Affiliate Solar review

Affiliate Solar was founded by people who had dabbled in conventional solar work and had extensive expertise in the business world, and the company was first conceived as an experiment. What if the door to a profitable opportunity for the regular consumer and a highly lucrative opportunity for the entrepreneur interested in generating large money from solar were opened by educating individuals on the advantages of being a solar buyer and then helping them recruit more customers?

Affiliate Solar overview

Affiliate Solar was founded by people who had dabbled in conventional solar work and had extensive expertise in the business world, and the company was first conceived as an experiment. What if the door to a profitable opportunity for the regular consumer and a highly lucrative opportunity for the entrepreneur interested in generating large money from solar were opened by educating individuals on the advantages of being a solar buyer and then helping them recruit more customers?

What Affiliate Solar has to say about itself

Time, effort, devotion, faith, and the labor of a large number of individuals who were just a little bit insane enough to keep going had finally shown the idea to be correct. The plan was successful! The name "Affiliate Solar" was so coined. Affiliate Solar's founders remained dedicated to building the best possible leadership and support team, aligning with industry leaders and assembling a winning squad to expand their business through a customer referral program that would not only fuel the sales engine but also encourage thousands of people to pursue their dreams of becoming business owners in the growing solar industry. And now, we at Affiliate Solar can claim with confidence that we are on track to become the largest solar power business in the United States.

Affiliate Solar Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasUT
Service TypesSolar Panel Repair in 1 review, Grid-tied Solar System Services, Inverter Services, Solar Electric/PV System Installation, Battery Bank Services, Ground-mounted System Services, Off-grid Solar System Services, Solar Electric/PV System Repair
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and bifacial solar panels
Backup BatteryLead-acid, lithium-ion, and flow batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA

Affiliate Solar website review

There is a clear and simple summary of the company's offerings and value proposition on the site. Solar energy-related blog entries and articles, energy conservation advice, and affiliate marketing explained: everything may be found here. It's simple to locate what you're looking for on our website because to its well-organized structure. It's mobile-friendly, too, meaning it looks good on any device and can be accessed anywhere. A possible drawback is the lack of background details on the firm and its management. The website does not reveal anything about the individuals behind the firm, their credentials, or their expertise, while mentioning the organization's beliefs and objective. For anyone thinking in promoting solar energy goods as an affiliate, Affiliate Solar seems like a good place to start. It provides a wealth of information about solar energy and provides an excellent summary of the company's offerings and guiding principles. However, it's important to keep in mind that the site's youth and lack of established internet presence may cast doubt on its reliability.

Affiliate Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal, and cash
Payment discountsDiscounts for paying with cash or checks, discounts for military veterans and discounts for those who sign a solar energy purchase agreement, Affiliate Solar offers a referral program that rewards homeowners who refer friends and family to the company

Affiliate Solar online reputation

It is evident from examining the numerous Affiliate Solar customer reviews that the experiences of customers vary substantially. Unfortunately, a lot of the evaluations are unfavorable, and consumers complain about the poor quality of the business's offerings. Long installation delays, inadequate communication, and unresponsive assistance are among complaints. Even the corporation is accused of fraud in one review. However, other customers give Affiliate Solar great reviews, complimenting the business for its professionalism, excellent installation, and outstanding customer service. Despite these glowing testimonials, it seems that Affiliate Solar's customers have mostly had unpleasant experiences. Therefore, it is crucial for prospective customers to do their due diligence and thoroughly consider the problem before opting to work with this organization.
"The Worst Business EVER!!!!!Our plan called for a timeline of two, maybe three months to complete... Despite having panels on our roof for 8 months, none of them are producing any usable energy. Still, each month they deduct $120.00 from our checking account AND we must continue to pay our power bill in full. The $120 is on top of my $300 utility bill, which is due in the summer. You can imagine how irritated and dissatisfied we are with the firm at this point. My husband keeps trying to check in with them by calling once a week, but they never answer the phone and, even if they do, they always have an explanation for why nothing has been done.Before signing anything, make sure to do your homework." - Sandri
"This firm is temporary. Your system won't be set up by them. They just outsource the work to regional installers, get financing, and disappear. Use a service that is conveniently located near you. I've had panels on my roof for a year and a half now and still haven't gotten a clean inspection. Daniel Huddleston, the salesman, tells nothing but the truth. No one has called back. There is no aid. It's a real shame that they can still operate." - Michael
"Dealing with these jokers was a living nightmare. The sales guy was great, but I've been waiting over a year for them to do a little project, and they're all flaky, disorganized, and late. Meanwhile, I'm being hit with utility bills that they said they'd get rid of and fees every month for equipment they borrowed but haven't set up yet and then only promise to pay back if you really yank their chain. It's like asking them to stop the earth's spinning only to deliver me my tax documents. I hate having to deal with them more than anything else. I despise them. They've earned my undying loathing at this point. Get the hell away from that business." - Ken
"In 2017, we made an early switch to solar energy by purchasing from this firm. I feel like we were tricked since we've had trouble with the finance firm and our payments keep increasing.Problems with our system have prevented us from gathering electricity. I have probably made 27 calls to Affiliated Solar. Five times I was able to get through to an actual person who took down my information and sent it to the right persons.After almost three weeks, my solar panels are still not functioning, I have not gotten a phone call from anybody, and I am now responsible for paying both Rocky Mountain Power and the solar panel company.Avoid doing business with Affiliated Solar. I usually avoid writing evaluations like this one, but the stakes are just too high for individuals to rush into a terrible agreement with a solar energy provider." - Robin
"My aunt was scammed here. They didn't even bother to get permits for her solar panels, and now it's been over two years and they still haven't fixed the problem. Don't do business with this fake solar energy firm." - Mikej
"Met with Daniel from Affiliate not too long ago. I'm stuck with Sunnova right now, and I despise it. Adding Sunnova's rate onto Edison's would cost an additional $150. Daniel was really helpful in explaining my options, and he showed me a purchase plan that would save me a ton of money compared to my current Sunnova lease. Adding their panels also doesn't need any up-front expenses on my part. Since Affiliate's system is owned, not leased like Sunnova's, I'll be eligible for tax benefits as well. Authentically cares about what’s best for their clients. The meeting just needed 15 minutes for me to commit. I have nothing but praise for Affiliate and want to continue working with them in the future." - Smitty
"Affiliate Solar had a high level of professionalism. They not only did an excellent job installing everything in our house, but they also took the time to thoroughly explain everything to both my wife and myself. We have owned our solar system for close to four years at this point and have made a few follow-up inquiries during the course of its ownership. Their support for customers is excellent, and as a result, I have referred them to a number of my acquaintances and neighbors. I would not hesitate for one second to utilize Affiliate again." - Jeff
"A few years back, we made the decision to go with Affiliate Solar for our house, and we couldn't be happier with our decision. They did an excellent job of guiding us through the process and demonstrating how our solar unit would not only help us save money but also contribute significantly to the improvement of the surrounding environment. Affiliate Solar was a pleasure to deal with from the very beginning to the very end! Although both the merchandise and the installation were of the highest quality, the customer service that they provided was by far the most impressive aspect of their business. They were consistently ready to provide a hand." - Alex
"Our home was constructed in 2016 or 2017. We made the decision to invest in solar after receiving our first electricity bill. We chose affiliation after speaking with various businesses and setting up multiple meetings for estimates (the majority of them wouldn't even show up). The installers were kind and competent. They were a pleasure to work with and informed us at every stage of the installation. Pigeons climbed up underneath our solar panels and disconnected a few of the cables. After I contacted Affiliate, they quickly addressed the issue.My neighbors had significant problems when a different firm installed solar. When I phoned Affiliate, they quickly installed and started using their solar power.I've seen a few other installations, and I'm really pleased with the work affiliate did for me." - Paul
"We are really happy with the solar panels that we bought from Affiliate Solar, Inc. It was a pleasure to work with them. It was highly informative and conducted in a very professional manner. Since it was built the previous summer, our monthly cost from Rocky Mountain is now just $12, a significant decrease from the previous amount of more over $180. We will be profitable in just five to seven years from now. What a significant impact it has had on our regular spending habits. I appreciate it, Affiliate Solar." - Paula

