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Energy efficiency is a core competency for SEM Power, a firm that serves both commercial and residential clients. Energy audits, energy performance contracts, hardware/software integration, energy efficiency consultancy, and engineering/commissioning services are all part of what they provide. In addition, companies may take advantage of SEM Power's energy-saving rebate and incentive programs.

SEM Power overview

Energy efficiency is a core competency for SEM Power, a firm that serves both commercial and residential clients. Energy audits, energy performance contracts, hardware/software integration, energy efficiency consultancy, and engineering/commissioning services are all part of what they provide. In addition, companies may take advantage of SEM Power's energy-saving rebate and incentive programs.

What SEM Power has to say about itself

SEM Power is the go-to expert. We're able to create, manage, and provide our clients with effective power solutions because of our full engineering, operations, and construction services. With over 40 years of experience between us, we can tackle any problem and provide any solution you can imagine. Our goal is to provide sustainable, safe, and affordable power solutions that consistently surpass our customers' expectations. Come see how effective SEM Power may be for you!

SEM Power Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium models.

SEM Power website review

Reliable details about the company's services and product offerings are available on's official website. The website is simple to use and has detailed information on every service they provide. The website also has a thorough information area for brand-new clients who want to learn more about the business. Customers feel confident in the website since all of the contact details are current and safe. In summary, is a dependable website that users may utilize to discover trustworthy data while investigating a business.

SEM Power price policy

PackagesSolar System Design and Installation Package (priced from $3,500), Solar System Expansion Package (priced from $2,300), Solar System Monitoring Package (priced from $125), Solar Panel Maintenance Package (priced from $100), Solar Panel Installation Package (priced from $2,400), Solar Panel Repair Package (priced from $50-$300), Solar Panel Removal Package (priced from $500)
Payment optionsCash, credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), check, bank transfer, and PayPal.
Payment discounts10% Off for Returning Customers, 5% Off Sitewide Bulk Orders, 10% Off Select Products, 15% Off Discounts for Educational Institutions, 10% Off Discounts for Non-Profits, 10% Off Discounts for Military or Government Customers, 5% Off Discounts for Resellers and Affiliates, 10% Off Referral Discounts

