Texas Solar review

If you are looking for solar energy system design and installation in Texas, go no further than Texas Solar. Established in 2011, the firm has become a leader in the solar energy industry, conducting efficiency audits, heating swimming pools with solar panels, and installing home energy management systems.

Texas Solar overview

If you are looking for solar energy system design and installation in Texas, go no further than Texas Solar. Established in 2011, the firm has become a leader in the solar energy industry, conducting efficiency audits, heating swimming pools with solar panels, and installing home energy management systems.

What Texas Solar has to say about itself

Texas Solar is committed to providing meticulous project management and monitoring services. When a project is ready to go into production, we immediately begin arranging and planning each step along the way, keeping our sales partners and homeowners up to date in real time.

Texas Solar Review

Year Started2011
Company Websitetxsolar.com
Service AreasTX
Service TypesSolar photovoltaic systems, residential and commercial solar energy systems, energy audits, solar pool heating, solar panels, batteries and storage systems, and home energy management systems
Types PanelsPolycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries

Texas Solar website review

A thorough description of the services offered by the organization is provided through the well-designed Texas Solar website. Navigating the company's services is simple because to the homepage's straightforward organization. A number of active incentives and promotions are also listed on the website to persuade visitors to look into their offerings. Additionally, the website gives a thorough rundown of their installation services and estimates the possible financial savings that clients might anticipate as a result of converting to solar power. A comprehensive library of FAQs, contact information, and a complete explanation of the firm's goods are also available to consumers. These resources allow people to contact the company or ask inquiries. In conclusion, anybody exploring solar choices in Texas might benefit from the Texas Solar website.

Texas Solar price policy

PackagesAround $15,000 to $25,000
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card, or financing
Payment discounts10% Solar Rebate and Zero Interest Federal Solar Tax Credit

