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Blue Raven Solar is an American-based home solar installation company. The firm was founded in 2018 and offers residential rooftop solar panel installations and energy storage solutions nationwide. In addition to loans, leases, and power purchase agreements, Blue Raven Solar provides other financing alternatives (PPAs). The firm has installed over 8,000 residential solar systems in 43 states.
4.4Expert Score
Market Leader

1403 North Research Way Orem, UT 84097, 8003774480

Multi-Location Company.

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Location Address☆ Location score
South Carolina – Columbia1 Harbison Way, Columbia SC, 292124.5
Kentucky – Louisville10503 Timberwood Cir, Louisville, KY 402233.9
Kansas – Overland Park10551 Barkley St, Overland Park KS, 662124.1
Minnesota – St Joseph111 College Ave N, St Joseph MN, 563741.3
Nevada – Reno1281 Terminal Way, Reno NV, 895024.8
Utah – Orem1403 N 630 E, Orem UT, 840974.3
Illinois – Vernon Hills200 N Fairway Dr, Vernon Hills IL, 600614.3
North Carolina – Cary201 Commonwealth Ct, Cary NC, 275114.4
Ohio – Columbus2029 Riverside Dr, Columbus OH, 432214.4
Ohio – Columbus2029 Riverside Drive Suite 102, Columbus OH, 432214.4
North Carolina – Greensboro2800 Lawndale Dr, Greensboro NC, 274084.4
South Carolina – North Charleston3251 Landmark Dr, North Charleston SC, 294184.4
Indiana – Indianapolis3901 W 86th St, Indianapolis IN, 462684.5
Colorado – Denver3980 Quebec St, Denver CO, 802074.3
Virginia – Norfolk400 N Center Dr Ste 215, Norfolk, VA 235023.9
Michigan – Novi43155 Main St, Novi MI, 483754
Utah – Murray448 E Winchester St, Murray UT, 841074
Idaho – Boise50 Cole Rd, Boise ID, 837094.6
Oregon – Salem525 Glen Creek Rd NW, Salem OR, 973044.1
Oregon – Portland5319 SW Westgate Dr Ste 160, Portland, OR 972214.5
Washington – Tacoma535 Dock St, Tacoma WA, 984024.3
Colorado – Colorado Springs5526 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs CO, 809184.4
Ohio – Cincinnati5535 Fair Lane Suite A, Cincinnati OH, 452274.7
Minnesota – Edina8000 W 78th St, Edina MN, 554394.6
North Carolina – Charlotte8301 University Executive Park Dr, Charlotte NC, 282624.6

Blue Raven Solar Overview

Expert Score: 4.4/5
Founded in: 2014
Service Areas: WA, OR, ID, NE, UT, CO, MO, KZ, MN, IL, WI, MI, IN, KY, OH, VI, NC, SC, FL
Services they provide: Solar Panel Installation, Backup Battery Installation, Design and Permitting, Financing Options, Single-Day Installation
Certifications & Licences: Electrical Contractor, General Contractor, Roofing & Carpentry
Blue Raven Solar, established in 2014, has been an active participant in the solar industry, providing services across 19 states. Our evaluation takes a closer look at their offerings, customer experiences, and industry standing, presenting you with an unbiased perspective to aid in your solar journey decision-making.
At a Glance: Blue Raven Solar’s Offerings
Customer Experience: With an average rating of 4.4, customer feedback highlights both strengths and areas for improvement.
Diverse Services: Offers a range of services related to solar solutions including Solar Panel Installation, Backup Battery Installation, Design and Permitting, Financing Options, Single-Day Installation.
Online Presence and Engagement: Their website attracts 23152 visits monthly, with a positive trend, indicating their market presence and public interest.
Reach and Impact: Their services span across WA, OR, ID, NE, UT, CO, MO, KZ, MN, IL, WI, MI, IN, KY, OH, VI, NC, SC, FL, demonstrating their commitment to spreading solar energy solutions to a wide audience.
Certifications and Reputation: The company holds certifications such as Electrical Contractor, General Contractor, Roofing & Carpentry, and maintains a BBB rating of A+, reflecting their industry compliance and service quality.
Whether you’re considering Blue Raven Solar for their reputable services or weighing your options due to mixed reviews, it’s essential to review detailed evaluations based on comprehensive data. Our analysis, derived from 10 independent sources, aims to equip you with the necessary insights to make an informed decision.

