BVI Solar review

BVI Solar is a business with roots in San Diego, California, with a wealth of expertise, knowledge, and achievements in the solar sector. Our executive team played a key role in developing the first domestic "solar roof"; they created the early solar roofing shingles that later developed into the CertainTeed Apollo II Solar Shingle, which is still among the finest options for integrating solar power into conventional roofing for homes.

BVI Solar overview

BVI Solar is a business with roots in San Diego, California, with a wealth of expertise, knowledge, and achievements in the solar sector. Our executive team played a key role in developing the first domestic "solar roof"; they created the early solar roofing shingles that later developed into the CertainTeed Apollo II Solar Shingle, which is still among the finest options for integrating solar power into conventional roofing for homes.

What BVI Solar has to say about itself

Before founding BVI, our team managed one of the biggest solar platforms in the nation, facilitating the purchase, installation, and financing of over 10,000 home solar systems — mostly in Southern California but also in Hawaii and New York. We will take the time to assist you discover the ideal option for your house or place of business since we are specialists in solar and roofing. This company, as well as every project we work on for one of our clients, is extremely personal to us.

BVI Solar Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline Panels, Polycrystalline Panels, Thin-Film Panels, Bifacial Panels, Hybrid Panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsBBB, SEIA

BVI Solar website review

The website's navigation menu makes Home, About Us, Services, Projects, and Contacts easy to find. The menu remains at the top for simple site navigation. The site details the company's services, solar solutions, and projects. Well-written, simple, and understandable. Headings, bullets, and subheadings arrange information. BVI Solar offers residential, business, and utility solar systems on its website. Each service is detailed with benefits and features. The website also discusses solar panels, inverters, and batteries. The website contains a contact page with a form, phone number, and email address. The "Request a Quote" button lets prospective clients ask about solar energy demands. BVI Solar has social media icons for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. This integration fosters online community and engagement. BVI Solar's website efficiently showcases its services, expertise, and projects. Its user-friendly design, useful information, and simple navigation enhance the user experience.

BVI Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $30,000 or more
Payment optionsCash, Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Cards, Cheque, Online Payment Platforms
Payment discountsNo payment discounts specified