Affiliate Solar Social media
Promoting solar energy and associated goods and services is the only focus of the Affiliate Solar Facebook page. According to the description, the website is managed by an affiliate marketing scheme that enables users to profit by advertising solar items on their networks. The website offers articles on solar energy, advertisements for different solar items, and links to other stores where visitors may make purchases of solar-related goods. It also has a number of entries with advice on how to save energy and lessen your carbon impact. Compared to other solar energy Facebook sites, the page only has 700 followers, which is a small number. Though multiple new pieces are published each week, it looks to be often updated with fresh information. In general, the Affiliate Solar Facebook page seems to be a helpful resource for anyone curious to learn more about solar energy and maybe make a purchase of solar-related goods. But before making any purchases, like with any affiliate marketing scheme, it's crucial to do your own research and confirm that you are satisfied with the goods and services being marketed.
According to the material on the Affiliate Solar LinkedIn profile, the business looks to be focused on affiliate marketing for solar energy goods. The website gives a short summary of the business's services, which include assisting solar installers and enterprises to boost their sales via affiliate marketing. The company's ideals, such as the support of renewable energy and involvement in the battle against climate change, are also highlighted on the website. It states Affiliate Solar is dedicated to collaborating with partners that uphold these principles. Although there aren't many changes on the LinkedIn profile, it seems to be updated often, uploading and upgrading a few times every month. In addition to news on the company's initiatives and partnerships, posts discuss solar energy's advantages. A modest number of workers were mentioned by the firm, but there was little information regarding their jobs or duties. In general, Affiliate Solar's LinkedIn profile gives a summary of the company's offerings and values and seems to be regularly updated with pertinent information. It may be important to note that the business looks to have a limited web presence, which may have an impact on its exposure and reputation.
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Affiliate Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews394.4


Affiliate Solar Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use online platform
  • Available financing options
  • Full Guarantee
  • Limited availability in some regions
  • Lack of pricing transparency
  • It can be difficult to get accurate quotes

Affiliate Solar Final Conclusions

Clearly, Affiliate Solar's performance and reputation are mixed based on the consumer comments given. While some clients have had excellent experiences, complimenting the business on its professionalism, customer service, and work quality, others have had unfavorable experiences, citing problems including inadequate connection, delayed installation, and defective equipment. Overall, it seems that Affiliate Solar's image has been damaged by unfavorable evaluations that claim the business often fails to fulfill its commitments. Particularly troubling is the fact that some customers must pay equipment costs and utility bills even when their solar panels aren't generating any electricity at all. This demonstrates a company-wide lack of responsibility and control. It's important to remember, however, that some customers have had good luck with Affiliate Solar and think highly of the business. This shows that a corporation could have strengths and that its performance might change based on the particular conditions of each customer. As a whole, Affiliate Solar has received both favorable and bad assessments, resulting in a mixed performance and reputation. While some clients have reported excellent outcomes, others have complained about bad connection, sluggish installations, and defective devices. Before selecting Affiliate Solar or any solar supplier, prospective customers should do thorough research and weigh their alternatives.

Affiliate Solar locations

Main Address9690 S 300 W Building 5, Suite C56 Sandy, UT 84070
Phone Number8445007652

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