Independent Sources

Blue Raven Solar Reviews

 SourceVotesAverage Score
Google reviews4544.4
Expert Score4.4

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Based on Company Info

Blue Raven Solar Reviews

Year Founded2014
Areas ServedWA, OR, ID, NE, UT, CO, MO, KZ, MN, IL, WI, MI, IN, KY, OH, VI, NC, SC, FL
Services OfferedSolar Panel Installation, Backup Battery Installation, Design and Permitting, Financing Options, Single-Day Installation
Roofing serviceyes
Tesla energy equipment installationyes
Panel OptionsMonocrystalline Solar Panels, Polycrystalline Solar Panels, Thin Film Solar Panels
Battery InstallationsFranklinWH Model (aPower Battery), SunPower Model (SunVault), Enphase Model (IQ5P Battery), Tesla Model (Powerwall 2)
CertificationsElectrical Contractor, General Contractor, Roofing & Carpentry
Military discounts
Solar system leases serviceyes
Expands dealership networkyes
Delegates installation to subcontractors
BBB RatingA+
Warranty10-year workmanship, 25-year performance guarantees

Blue Raven Solar Website Visits Trend: negative

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Monthly VisitsPage Per VisitTime On SiteBounce RateDirect TrafficSearch TrafficPaid Referral TrafficReferral TrafficMail TrafficSocial Traffic
Popular Myths About Solar Panels Busted 5

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What do Customers Say about the Blue Raven Solar?

Professional Service:

The installation crew is described as polite, knowledgeable, and willing to answer questions.
Excellent Customer Service: Blue Raven Solar is praised for its outstanding customer service and seamless coordination with various agencies and utilities.

Positive Feedback:

Efficient Installation: Customers praised the efficiency of the installation process, noting that the crew was respectful and quick.
Excellent Customer Service: Many customers highlighted the excellent customer service they received, from the sales rep to the installation crew.
Seamless Process: Customers appreciated that Blue Raven Solar took care of all the permits and approvals, making the process smooth.

Negative Feedback:

Installation Issues: Some customers reported issues with the installation, including the lack of protective measures to prevent birds from nesting under the solar panels.
Billing Issues: There were complaints about receiving loan bills before the solar system started producing energy.
Production Guarantee: Some customers were disappointed to find out that the company only guaranteed 85% of the promised production, and complaints could only be lodged after 1.5 years from the installation date.

Positive Reviews:

Efficient Installation: Customers appreciate the quick and correct installation process. The installation crew is effective, respectful, and cleans up after the work.
Excellent Staff: The staff, from sales representatives to installation crews, receives praise for their professionalism and helpfulness.
Seamless Process: Blue Raven Solar takes care of permits and HOA approvals, making the process smooth for customers.
Expertise: The electrician, Andy, is highly regarded for his expertise in working out connections and routing.

Negative Reviews:

There are very few negative reviews, but some customers have reported minor issues related to communication or pricing.
Overall, Blue Raven Solar has received positive feedback for its customer service, installation process, and knowledgeable staff. If you’re considering solar panels, they seem to be a reliable choice!

Customers appreciated the seamless and efficient installation process.
The company’s staff, including sales representatives and installation crew, were commended for their professionalism and knowledge.
Blue Raven handled all the scheduling, permits, and inspections, which customers found very helpful.

Positive reviews highlight the company’s professional and pleasant initial contacts, efficient and respectful installation team, and seamless process. Customers have praised Blue Raven Solar for their excellent customer service, effective communication, and quality work. They also appreciated that Blue Raven Solar took care of all the permits and Homeowners Association approvals.

Blue Raven Solar has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot. The reviews highlight the company’s excellent customer service and professional installation team. Customers praised the seamless experience, the efficiency of the installation process, and the helpfulness of the staff. They also appreciated the company’s responsiveness and willingness to work with them in any situation.
However, one customer mentioned a long waiting process due to dealing with the power company, but clarified that this was not a reflection on Blue Raven Solar. Overall, the reviews indicate a high level of customer satisfaction with Blue Raven Solar’s services.

Blue Raven Solar has a mixed bag of reviews on
Positive aspects include the company’s work-life balance and culture, which are rated at 3.9 and 3.7 out of 5, respectively. Some employees appreciate the outdoor work and the opportunity to learn complex systems.
Some employees have reported unfair practices, lack of appreciation, and issues with pay. There are also complaints about the company’s commission platform and high cancellation rates.

Customers appreciate the professionalism and pleasant demeanor of the Blue Raven team.
The installation process is described as efficient and quick, with the team being respectful and thorough.
Blue Raven’s handling of all the scheduling, permits, and inspections is highly praised.
Customers have reported that Blue Raven’s services have resulted in significant savings on their utility bills.

Positive reviews highlight the company’s professionalism, efficient installation process, and excellent customer service. Customers have praised the thorough explanation of the process and the friendly and efficient installation team.
However, there were also some areas for improvement. Some customers mentioned delays in the office process and advised future clients to check their roof after the panel installation.

Google Reviews

Customers appreciate the seamless and painless process of solar panel installation.
The company’s staff, from sales representatives to the installation crew, are praised for their efficiency and professionalism.
Customers have expressed satisfaction with the company’s customer service, which includes regular updates about the installation process.

Summarizing: Do we recommend Blue Raven Solar services?

Market Leader

With an overall third-party rating of 4+ and positive feedback across more than 10 reviews from different platforms, Blue Raven Solar is distinguished as a Market Leader. Their solid presence in 19 states underscores a trusted relationship with homeowners nationwide. If you’re looking for an experienced solar provider known for both quality and reliability, Blue Raven Solar stands out as a premier choice in the solar installation industry.

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