Arizona Energy Pros review

All around the state of Arizona, Arizona Energy Pros has been offering its clients with top-notch electrical and solar power solutions. Whether you need a modest fan installed or an elaborate solar array, our team of solar and electric professionals will provide you with an unbeatable quotation and top-of-the-line installation.
Arizona Energy Pros review

Arizona Energy Pros overview

All around the state of Arizona, Arizona Energy Pros has been offering its clients with top-notch electrical and solar power solutions. Whether you need a modest fan installed or an elaborate solar array, our team of solar and electric professionals will provide you with an unbeatable quotation and top-of-the-line installation.

What Arizona Energy Pros has to say about itself

Experts in both electricity and solar energy, we place a premium on our staff and patrons and work tirelessly to better the planet. Our fantastic office and field staff is what allows us to fulfill the routine needs of our clients. Our business decisions are based on our purpose, vision, and values. Please know how much we appreciate your interest in hiring Arizona Energy Pros as your solar and electrical contractor. If you have any queries on how to proceed with your project, don't hesitate to ask.

Arizona Energy Pros Solar Review

Year Started1977
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesEnergy audits, HVAC design and installation, indoor air quality assessment, refurbishment and modernization, and solar energy solutions
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryLead acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, IPMVP

Arizona Energy Pros website review

The services and products offered by Arizona Energy Pros are described in full on their user-friendly and straightforward website. The portal has a FAQ, an outline of the company's certifications, and a "Energy Savings Calculator" that may be used to estimate prospective savings. Clients may learn more about available rebates and savings opportunities on the website's "Affiliates" page. The site also includes consumer testimonials in the form of images, videos, and written testimonials. The website of Arizona Energy Pros is quite detailed in its description of the company's offerings. It is professionally designed, user-friendly, and has prominent CTAs that encourage site users to get in contact and explore more.

Arizona Energy Pros price policy

Packages$3,000 to $25,000, with most projects costing less than $10,000
Payment optionsCash, check, and credit card
Payment discountsUtility discounts, manufacturer discounts and government loans, 0% financing option with approved loan

Arizona Energy Pros online reputation

Arizona Energy Pros has garnered both favorable and unfavorable client comments. Generally speaking, the majority of clients reported pleasure with the firm's services, particularly in regards to the installation of solar panels and other basic electrical work. Customers often appreciated the staff's professionalism, expertise, and helpfulness, including that of salesmen, customer support agents, and technicians. Positive reviews emphasize Arizona Energy Pro's capacity to provide clear installation instructions, provide reasonable pricing, and finish jobs quickly. The team's expertise in installing electrical outlets, solar panels, and other electrical necessities was lauded by customers. It was also noticed how quickly the business responded to inquiries and behaved respectfully. However, a few of the evaluations are unfavorable and point out areas where the business might do better. Due to billing and communication problems, several customers have had trouble canceling their contracts. It is critical that Arizona Energy Pros address these unfavorable incidents and make improvements to their customer service, communication, and professionalism. A business may enhance its reputation and provide a better overall experience to its clients by resolving these problems.
"In 2021, my wife and I have committed to buying solar panels from Energy Pros. The fact that we could back out of the contract up to the time of installation was the deciding factor in our decision. The salespeople we spoke to assured us of this. We didn't use it until months after our contract was up (at which time we still hadn't heard anything about installation, but it wasn't why we wanted to cancel). We did not get any more communication from AZ Energy Pros after canceling. The next year, we discovered that the corporation had sent us to collections for thousands of dollars without ever having provided us an invoice. The firm claimed we owed them money since we cancelled outside of the 3-day grace period, even though its hired sales reps had assured us that we wouldn't be responsible for any fees. AZ Energy Pros has seriously harmed our trust and confidence in them." - Mitch V
"Attempting to cancel beyond the first three-day grace period is a hassle. I hope this doesn't happen often with other customers who are trying to discontinue your service since the way the admin staff has reacted to me is very inappropriate. The cancellation was not your fault; I had to cancel due to a personal issue. However, dealing with this firm after the cancellation has been more stressful than I could have expected." - Darrell
"I cannot think of a worse firm to do business with. None exists. The primary installer cursed and smoked outside my garage door while working. We encountered trouble with the gfi breaker in the garage after replacing the electrical panel. I had the electricity company remove the meter and they returned a week later to restore it without giving me any kind of explanation. I still don't have solar panels. I feel like I'm getting the runaround whenever I phone and inquire as to the status of things. I wish I hadn't wasted my time and money doing business with them, and I certainly wouldn't suggest them." - Dominick
"I am quite dissatisfied with this firm. My electricity costs had been higher than normal, so I had them inspect our solar panel installation. I had an appointment with them for the next week (August 16), but when the technician didn't show up, I phoned them, and we rescheduled for the following day. Someone informed me that he was working on a task that was taking longer than expected. When he showed there on Friday, that really helped out. Identified the issue and attempted a solution. After a week of trying that and failing, he came back to confirm that we required a new Inverter, which would take days to purchase from Solar Edge. When I checked on the status of the order after 10 days, I was informed that there had been a delay due to a problem with the chip. The component was sent on September 20 and I was assured it would arrive the following Tuesday or Wednesday. There has been zero follow-up contact with me. They told me they don't often reimburse people for things like high electricity bills when I inquired if they would. Needless to say, Arizona Energy Pros has failed to earn my trust.The technician was really helpful, therefore I gave them a one-star rating." - Jessie
"Upon calling the office to report the driver, the manager was extremely rude and offered no assistance, saying that the only other high to contact are out of state and she has no power. This happened to me and my family while we were driving north on Route 17, and I honked to alert the driver, who then brake checked us." - Stephanie
"Arizona Energy Pros goes out of their way to assist clients with all of their electrical requirements. They have done many jobs for me at my house, including installing ceiling fans in areas without them, moving outlets for a wall-mounted TV, wiring for security cameras, installing recessed lighting and external outlets, and installing solar panels. They have earned my complete confidence and my recommendation for anybody in the market for solar panels or electrical work." - Justin
"We have enjoyed working with Arizona Energy Pros. When it came to the preliminary discussion of having solar panels put, Cooper and Dylan were fantastic. They took the time to explain everything to me, answered all of my questions, and went out of their way to help me make the transition from my previous provider. They were easy to deal with and their prices were substantially lower than the competition's. In terms of the actual installation, Nate, Cesar, and Tommy performed a great job. In addition, Crystal's email answers and status updates on the project are always prompt. I would highly suggest them to anybody thinking about installing solar panels." - Robyn
"The three workers arrived on time, swiftly placed my fifteen panels, and left. They completed the task with dignity and respect. Without a doubt, they come with my highest recommendation. I am quite pleased with how my panels turned out. Fabulous organization staffed by fabulous individuals. As far as my home network is concerned, my solar panels look amazing and are hardly detectable, which is precisely what I was going for." - Kandice
"We required an electrician to construct a charging station for our new electric car and attend to two other specialized electrical needs. One of the businesses I contacted for price estimates was Arizona Energy Pros. Their business was the most cost-effective and customer-friendly option we considered. My husband and I appreciated how helpful they were with all of our inquiries and concerns. I'm very relieved that we went with Arizona Energy Pros after talking to Piotr in customer service, who repeatedly put me at ease. I appreciate your diligence and the fact that you've been following up. The firm has my highest recommendation." - Amber
"Excellent value for the money, top-notch results, and quick scheduling and installation. I'd confidently suggest it to anybody. In addition to saving me a ton of money, they didn't attempt to convince me that I needed a whole new panel, unlike the other three bidders. Just honest labor at a reasonable price." - Dave T

