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The industry standard for solar energy design and installation for both commercial and residential buildings is Quantum Solar Designs. Along with building and installing solar energy systems, storing power, and servicing the installations, the company also offers energy assessments. Additionally, they provide ways to finance solar systems for homes.

Quantum Solar Designs, Inc overview

The industry standard for solar energy design and installation for both commercial and residential buildings is Quantum Solar Designs. Along with building and installing solar energy systems, storing power, and servicing the installations, the company also offers energy assessments. Additionally, they provide ways to finance solar systems for homes.

What Quantum Solar Designs, Inc has to say about itself

Modern business Quantum Solar Designs offers design, installation, and maintenance services for solar energy systems. We provide comprehensive, top-notch solar designs for residences and commercial buildings utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality components. The mission of our business is to provide consumers outstanding service and sustainable energy solutions. We take pride in offering our clients environmentally friendly, cost-effective solar solutions that don't sacrifice reliability or efficiency.

Quantum Solar Designs, Inc Solar Review

Year Started2011
Company Websitequantumsolardesigns.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, bifacial, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow-battery systems.

Quantum Solar Designs, Inc website review

The company's main website is located at qsd1.com. We can claim that the site is well-designed, updated often, and professionally done. The company's goods and services, as well as contact information and other useful data, are described. This website seems to be trustworthy, but as always, you should exercise care before clicking on anything online. Before putting your faith in a website, you should always look into its background and see what other people have to say about it online. In addition, be wary of any links or demands for personal information that seem suspicious. In general, qsd1.com seems legit and gives visitors plenty of helpful data about the business. This website, together with your own research, is a fantastic place to begin your quest for answers.

Quantum Solar Designs, Inc price policy

PackagesStandard Personal Solar System Package Starts at $5,499, Premium Personal Solar System Package Starts at $7,999, Commercial Solar System Package Starts at $14,999, Corporate Solar System Package Starts at $19,999, Off-Grid Solar System Package Starts at $9,999, Solar With Battery Backup Package Starts at $14,999, Solar Plus Battery Storage System Package Starts at $19,999, Remote Utility Solar System Package Starts at $24,999, Solar Carport Package Starts at $19,999, Solar Pool Heating System Package Starts at $7,499, Custom Solar System Package Price Varies
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express), cash, PayPal, and money orders. Financing options are also available through Acima.
Payment discounts10% off for existing customers who refer a friend, 15% off for military members, 5% off for seniors, 5% off for first responders, 10% off for local business owners, 5% off for low-income household customers, 10% off when you purchase a full solar system, 15% off when you purchase panels in bulk

