APS Solar review

APS Solar is a cutting-edge solar energy firm that offers premier assistance in the field of renewable power generation. Has garnered a great reputation for supplying its clients with solar solutions that are dependable and effective.

APS Solar overview

APS Solar is a cutting-edge solar energy firm that offers premier assistance in the field of renewable power generation. Has garnered a great reputation for supplying its clients with solar solutions that are dependable and effective.

What APS Solar has to say about itself

APS Solar's dedication to quality is one of the company's most notable features. When you buy from them, you know you're getting the greatest solar panels and equipment on the market. Their installation services are just as high-quality as the rest of their business. Due to the fact that APS Solar only hires trained professionals, you can be certain that your solar system will be installed smoothly and quickly. Additionally, APS Solar places a premium on the contentment of its clientele. They listen carefully to their clients in order to craft individualized solutions that improve both energy output and financial savings. Their staff is well-respected for their competence, expertise, and eagerness to answer any inquiries or address any concerns their clients may have.

APS Solar Review

Year Started2002
Company Websiteapssolarpower.com
Service AreasCA
Service TypesDesign, installation, monitoring and maintenance, energy storage solutions and financing options
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline
Backup BatteryLithium-ion battery Tesla, BYD, and LG Chem

APS Solar website review

APS Solar (http://www.apssolarpower.com/) is a web-based platform offering complete solar power solutions. The APS Solar website is an information resource dedicated to the possibilities and benefits of solar energy, as well as the services offered by the company. The site structure is designed so that users can quickly find the information they need and understand how APS Solar can help them use solar energy. The main sections of the site include: Home Page: This is where users get a general idea of the company and its values. They can learn about the benefits of solar energy, the main services offered by APS Solar, and the solar panel installation process.Services: This section presents all the services provided by APS Solar. The company can offer customers the design and installation of solar energy systems of various sizes, service and technical support, as well as energy saving consultations. Benefits: Here, users can learn about the various benefits of solar energy. Important aspects such as environmental efficiency, reduced energy costs and independence from fluctuations in electricity prices are explained and illustrated in detail on the site. Contacts: This section contains the contact details of the company, including address, phone number and email. Visitors can ask questions, leave their contact details or request a free consultation.

APS Solar price policy

PackagesOn average, a single-battery home system can cost $2,500 to $5,000, while a multi-battery commercial system can cost $10,000 to $50,000.
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, PayPal and financing options
Payment discounts10% off all cash payments plus additional discounts on larger solar installations, a referral program that rewards customers for referring friends and family to APS Solar

