Texas Solar Power Systems review

For homeowners, businesses, and even governments, Texas Solar Power Systems has you covered from start to finish with its solar energy system design, installation, and maintenance services. Services vary from system design and engineering through installation, maintenance, and monitoring, and they deal with both new and existing solar energy systems.

Texas Solar Power Systems overview

For homeowners, businesses, and even governments, Texas Solar Power Systems has you covered from start to finish with its solar energy system design, installation, and maintenance services. Services vary from system design and engineering through installation, maintenance, and monitoring, and they deal with both new and existing solar energy systems.

What Texas Solar Power Systems has to say about itself

Homeowners can be certain that their investment in solar energy will be properly implemented when they deal with Texas Solar Power Systems. Our knowledgeable advisors and solar panel installation crew provide helpful services, affordable payment plans, and unwavering commitment to ensuring your house prospers with a sustainable energy system. We'll help you save money on utility bills and raise the market value of your house by installing high-quality materials and components.

Texas Solar Power Systems Solar Review

Year Started2010
Company Websitetexassolarpowersystems.com
Service AreasTX
Service TypesDesign, installation, maintenance, and financing.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.
CertificationsTDLR, NABCEP, ISPQ, BBB

Texas Solar Power Systems website review

Texas Solar Power Systems' website provides a wealth of knowledge on the business and its offerings. It's well-organized and simple to use, with clear explanations and illustrations of the goods and services on offer. Texassolarpowersystems.com is updated often, another indication of a serious business. The website is credible since it includes links to both customer care and technical help. Overall, it seems like a reliable resource for learning about Texas Solar Power Systems and the services it offers.

Texas Solar Power Systems price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Package: starting at $15,800, Commercial Solar Package: starting at $25,000, Solar Pool Heating Package: starting at $3,500, Solar Hot Water Package: starting at $8,000, Solar Attic Fans Package: starting at $1,200, Solar Carport Package: starting at $25,000, Solar Battery Backup Package: starting at $5,000, Solar Monitoring Package: starting at $799
Payment optionsCash, check, bank transfer, major credit cards, and financing options.
Payment discountsMilitary Discount: 5%, Senior Citizen Discount: 10%, Referral Discount: 10%, Multi-System Discount: 5%, No-Interest Financing: 0%, Solar Tax Credit: 30%, Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC): 30%, Solar Energy System Lease: 0%

