Aegis Solar Energy review

Aegis has collaborated with local builders, architects, homeowners, and companies over the last two decades to successfully finish hundreds of residential, institutional, and commercial projects around the state.

Aegis Solar Energy overview

Aegis has collaborated with local builders, architects, homeowners, and companies over the last two decades to successfully finish hundreds of residential, institutional, and commercial projects around the state.

What Aegis Solar Energy has to say about itself

You may use solar energy to power your house or company without disrupting the neighborhood. Aegis Solar is Connecticut's oldest and most reliable solar provider, offering turnkey systems with lifetime output guarantees.

Aegis Solar Energy Review

Year Started1989
Service AreasCT
Service TypesInstallation and maintenance of solar panels, energy storage systems, consulting and financing, integration of renewable energy sources, solar energy monitoring services and energy audit
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, SBNA

Aegis Solar Energy website review

The Aegis Solar Energy website is appealing and well-designed. The website offers a thorough summary of the business' solar energy services in addition to information on how clients may begin their own solar energy projects. Finding the information you want on the website is simple because to its user-friendly design. Customers may easily discover the solar energy choice that best meets their requirements thanks to the numerous service sites' thorough information on each solar energy alternative. The website also has a blog with up-to-date information on news, tactics, and advice related to solar energy. Finally, clients may easily contact customer support with any further queries since the contact information is prominently displayed on the homepage. In general, the Aegis Solar Energy website is a thorough resource that offers clients all the data they want to make an educated choice about adopting solar.

Aegis Solar Energy price policy

PackagesStart at around $11,000
Payment optionsCheck, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer, PayPal, Financing Options
Payment discountsDiscounts for clients who pay in full for their project at the beginning of the project

Aegis Solar Energy online reputation

Aegis Solar Energy has received mostly negative feedback from its customers. Other customers complained about the company's delays in scheduling, underperforming systems, poor customer service, and lack of responsiveness to issues, while others praised the company for its competitive pricing, open communication, efficient installation, and satisfactory energy savings. The cutting-edge solar technology used and the expert installation crew earned rave feedback from those who saw the project firsthand. Aegis Solar Energy's community involvement and close proximity to its customers were also major selling points. Some customers had small difficulties, but on the whole, they were satisfied, as was the staff, according to the reports that were neutral. Customers liked the reasonable prices and adequate service, but they also offered suggestions for improvements. The general consensus of the negative evaluations was one of dissatisfaction. Installation snafus, sloppy post-installation cleanup, poor performance, and unresolved customer complaints were all difficulties. Customers who were already unhappy cited the company's lack of response and failure to deliver on promises as further reasons for their dissatisfaction. While some customers praised Aegis Solar Energy for its affordable prices, open lines of communication, and speedy installations, others complained about their subpar performance and the company's unresponsiveness. Customers debating whether or not to go with Aegis Solar Energy for their solar power requirements should read these contrasting opinions before making a final choice.
"The first point of contact sales staff and the installation manager are both competent. It looks that the team they are using are inexperienced youngsters. While some of them are competent and informed, some are not, and they badly damaged my roof. They attempted to cover it up, but my GC called them out, and the management eventually sent in a roofing firm to fix the problem. After placing an order, the timeline extends out to at least four months. Some of the holdups have been caused by the electric utility, while others have been caused by inept project management. There seems to be a failure in project management. I knew there were cheaper options, but I was hoping for a professional setup for the price I paid. I made a bad decision with the solar company I went with, and now I won't be able to expand." - Alberta
"My recent experience with Aegis Solar Energy, who installed solar panels on my roof, was positive. The professionals that performed the installation were skilled and efficient. However, I had hoped for better dialogue. It was annoying that I had to repeatedly inquire about the status of the project. The panels have worked as advertised, and I'm happy with the resulting energy savings. If only Aegis Solar Energy could streamline their communication, that would be fantastic." - Michael
"My experience with Aegis Solar Energy over the last year has been about par. All went well during the installation, and power has been reliably generated ever since. There seem to be some weather-related swings in energy generation, however. When I reported the problem, the customer support personnel was quick to respond, although it took longer than I would have liked for the problem to be fixed. When it comes to solar power, Aegis Solar Energy provides a solid option, but there is potential for growth in terms of performance dependability and reaction time." - Alex
"I'm sorry I went with Aegis Solar Energy to put in my solar panels. The installation was delayed from the start due to scheduling issues, which was inconvenient. The installation crew was late, and they didn't do a good job of clearing up after they were done. Furthermore, I have not experienced the advertised energy savings, and the system has been underperforming. Aegis Solar Energy has not been able to adequately address the concerns despite receiving several complaints. My whole experience with them was negative, thus I would not suggest them." - Paul
"I've had nothing but trouble with Aegis Solar Energy. They performed a poor job of installing it, and their customer service hasn't been much better. A few months after installation, problems began appearing in the solar panels, and despite several efforts to reach Aegis Solar Energy, no professional has been sent to address the issue. It's disappointing to see a business that breaks promises and ignores its consumers. In regards to your solar energy requirements, I would not recommend going with Aegis Solar Energy." - Joseph
"I got many estimates, and when I compared them to the other major national installers, they came out on top in terms of both pricing and technology. My salesperson, Leslie, was terrific. He was honest and transparent from the start. Within a day or two, they sent over a comprehensive and straightforward estimate. I've never dealt with more aggressive salesmen than the national installers, and they gave me almost no documentation before beginning the job. The reverse was true for me with Leslie and Aegis. Everything went nicely, and the applications and papers were processed quickly and efficiently. In little over 2 months, I got my panels up and operating. The quality of the completed installation was superb. They performed a fantastic job of correctly installing the panels to my roof and running all the wiring, although I come from a construction background. I did some research on the solar technology they used and found that it is, in fact, state-of-the-art. They are a long-standing CT firm based in my hometown, and I like the feeling of supporting a fellow community member." - Brian
"When it came to making the switch to solar electricity, Aegis Solar and Sunpower were without equal. Aegis's representative, Leslie Higgins, was punctual, informative, and kind as he walked us through the conversion process and our roles in it. My wife Suzanne and I are really pleased with the results of this method and would suggest it to anybody. Our first utility bills from Sunpower and Eversource are $ 109.00 and $19.90, respectively. This is from accounts that owed $ 180.00 or more before the change!! Old Saybrook, CT native Marty Ladd" - Mats
"Similarly to many other people, I was mainly interested in large, reputable solar firms that operate mostly inside a single state or area. Aegis's excellent warranty coverage, which includes both labor and parts, was another deciding factor. I was so pleased with their promptness and competence when they built a solar thermal system for me a few years ago that I asked them to quote on a solar energy system for me. Like my neighbors, I think the system looks wonderful and delivers as promised, and with the recent hikes in power rates, I expect to quickly return my initial investment. Pricing is competitive, and service and setup are superior than what I've seen from friends in the past." - Anthony
"Because I wanted to cover my whole roof with panels, I decided to purchase the system. After dropping the bathroom vent back under the roof, repairing the roof, and popping it up through the back of the home, they were quite accommodating. Totally cordless. We settled on an 11,000 Kw setup. The stance on the street is appealing to me. Indefatigably vouch for. I had already entered into a contract with another solar business before doing some research on the state website and realizing that my purchase from Aegis Solar would have a positive impact on my community." - Harry
"Before deciding to put up solar panels, I did a lot of reading. Then I contacted four businesses to receive price estimates. Aegis was the most impressive of the decent and bright folks I met. In particular, Nathan Hernandez was fantastic; he was the one who developed my system, responded to my many inquiries, and acted as my main point of contact. They employed high-quality machinery, offered competitive rates, and moved quickly and competently through the whole permitting and installation procedure. From the time I signed the contract until the time I could "turn on" the system and begin producing electricity, they projected three to six months. If I hadn't been out of town when they contacted to arrange for panel installation, the whole process would have taken only three months. In particular, I want to applaud Nathan Hernández and Aegis Solar." - Justin

