Better Earth Solar review

Better Earth Solar is a leading provider of solar energy solutions, including system design, engineering, and installation, to both residential and commercial clients. They not only sell solar panels but also offer financing and maintenance for solar systems.

Better Earth Solar overview

Providers of solar energy solutions to home and business consumers include Better Earth Solar. Designing, engineering, and installing solar energy systems are some of these services. They provide solar power installation finance alternatives in addition to selling solar panels and carrying out regular maintenance.

What Better Earth Solar has to say about itself

Better Earth was created to address solar energy issues. The founders sought a new beginning by drawing on their extensive knowledge. The capacity of Better Earth to provide outstanding customer service, encourage team member development, build a great working atmosphere, emphasize continuous improvement, and concentrate on the long term are key success factors. All of the firm's operations are guided by these basic principles, which also help the company achieve the quick and sustainable development it wants to promote on a worldwide scale.

Better Earth Solar Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasAZ, CA, FL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Roofing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and hybrid solar panels.
Backup BatteryDeep-cycle lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and saltwater batteries.

Better Earth Solar website review

The aim, services, and values of Better Earth Solar are well explained on its official website, which is well-designed and educational. The website also features a number of projects and client endorsements, adding to its credibility. The website offers a user-friendly experience because of its professional and aesthetically attractive language and image utilization. The business takes great care to routinely maintain and update its website. Overall, the website gives prospective clients a good picture of the business since it seems credible and trustworthy. It is advised that anybody searching for solar-powered solutions visit the Better Earth Solar website and look at their offerings.

Better Earth Solar price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installation Package - $2,499.00, Solar Panel System Package - $4,999.00, Premium Solar Panel System Package - $7,499.00, Battery Backup System Package - $6,999.00.
Payment optionsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, cash.
Payment discounts0% financing for up to 10 years, Federal and state tax credits of up to 30%, Utility company rebates and other incentives, Quick pay discounts of up to 15%, Cash discounts of up to 10%, and Financing through the HERO Program.

