012. The manufacturer provides a 12-year guarantee on parts, panels, and labor (except panel clamps and gaskets). So far, there have been no major issues with the system. There were leaks in two header tubes on a panel around the middle of May. At the same time, I discovered the leaky panel clamps and gaskets. On 5/18, Xero Solar was supposed to visit to fix the leaks. When the technician was on his way, he was to give us a call. No one called while I was at home all day. Since I did not get a call from Xero Solar to reschedule my appointment that week, I did so four days later. I did my best to be patient after learning that the technician would be late for work one day. They moved the meeting to May 24th now. I was assured the technician will contact me before making another visit. Again, I stayed at home all day with no calls. The next day, I contacted to find out what happened and was assured that Brittany will get in touch with me to reschedule the appointment. It's been more than a week, and I still haven't heard back from her about rescheduling. I was unable to swim for weeks due to a panel leak, but after reading online how to permanently fix it using a Heliocol plug kit you can purchase on Amazon, I was able to fix it myself with a drop of super glue. I also had to use Amazon components to repair six leaky panel clamps. Fantastic solar panel setup, but terrible support staff. Xero Solar doesn't care about their clients or the effect they have on their lives since they consistently miss appointments and don't return phone calls." - Rise J.
"Our solar panel installation by Xerosolar has just finished. We had a wonderful project manager in Rhetta Maynard. Both the in-office and on-site assistance provided by Rhetta and her team (Rafael, Eric, Kevin, and the others) were top-notch. My paperwork for rebates and permits was completed and submitted for me. Those roofs were put up by Hull Brothers Roofing. Their assistance was also top-notch. Rhetta acted as the intermediary between the two businesses to coordinate schedules. Everything went well and was on schedule. Our experience with installing solar panels has been fantastic. Both Hull Brothers Roofing and Xerosolar come highly recommended by us. "- Nick Y.
"To complement my current 29-panel rooftop solar array, I have solicited quotes for the purchase and installation of a Tesla Powerwall. The lowest qualifying bidder was submitted by Xero Solar. I signed the contract after we agreed on the installation details during a meeting at my house. The necessary licenses were signed, and the job was finished in three days. After inspecting the setup, the city inspector gave his stamp of approval. After the installation was completed and I turned it on, I wondered whether it had worked as promised in the contract. The installation's performance was examined by the project manager, Collin Kapecki, and an engineer, and I agreed that it lived up to all of our expectations. A second Tesla Powerwall was installed by Xero Solar after I commissioned them to do so. Extra installation was difficult to complete in a single day. I couldn't be happier with Xero Solar's work and professionalism. Their support after the installation has been excellent as well." - Lilly B.
"After comparing prices with two other regional installers, we decided to go with Xero Solar. Xero Solar's full-service management of the project, including permitting, inspections, electrical work, final sign-off, and rebates, was flawless, and we chose them because of their use of US-based SunPower's highly efficient, resilient, and competitively priced photovoltaic panels, the recommendations of two friends on the quality of a Xero installation, the friendliness and patience of everyone involved, and the quality of their work. Lee, Kirstin, Ben, Angel, and the rest of the crew, you have my deepest gratitude. From the beginning of the design process until the moment we saw the new meter register electricity being sent back into the grid, we were completely satisfied. It was really helpful that they handled communication with the LADWP and the city of Los Angeles. While some may argue that there is no such thing as an unattractive solar service, they worked with us to ensure that the new equipment had as little of an aesthetic effect as possible on our mid-century property. From our vantage point, installing a new 200 AMP panel, vehicle charging port, running conduit through a very low attic crawlspace, and putting 12 panels on a narrow roof footprint was a massive undertaking, but they made it seem effortless. As a whole, the panels are a visual delight, are hidden from sight, and produce around 18 kWh daily (in March, and now up to 24 kWh in April). We are overjoyed. To keep track of your current and cumulative generation, SunPower's monitoring system provides a pleasant website and mobile app. To allow us to check in from wherever it establishes a connection with our WiFi network (and provides a cellular backup communication channel)." - Jason M.
"We had a moderate to big solar panel system installed on our recently bought house, and the job was completed as promised and on schedule. We have used Xero Solar for several renovations, and they have always been reliable. If only every trade and substitute were as reliable as you. They are not the most affordable option, but neither are they the most costly. Strongly recommended." - Eric F.
"I am delighted with Xero and with Lee Rhoads, their salesperson. They were very reliable, doing all promised tasks promptly. There are no covert charges. When Lee was designing the system for my home, he took his time and was extremely thorough. The service has been excellent right from the start. When the first problem arose during installation (I had to decide where something should go), I was ready to phone Lee for advice when he unexpectedly showed up to see how things were progressing. A year after installing the system, I had to relocate the computer used to track output. Xero rewired the network at no extra charge." - Alex I.

Xero Solar Social media

Xero Solar, an excellent solar energy provider, also maintains an interesting Facebook page. The portal has a clean, smart design, with images illustrating the installation of solar panels and useful energy-saving tips. Testimonials from satisfied Xero Solar customers attest to the popularity and reliability of the brand. Customers can reach out to Xero Solar with any questions or comments using the suggested links to the company's website and other social media outlets. It's easy to find what you're looking for on the site. But lately, one doesn't notice much activity on the company's page.
Their LinkedIn page gives off a professional and reliable vibe; they provide reliable solar energy solutions for households, companies, and utilities. The website seems to be regularly updated with new information, and it has many posts written by staff and industry experts. It has established a significant consumer base and a passionate fan community via its content. In addition, a flawless 5-star rating from previous customers is shown. There is a sizable and engaged Xero Solar community on the professional networking site LinkedIn.
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Xero Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews85


Xero Solar Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Quality service
  • Customer care
  • High Initial Investment Cost
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Weather Dependent

Xero Solar Final Conclusions

For the installation of solar panels, it is obvious that Xero Solar offers top-notch service. They invest the time necessary to carefully plan and implement a system that satisfies the requirements of the client. Although there have been a few hiccups, they have consistently shown to be dependable and provide excellent customer service. For your demands involving solar panels, Xero Solar is a fantastic option because of its dedication to client happiness.

Xero Solar locations

Main Address358 Coral Circle El Segundo, CA 90245
Phone Number3103768740

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