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Using the most recent energy-saving technology, we update your house or place of business before solving the remaining energy needs with solar energy or other renewable energy sources.

Nerd Power overview

Using the most recent energy-saving technology, we update your house or place of business before solving the remaining energy needs with solar energy or other renewable energy sources.

What Nerd Power has to say about itself

Nerd Power was the first company to develop a novel strategy for using solar power. We refer to this process as "Reduction Before Production." Simply said, before looking into options for the generation of clean energy like photovoltaic solar panels, we first try to cut down on the amount of energy your house or company consumes and wastes by installing intelligent technology. This makes it possible for our clients to benefit from a more cost-effective energy system and a better investment for the long run.

Nerd Power Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasAZ, CA, NV, NM, TX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Architecture, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsSingle-crystal, polycrystalline
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries
CertificationsNABSER, SEIA, BBB, The American Solar Energy Society

Nerd Power website review Nerd Power's website has an attractive, modern design. The site has a lot of useful information about a variety of solutions in the field of solar energy and the environmental friendliness of the proposed installations. The site contains colorful illustrations of finished solar installations and overview videos, which look attractive to potential customers. For the complete comfort of staying on the site, there is not enough overview of the cost of work and solar installations.

Nerd Power price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, credit cards
Payment discountsTax benefits, Discounts on utilities, Purchase guarantee

Nerd Power online reputation

Customers rate Nerd Power above average. Nerd Power has been highly acclaimed by consumers for its excellent customer support, availability of installation services, and attractive pricing. In general, homeowners are satisfied with the work of the company.
"Please research your solar power choices if you are reading this. My solar purchase was made possible thanks to salesman Brandon Leyva's "gigantic" deception that I would only have one payment moving ahead. Also, if your credit is questionable, they will get you authorized via a firm that pays for the electricity ahead before the installation is finished even though you will still have to pay a bill. My proposals were eventually accepted yesterday after almost a year. Due to my refusal to pay for a system that is ineffective, there has been back and forth for the last two months. Employees of a garbage firm are not worth my time or hassle. Before you sign with this firm, do some research." - Jason Hill
"Even after more than six months, Nerd Power has not finished the procedure. I was required to complete their task by phoning the status line and even the energy provider to check the status. The spokesman attributes the delay to the city and the utility provider. Nonetheless, it is their duty to see that the project proceeds. The utility provider, CPS, once informed me that my application had been granted over the phone; nevertheless, the project manager did not submit the paperwork to the city until more than a week later. We are now still waiting for connection, and the agent said that they are currently awaiting "the city and utility" firm. Unfortunately, I believed them when they said the procedure would take four months to complete. When the first contract is signed, they take their time completing the installation. Avoid using Nerd Power if you want solar panels unless you want terrible customer support." - RMD
"I've had these panels for three years. I have six bills totaling less than $125. The sales representatives promise you an electronic bill with "only a minor connection cost." In the summer, I spend approximately $400 on electricity in addition to $300 for solar panels. amazing discounts. Before selecting a firm, review all the concerns. All of them concerning nerd power are accurate. At best, their replies to grievances or issues are apathetic. There is always a point of contact who will disappear. Always find someone person to blame. Never use any accountability tools. I hope that class action is coming shortly." - Andy
"The concept of solar energy gave me a lot of optimism. I used NERD power to get solar, but I ended up spending twice as much as I would have with SRP. Very important details were removed in their entirety. Stuff like: Unless you buy a battery, which even the solar business said was overpriced, you can only use your solar during the day. Several major appliances, such as an oven, dishwasher, washer, and dryer, cannot be used simultaneously or you will use up too much of the output. If this isn't convincing enough, I can also tell you that my typical SRP bill was $200 per month. During the next 20 years, I will pay the solar firm 178 in addition to the 160 I already pay for SRP. Also, we have had several difficulties in getting it to operate reliably, and at one time they even neglected to inform us that the solar system was malfunctioning despite knowing it. They merely planned to repair it whenever they had time until we requested. To reduce my carbon footprint, I do attempt to recycle, have a compost, avoid using plastic bottles, and try to produce my own vegetables. I first believed that this would be a wise course of action, however the expense is excessive compared to the benefits." - Christine
"They choose employees who lack talent. They don't exchange messages. To find out what should be done afterwards, you must phone them more than once per month or two. Installation has three times failed municipal inspections. The panels are still being charged to us even though they are inoperable. Six months, they said. We have been idle for the last nine months. Extremely dissatisfied with this business. Make research." - Raymond Alvarado
"Went to solar three years ago, and I purchased my complete system from NERDPOWER. We're thrilled beyond words! It goes without saying that we are happy that our monthly electricity bill is now far lower than it was when we were using APS! And it covers both our solar energy system and our total energy use! NERDPOWER carried on every promise they made. They didn't merely create a system based on our previous use patterns. To ensure that the system they created and installed would be more than enough for our judiciously decreased demand, they first advised us and helped us lower our present usage. They kept us fully up to speed on the status of ALL permissions, inspections, install dates, and so forth. Never once did we travel a path without fully understanding it. Their staff members are knowledgeable, always kind, and quick to address any issues that may have arisen. Both of us and they may check their website or mobile app at any time to see how much electricity our system is now producing. Also, we received sizeable Federal and State tax credits, so not only won't our electricity costs grow year as they used to, but the value of our house has improved and we are saving money every month! You must contact them if solar is something you're thinking about! If you haven't thought about going solar, you should! Call them after that!" Wink Sincerely." - Mark L
"Several solar companies contacted me after I purchased my house in 2017 and gave me their justifications for going solar. a device with government discounts and the potential to store energy. My main worry was that my power company wouldn't back me, which wasn't a nice gut feeling. The current date is March 2022; solar vendor; community festival. (Rep. for NeRD POWER) He provided free installation, a 30-year guarantee on the solar panels, was recommended by the power company, and offered discounts on the power buyback. Using 70% less electricity while going green. This fit perfectly. I started the solar procedure right away. Began in February and began operating on April 19, 2022 (about 3 months, as I had anticipated). NeRD POWER offers step-by-step publications and assistance throughout the whole procedure. Installation method that is always on schedule and has competent staff. making the approval procedure simple. Ever since I started operating, I've been totally pleased. For the following reasons, I would definitely endorse Nerd Power overall. The right expectations were established, and my APS bills are what they promised. Competitive prices and bundles. I had a completely seamless experience." - BL/RT Phoenix Home
"I purchased my house in December 2019 and began the solar installation procedure right away. Since I started operating in June 2020, I have been fully delighted with my installation. In line with my expectations, Nerd Power arrived when they said they would, and the whole installation procedure took around three months. For the following reasons, I would definitely endorse Nerd Power overall. My APS bills are exactly what they stated they would be, and expectations were appropriately established in #1 and #2. 3. Client support after the installation 4. Affordable prices and bundles While the procedure wasn't entirely trouble-free, the few problems I did encounter were resolved without any justification, as I would have anticipated." - GoodK
"Since I've had my Nerd Power system for about a year, I've been overjoyed. Since my power costs are so cheap and my roof is the sexiest on the neighborhood, I never give them a second thought. Very joyful!" - CM
"I moved into a house that was supposed to be energy-efficient, only to find that the attic, ducts, seals, and thermostat were extremely old. Nerd Power improved the insulation in my attic, replaced my leaking ducts, and qualifying me for a brand-new ecobee smart thermostat that I can access from anywhere, an EV charger for my garage, and enough solar panels installed on my roof to nearly 90% reduce my high utility expenses. I received numerous quotations, but Nerd Power was fast to schedule, had an easy-to-understand energy report, and guided me through the incentives I was unaware were available to me. Given how excessively high my power bill was, it was essentially a no-brainer. Needless to add, the installation team made no messes. Excellent business, and if you're thinking about going solar, I wouldn't waste your time with anybody else." - Tyler