Texas Solar online reputation

The general assessment of Solar Texas Solar is divided, according on the customer testimonials that have been supplied. While some evaluations are complimentary of the business's culture, collaboration, customer service, and job quality, others criticize delays, poor communication, faulty installation, and inadequate customer service. The great training possibilities, collaboration, and contribution to a greener world are highlighted in the positive evaluations. Customers like the installation team's professionalism, quick completion of the task with excellent skill, and helpful replies to their questions. Customer service, project management, coordination, and accounting departments of the business are complimented. Negative reviews, however, point to a number of issues. Some customers reported installation delays, poor installation, and components that had not been commissioned for use. Additionally, there were problems with the payment of power bills, broken promises, and difficulties getting in touch with managers or getting reimbursements. Major issues included a lack of communication, poor customer service, and an inability to resolve issues. One reviewer was also unhappy with how the business handled its workers, including instances of bad management, an unreasonably high workload, and surprise layoffs. Reviews for Solar Texas Solar are mostly balanced between favorable and unfavorable. While some clients were pleased with the company's culture, cooperation, and work product, others had issues with delays, insufficient customer service, and poor communication. To guarantee client pleasure and preserve a good reputation, the business must solve these problems and enhance its procedures.
"On August 18 I initiated the process of having two panels removed and paid for both the removal and reinstallation so that we could get started on our house repairs. After several calls and emails, we finally scheduled the uninstall for September 16th, too late to tell our contractor. My husband and I were both curious as to whether or not Texas Solar had arrived that day, so I contacted him. At at 4:45 p.m., I contacted Texas Solar to inquire as to when we should expect the technician to arrive at our house to remove the panels. Christian, who is no longer employed by texas solar, called to let me know that he and his team would not be able to make it, and asked if we could reschedule. Reschedule???? No one has been up to remove them from my property, and the contractor who was supposed to do it is still waiting there. I asked for a supervisor (Leah or Davina, I do not exactly which one said it because I was so angry and needed it done); and she stated to make this right I will reimburse you the $400.00 for your inconvenience. I accepted the offer, but I still have not received the refund, and no one seems to remember (supervisor). I explained it would not solve the problem, and that my contractor had shown there after waiting weeks for this to occur, just to find out that it wouldn't. She ultimately scheduled an appointment on Monday, which was the only option she could provide. We have yet to get the promised compensation, and our October 3 reinstallation date was booked by Nicollet, but no customer support representative ever mentioned it. The reinstallation appointment has been moved to Tuesday, October 20th, two weeks from now. Two of the Mikes and Christian who were my first coworkers have now left the firm, and despite my daily attempts to reach a supervisor, I have yet to hear back. I have been frustrated during this whole process and regret that we agreed to install solar panels. There have always been problems." - Mason
"I would give it five stars if I could! I could easily fill an entire page with my terrible encounter with this firm, but I will spare you the details in the sake of brevity. When I joined up in the spring of 2021, I was told the installation would take between one and two months. It has been about a year, and I still do not have a functional solar energy system. to least a dozen times, they came up to my property without warning, dumped garbage and equipment all over my yard, and even blocked my entrance to the house for nearly a week by placing a huge solar panel perpendicular to the door. My electrical bills for the months it was supposed to operate but didn't/does not have been reimbursed, and they would not reply my calls, emails, or messages. If they do not rectify this and repay my account as promised, I will have no choice but to submit a complaint with the attorney general's office, consumer services, and maybe even launch a lawsuit. Fortunately, I kept every email, text message, and voicemail. Utterly HORRIBLE!" - Sophia
"My previous review of Show Time Solar Installers has been updated, and a new review of Texas Solar has been added. Arrived on time and completed the work in the allotted amount of time, however it has already been over two months and some of the components still have not been commissioned for operation due to improper installation. Despite what Texas Solar had told us, the federal government incentive is merely a tax credit and not a refund. We will have to pay more for CPS in the long run if we do not pay off the incentive soon. For the same reason, we still have not heard back from Texas Solar about fixing the problem so it may be used. We are quite disappointed since we have a three-month-old and cannot afford to keep this service if it is not functioning." - Abigail
"Do not take the glowing ratings at face value; I worked here and it was a nightmare. The majority of the feedback comes from close friends and relatives. They assigned me to a role for which I did not apply and for which I was not prepared. I complained many times, but each time they gave me more work. For the sake of competition, I put in 60-hour weeks, sometimes working from home on my days off. No one in higher management cares enough to tell you how you are doing or what they want you to focus on. After giving it my best, I ended up in the hospital with a stress-related hematoma/hemorrhage, and while I was laid up, they gradually delegated my duties to persons who were even less capable of carrying them out than I was. When I returned to nothing, they told me falsehoods and gave me meaningless tasks to do. The company sought to hide the layoffs of 12 employees across many departments in a single week, but the truth soon became apparent. They lied to me about the security of my employment, did not care about me or my family, and suddenly let me leave without any kind of notice, review, or anything else. Instead of being up front about the situation and giving me time to find another employer that would value my skills and experience, they choose to leave me high and dry in the middle of my pregnancy with no idea of what to do next. They only care about the popular people, and they will make it clear that you do not belong to that group. I can not vouch for the company's treatment of consumers, but if they are as dishonest with their own staff, I have my doubts." - Mia
"The panels were placed in December of 2022, however as of March of 2023, they still have not been activated. Something we are paying for is not producing the desired results. The installers had been called back three times already because of mistakes they made. We were promised payment, but instead we got a letter of rejection. When I contacted again today, I was informed that we are still waiting for an inspection and that someone will be in touch as soon as possible. I requested a refund once again, but was denied. When I inquired about the inspector's availability, I was promised that he would get to me as soon as possible. To the extent that we have already shared our negative experience with Texas Solar, we will continue to do so. Totally useless, terrible customer service." - Pamela
"Working in Human Resources at Texas Solar for the last three years has been a dream come true since I know my efforts contribute to the overall success of the firm. Texas Solar, and Mike in particular, fosters a culture of teamwork and experimentation within our company. Mike, my boss, has provided me with excellent training opportunities and supervision. One of my favorite things about working at Texas Solar is how much I have learned from my fellow employees. I like my job at Texas Solar because I know I am contributing to a greener world." - Jennifer
"The work was completed promptly and expertly. I was consulted before any action was taken. I received helpful responses to my inquiries, and issues were resolved quickly. Maria helped me out in customer support when I had an issue by connecting me with the appropriate departments. It was a kind and useful reply." - Thomas
"After working with Texas Solar for 6 months, I am excited to come to work each day and provide our wonderful Customers the best installation service possible. Our company places a premium on its employees and customers alike. Our skilled installers in the field put into practice our business slogan, "Quality Solar, Done Right!" Our customer service department is second to none, our project management/coordination team puts in countless hours, and our accounting and procurement teams make sure items are supplied on time. The quality of this group is unparalleled." - Christopher
"The individuals who did the installation were wonderful people who did an excellent job. The work that they performed on our home was quite good. They removed all of the debris and waste that was produced as a result of the project, relieving both my family and I of the responsibility of dealing with it. The quality of their work has beyond my expectations." - Liam
"Our HOA's permits and inspection procedures required some time to get through. However, with each setback we overcame, our Solar System came closer to full functionality. The majority of inquiries were resolved with a single phone call. Texas Solar made an effort to put us at ease across all of their departments. As each new phase began, I became more anxious about the many things I still did not know. Their staff was kind, eager to assist, and knowledgeable about where to get information. Knowing that I would still have electricity in the event of an outage and having a better grasp of the system we purchased are the only things I would alter. If we had known this, we may have built our Solar System differently. We still need a backup generator. We can not wait to generate our own energy. The electricity costs have been ridiculous. The electricity costs, God willing, have finally wiped out our savings." - Benjamin

