Missouri Solar Applications review

In 2008, Missouri Solar Applications was established. Since then, we have offered solar energy and energy-saving solutions to homes, companies, and other buildings across Missouri and neighboring states. We exclusively provide top-tier goods and services, demonstrating our concern for the caliber of your system.

Missouri Solar Applications overview

In 2008, Missouri Solar Applications was established. Since then, we have offered solar energy and energy-saving solutions to homes, companies, and other buildings across Missouri and neighboring states. We exclusively provide top-tier goods and services, demonstrating our concern for the caliber of your system.

What Missouri Solar Applications has to say about itself

The qualified experts on the team at Missouri Solar Applications will execute the work correctly. Our engineers have the expertise necessary to develop a system that satisfies your demands and are NABCEP Certified. Additionally, Missouri Solar Applications is a licensed Fronius service provider. This means that if there is ever a problem with your Fronius inverter, we can fix it right away, saving you time and money.

Missouri Solar Applications Review

Year Started2008
Company Websitemosolarapps.com
Service AreasMO
Service TypesFinancing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries

Missouri Solar Applications website review

Rocky Missouri Solar Applications operates https://mosolarapps.com/. The website describes the company and its solar panel installation services. The site header has the company logo, contact details, and primary navigation. A colored background divides the site's main content. The top navigation menu links to "Home," "About Us," "Services," "Projects," and "Contact Us." A sticky navigation menu keeps the key components accessible as you scroll across the website. The homepage outlines the company's mission and devotion to solar energy. "About Us" details the company's mission and beliefs. The organization offers residential, commercial, and solar panel maintenance in the Services section. The Projects section describes and displays completed solar installation projects. Customers can use the contact form and corporate information in the Contact section. Rocky Missouri Solar Applications' website is straightforward and useful. More information about the company's experience, credentials, and customer testimonials helps develop trust. Visitors may also benefit from a solar energy FAQ page or blog.

Missouri Solar Applications price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCheck, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer, PayPal, Financing Options
Payment discountsFinancing discounts

Missouri Solar Applications online reputation

Customers have a mixed opinion of Missouri Solar Applications, according to user reviews. Positive client experiences have been reported, stressing the advantages of lower energy costs, environmental friendliness, and competent service. They value the usage of goods produced in the United States, the assistance with paperwork, and the support for system monitoring. These clients back the business and advocate it to others looking for solar energy products. On the other side, some consumers have expressed unhappiness with the installation procedure and technical issues in their evaluations. Some people had an unpleasant installation experience due to delays, miscommunications, and mistakes. Others said that they couldn't always count on customer service to respond in a timely manner, which negatively impacted their perception of the business. One especially unfavorable review emphasizes Missouri Solar Applications' lack of assistance when a client experienced problems with their solar array equipment. Particularly when he required assistance with a broken inverter, the client was dissatisfied with the service rendered. Overall, Missouri Solar Applications provides high-quality solar panels that deliver the anticipated power. Customers have, however, occasionally had problems with the installation procedure, technical help, and response. Prior to choosing a solar energy provider, prospective consumers may wish to conduct thorough research and take into account client reviews.
"MO Solar Apps traveled all the way to Southwest Missouri in December 2017 to install my solar panels. They looked like a great firm to work with, and their salesman promised me that the distance between my project and their headquarters in Jefferson City wouldn't be an issue if servicing was ever required. In November of 2021, I had to have the system taken from my roof so that broken shingles could be replaced. Rather of having them reinstalled on the roof, I preferred to have the panels moved to a ground mount. MO Solar's ground mount cost almost as much as installing the panels on my roof. I hired a different, regional firm to move the panels while I also had three thousand more installed. Fronius's technical support team approved this. Now, in July of 2022, instead of the 10 kilowatts per day that I had been averaging for the first half of the year, my daily solar production is down in the 7900 kilowatt level. The Fronius is obviously malfunctioning. I've tried to arrange for MO Solar Apps to come diagnose the inverter in SW MO, but they have shown no interest. They suggest the other, local business should come diagnose and maintain my system now that I have an extra 3kw of production thanks to them. Since I didn't buy the inverter from them, the local firm also refuses to send someone. In the end, I have found that MO Solar Apps cannot be relied upon to provide enough support for the products they market. Today, I was able to speak with Fronius technical support on the phone; they kindly forwarded me update support files to load into the inverter; and if that doesn't fix the unit, they'll work with me directly to figure out what else to do, such as sending it in for repair. Personally, I wouldn't recommend MO Solar Apps for your solar installation." - Phil
"Unfortunately, my expectations were not met by Missouri Solar Applications. It was clear that the installation staff lacked expertise, since they made a number of blunders during the process. It required many visits from professionals to get the system up and running, since there were many technical issues. The procedure and the assistance I received were not at all what I had hoped for." - Jacob
"It appears that Missouri Solar Applications' solar panels are of high quality, as they have been reliably producing electricity. Unfortunately, after installation I had a few questions that took longer to be answered than I had intended. If the service had been more responsive, I would have had a better time." - Sophia
"Two years ago, we had Missouri Solar Application install a 25 kilowatt system at our store. Our heating and cooling costs have been drastically reduced by this change. We have taken a step in the right direction toward a more eco-friendly and economical way of life. All of the machinery produced by this Missouri-based firm is 100% American-made. All the paperwork was handled, and we were able to get reimbursements from both Ameren UE and the federal government. It's a smart investment since we'll get tax breaks for the next five years, and it'll more than cover its costs by then. Missouri Solar Applications is always available to answer our questions and assist with system monitoring. They even make a point of stopping by our shop whenever they are in the Boonville, Missouri area. We endorse Missouri Solar Application and their crew to anybody thinking about the benefits of solar energy. If you're interested in learning more about what Solar Power can accomplish for your house or company, stop by our shop." - Harry
"The utility connecting paperwork and tax credit investigation were both taken care of by Missouri Solar Apps. Now that everything is set up, I appreciate being able to check in on our solar power system whenever I want. It has been a joy collaborating with Missouri Solar Applications." - Johnny
"MoSolar's service and installation were top-notch and professional at every stage. Since this was the utility's first such installation, MoSolar experts worked with them to revise and update the necessary paperwork so that we could hook up to the grid. It took 6 weeks from the initial contact with MoSolar to the time the system was built, tested, and online. Late in December, the system went live, and the technicians had to withstand bitter cold to get the job done. The results and the functioning of the system have met with our approval." - Seneker
"This summer, I hired Missouri Solar Apps to seal the commercial metal roof, install the solar panels, and switch over to fluorescent lighting throughout the building. We received our first full-month Ameren statement today, and we couldn't be happier with the 80 percent savings we saw compared to the same time last year. Missouri Solar Apps has an excellent team to work with. They were really well-informed and gave me a comprehensive rundown of what to expect at each stage. I really like that they utilize only American-made goods. Our business is significantly more luminous now that we have solar panels installed, and we've eliminated a major source of costly roof leaks." - Alexander
"Missouri Solar Applications is a firm that was easy to work with, and more importantly, their solar panel installers and office personnel were experts in their field. The solar panel system's 14-array performance met expectations. We're relieved that we took the choice to install solar panels on our roof." - Louis

