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A full-service solar energy supplier, BriteStreet Energy. Companies, organizations, and households provide full system design, installation, and maintenance services that offer quick and simple renewable energy solutions. To provide top-notch solar goods and services, BriteStreet partners with leading manufacturers and installers in the green energy sector.

BriteStreet Energy overview

A full-service solar energy supplier, BriteStreet Energy. Companies, organizations, and households provide full system design, installation, and maintenance services that offer quick and simple renewable energy solutions. To provide top-notch solar goods and services, BriteStreet partners with leading manufacturers and installers in the green energy sector.

What BriteStreet Energy has to say about itself

Leading solar energy provider BriteStreet Energy offers a variety of solar technology solutions to the home and business industries. Offering market-leading solar technology and creative solutions, we work to deliver an inexpensive, clean, and dependable energy source. Our team of skilled experts can help you find the best solution to match your demands since they have more than 10 years of expertise in the solar sector. We aim to make switching to solar energy easy, affordable, and hassle-free.

BriteStreet Energy Solar Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasCO
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Manufacturing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid batteries.

BriteStreet Energy website review

BriteStreet Energy, a solar energy provider, has its website, accessible at The information presented on this website is clear and concise, making it a pleasure to use. Videos and articles are available on the site to assist you learn more about solar energy and how BrightStreet can facilitate its use. In addition, BriteStreet Energy's website is secured for your safety, so you may shop with confidence. can be relied upon and is worth checking out.

BriteStreet Energy price policy

PackagesRooftop Solar System: Starts from $8,950, Ground Mount Solar System: Starts from $13,250, Solar Battery Backup System: Starts from $7,450, Solar Pool Heating System: Starts from $4,300, Solar Water Heating System: Starts from $2,500, Solar Lighting System: Starts from $2,000, Solar Car Charging System: Starts from $2,000, Solar Window Film System: Starts from $1,250
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), as well as PayPal and checks.
Payment discounts5% discount for using a third-party referral, 10% discount for existing customers who add additional services, 5% discount for select military members and veterans, 10% discount for customers who go solar with at least ten systems, 5% discount for referrals from certain environmental organizations, 10% discount for referrals of friends or family members