Texas Solar Social media

Customers may effectively engage with Texas Solar on a more personal level via the company's Facebook page. Regular updates on service visits, system installs, and incentives are provided on the website. Customers may quickly submit reviews on the website, which increases exposure and gives future clients a sense of the nature of the business. Along with news and information on solar technology, the website sometimes publishes blog pieces on solar-related subjects. Finally, this page includes contact information for customer assistance as well as a list of frequently asked questions. In general, anyone searching for additional information about the services offered by the organization will benefit greatly by visiting the Texas Solar Facebook page.
Customers may get to know Texas Solar's services and employees better via the company's Linkedin profile. You may get a full rundown of the business and its offerings, as well as explanations of its numerous goods and services, from this website. Potential consumers may learn more about the solar sector and the types of jobs accessible to them by perusing a list of open positions. Testimonials from satisfied customers are also included to show future consumers what they may expect. Last but not least, the page lets consumers get in touch with the team and learn about the latest deals and updates. Overall, the Texas Solar Linkedin profile serves as a valuable resource for anyone curious in the firm and its offerings.
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Texas Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews9884.4


Texas Solar Pros & Cons

  • High-quality installation and reliable equipment
  • Variety of rewards and promotional programs
  • Expert customer service team
  • Installation process can be tricky
  • High startup cost for initial equipment
  • Can be difficult to find qualified professionals

Texas Solar Final Conclusions

Texas Solar is a Texas-based company that solely specializes in the design and installation of solar power systems. They have a great deal of respect in the business because of their commitment to provide solar solutions that are of the highest caliber, reliable, and reasonable prices. Thanks to the team of skilled experts and cutting-edge equipment they utilize, installs are finished fast and efficiently. Texas Solar offers a range of incentive and promotional programs to assist its customers save costs. Moreover, they have a knowledgeable support team that is available at all times. Texas Solar, a leader and well-respected authority in the area of solar energy overall, has made a name for itself in this industry.

Texas Solar locations

Main Address5631 University Heights Blvd, Suite 107, San Antonio, Texas 78249
Phone Number2102456600

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