A1A Solar Contracting review

A1A Solar is the most well regarded renewable power and energy system design-build service provider in the neighborhood. They are a Pre-qualified and Certified Solar Contractor.
A1A Solar Contracting review

A1A Solar Contracting overview

A1A Solar is the most well regarded renewable power and energy system design-build service provider in the neighborhood. They are a Pre-qualified and Certified Solar Contractor.

What A1A Solar Contracting has to say about itself

The main Florida markets are serviced by A1A Solar Contracting, Inc., which specializes in the design and installation of solar electric (photovoltaic/PV) systems for homes and businesses. None of the work was ever outsourced; it was always completed in-house by workers of the organization. Our dedication to quality and the complete satisfaction of our customers sets us apart at every stage of the solar installation process, from design to installation. As a result, homeowners in northern Florida and companies in the southeast choose us as their solar contractor of choice. One of the things that sets A1A Solar different from its competitors is the Solar Insure Warranty, which is the greatest one that is currently available.

A1A Solar Contracting Review

Year Started2010
Company Websitea1asolar.com
Service AreasFL, GA
Service Typesinstallation and maintenance of solar panels, system design, energy audit and energy efficiency improvement, financial and technical support, energy monitoring.
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar modules
Backup Batterylithium-ion and lead-acid batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, BBB,

A1A Solar Contracting website review

The website a1asolar.com has a clean, professional design that is simple to explore. Images of solar installations and solar panels in high-definition may be seen on the homepage. Detailed information on A1A Solar Contracting services, including residential and commercial solar installations, is available on the website. Visitors may discover the advantages of solar energy, how to make the transition, and the several financing choices available. All things considered, the A1A Solar Contracting website is a well-planned and educational resource for anybody interested in learning more about solar energy and investigating solar energy options.

A1A Solar Contracting price policy

Packagesresidential installations $10,000 to $20,000, Commercial installations $20,000 to $100,000 or more.
Payment optionscash, check, credit cards and PayPal
Payment discountsstate and federal tax credits, utility discounts, discounts for veterans, seniors and new customers.

A1A Solar Contracting online reputation

A1A Solar Contracting has received great marks from clients for its professionalism, expertise, and top-notch work. They have also received accolades for their outstanding customer service, with several clients saying that they received regular updates during the installation process and that any problems or worries they had were quickly addressed. Unfortunately, some clients were dissatisfied with the company's services. Customer service issues and inept supervisors were the subjects of complaints. But generally speaking, it can be said that A1A Solar Contracting is a respectable and trustworthy business.
"Finally, after almost a year, my system is performing as promised. Generac discovered that one of their solar panel components was faulty and needed to be changed over the previous year. Early December saw the availability of those new components and their installation in my system. I am revising the prior rating to 3 stars since I cannot hold A1A Solar accountable for installing the defective components. I have a few suggestions IF you decide to go solar, which I still support, and work with this business. First, educate yourself well before placing your purchase, and don't be hesitant to ask any questions you may have of the company (in my case, Generac). Keep in contact with the contractor if there is a problem with your system until it is fixed. You owe the corporation that till the system performs as promised. A1A still needs to improve their consumer communication." - Kevin Skelly
"Just finished dealing with "Jayson," their "salesperson," who had no knowledge about solar energy and wasted my time. He was, it turned out, in the Philippines. Only a salesman from their partner firm on the opposite side of the facility was available from this "local" company. Other solar ideas I had received were put into the presentation. This business is obviously not serious." - Zach
"First off, the sales representative misled us about the system's efficiency (she signed all of our calculations showing how many watts the system should generate). We sent a request to the firm after some time passed with no response; the issue was not resolved. The company's defense was that everything seems to be operating and generating normally on their PC. When you present a firm electricity bills with extremely low system output and get the same response, "Our system is working just fine," it's like talking to a wall. We now have solar and must live with it; no promised outcomes, no fixes, and no money back have been offered. It is a huge con!" - Alternative
"I paid a lot of money for a 11.4 KW system that was advertised as having a high return on investment. Since the system is not creating any value, I am being forced to sell my property and, quite literally, am losing more money than what I invested in it. Without a doubt, I'm furious and angry and would NEVER suggest these folks, or any other solar firm..." - Jesse V.
"The solar system I had installed is providing a monthly savings of ~$40.00, with a monthly payment of $125.00 of the system. The system will take ~25 years to recoup the cost of the system AFTER reducing the price by the tax credit. The production of electric is far below what I was told during the sales process. This comes after the installers went directly against my advice of which part of my roof to install the panels on." - tricked
"It was a great experience, and I recently had two Tesla powerwalls and 30 panels put. Actually, they arrived to my project approximately two to three weeks early than anticipated. All of Warren, Josh, Nate, and CJ were really kind, smart, and diligent. They were extremely patient with me as I asked questions, and the final inspection went well. I'll definitely utilize them again for any future job I require!" - Bobbie Hanks
"Tim and Alejandro excelled. They informed me they required access to the attic when they came at 10 a.m. By 3 pm, they were finished. After themselves, they cleaned up. installed the system according to specifications. Tim explained how everything works. The men were kind and enthusiastic about installing our solar for us. added tape on the meter as an extra step to inform us when the meter is replaced. Thanks a lot! The experience with A1A Solar has been excellent." - Lisa P
"I contacted A1A Solar Customer Support for help in locating certain solar panel documentation after receiving a request from my home owner's insurance company. I received excellent assistance from the permit expert Virginia Jada. Virginia procured all the paperwork I need and even assisted me with submitting a transfer document I was unaware of. I would gladly go to A1A Solar for all of my solar panel energy requirements if the customer service was even half as wonderful as Virginia Jada's. Virginia, thanks so much for your assistance; keep up the fantastic job!" - Jesse S
"Throughout this installation procedure, A1A has been outstanding. Excellent contact through calls and emails as necessary. They responded to all of my inquiries. Ben Best and Bobby Sligh went above and above. Everything was set just like I wanted it. Very clean; just the rails penetrate the roof. Fantastic job. Definitely returning to them for any system improvements. I appreciate how simple and economical the procedure was made by you guys. A+. Highly recommended." - PJ Ruiz
"My system was expertly repaired by Mr. Tim Stalnaker and Mr. Bobby Sligh. Ms. Sierra Branch did an excellent job of keeping an eye on the production from her office. These are beauties! I'm grateful." - Metty Januar

