Meraki Solar review

Meraki Solar is a comprehensive solar energy provider for both homes and businesses. Solar panel setups, battery storage, and other energy-related services are only some of their specialties. Solar energy system design and installation, energy management and monitoring, energy audits, and efficiency improvements are all part of their repertoire of offerings.
Meraki Solar review

Meraki Solar overview

Meraki Solar is a comprehensive solar energy provider for both homes and businesses. Solar panel setups, battery storage, and other energy-related services are only some of their specialties. Solar energy system design and installation, energy management and monitoring, energy audits, and efficiency improvements are all part of their repertoire of offerings.

What Meraki Solar has to say about itself

Meraki Solar is an organization that works to improve the way the world uses energy. We will not rest until we develop practical and affordable sustainable energy alternatives. We provide a wide variety of solar energy solutions to both business and residential clients, backed by state-of-the-art technology and a skilled workforce. Our mission is to deliver first-rate service while also contributing to the mitigation of climate change and the lowering of energy use.

Meraki Solar Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasCO, FL, NV, NM, TX, UT
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, flexible, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and storage solutions.

Meraki Solar website review

The official Meraki Solar website may be found at Those interested in learning more about their offerings may do so at a website that is both thorough and easy to use. Information on Meraki Solar's solar panel systems, energy storage choices, and renewable energy services can be found on their website. Users will have little trouble navigating the site and finding the data they want. New features and materials are added often. In sum, is a dependable and trustworthy website that offers plenty of helpful details about its offerings.

Meraki Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installation - Starting at $2,500, Solar Panel Maintenance - Starting at $1,200, Solar Inverter Installation - Starting at $1,000, Solar Cable Installation - Starting at $500, Solar Panel Monitoring - Starting at $500, Solar Water Heating - Starting at $2,500, Solar Pool Heating - Starting at $3,500, Solar Lighting - Starting at $2,000, Solar Car Charging - Starting at $500
Payment optionsCash, check, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), PayPal, and Apple Pay.
Payment discountsReferral Discount: 10%, Bulk Discount: 5%, Military Discount: 10%, Senior Discount: 10%

Meraki Solar online reputation

Customers that have used Meraki Solar have, on the whole, been pleased with the service they have received. The items, the service, and the overall value have all garnered high marks from satisfied consumers. However, there have been complaints from certain clients about the slowness of both shipping and responses from the support staff. However, this hasn't stopped Meraki Solar from maintaining its position as a leading supplier of solar PV systems.
"Almost no change has occurred in my electric bill. My original setup was undersized. When I finally got around to dealing with it, I had to go ahead and add another set and take out a second loan with its own payment schedule. The explanations I was given were all inadequate. Nobody I've discussed this with has accepted responsibility. Many agents have come and gone for me. Since there is nothing I can do and I refuse to have them install more panels and incur a new loan obligation, I have very well given up. After learning what I know now, neither this firm nor solar panels will ever get my recommendation." - Kevin B.
"Horrible,horrible,horrible Meraki's customer support is chaotic and nonexistent, and their equipment is of terrible quality. Leaving FPL was the worst decision I've ever made. The potential savings of a few dollars aren't worth the trouble." - Luke J.
"Despite my repeated pleas for them to stop, Maraki Solar salesmen have visited my Crestview, FL, house at least eight times in the last year. They claim that "they are just providing information, and not soliciting," despite the fact that they are standing within a foot of my doorbell and a clearly marked "No Soliciting" sign. About a month ago, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. According to Meraki's response, the company would "inform their 1099 contractors that this customer's address should not be canvassed." Two reps dropped by "to save me money" for the umpteenth time despite this. Funny thing is, I've always been curious in solar energy, but now I wouldn't let Meraki near my home even if you paid me." - Carter F.
"Just so you all know, when going solar, DO NOT use MERAKI SOLAR. The installers snooped about our garage and took pictures of our personal belongings. There are cameras in place. The business dismissed the claim. Our ceiling was damaged and the repairs took weeks. Third, the installers' sloppy work led to a failed inspection. DELAYED. The longer our panels weren't activated, the more money we lost due to the delays. Meraki is ignoring our messages. Heed my advice and hire a different business." - Robert C.
"Everything about this endeavor has cost me cash that I didn't have to part with. I have had a monthly power payment in addition to my solar panel bill ever since I installed them. I was promised I would get a tax credit and could transfer the money to the lender to keep my payment the same, but now the payment is going up. Soon, my monthly expenses will increase even more. The salesperson was a complete con artist. If you're wondering whether or not your pricing already factors in any potential federal tax credits, you're not alone. It was my understanding that I would be reimbursed $3,000 toward the cost of the panels." - Thomas D.
"They conducted themselves in a professional manner, telling us the facts and outlining our options. Energy rebate was obtained, and the cost of the loan was outlined. It's around $10 cheaper per month than it was the previous year. They phoned me once a week to update me on the status of my permit and let me know when to expect the workers and inspectors. The installers showed up on time and did a thorough job. My metal roof was not damaged since their clamps did not go through it during installation. My solar panels, my money, and Merkari have made me extremely happy." - Jacob M.
"From the initial consultation until well over a year after the installation, this business has kept every promise they made. They installed a 100% offset system for me, and the only FPL charge I've ever received was the initial meter cost. As an industrial maintenance specialist, I can attest that the install quality is superb. Because Meraki has always come through for me and my whole family, who utilizes Meraki for all of their solar requirements, I will never go anywhere else." - Ethan P.
"Two other solar energy providers I contacted indicated my home did not meet their requirements without even seeing the site. When Meraki came to my house to fix my broken HVAC system and ducts, they also created a solar power system that would provide me with all the energy I need to run my home. In only two days, the installation crew had finished the task. Six weeks after I signed the deal, the system's Permit to Operate was granted. In all, I saved $80 compared to my typical spend in 2022. Meraki has been reliable and supportive throughout this whole process." - Jesse A.
"After years of deliberation, I finally decided to go with Meraki since a buddy had recommended them. Meraki was really kind and attentive to my needs. Meraki was very careful in their collaboration with my roofing contractor to verify that the mounting gear would not void the guarantee on my lifetime assured steel roof. I've been using solar energy for 12 months, and my electricity cost keeps becoming less. THE WISEST MOVE A HOUSEHOLDER COULD MAKE!" - Victor F.
"Since we'd only been here for a year and a half, Meraki should have known that we wouldn't have a long history of monthly power bills to use as a benchmark. Overall, we have not created reserve often enough, therefore we often incur costs above our original power bill. A few more solar panels are probably necessary if we're going to achieve the level of solar efficiency we were promised." - Micah R.

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Meraki Solar average reviews

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Meraki Solar Pros & Cons

  • Limited Warranty
  • Limited service area
  • Lack of customer support
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost-Effective
  • Professional

Meraki Solar Final Conclusions

Solar energy provider Meraki Solar offers solar panel systems for homes and businesses. The company's goal is to provide excellent service to its clients and viable solar power options. Many satisfied customers attest to Meraki Solar's status as a dependable, productive, and pleasant solar energy supplier.

Meraki Solar locations

Main Address21 N New Warrington Road, Pensacola FL, 32506
Phone Number850-220-6533

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