Nerd Power Social media
Nerd Power is a company that specializes in producing energy drinks with the intention of providing geeks and gamers with a stimulating and invigorating surge of energy. The company appears to have a large number of supporters, judging by the reviews that can be found on their Facebook page. The vast majority of evaluations left by customers are very favorable and emphasize the company's excellent customer service, high-quality products, and delicious energy drinks. In addition, the feedback from customers demonstrates Nerd Power's dedication to having fun and being innovative in the process of developing new and one-of-a-kind tastes. Customers seem to like the company's sense of humor and the products that have a theme to them, according to reviews. In general, the ratings and comments that customers have left on Nerd Power's Facebook page provide an indication of the level of satisfaction the company has been able to provide for its clientele. It is evident that Nerd Power has been able to create a big customer base by providing good customer service and quality products, despite the fact that there are a few reviews that express dissatisfaction with the company's offerings.
Their LinkedIn page gives a thorough rundown of all of their endeavors, from their mission and goods to their staff and events, as well as a thorough description of their achievements. More than 1000 people follow the page. Videos, photos, and captivating product descriptions are among the content types used on the LinkedIn page in an effort to draw in potential clients. Additionally, there are blogs that showcase customer and employee success stories, demonstrating their mission to infuse the geek and gaming community with fun and enthusiasm. Nerd Power has succeeded in positioning itself as a market leader by pushing its brand through various social media platforms like LinkedIn. Nerd Power's LinkedIn page not only highlights their objectives and achievements, but it also offers details on job openings inside the organization, assisting future team members in better understanding the company's mission and values. Overall, Nerd Power's LinkedIn page is a useful tool for businesses to show their dedication to quality, provide information about job openings, and engage with potential customers and employees by sharing their mission and success stories.
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556 Subscribers

Nerd Power average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews2564.2


Nerd Power Pros & Cons

  • Extensive service area
  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Payback of the solar system
  • Support issues after installation

Nerd Power Final Conclusions

A renewable energy provider called Nerd Power offers affordable and environmentally friendly energy solutions for residences and businesses. The company offers a range of goods and services, including energy efficiency consultancy, solar installations, and energy storage alternatives.With its outstanding customer service, Nerd Power has achieved top consumer evaluations. They claim that the team is knowledgeable, amiable, and responsive to consumer needs. The excellent quality of Nerd Power goods was also appreciated by many consumers. They claim that the work is completed fast and effectively, interfering little to no with their regular activities.Customers are generally quite happy with Nerd Power's work. They like the company's dedication to sustainability, top-notch customer service, and luxurious installations. If you're searching for a reputable and affordable renewable energy source, Nerd Power could be your best option.

Nerd Power locations

Main Address2065 W Obispo Ave, #102, Gilbert, AZ, 85233, United States
Phone Number(866) 572 2637

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