SEM Power online reputation

It is evident from customer reviews that SEM Power offers its clients a useful service. Many clients have discovered that their service was dependable and produced outcomes that were of a high caliber. Customers' reservations regarding the price, turnaround times, and customer service, however, have been voiced by a few. SEM Power should do more to achieve the greatest degree of satisfaction with its dedication to customer service and outcomes.
"The SEM power company is a sham. We put down a deposit four months ago, and they still haven't sent us blueprints for our solar panel array. Even after several phone calls and emails, they have yet to begin working on our assignment. We have notified the BBB and begun legal action against them. From what I can tell, they are thieves who will take your money. Stay away from this provider. If SEM wants to fix things, they need to stop lying to and ignoring their consumers and start treating them with respect." - Victor S.
"As a solar contractor, I can't say I'm impressed with this firm. They have ZERO customer service skills, and they act like complete profanities. If you need technical or customer assistance, they won't help you because they don't appreciate their customers. They don't know how to work with customers at all. They installed our solar panels and we continue to pay their solar loan; but when I called to get the subsidy paperwork I need to submit to TECO, I could not get in touch with the company's service director. I only need an itemized bill for a few things, and he was unable to provide it to me. Now the refund has been delayed for months. What kind of businessman does this on purpose to get around to references? What is going on here? I will not recommend this company to anyone; there are better solar contractors out there." - Micah U.
"On our shiny new roof is a massive, high-priced solar system that is now unusable. I have to pay both Duke Energy and the loan company for our solar system because of the faulty blueprints I submitted them. Our electricity bill for the month was $700. Do you believe SEM is making an effort to rectify the situation? Not at all! AVOID CONTACTING THEM AT ALL COSTS!!" - Preston L.
"I had 26 solar panels installed on my roof by SEM Power in November and was told that I would no longer be charged for electricity after that. We now know that to be a massive fabrication. Since the installation, my monthly bill from Duke Energy has been $150, rising to $198 last month, and I continue to pay SEM Power $120.00 on top of that. I've called many times, and each time the CSR has promised to have someone get in touch with me. There has been NO PHONE CONTACT WHATSOEVER. Therefore, I am considering filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and/or hiring an attorney because of their deceptive advertising that said my monthly electric bill would be between $9 and $12." - Nolan B.
"The worst WORST shopping experience I have ever had!!! I have no idea where to start... After 17 months of not being paid, I finally had solar panels installed. The insulation workers that came to my property destroyed a window and splattered paint all over the walls and driveway. I tried phoning the sales department and was told that SEM would assist me with my issues, but when I called back, I was ignored once again. Several individuals in the business have disregarded me, and I wish that was the end of it. Despite repeated assurances from the receptionist that "the person that would be able to help you is on the other line and will give you a call back," I have yet to get even a single return call. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere; this business is terrible. This nightmare began in March of last year and shows no signs of stopping." - Devin W.
"Everyone I spoke with at SEM was wonderful to deal with; they were all extremely helpful, enthusiastic, and educated. After signing the contract, I had a query regarding the next steps, and the owner called me to explain everything. Both the engineering and installation teams were great to deal with, and when I queried the lead plumber about the likelihood of leaks, he assured me that he just doesn't do leaks. He was certain in his methods and theirs, and he showed me why and how they use particular safeguards against leaks. It was helpful to see the steps in action rather than simply read about them. When given the opportunity, I will enthusiastically recommend this business to others." - Jaden T.
"Five years ago, on a challenging Spanish-S tile roof, I had SEM install 28 panels. I appreciated the care they took to make sure the installation was done correctly. The system has been up and running for 5 years without a hitch, and the installation survived Hurricane Irma without a hitch. I hired them again this year to install a second 5K set of cameras. Evidently, they have Spanish-S tile installation (and the rest of the installation) down to a science at this point. I will be honest and state that there were problems with the installation quality this time around; nevertheless, they listened to my concerns, sent someone out to the site, devised a solution, and implemented it in a timely manner. In a word, it wowed me. Good folks who take client satisfaction seriously. The way in which one recovers from setbacks, however, is what really sets them apart." - Kaden F.
"While I can't speak to the specifics of the negative review, my own experience with purchasing a system from them was excellent. The whole time I worked with SEM, they were quick to respond, full of helpful information, and made me feel at ease despite the magnitude of the purchase I was about to make. Now when I see the money I'm saving, I see it as more of an investment. It was the best decision I could have made, and I have no qualms about recommending them to others I care about." - Joel T.
"When I fortified my relatively new home (15 years old) with new r39 insulation and a 24/7 variable speed pond pump, last year I still had a $180 electric bill despite having a 24 seer 4 ton inverter air conditioner, better LED lights, inverter washing machine and inverter ceiling fans. Despite my best efforts, the upgrades did not bring the cost of electricity down to an acceptable level. Of all the upgrades, Ac had the highest return on investment. In December, I met with SEM and we discussed the possibility of solar power. The wiring was installed in early January and the utility company activated the system a few days later. Since then, I've been using my credits whenever I want, at no cost, paying only a small net metering fee. If you are interested in solar and are looking for an installation company, I would recommend SEM Power. My 18 years of experience in the HVAC industry has given me an understanding of how to recognize quality products and service providers. If I had to hire someone to do a job like this, it would be SEM. Many thanks to the SEM team!" - Richard G.
"The whole thing was fantastic, and the price was right. Mike's solar panel quotation was the most thorough out of the six I received. He also kept tabs on the situation to make sure everything was running properly. In case you're wondering, the $35 administration charge has been well worth the savings on my $220 monthly electricity bill over the last two months. I have full faith in SEM and would suggest them to everyone." - Marcus J.

SEM Power Social media
Sem Power is a solar energy provider that aims to reduce both environmental impact and utility bills. The layout of the website is clean and professional looking. The page is full of proof of its high quality; there are client images, reviews, and a visible link to the business website. More than 2,000 individuals are part of its online community, making it a formidable force in the field of solar energy. Photos, testimonials, and video clips all pertaining to Sem Power's services, which are promoted on this website. It seems to be in good working order, consistently advertising campaigns and events and providing satisfactory answers to client questions. Customers may get all the information they need and offer comments on the page.
You can trust the data shown on SEM Power's LinkedIn Page. Users are given a comprehensive view of the company structure and personnel. There is a profile photo, detailed description, and website link all contributing to the page's polished, professional appearance. The latest corporate developments and other noteworthy information may also be found on this website. There are a lot of people that like and follow the page, which is a good sign that it is credible. In conclusion, SEM Power's LinkedIn Page is an excellent resource for learning more about solar power and associated services.
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SEM Power average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews634.4


SEM Power Pros & Cons

  • Renewable Energy
  • Expertise
  • Quality Components
  • High installation costs
  • Weather Dependency
  • Limited Service Area

SEM Power Final Conclusions

The solar energy efficiency company is called SEM Power. It specializes in LED lighting technology, energy storage systems, and renewable energy production. Because of its dedication to solar energy solutions and commitment to providing excellent customer service, people generally speak positively about this organization

SEM Power locations

Main Address4640 Eagle Falls Place Tampa, FL 33619
Phone Number8884881817

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