A1A Solar Contracting Social media

facebook.com linkedin.com
A1A Solar Contracting, which offers solar installation services, is linked to this Facebook page. The page is filled with useful details about their offerings and how to acquire the best solar installation for your residence or place of business. Additionally, the portal includes updates on the goods they provide, promotions for both new and existing clients, and helpful hints for keeping your solar installation in good condition. The page uses social media marketing as well and updates frequently to interact with its followers. Additionally, the comments section on their postings attracts a lot of attention from readers. The A1A Solar Contracting page features customer testimonials in addition to their updates, which is unusual on Facebook. This demonstrates how they value client feedback and make an effort to incorporate it into their decision-making. In general, A1A Solar Contracting excels at utilizing social media marketing and interacting with its target market. They offer helpful information, client testimonials, and service updates. The success of any firm is largely dependent on its ability to increase client loyalty while also strengthening its brand.The purpose and services of A1A Solar Contracting are described on its LinkedIn page. They share their years of experience, partnerships with business and residential clients, and expertise in the field of solar installation on the page. Client endorsements abound on the LinkedIn page, bolstering the trustworthiness of A1A Solar Contracting's offerings. Additionally, they publish updates outlining their services and pursue perfection. A1A Solar Contracting goes above and above by giving images and videos of their projects and installations. This is an effective method of self-promotion because it gives potential clients an idea of what actual projects look like. The LinkedIn profile of A1A Solar Contracting provides convenient contact information for the business for potential clients. This is a fantastic approach to create a positive first impression and draw in new clients. Overall, A1A Solar Contracting makes excellent use of their LinkedIn page. They offer helpful data, client comments, and updates that help you grow your business and strengthen your visibility on the platform.
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A1A Solar Contracting average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews744.1


A1A Solar Contracting Pros & Cons

  • limited service areas
  • lack of customer service options
  • not suitable for all types of roofs
  • high quality products
  • competitive prices
  • funding options

A1A Solar Contracting Final Conclusions

In conclusion, A1A Solar Contracting has shown to be a credible and trustworthy solar contracting business. A1A Solar Contracting has over ten years of expertise in the field and has successfully completed a large number of residential and commercial solar projects across Florida and beyond. Because of its dedication to employing top-notch items and offering top-notch customer service, the business has a devoted following of clients and favorable evaluations. One of the best options for individuals wishing to transition to solar energy is A1A Solar Contracting, whose team of qualified experts has a track record of completing projects on schedule and under budget. Generally speaking, A1A Solar Contracting is a pioneer in the solar sector and a reliable business partner for those looking for affordable, sustainable energy solutions.

A1A Solar Contracting locations

Main Address10418 New Berlin Rd #223, Jacksonville FL 32226
Phone Number(904) 468-7861

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