Quantum Solar Designs, Inc online reputation

Positive comments and feedback from consumers have been plentiful for Quantum Solar Designs. The organization has earned high marks from patrons for the quality of its products and the speed with which it installs them. Customers have also noted the kind and helpful demeanor of the customer support staff. Customers have pointed up a few areas of improvement, despite the generally excellent evaluations. Some consumers have complained about a lack of post-installation support and the unavailability of certain solar items. Despite the criticism, Quantum Solar Designs remains a popular option for many people seeking solar power systems.
"They were unable to accommodate my request for assistance with the installation of a Tesla wall charger for at least two months due to their heavy workload. I replied that I could wait patiently, and never heard back from them. They have no idea that going solar is part of my plans, along with the Tesla charger. It seems they are not interested in doing the less important work." - Jack S.
"You will not get the promised decrease in property taxes. Covid caused a delay in the project, and that's totally acceptable. Completely set up by June 2021. Appointments are scheduled without first confirming with the consumer, and there is a lack of communication between departments. They have zero ability to talk to one another. My property tax deduction paperwork has been pending for almost three years now. We've tried to get in touch with you more than a dozen times and we're beyond frustrated with your customer service. spent a lot of time trying to convince others to give them another opportunity, but no one seems to mind. The final results of the transaction will be quite different from the estimates provided to me before to signing the contract, and I intend to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as a result. By failing to file documentation on my behalf, Venture Solar has effectively stolen $7000 from me." - Jordan M.
"According to the contract, the whole process should take between 13 and 17 weeks. The 24th week has passed and I still don't have a working system. There was a gap of many weeks between our phone calls and email. Since I can't tell whether they're still working on it or not, I complained to the BBB. Imagine being treated like this when you need to make a warranty claim if this is how they handle new clients now." - Кevin H.
"It pains me to keep silent about my terrible encounter with Quantum Solar Designs. Operations did not deliver on the lofty promises made by the sales team. The contract began in June, and the system is still not finished. Furthermore, they outsourced the roofing repair to a business that first built inadequately sized skylights but ultimately fixed the problem after repeated requests from the client. These contemporary skylights provide a space of 1 inch between the drywall and skylight framework. The frame itself is a natural wood color which is looking totally raw in the family room. Multiple conversations with their staff have led me to the conclusion that altering any of the home's inside fixtures is not permitted. These skylights are accessible from the inside of the building, and the previous ones were taken out as well. The awful situation, and nobody seems to care." - Brayden P.
"I was supposed to have them inspect my home, but I had to cancel. They never go beyond looking at online photographs. Their technical division reportedly told me through text message that it wasn't worthwhile. Never came to my home to take a look, ask any questions, or give me any instructions about the trees on my property. Solar panels, if I'm not mistaken, need sunlight. More than four hours of sunshine each day reach my roof when it's in the right position." - Luke F.
"This was our second try at a solar system due to health problems. Quantum's transparency at the time made me reconsider going solar. I got three different quotations, but Quantum was the only one that included the free installation of four more panels. Again, Tyler went through everything in depth with my husband and never made us feel pressured. We were advised by many solar companies that our roof was not suitable for solar panels. Quantum disproved their claims and reoriented our panels to get the most sunlight possible. The wiring was concealed for a tidily installed appearance. Free mobile phone tracking is awesome. My neighbors have never had the opportunity to go solar until now. Going solar was a great decision, in my opinion. What a fantastic group of people to work with!" - Dylan L.
"The business owner visited my home to go through the number of panels needed to eliminate our LADWP energy cost. He went through the terms of the loan and the federal refund that is available. To my pleasure, he walked me through each and every one of the steps. The proprietor was highly knowledgeable in electrical engineering. Our solar panels were installed by his efficient crew in only two days. Quantum Solar is a referral-based business. My next-door neighbor recommended them, and I've since spoken with other satisfied clients who all attest to the service's affordability." - Caleb D.
"This evaluation has been long overdue. Nicholas was a direct report to me, and he was outstanding. Two years ago, I had a problem with a leak in my roof just beneath where I had placed solar panels. Nicholas responded to our inquiry within 2 days, and his staff promptly and expertly resolved the problem. It speaks a lot about the firm that they stay behind their goods and provide their current customers nothing but the best treatment possible. This is the kind of service that will keep me coming back. Strongly recommended!" - Gavin E.
"Quantum Solar installed solar panels for us about two years ago. They delivered on every single one of their assurances. They arrived on time and finished the work quickly and neatly. We knew a great deal about the panels and inverters they use. They have high-quality panels and a reliable installation process. We are really happy with our panels and the money we have saved over the last two years. In addition to Quantum, four additional firms provided us with quotations. We took the time to investigate all of our options, and choosing Quantum Solar was the clear winner." - Mason S.
"Unfortunately, shortly after I turned on my solar energy system, one of the optimizers on my panels failed. To make matters worse, while I was negotiating for repairs with the original installer, SoCal Solar Energy, they suddenly went out of business. But SolarEdge, the component manufacturer, was very helpful in pointing me to several local contractors who could repair the part under warranty. The staff at Quantum Solar Designs, from the receptionist to the installers, gave the impression of very kind and helpful people. The owner's son, was one of three Quantum employees who happened to be on site. Despite the established labor compensation mandated by the component warranty, these men went the extra mile to make sure the component replacement was a success. Lucas was a great teacher as he was well informed, open and kind. He also talked about the high-quality, premium photovoltaic solar systems that Quantum typically offers and installs." - Isaac C.

Quantum Solar Designs, Inc Social media

If you're curious in solar energy, then you should check out the Quantum Solar Designs Facebook page. The page has a considerable influence in the solar energy sector, with over 1,700 followers. There are frequent updates with the latest information about solar energy and other forms of renewable power. There are beautiful pictures of solar panels and installations, as well as informative films and tutorials, on the website. Their About us page gives a link to their main website and details their customer reviews and certifications, so it's evident they can be trusted. The design of the website is polished and user-friendly. Excellent aesthetics abound, from the engaging cover art to the thoughtful use of grid lines to demarcate the various elements of the page. The site is user-friendly for both new and seasoned users because to its basic design and well-structured information.
Quantum Solar Designs' official LinkedIn profile is a trusted and informative resource for all corporate information. The website has a polished, expert look and easy-to-use navigation for new visitors. All of the highlighted posts regarding their initiatives and suggestions are up-to-date and informative. It currently has about 100 subscribers. Along with customer reviews, you can read intriguing material about upcoming projects and current news. The page is quite popular and is likely to become more popular as business expands. Because Quantum Solar and the company staff update the site frequently, visitors can be assured that the information presented is accurate. In general, you can learn a lot about Quantum Solar Designs from its LinkedIn profile, which is guaranteed to give a reliable and accurate representation of the business.
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Quantum Solar Designs, Inc average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews74.4


Quantum Solar Designs, Inc Pros & Cons

  • Quality Selection
  • Professional Support
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Limited Product Selection
  • Financial Risk
  • Lack of Experience

Quantum Solar Designs, Inc Final Conclusions

Select Solar LLC is a solar energy provider that serves commercial and residential clients. Select Solar LLC provides solar energy solutions including solar panel installation, system design, maintenance, and more. Customers are generally satisfied with Select Solar LLC and have given the firm high marks for professionalism and knowledge.

Quantum Solar Designs, Inc locations

Main Address1270 Avenida Acaso Suite D Camarillo, CA 93012
Phone Number8054456576

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