Texas Solar Power Systems online reputation

Positive comments about Texas Solar Power Systems often focus on the company's installation quality, helpfulness to customers and financial savings. Customers are impressed with the company's level of professionalism and care, as well as the warmth of their interactions with staff. Negative comments often make note of the length of time it takes to get from installation to activation, as well as the absence of any bonuses. Texas Solar Power Systems seems to have happy consumers due to their dedication to high-quality service.
"Hello, I am having a big problem with the system that Texas Solar Power Systems installed, and the problem is that the seller lied to me and told me that my solar panels would cover 110% of my electric bill. Imagine my shock when I received a bill for $623 that said my panels only brought in $17.3 in revenue." - Carter N.
"While Luis did an excellent job of selling me solar panels, things quickly went south once I signed the contract. Texas Solar Power Systems is NOT a solar installation firm, to start. Once they've convinced you to go solar, they'll hand over the installation to an independent contractor. You won't hear from Luis again after finalizing the deal with that firm, either. You will most likely be assured of excellent service if you do business with this organization. I was assured that Luis would be my main point of contact for support questions and issues no matter who ultimately installed my system. Instead, after signing the deal, Luisl vanished. I've tried contacting them by text message, email, and phone several times over the last month with no success. I've given up on attempting to get in touch with them at this point." - Adam M.
"Don't do business with them. There are too many problems with this installation for me to list them all here. Here are a few key points. May 2022 will see the installation of a 14 kilowatt home system. Texas Solar Power Systems arrived to do a compliance check and ultimately shut down the system. There was no response after months of calls and concerns. A new meter box was erected, but unfortunately it was positioned in an illegal spot. The meter box was relocated after a few more weeks passed. Great! Finish line, or so we thought. Even after 10 months, we were hit with astronomical electrical costs from the new system. After receiving several complaints, they finally came back to work, and we discovered that they had fitted the wrong meters. We replaced the meters and saw a little decrease in our energy costs. The incorrect installation of the inverters was revealed by further complaints. The inverters were optimized for use in the UK, and a call to the manufacturer's tech support revealed as much. No one has returned my calls or emails since January 2023. STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS" - Cole B.
"That firm doesn't deserve even a single star. Even though they indicated they contacted my energy provider about a meter switch, it had been eight weeks and they had still not done so. Even though I had been advised against using them, I decided to give them a go because of how cheap they were. They received both rave and scathing reviews in equal measure. The phone representatives refused to identify themselves and were hard to comprehend. I waited 8 weeks before canceling the purchase and then had to fight to get my money back when they failed to fulfill the order. The day I canceled, I called a different company, and my 8-kilowatt system was installed in less than 12 days." - Alex T.
"On June 23rd, I placed a $400 deposit to reserve a 6 kilowatt solar array with a battery. On July 16th, I received an email confirming my installation date of August 28th between 7:30 am and 8:30 am and asking for the remaining amount. When I contacted Texas Solar Power Systems at 9:30 am, I was informed there would be no installation today for no apparent reason, and no one had shown up. I said that I had already paid in full and that I had been waiting for about two months for the installation to take place. The technician's only response was Sorry, sir," and I pointed out that the agreement specifies that "If the installation cannot be done on the day, Texas Solar Power Systems will contact," but they never did. The man promised to call and set up another time. I said I was upset that I had to take the day off work for this." - Levi D.
"The support I've gotten from this firm has been superb. Their staff has been very accommodating and committed to assisting me in developing a winning solar panel layout. This firm's service was outstanding, and I would not hesitate to recommend them." - Luke V.
"To lessen our impact on the environment, we sought the assistance of Texas Solar Power Systems in the installation of solar panels. They made the process of installing solar panels much less stressful by handling design, permits, and installation. Timeliness and reliability in system operation characterize the project's successful conclusion. The solar panels' output graphs are fascinating to us. This is a fantastic buy for the price!" - Robert R.
"Texas Solar Power Systems has been a wonderful service for us. It's a fantastic local business, and they always deliver on their promises. We have a wonderful solar panel system on our roof thanks to their assistance. Our solar panels were installed as quickly as possible, and the office manager was very kind and helpful in making sure we had everything we needed. Get in touch with them if you want cost-effective solar panel installation." - Hunter K.
"The sales rep helped secure the necessary permissions and brought in the proper experts to get the project done quickly and correctly. The final cost matched the estimate exactly. My solar power systems have been up and running for just over 3 weeks, and I couldn't be happier with them. Whenever possible, choose Texas Solar Power Systems for your solar power needs." - Thomas L.
"I decided to go solar after getting many estimates. Texas Solar Power Systems dispatched a representative to provide the lowest pricing and longest guarantee. The staff was very helpful in answering our questions about the system, the available configurations, the price, etc. A single day is all it takes to install our solar panels. Their updates kept us abreast of developments. A mere four weeks are required for the whole process. We are relieved to be able to offset our power expenditure." - Julian W.

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Texas Solar Power Systems average reviews

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Texas Solar Power Systems Pros & Cons

  • Reliable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Limited Government Support
  • Limited Exposure to Sunlight
  • Difficult Maintenance

Texas Solar Power Systems Final Conclusions

The state of Texas is home to Texas Solar Power Systems, a solar energy provider. They serve residential, commercial, and industrial facilities, installing new systems and repairing existing ones. The company's reliability and high-quality services have been praised by customers. Users have rated Texas Solar Power Systems 4.5 stars.

Texas Solar Power Systems locations

Main Address300 Throckmorton St, Fort Worth 76102
Phone Number2819166056

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