Aegis Solar Energy Social media
On the Facebook page dedicated to Aegis Solar Energy, which offers a venue for conversation, clients may get in touch with the company, find out more about solar energy initiatives, and ask questions. about the website, you may get up-to-date information about current solar energy projects, news, and technology. It also gives customers useful guidance on how to maximize the effectiveness of their solar energy installations. Along with specifics about the goods and services, links to customer support and contact information are also included. The page's attractive design, which includes a variety of images including movies and pictures, enables users to interact with the company and stay informed of advances. Finally, the Facebook page for Aegis Solar Energy is a great way for customers to get in contact with the company and to stay current on the newest solar energy advances.
On the Aegis Solar Energy profile on Linkedin, customers may learn a lot of details about the business and its offerings. Aegis Solar Energy's mission statement and core values are fully described on the company website, along with a thorough rundown of the solar energy services they provide. Along with news headlines, updates from social media, and consumer feedback, the website also has a lengthy list of business tools. The website also includes the phone number and email address for employees and customer support representatives. Customers may now easily contact the appropriate individuals if they have any concerns thanks to this. Users may get the data they need to choose a solar energy system on the well-designed website. Overall, users can find out a lot of information about Aegis Solar Energy and the services it provides on its LinkedIn profile.
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Aegis Solar Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews124.8


Aegis Solar Energy Pros & Cons

  • Experienced and certified solar energy experts
  • Access to a variety of solar energy services
  • Comprehensive customer support
  • Initial costs can be high
  • Installation time may be long
  • Limited areas serviced

Aegis Solar Energy Final Conclusions

Leading solar energy solution supplier Aegis Solar Energy offers knowledgeable and licensed solar energy specialists to provide clients with a range of services. They provide thorough customer service and have user-friendly internet tools, giving clients all the data they want to choose a solar energy system in a well-informed manner. Additionally, the business provides initial payment reductions and financing, making it simpler for consumers to receive the solar energy system they want without bearing a heavy financial strain. Customers generally have a good opinion of Aegis Solar Energy because it provides dependable and trustworthy solar energy services and support.

Aegis Solar Energy locations

Main Address81 School Ground Road, Branford, CT 06405
Phone Number2032081856

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