Banner Power Solutions review

Clean energy is what Banner Power Solutions does best. It offers a variety of solar panel installation, energy storage, solar financing, and energy efficiency options for both homes and businesses. The company's core mission is to help customers take charge of their energy costs and help them become more self-sufficient, reduce environmental impact, and increase independence and safety. Products and services are designed with customer value, reliability and safety in mind. Banner Power Solutions partners with individuals, organizations and governments to realize its sustainable energy goals.

Banner Power Solutions overview

Clean energy is what Banner Power Solutions does best. It offers a variety of solar panel installation, energy storage, solar financing, and energy efficiency options for both homes and businesses. The company's core mission is to help customers take charge of their energy costs and help them become more self-sufficient, reduce environmental impact, and increase independence and safety. Products and services are designed with customer value, reliability and safety in mind. Banner Power Solutions partners with individuals, organizations and governments to realize its sustainable energy goals.

What Banner Power Solutions has to say about itself

Banner Power Solutions is a business organization devoted to offering its customers a variety of power solutions, which enables them to nurture a heightened feeling of autonomy and reclaim command over their financial situations. These goals may be accomplished via the use of the company's services. In addition to lighting retrofits, basic electrical work, the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, and the installation and maintenance of Generac generators, the organization boasts competence in a variety of other fields as well.

Banner Power Solutions Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasWA
Service TypesInstallations, consulting, energy audits, energy efficiency recommendations, and program and incentive selection guidance.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, bifacial, polycrystalline, and thin-film amorphous
Backup BatteryLithium-ion solar backup batteries from leading manufacturers.
CertificationsUL, NEC, CSA, ISO, CULPV, SPAC, C2C, LEED

Banner Power Solutions website review

The website for Banner Power Solutions exhibits a notable investment of time and attention, resulting in a platform that effectively combines informative content with a visually appealing design. Comprehensive information pertaining to the company's range of products and services, along with the most recent updates and declarations, can be accessed on the official website. Moreover, the website encompasses links to the organization's various social media channels and contact details, thereby reinforcing the notion that it places importance on maintaining and promoting its reputation for transparency. The website exudes an aura of credibility and prominence.

Banner Power Solutions price policy

PackagesBasic Solar Installation Package starts at $9890, Complete Solar Installation Package starts at $15490, Containerised Power Station Package starts at $16990, Grid Connect Solar System Package starts at $7790, Hybrid Solar System Package starts at $17990, Hybrid Inverter Package starts at $7990, Installation Only Package starts at $2490, Battery Storage Package starts at $4990, Solar Hot Water Package starts at $2990, Solar Heat Pump Package starts at $2990, Solar Edge Power Optimizer Package starts at $3990, Solar Battery & Conversion Kit Package starts at $3990
Payment optionsVisa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and personal checks
Payment discountsVolume Discounts - 10% off orders of 100 items or more, First Order Discount - 15% off orders for first-time customers, Loyalty Discounts - 5% off for customers who have made five or more orders, Referral Discounts - 5% off for customers who refer a friend or family member, Early Payment Discounts - 3% off when customers pay invoices within 15 days, Military Discounts - 10% off for active-duty service members and veterans, Bulk Buy Discounts - Up to 20% off when customers purchase in bulk, Seniors Discounts - 5% off for customers 60 and over.