APS Solar online reputation

According to the user testimonials, there are differing viewpoints on APS Solar. Others had unpleasant experiences and voiced dissatisfaction with the claimed cost reductions and customer service, but other customers had excellent experiences and were pleased with the installation procedure and the company's care of their solar panels. Positive reviews noted elements including similar costs, expert installation, timeliness, and good customer service. These clients have typically been pleased with APS Solar's performance and the outcomes of their solar systems. Negative evaluations, on the other hand, referred to problems including unfulfilled cost reduction claims, ineffective customer assistance, and performance problems with the system. Some clients expressed regret after picking APS Solar and said that it was difficult to get their issues fixed. Customers seem to have sent APS Solar both favorable and negative reviews overall. While some customers have expressed satisfaction, others have had issues with system performance, cost reductions, and customer service. Before making a choice, prospective customers should carefully weigh all of the available information.
"My experience with APS Solar was on par with other similar companies. The panels seem to be functioning normally, and the procedure of installation went without a hitch. On the other hand, despite the fact that it was promised, I did not see a considerable decrease in my monthly power expenditures. The customer service was just satisfactory, but they were quick to respond to any questions I had." - Arnold
"APS Solar provided solar panels at prices that were comparable to those of its competitors. The installation crew did a thorough job in a professional manner and finished on schedule. Although I haven't run into any significant problems with the system as of yet, it's still too soon to pass judgment on how well it will operate in the long run. In general, I have been happy with how APS Solar has handled my business." - Fred
"I have second thoughts about going with APS Solar to install my solar panels. The early phase of the sales process was deceptive, and they assured me that I would see large cost reductions in my monthly energy costs. However, when the installation was complete, the majority of my expenses did not alter. The customer support was of little use, and they did not handle my complaints in an appropriate manner." - Bob
"APS Solar's solar system has been a huge letdown in terms of output. My power expenses have not lowered as promised, despite claims of huge energy savings. Multiple attempts at contacting APS Solar have resulted in no progress toward a resolution, despite my best efforts. It seems the system they put in is not generating as much power as they had hoped. I really regret working with APS Solar, since I am quite unhappy with the quality of their service." - Greg
"In my experience, APS Solar has been inconsistent and sloppy. After agreeing to the terms and completing the first payment, the installation was delayed without explanation. Their lack of openness meant I had to repeatedly chase them for answers. Due to their lack of honesty and failure to stick to the dates we had discussed, I ultimately chose to terminate our contract. If you're thinking about doing business with APS Solar, I suggest proceeding with caution." - Philip
"APS Solar advised us on the optimal panel count for our home's installation. They climbed up there to provide input on where to put the solar panels. Interacted with PG & E and County Officials to get necessary licenses and authorization to open for business. The installation went off without a hitch. Overall, we're delighted." - Pauline
"After debating for a few years, my wife and I ultimately decided to build a solar system since the cost and reward were worth it. We went with APS Solar based on the advice of close relatives. The job was completed quickly and to our satisfaction. The installation just took a few days, and all the necessary paperwork was handled by them. It's about time we started putting money away. APS Solar is who I'd advise using." - PRT
"Because Rick Burkhard from APS Solar was the most competent and courteous solar energy consultant I interviewed, I hired them. There was not a single snag or delay in the project's completion since Rick provided thorough and understandable explanations of the system and how it worked. His installation and servicing guarantee of 10 years is excellent. It was a joy doing business with him and his team. You should go with APS solar." - Cyndi
"Everyone at Rick Burkard's office, led by Mona Sims, is top-notch. Everything from the first contact to the completion of the job was handled promptly and effectively. Rick's expertise as an electrical engineer meant that everything from installation to acquiring necessary licenses went off without a hitch.Even though I asked Rick to make the additional modification after the bid was filed, he did not charge me any more for doing so. It needed to be corrected, he told me; it posed a threat to me and my family.There is no better solar panel installation business in the Sonora region. thanks Solar by APS" - Alan
"After 10 years of research as a retired engineer and business analyst, I concluded that the time had come to construct a solar energy system. I researched buying vs. leasing and doing-it-yourself vs. hiring a contractor for almost two months. After deciding to buy and engage a contractor, I researched several large and small firms before settling on APS. APS's completion of more than six installations in my area aided me in making this choice. Within a month of making the choice and signing a short contract, my solar panels were producing electricity. The installation began on August 29 and was finished on August 31; by September 1, I was receiving compensation from PGE for energy that was not used. Both the owner, Rick Burkhart, and the two workers, John and Bryan, who did the job, were great to work with." - Gunny

APS Solar Social media

Anyone interested in solar energy should check out the APS Solar Facebook page as a wonderful resource. Anyone seeking solar electricity for their house or company will find plenty of helpful information and advice on this website. In addition to offering helpful advice on how to make the most of solar energy, they routinely post information about new products, upgrades, and advancements in the sector. Around 300 people like and follow the page. A wonderful method to learn more about experiences with APS solar products is to read the page's customer testimonials and reviews. For anybody trying to maximize their solar investment, the APS Solar website is an excellent resource.
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APS Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviewsNo reviewsNo reviews


APS Solar Pros & Cons

  • Full range of services
  • Variety of mounting options
  • Certified Installer
  • Limited availability in some regions
  • High installation costs for large systems
  • Possible additional costs

APS Solar Final Conclusions

The overall performance and reputation of APS Solar are ambiguous based on the information supplied. Others have had poor experiences and raised worries about unfulfilled promises and inefficient customer service, while other consumers have expressed happiness with their experience, including the installation procedure and engagement with the firm. Comparable costs, expert installation, adherence to timetables, and acceptable customer service are among the positives mentioned in the evaluations. These clients viewed APS Solar favorably and were pleased with the performance of their solar panels. Negative evaluations, on the other side, referred to problems including violated cost-cutting promises, poor customer service, and performance problems with the system. These consumers expressed regret at picking APS Solar and said that it was difficult to have their problems resolved. It is crucial to keep in mind that these evaluations are a collection of individual opinions, and the general effectiveness and reputation of APS Solar may differ depending on a number of variables including geography, particular projects, and individual expectations.

APS Solar locations

Main Address16046A Via Este Road, Sonora, CA, United States, California
Phone Number2095325925

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