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Since 2005, Allied Energy Inc. has been in the electrical, solar, and renewable energy storage market thanks to its commitment to the client, reasonable installation rates, and constant attention to warranty concerns. Our consumers may have confidence in our services because of our company's key principles of honesty, customer oriented philosophy, real communication, and dependability.

Allied Energy Inc overview

Since 2005, Allied Energy Inc. has been in the electrical, solar, and renewable energy storage market thanks to its commitment to the client, reasonable installation rates, and constant attention to warranty concerns. Our consumers may have confidence in our services because of our company's key principles of honesty, customer oriented philosophy, real communication, and dependability.

What Allied Energy Inc has to say about itself

The sun's energy is harnessed and transformed into electricity to create solar power, a clean and sustainable energy source. It may be used for heating, cooling, lighting, and electricity. Additionally, using solar to lessen your carbon impact has never been more dependable and economical because to solar tax benefits and strong warranties. In just a few short weeks, our skilled installers can have your system up and operating.

Allied Energy Inc Solar Review

Year Started2005
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar Panel Installation, Solar System Design, Solar Financing, Solar System Maintenance, Solar System Repair, Solar System Upgrades, Energy Efficiency Solutions
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries
CertificationsNot specified

Allied Energy Inc website review

Users may browse through the many areas of the Allied Energy Inc. website effortlessly because to its well-organized style. Utilizing symbols and graphics of superior quality improves aesthetic appeal. The company's services and background are briefly described on the main page. It also gives a short overview of their goal and core beliefs and has a slideshow of photographs from their initiatives. The webpage also has a news section with the most recent accomplishments and updates. The on Us section contains comprehensive details on the company's background, executive staff, and basic principles. An exhaustive list of the services offered by Allied Energy Inc. is available on the website. A specific portion of the website is devoted to the company's historical and present initiatives. Each project's highlights, descriptions, and photographs are included, displaying their accomplishments and expertise. The firm's dedication to sustainability is shown all throughout the website. They emphasize their efforts to reduce their influence on the environment and encourage the use of renewable energy sources. There are various options to get in touch with Allied Energy Inc. on the website, including a contact form, a phone number, and an email address. A physical address adds credibility and transparency. In overall, the website for Allied Energy Inc. does a good job of conveying the company's expertise in the energy industry.

Allied Energy Inc price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, Check, Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards), Bank Transfer, PayPal, Financing Options, Solar Loans
Payment discountsSeasonal or promotional discounts

Allied Energy Inc online reputation

The majority of assessments are favorable toward Allied Energy, particularly with regard to their work in the solar energy industry. Owner Simon and his staff are respected by the customers for their professionalism and dependability. The solar panels are seen to be the most attractive in the neighborhood, and the installation procedure is commended for its ease, efficiency, and superior outcomes. Positive reviews also point out Allied Energy's professionalism, client courtesy, and renewable energy knowledge. It is praised how Simon responds to issues and his readiness to take charge of finding solutions. Negative reviews do exist, however, where some consumers voice their dissatisfaction with the company's lack of reaction. One customer mentions that he finds it challenging to get in touch with them to remedy the issue, while another complains about rude phone calls that are made repeatedly. Individual experiences might differ, so even if the majority of reviews are favorable, it's vital to keep in mind that when assessing Allied Energy as a possible service provider, bad experiences should also be taken into consideration. To make sure they fully understand what to anticipate from a business's services, prospective customers should educate themselves on the firm's customer service practices, warranties, and response times before engaging with the company.
"A few years after Allied Energy placed solar panels on our roof, we are unable to get in touch with them to get a problem resolved. They ignore my calls and emails. Not recommended if you're looking for service." - Bob
"They keep calling and calling, and when you call them back, a guy who is impolite answers the phone. Alex is the one who phones and leaves messages saying things like "you asked for an estimate and it's ready," and I assume Manny was just a fictitious name he used. Even though we didn't ask for anything, they're continuing to harass me." - Ben
"When we saw that everyone in the neighborhood was getting solar panels, we decided to get estimates from three different businesses. Simon from Allied Energy was the most competent and reliable of the bunch. Not only did he provide a convincing presentation of himself and his organization, but he also knew just where on the ground to put our mounted system. The panels, optimizers on each panel, single inverter, and 20-year guarantee on all equipment, including the inverter, all contribute to an exceptional system design for the date it was installed. After a full year of operation (as of January 2018), our system generated a net savings of $69 on electricity costs. That's why I know the system was tailor-made for our home's needs. We anticipate that our system will reach its break even point between 48 and 52 months after installation, after taking into account tax benefits. The break even point for our next-door neighbor, who had Allied Energy build their system five years ago (and who suggested Simon to us), was the fortieth month. Plus, Simon is a gentleman who is adept at managing his work and will treat your home with care. The job he and his team did for me exceeded my expectations." - Erin
"Excellent service as well as merchandise. We had the easiest and smoothest transition to the solar panels that look the nicest in the neighborhood thanks to Simon and his colleagues, who made the installation process simple for us." - Lewis
"When it comes to customer service and professionalism, Allied Energy is unparalleled. If you're in the market for Solar energy, battery storage solutions, or even just standard electrical work, I can't recommend this company enough." - Jason
"When it comes to electrical work, Allied Energy is the best contractor around. They know a lot about the business and residential renewable energy fields. That knowledge has allowed me to make some excellent choices. Simon, the proprietor, is fast to respond to problems and to assume responsibility for their resolution." - Michael
"Great service and product. Simon and his team made the install experience easy for us and a seamless transition to the best looking solar panels in the neighborhood." - Liam