Missouri Solar Applications Social media

The Facebook page has almost 700 likes, which indicates a respectable readership. According to the page, MSA is concentrating on encouraging Missourians to use solar energy and offers services including solar panel installation, upkeep, and consultancy. By often providing articles, news updates, and advice about solar energy, MSA actively interacts with its audience. The purpose of their articles is to inform readers about the advantages of solar energy and how MSA can assist them in switching to a greener energy source. There are countless glowing testimonials and reviews on the page from pleased clients. By incorporating images and video with its communications, MSA gives its audience a dynamic and engaging experience. These graphics further establish their legitimacy by showing the installation of solar panels, energy use data, and even a peek at the MSA team's backstage activities. Through comments and direct messaging, MSA interacts with its audience. They provide further information, immediately answer questions, and even provide no-cost consultations. This demonstrates their devotion to providing excellent customer service and their eagerness to engage prospective clients. The website occasionally lists special offers and happenings, such discounts for installing solar panels or going to regional energy conferences. This increases interest and draws in potential clients. Overall, the Missouri Solar Applications Facebook page has a great effort on teaching and involving its audience, as well as emphasizing its knowledge, client happiness, and dedication to sustainable energy solutions.
The goal, services, and offerings of MSA are fully described on its LinkedIn profile. They highlight their expertise in solar panel installation, upkeep, and consultancy. The website offers profiles of important staff members, including the founder and CEO, highlighting their qualifications and experience in the solar energy sector. This raises belief in the capabilities of the business. On their LinkedIn profile, MSA posts information on the solar energy sector, articles, and ideas. On its LinkedIn profile, MSA highlights customer case studies and success stories. This demonstrates their track record of success and their proficiency in providing solar solutions to individuals and companies. On occasion, job listings can be seen on the page, a sign of MSA's development and expansion. By offering useful materials like blogs, white papers, and instructional tools, MSA demonstrates its competence. They become thought leaders and subject matter experts in the process, enhancing their reputation. Finally, MSA's LinkedIn profile serves as a supplement to their Facebook page by giving them a place to highlight their knowledge, thought leadership, client success stories, and networking ability.
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Missouri Solar Applications average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews35


Missouri Solar Applications Pros & Cons

  • Quality Solar Panels
  • Eco-Friendly Approach
  • American-Made Products
  • Limited Service Coverage
  • Pricing
  • Lack of Follow-Up

Missouri Solar Applications Final Conclusions

With an overall star rating of 4.36, Missouri Solar Applications has a dubious reputation. The company's solar panels, which dependably provide power and save clients money, are noted as positive qualities. Some clients are also responding favorably to the emphasis on sustainability and the usage of American-made items. The company's assistance with paperwork and tax credit inquiries is also valued by people who have benefitted from its service. The installation procedure and customer assistance are the main areas of worry, on the other hand. The whole experience might be substantially impacted by delays, miscommunications, and technical difficulties that some customers have faced during installation. Additionally, there have been concerns regarding the slow customer service, suggesting that this area may require improvement. Some customers compliment the company's expertise and professionalism, while others express dissatisfaction with the quality of help offered. In conclusion, Missouri Solar Applications offers advantages in terms of the quality of its products, their environmental friendliness, and the possible cost reductions brought on by tax incentives. The installation procedure could be streamlined, technical problems could be solved more quickly, and customer support could be more responsive, to name a few areas that need improvement. Before choosing, it would be crucial for prospective customers to thoroughly assess their unique demands and take into account both favorable and unfavorable customer experiences.

Missouri Solar Applications locations

Main AddressP.O. Box 1727 Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone Number5736598657

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