Arizona Energy Pros Social media
The Facebook page of Arizona Energy Pros is a model of how a business may utilize the site to build brand awareness and customer engagement. With over 330 likes, it's clear that the brand is popular amongst locals in Arizona. Information, tools, and recommendations for reducing one's energy use are the mainstays of the page's content. Customer service is also a top priority, thus the firm is quite active on social media, interacting with its fans and answering their questions and comments. This makes it more likely that followers will convert into paying customers by providing them with a unique and engaging experience. There are a variety of ways for followers to get involved, including polls, surveys, and competitions, on the page. As a result, the organization and its clients might develop closer bonds of trust. In sum, Arizona Energy Pros' Facebook page serves its purpose well by informing its audience and fostering personal connections with them.
Arizona Energy Pros uses their Linkedin profile to promote itself, connect with current clients, and find potential new ones. The website provides a comprehensive introduction to the organization, including its goals, service offerings, and contact details. There's a blog section with entries on previous projects, feedback from satisfied clients, and suggestions for cutting energy costs.Additionally, the page is dynamic in that the brand often interacts with its fans and responds to their remarks. Furthermore, Arizona Energy Pros's dedication to its consumers is seen in the fact that the firm has over 200 followers.In sum, Arizona Energy Pros' Linkedin profile serves as a fantastic platform through which the organization may become recognized as a reliable authority in the state of Arizona. It's a great place to talk to consumers, provide helpful articles, and advertise your business' offerings.
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Arizona Energy Pros average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews703.9


Arizona Energy Pros Pros & Cons

  • High-quality products and installations
  • Certified technicians
  • Financing options
  • Relatively high cost for installation
  • Limited availability in some areas
  • Space Requirements

Arizona Energy Pros Final Conclusions

Arizona Energy Pros is an energy audit and home performance improvement company that provides energy saving solutions to residential and commercial clients in Arizona. With a large following on Facebook and Linkedin, the company has a strong presence in the Arizona area. The company is certified by the Building Performance Institute, the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), and the North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals (NABCEP), providing customers with confidence in quality and safety. Arizona Energy Pros also offers incentives and discounts as well as loan approved financing options. Arizona Energy Pros offers high quality products and installations and their support team is always ready to help. The company has a positive reputation among its customers and they regularly receive positive reviews online. Overall, Arizona Energy Pros is a trusted energy efficiency solutions provider with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Arizona Energy Pros locations

Main Address23021 N. 15th Ave., Ste 107 Phoenix, AZ 85027
Phone Number6023255890

2 local offices

Arizona – Phoenix 23021 N. 15th Avenue Suite 107, Phoenix AZ, 85027
Arizona – Phoenix 23021 N 15th Ave, Phoenix AZ, 85027

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