Allied Energy Inc Social media account not registered
The firm is briefly described on the LinkedIn profile for Allied Energy Inc. They are described as an independent energy firm. Both their dedication to doing business in an ecologically friendly manner and their dedication to creating shareholder profit are emphasized. Although Allied Energy Inc.'s headquarters are in California, the LinkedIn profile does not specifically specify how big the business is. This implies that they most likely have a presence there. There is no precise information on the company's LinkedIn profile concerning the number of workers or their positions. On the other hand, it states that Allied Energy Inc. is always seeking talented individuals to join its team. This means that they are still hiring. Updates and articles on the company's operations are often posted on the LinkedIn profile. These updates contain information on drilling initiatives, alliances, and market trends. This shows that Allied Energy Inc is actively communicating with and updating its LinkedIn audience about its operations. The culture and principles of the organization are not made clear on the LinkedIn profile. But it's clear from their dedication to operating in an ecologically friendly manner and increasing shareholder value that they put a high priority on sustainability and success. Users may get further corporate information by clicking on links on the LinkedIn profile that go to the Allied Energy Inc website and other social media channels. It also has an area where workers may share their experiences working for the firm, which might shed light on the atmosphere in which they work.
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Allied Energy Inc average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews35


Allied Energy Inc Pros & Cons

  • Cost Savings
  • Benefits for the environment
  • Energy Independence
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Limited geographic presence
  • Weather dependency

Allied Energy Inc Final Conclusions

According to data from customer evaluations, Allied Energy Inc. has a generally good track record and reputation, particularly in the solar energy industry. Customers have commended the business for its professional and dependable services as well as for the efficiency with which the solar panels were installed. Numerous clients compliment Simon, the owner, for his knowledge and expertise and report an easy transition to solar. It has been praised that Allied Energy can customize solar energy systems to fit specific residential requirements and maximize energy savings. The company's customer service and prompt reaction to pressing concerns were also very well-liked by the clientele. G Nevertheless, there have been some unfavorable comments, with some clients lamenting how difficult it is to get in touch with the business to remedy an issue. For many who sought assistance following the installation procedure, these occurrences of bad connection raised concerns. Before making a choice, prospective buyers should research the company's customer service policies and promises, take into consideration any unfavorable reviews, and make sure they understand them. Before contacting Allied Energy Inc. or any other solar or associated service provider, it is necessary to do extensive research and due diligence, read more reviews, and seek advice.

Allied Energy Inc locations

Main Address2105 Camino Vida Roble, Carlsbad, CA 92011
Phone Number7607461248

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