Banner Power Solutions online reputation

Customer satisfaction with Banner Power Solutions has been quite high. Many clients were pleased with the variety of electrical services they got, praising the reasonable costs and good advice provided by professionals. Customers also commended the acceptable terms and conditions as well as the job quality. However, several consumers were dissatisfied with the customer service and the time it took to finish part of the work. Despite this, Banner Power Solutions has developed a large client base, demonstrating its dedication to offering high-quality services at reasonable pricing.
"When we acquired our house five years ago, we chose Banner Power Solutions to replace all of our wiring, and we were happy with Nikk's work. Because the lady I spoke with when I phoned today to report two overheated outlets said they demand a $265 service fee merely to come out and that they are booked until the end of the month, they may have outgrown some of that customer service. They didn't seem too interested in the call, and it seemed exorbitant to have a few outlets looked at. Normally, I only write positive reviews, but because we really enjoyed Nikk and had been praising Switch for five years, this seemed like a major letdown. What a letdown. Be careful not to grow too much and lose your customer service staff." - Mateo I.
"I have an older home alarm system that is hard-wired into the house current but not through the circuit breaker box. Even with the system disarmed the alarms would go off after a power failure and recovery and so I hired Banner Power Solutions to install an on/off switch by the alarm cabinet so the alarm would no longer trip on after such an event. A month or so after they left I had a momentary power failure which caused the alarm to go off shortly there after and the only way I could silence the exterior horn was to finally cut the wire to it. I sent an e-mail to Banner Power Solutions relating my experience and wanting contact from them but there was never any response. Today was another short power outage and in order to silence the interior horn I had to pull the alarm box fuse for it. So the alarm has always had power and the switch they installed in effect does nothing to solve the problem. It is clear to me that the electrician they sent and his helper did not know what they were doing because some simple lead testing should have told them which wires to connect to the switch they installed. I will never use or recommend them to anyone!" - Ethan T.
"We hired Banner Power Solutions to install power to our shed. We had used them in the past. We paid them 3.5k for the job. Right after they left, our microwave dedicated breaker kept tripping. We replaced the microwave. It happened with the new one as well. I called the office within 4 days of the job completion to tell them there was a problem. The response I got was that I would be billed $290 for them to come out and, "troubleshoot." After explaining that this was not acceptable, the office lady spoke to the owner who dropped the fee to $160. It is absolutely poor customer service to take the stance that the homeowner has to prove the contractor didn't do their job. I called another electrician out and the issue was confirmed to be a loose wire to the breaker. $3,500 and Banner left us with a loose wire!!! The breaker was hot to the touch. I am absolutely disgusted and will never hire them again for any project. They lost a customer because they did not address my concern, but threatened to bill me even more to check on a breaker that they moved in the panel. Horrible customer treatment." - Christa G.
"Banner did not even come close to providing the level of service that the corporation had stated it would. After they had completed installing everything, I found that I often lacked power after they had departed. This occurred after they had done working. When I phoned the firm's customer service department to register a complaint, the staff were absolutely useless and instead put the burden for the problem entirely on my shoulders. I had called the company in the first place. If you are looking for a reliable source of power, you are NOT going to want to listen to what I have to say about Banner." - Henry O.
"Our photovoltaic solar system was beautifully designed and expertly installed by Banner Power Solutions. They invested a lot of time working with us to figure out what solutions would work best for our website. They are quite informed about every area of these systems' technological operation. The installation was completed extremely expertly. They dealt with every issue that eventually sprang up. Even with some unforeseen additional costs, they stayed inside their proposed pricing range. We have had an excellent experience dealing with Banner Power Solutions and have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody considering a system. You have nothing to lose by discussing your ideas with them since they will come out and examine your site and put together solutions without charging you anything." - Sendro W.
"I contacted ten different installers and assessed them based on their pricing, responsiveness, years in a company, BBB rating, warranty (roof and solar system), references, time to start installation, and other professional qualifications in addition to NABCEP accreditation. All other installers could not compare to Banner. They arrived on time and finished the installation on time. The system is faultless, and their post-installation follow-up has been just what I would anticipate. For the last five months, my system has performed better than expected. After my wonderful experience with Banner, I would never use another installer." - Bow F.
"A salesperson first got in touch with us and briefly described the product and its advantages. His expertise amazed us, therefore we requested a proposal. When John and Irving were introduced to us throughout the proposal and planning stages, we had faith in their capability to complete the project as specified. Once the proposal was approved, we were able to coordinate with the business to get their work done when we were available. It was really convenient to be able to interact through email when we were out of town in the meantime. The staff showed up promptly after our return (after the repair of our old roof) and worked continuously until the actual installation of the panels, inverters, and wiring was finished. As the project went along, the team did a great job of addressing inquiries. Banner coordinated the electrical inspection and last-minute connection to the power provider once the work was finished. Finally, John came to see us and set up a connection to the website that keeps an eye on our system. Although we don't yet have any information indicating that the system is performing as promised, the first findings are promising. We won't hesitate to suggest Banner Power Solutions to other clients looking to use solar power." - Ham S.
"When a Washington State electrical inspector arrived to verify the installation of the solar array and its electrical system, he made a statement on how thoroughly and professionally the job was done. And in our instance, it was done in a way that was visually beautiful, didn't bring attention to itself, and complemented the angles and lines of our house. We are still happy with the system and the power it offers over four years later. From the outset, it was a wise and environmentally conscious decision, and it still is. " - Peggy L.
"I thoroughly researched my solar system before installing it. My whole system cost me a lot of money and was made up of 36 item solar panels. I requested quotes from four regional Whatcom/Skagit businesses. In Ferndale/Sandy Point, I reside on a body of water. Banner stood out for their reactivity even though all the offers were within 5% of one another. They immediately and efficiently responded to my inquiries. I didn't want to depend on the most well-known Whatcom County firm if I needed any assistance since they waited two to three days to answer a sales call! When the installation was done, Banner worked perfectly. Their installation team was meticulous, cleaned up everything well, and even swept my driveway. About six months after the installation was finished, they contacted to remind me that I had a free panel cleaning included with my installation. Although I'm sure there are other wonderful firms out there, none of them were as helpful, competitive with prices, or informed as Banner. I heartily endorse them." - Jack H.
"Banner had a very good price. I know this to be true since I got four other bids. The best part was that they started the job shortly after I accepted their proposal. All of their employees (the office people, the installation crew, and the electrician) were very professional and friendly. The crew always left the house area clean and picked up at the end of each day. They finished the job within a few days. The inspection and net metering sign-off all got completed by Banner, Labor and Industries (for electrical sign-off), and Puget Sound Energy with no problems. Banner took care of everything. Our system is up and running and I could not be happier. I would recommend them to family and friends with no hesitation." - Jack H.

Banner Power Solutions Social media
More than 4,500 people have liked the Banner Power Solutions page on Facebook. The website has a clean, contemporary design and features several visual representations of their work. The portal seems to place a focus on presenting genuine projects and results, from solar panel installations to the company's other services. Customers may see what they can anticipate from working with Banner Power Solutions after reading this. Links and resources on the tax breaks for installing solar panels are provided. Customers have faith in the business, and this level of participation and acclaim is evidence of that. account not registered
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2 Subscribers

Banner Power Solutions average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews244.9


Banner Power Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Experienced
  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • Limited reach
  • Short warranties
  • High Costs

Banner Power Solutions Final Conclusions

Banner Power Solutions exhibits excellence and admirable qualities. Numerous clients have nice things to say about dealing with the firm, praising its friendliness and support, timeliness in deliveries, and highly skilled specialists who rank among the finest in the industry. However, several consumers voiced displeasure with the level of service, especially citing the absence of a guarantee on the firm's services. With all of the aforementioned considerations, Banner Power Solutions is deserving of a 9 out of 10.

Banner Power Solutions locations

Main Address130 East Hazel Ave Burlington, WA 98233
Phone Number3607553030

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