BriteStreet Energy online reputation

BriteStreet Energy is a dependable and well-liked supplier of solar power systems. The outcomes achieved by their knowledgeable staff and the speed with which they are delivered have been well accepted by their clientele. Some consumers, however, have voiced dissatisfaction with the company's exorbitant costs and sluggish customer support. BriteStreet Energy seems to have happy consumers who are willing to advocate for the company.
"Overall, the work was subpar, and the service was much worse. They were supposed to execute a disconnect and reset for me, but they didn't show up on the arranged day. A day late, they finally arrived. When I questioned where they were, he said, "Sorry for the confusion, the next available date is a week and a half later." They didn't show up on the appointed day for the reset. No misunderstandings, as far as I can tell. Honestly, I simply believe they're disorganized. It was quite unjust of them to put me at the back of the line when they failed to fulfill their obligations. After they replaced my panels, they still didn't produce as much energy as before. There are better options out there, therefore I would not suggest going with them." - Cory P.
"The home's system installation was a major headache for us. At first, they said they were unsure of the significance of the code shown by the system and promised to get back to us as soon as possible. We gave them a ring a week later. They said they couldn't respect the warranty since we weren't the "original owners" of the home where the system was installed. (We purchased the home after the solar panels had already been installed). Since they were unable to decipher the displayed code, they promised to contact the manufacturer and report back. The information I obtained online concerning the installed system was communicated to Benger. He promised to call back that day or the next, but he never did. A week later, when my husband phoned, he talked to a lady who said she would speak with Benger and that they would attempt to contact the manufacturer but that sending a technician would cost us $90.00 per hour. Then they did it again—ghosted us. My husband made a direct manufacturer contact, and we had our replacement device within two days later. You will be "Ghosted" if you don't spend money with this firm. Our system was installed in 2016, thus we are not eligible for their warranty coverage." - Melvin J.
"I had to replace my roof since I inherited a solar panel lease when I bought my property. Despite BriteStreet Energy's best efforts, no electricity is being produced by the panels as he forgot to switch them back on after reinstalling them. The manager of the project has not responded to my emails. The contractor in the field is unresponsive. I have paid $83 a month for the presence of solar panels on my roof that produce no electricity and nobody will even pretend to care, and BriteStreet Energy corporate does not answer the phone. Don't do anything financial with BriteStreet Energy. The entire thing is a load of rubbish." - Franklin C.
"The worst business I've ever dealt with. No one from BriteStreet seems concerned that my solar panel setup has never functioned. I've fought several pointless fights in an attempt to get it rectified. Y'all don't give a crap about anything. No one from BriteStreet is willing to verify the system's functionality now that I'm selling the home. disrupting the flow of commerce." - Rohan V.
"Our energy costs have not been reduced by the solar panels. With the panels down, we save money on our monthly electricity bill. In August 2018, the panels had a problem. The only reasonable response would be to stop paying the monthly payment. We're now $700 in debt and one of our roof panels is leaking. All we ask is that they remove them. I don't hold them liable for the defective panels, but as the new owners of the business, they must satisfy its consumers." - Trace A.
"It was a pleasure to work with every staff. When compared to competitors, their pricing for the system was much lower. They keep you in the loop the whole time, are fast to reply, and have the system up and operating ahead of schedule. When compared to other solar panels, these are sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing. Happy with my purchase and the monthly savings the new system has brought me." - Tobias F.
"They arrived ahead of schedule and even contributed ideas for improving the solar panel installation blueprints. Very efficient and tidy installation. I have no qualms about hiring them again. The electrician who came out to Brite Street was a wizard, too. He did an excellent job of fixing up my sloppy electrical work and making it seem as good as it could. I'd bring up his name if I could recall it. I'm sorry, but I can't recall it." - Conor M.
"BriteStreet Solar exceeded our expectations, and I would gladly work with them again. To install the new roof, they removed and reattached the solar panels we already had installed. The DaVinci shake shingles (not as prevalent as other roof kinds) are what we used to cover our new roof. The procedure proved more difficult than expected due to the uncommon shingle type, but they worked meticulously through it and stuck to the original cost. Good integrity; quick to respond; simple to coordinate with." - Nelson K.
"Recently, we put solar panels. My father is the home's owner and the driving force behind these preparations. Even though he isn't fluent in English, he had a great experience with the company's workers. They utilized Google Translate to have occasional conversations with him, bypassing the language barrier. The workers treated our house with the utmost care. They were wonderful with our pets and didn't disturb us at all. Our four canine children may be rather boisterous around visitors. However, the staff was wonderful with our pets. The service we received was excellent, and we couldn't be happier." - Linda W.
"Insurance indicated I may get a new roof because of hail damage. They offered to take down and replace 32 of my solar panels at no cost to me. When I called my initial Solar installer, I was told it may take up to 50 days for them to visit. Excellent, I said. If I ask nicely, maybe I may get a date. They estimated that two weeks would pass before the planners could choose a date. I quit after being on a dateless merry-go-round for three weeks. BriteStreet Solar was highly recommended by my roofer. So I contacted them, fully anticipating the same kind of evasive behavior when I asked for a date. They set me up with a date that day, and it's a week away! Their quickness to respond floored me. They also included a critter guard around the panels in their competitive quotation, which is the most important preventative maintenance you can do for the life of your system. My 10-year-old system was constructed to the advertised specifications. The staff was helpful and kind, in my opinion." - Ari R.

BriteStreet Energy Social media
Follow the BriteStreet Energy firm on Facebook to learn about their current and future endeavors. They keep the website up-to-date with relevant information regarding their current initiatives and the solar energy industry as a whole. The layout of the website is slick and user-friendly. It's gaining traction in the solar energy community, with over 1,300 subscribers at present. Links to the company's blog, website, and press releases are included with videos and photographs illustrating the firm's achievements. From a credibility standpoint, the page seems genuine and the organization seems to use social media.
BriteStreet Energy is a leading solar energy provider with a lively presence on LinkedIn. Over 400 people are following them, thus they must be respected within their field. Their site is well-structured, with distinct areas for staff announcements and available positions. The design of the page is expert and welcoming. They're making an effort to reassure prospective clients and workers that their operations are above board. The website is periodically updated with new details about the company's offerings and background. This website has a proven track record of providing reliable information to clients interested in the solar energy sector.
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Google reviews454.6


BriteStreet Energy Pros & Cons

  • Experienced
  • Comprehensive
  • Innovative
  • High Cost
  • Limited Service
  • Slow Setup

BriteStreet Energy Final Conclusions

BriteStreet Energy provides organizations with energy intelligence services and solutions that are enabled by technology to reduce energy costs and improve energy management. Audits, energy analytics, occupancy analytics, energy efficiency, and energy monitoring are just some of the specialized services it provides to companies and multi-family buildings throughout the United States. Many satisfied customers have expressed gratitude to the firm for its practical solutions that have allowed them to lower their energy bills and improve their energy efficiency.

BriteStreet Energy locations

Main Address6200 N. Washington St. #9 Denver, CO 80216
Phone Number8444427483

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