Better Earth Solar online reputation

Better Earth Solar is the firm you contact for solar panel installation. All across the internet, people have had good things to say about their service, knowledge, and devotion to their clientele. Customers like the extended lifetime of the company's systems because of its dedication to sustainability and the great quality of its goods. Free energy audits, free quotations, and financing choices all considerably improve Better Earth Solar's favorable reputation among its customers. Overall, Better Earth Solar is praised for its commitment to sustainability and the delivery of top-notch solar energy services.
"Initially, the sales representative brought a friend to the first meeting but couldn't explain why they were there; the friend remained silent throughout the entire conversation. For about a week, the primary rep maintained a high level of accessibility. Then he stopped talking and avoided answering even the most fundamental inquiries. 0 stars." - Ryan L.
"On Friday, a representative from the gas company came out and nearly lost it when he saw that Better Earth Solar had connected the ground/electrical line to the pipes. The guy was seething with anger. It would be simple to wire the home's gas lines for electricity. It's been over a week since I called customer support to report (and my neighbor's house, which BES also did), and nobody has gotten back to me. (You'll have to wait for two days). I'm really bummed out about this. And it seems the business has "forgotten" about the discount we were supposed to get for referring two other locals to them. It's worth $500 for every person you refer to us. I have, presumably, forgotten about it by now. There are people here who can attest to what happened." - Jacob W.
"The promises made by Better Earth Solar Company are not realistic. Don't take words at face value. I signed the contract in October of 2021, and the panels were installed one day before the 60-day deadline (but there was no audit or inspection performed). SO THE SOLAR POWER IS NO GOOD FOR YOU. SINCE I SIGNED THE CONTRACT MORE THAN THREE MONTHS AGO, I HAVE HAD ABSOLUTELY NO USE OF THE SERVICES FOR WHICH I PAID. The most notable aspect is that I began receiving bills for the solar panels, even though I had never actually used them. The progress will be slowed due to COVID, I understand that. however, I seriously doubt that it will take months!!!. Sorry, but I can't endorse Better Earth." - Gary N.
"Even a single star is too much to ask for. For over five months, this firm has failed to deliver on any promises made. They advertised a battery, a quick strategy, and a top-notch installation, but fell short on all fronts. I put pen to paper back in November! There has been no progress at all, just poor communication and unfulfilled promises. Look elsewhere!" - Nicholas M.
"Better Earth provided an initial quote, but then stopped responding after I sent them all the necessary paperwork for a site visit. They never showed up to a scheduled meeting and didn't respond afterward. Now, I get multiple spam emails from them... They do not come with my endorsement." - Eric T.
"Several businesses, both within and outside of EnergySage, have provided quotes. Out of all the EnergySage suppliers, Better Earth provided me the most cheap price for installing solar panels, and they were quite accommodating when it came to tailoring their plan to my anticipated energy requirements. They were more affordable, and my system produced more power thanks to the SolarEdge inverter and panels I selected. Better Earth made sure to do the roof inspection, create a design, show it to me, and send the complete solar interconnection request to the utility company (PG&E) in a very timely manner even though I signed my contract with them in a time of high demand (February 2023), before California switched to NEM 3.0 in April. This is a requirement for NEM 2.0 coverage guarantee. I'll make updates to this review when I've finished putting it up and conducting it." - Jonathan O.
"Trevor Dockum and the rest of the installation crew made a great impression on me. Trevor was extremely accommodating as I bombarded him with questions until I finally grasped how everything operated. The installation team arrived on time and was very friendly, helpful, tidy, and quick. Trevor was very responsive and pleasant to work with." - Stephen A.
"I chose Better Earth after getting several quotes for a Bay Area installation through EnergySage. The price per watt at Better Earth was among the best. I chose Better Earth because of the price, the time frame for installation, and the guarantees and warranties for the work. No other company guaranteed a minimum level of production, which gave me confidence that my system would produce what was promised. As soon as I signed, things moved quickly. It took about two weeks to get the permits, and less than a month after signing, the work was set to begin. The team that did the installation, which was based in Concord, did a great job. The job was done very cleanly, and it looks great. Within a week of installation, Better Earth sent PG&E the interconnection agreement and set up the final permit inspection within a month of installation. I needed to get things done quickly, and Better Earth came through. If I had one complaint, it would be that there isn't one person who can tell you how your project is going. But their customer service has been very helpful, and they've been taking all the necessary steps in a quick and thorough way. We strongly suggest." - Larry B.
"I decided on Better Earth after obtaining various bids from EnergySage for an installation in the Bay Area. The best price per watt was offered by Better Earth. Because of the cost, the installation timeframe, and the product assurances and warranties, I decided on Better Earth. Since no other business offered a minimal degree of production assurance, I was certain that my system would deliver on its promises. Things started to happen fairly rapidly after I joined. Less than a month after the contract was signed, the installation was put up following a two-week approval procedure. The installation crew from Concord performed a fantastic job. The work was done expertly and looks fantastic. PG&E received the hookup agreement from Better Earth a week after installation, and the final permit inspection was scheduled for a month later. Better Earth met my desire for an immediate turnaround. The lack of a single person who keeps you informed about the status of your project is my one and only gripe. However, they have provided excellent customer service and have been moving through the essential procedures with care and speed. strongly recommended." - Justin E.
"I requested quotes, and Energy Sage responded with six. Better Earth was my choice since it was the most affordable. Luis Larraburu was the sales consultant I worked with. After considerable debate, I agreed to the terms of the first contract. Following the home inspection, a $450 sub penalty was silently added to the contract. Regarding the updated contact details, I spoke with Lyla Fitch of Energy Sage. Lyla took the time to walk me through the procedure and convince me that Better Earth is a reliable business. This is why I remained with them. We are awaiting the system's activation now that it has been configured. Here's a particular thank you to Mr. Luis Larraburu, the company's creator as well as a sales consultant. He works diligently and with care to assist me during the whole procedure. He addressed any issues that may have arisen and provided all the answers to my queries. As corporate employees, Noah Goellrich, Jelena Krivosejev, and the installation crew are also deserving of praise. I can't list them all, but I believe they all contributed to Better Earth's success. They're pretty fantastic, in my opinion." - Dima P.

Better Earth Solar Social media
The Facebook page for Better Earth Solar is a wise and trustworthy source for all your solar energy needs. It provides links to the company's website and blog as well as photographs and videos of their installations and projects. A great way to learn what other people think of the services given is to read the customer reviews that are also posted on the website. A reliable source of information about solar energy, the website is normally well-maintained and appears professional. account not registered
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Better Earth Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews8164.4


Better Earth Pros & Cons

  • Responsible
  • Cost-effective
  • Innovative
  • High upfront costs
  • Limited product variety
  • Limited customer support

Better Earth Solar Final Conclusions

For supplying top-notch solar energy solutions for residences and companies, Better Earth Solar has a solid reputation. Customers who have dealt with the business favorably have praised its dedication to sustainability and the quality of its offerings. There are a few unfavorable reviews, nevertheless, which criticize the lack of delivery on promises and communication issues. All things considered, the business has established a strong reputation in the solar energy sector and has received a well-deserved 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Better Earth Solar locations

Main Address1815 E Wilshire Ave Ste 908 Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone Number8883739379

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