BVI Solar online reputation

According to user reviews, BVI Solar offers outstanding customer satisfaction overall. The majority of the clients enjoyed working with the business and were pleased with the solar solutions they obtained. Customers have complimented BVI Solar for setting up online financing at low interest rates and expediting the sales and design procedures. At the design stage, the organization was considerate and aware of client preferences. BVI Solar has shown great communication throughout the process, keeping customers informed of new information and working with outside contractors to manage the work schedule. BVI Solar guaranteed the system's performance and operation, and the solar installations were typically carried out according to plan. Customers now have a 25-year guarantee and the assurance that CertainTeed will be there for them if BVI Solar goes out of business thanks to the partnership between BVI Solar and CertainTeed's solar products. Customers valued BVI Solar's kind and accommodating employees, particularly when they had issues or need assistance. The business has shown a desire to address issues quickly and provide workable solutions. While the majority of consumers expressed satisfaction, one reviewer brought up ongoing issues with inefficient panels. It wasn't made clear how BVI Solar will respond or handle these issues. Customers who discovered that BVI Solar's price was greater than that of its rivals began looking for other vendors. In conclusion, consumers have typically given BVI Solar great comments and have appreciated their outstanding service, effective procedures, and high-quality installations. Although a few particular difficulties have been brought up, BVI Solar seems to be a trustworthy firm that you should think about using to install solar panels.
"BVI did a great job installing our solar panel installation. They coordinated with the HOA to make sure all of the rules were followed. An accompanying app allowed me to monitor the energy output of each panel after installation (screenshot attached). The software reveals that certain panels are continuously underperforming. Some panels had their optimizers swapped out by BVI, but the problem persisted. They theorized that dirt on the panels or shadow from a tree may be to blame. We cleared away any debris from the panels, and no plants are blocking their sunlight. The problem remains, and BVI has not been able to fix it. Since I don't believe the initial system size was enough, I have also requested an estimate for the cost of installing extra panels. I have emailed twice for this data, but have received no response. If our current array of panels is producing at capacity, we may not need to install any more. They performed an OK job, but I would go elsewhere next time." - John
"BVI's bid was 30% more expensive than the business I ultimately went with, so I gave them the favor of letting them know we had decided to go with someone else. What they said in return was: I hope the error doesn't turn out to be too pricey, but I'm sorry to hear it. When the installer goes out of business, you take all the risk if you don't have our guarantee. In California, the typical lifespan of a solar energy business is five years. Take care, you risk takers." - Mason
"Stay away from this provider. My experience with them was terrible, and I am a licensed electrician. They use contractors to do the job, and Solar is about as awful as it gets in terms of quality and timeliness. Long screws were used to pierce my ceiling and roof. After working on my panel, they disconnected some of the cables, which resulted in single phasing. Came late and without all the necessary supplies. To rub salt in the wound, BVI phoned to shout at me because I would not sign until I saw the system in action. They get two stars from me since they had promising beginnings but disappointing endings. Neglecting the needs of one's clientele." - Ben
"BVI Solar has provided me with excellent service. Financing was arranged online at an excellent interest rate, and the sales process proceeded quickly. Once I signed on the dotted line, the design process moved along quickly. The engineering was completed in a matter of weeks, and they even took into account my preferences for how I wanted the cells arranged. They handled the permit application and maintained in touch with me to keep me informed of developments. Since I don't reside in San Diego, I learned during the site study that BVI serves as the general contractor and outsources the actual installation to a third party. Despite this, BVI continued to control the workflow timetable and all related interactions. It was better to have too much communication than none at all when both firms contacted me with the same information at the same time. The hired installation firm performed well, adhering according to the blueprint specifications and leaving no stone behind. Structure of the No problems found during my inspection or the city's. It's now live, and I can track its whereabouts and activity through the accompanying website and mobile app. The roof penetrations were covered by the system's 25-year guarantee, something not offered by any of the other quotations we received. In addition, BVI Solar is an authorized distributor for CertainTeed solar products, therefore the 25-year guarantee is not limited to BVI Solar alone. Hopefully, BVI will remain in business, but if they don't, I know I can call CertainTeed and they'll send a another representative to handle my warranty needs. For me, this was a major event. I think BVI is the best bet if you want to go into Solar." - Johnson
"We are quite happy with the solar system BVI built for us last week. They were punctual, completed the task in the allotted period (2 days in my instance), and were a pleasure to deal with. Once the project funds are secured, I evaluate a firm or contractor based on their responsiveness, and in this case, BVI was quite prompt. After I had a little problem, they got back to me very away and sent someone out the following day to take care of it. These days, it's unusual to encounter a business that takes genuine delight in the superiority of its output. That business is BVI." - Eric
"I am overjoyed with BVI. On time and within budget, expectations were surpassed! We're relieved that we were able to have solar panels installed at the same time as our new roof. Tyler, the proprietor, kept in frequent contact and saw to it that all commitments were kept. He visited the site on many occasions, even taking us to the roof to demonstrate certain features. Every single team came through with the goods. Everyone on this team works diligently and is a pleasure to work with. To anybody thinking of installing solar panels on their roof, we enthusiastically endorse BVI." - Michael
"In every aspect, BVI Solar exceeded our expectations. Our experience with Tyler in the construction of our new La Jolla house has been excellent. In order to help us arrive at a solution, he was very patient and thorough as we brainstormed and ran figures on several scenarios. Tyler's collaboration with our architect and builder was equally noteworthy. The installation turned out well, and Tyler monitored the on-site work to make sure it was done as planned. The panels look and function better than I could have imagined, and I was quite picky about how they would appear with our new tile roof." - Oliver
"A problematic optimizer made by a very awful business, solar edge, was giving me trouble. Even though the problem was covered by the manufacturer's warranty, it took forever for a replacement to be sent to me. If the original installer goes out of business, SolarEdge has BVI on hand as a backup plan.(which mine did) Thankfully, I got to speak with Jasmine, one of the nicest workers I've ever had the pleasure of speaking with. She is very competent, fast to answer, and professional. A helpful technician was sent to my location when I requested the component, and the new optimizer is now up and running. Unfortunately, the technician had to contact solar edge to ensure that my system was functioning properly. Solar edge did all in their power to delay progress and squander time. I couldn't believe how long it took to solve such a basic problem. The technician shared same feelings and stated it was par for the course at this awful firm. BVI was kind and offered me a reasonable discount on my price. They were quite understanding of the situation and treated me as if it had been my fault. In the future, I plan to keep calling BVI, and you should, too. Believe me when I tell that in today's horrible, lethargic world of customer service, BVI is as excellent as it gets since I NEVER write these evaluations and I am VERY fussy about customer service." - Harry

BVI Solar Social media
BVI Solar promotes solar energy solutions on Facebook. The website features a clean style and a cover shot of a solar panel installation. The page has over 500 likes and subscribers since 2017. Solar, renewable, and sustainable material dominates the website. Solar energy's environmental advantages, decreased energy costs, and long-term savings are often covered on the website. They also showcase their own solar projects and their community benefits. The page sometimes posts solar energy news and industry material to keep subscribers informed. Engagement, Engagement: The page has modest interaction, including likes, comments, and shares. Subscribers typically thank the firm and discuss solar energy. BVI Solar's Facebook page promotes solar energy and educates the people. BVI Solar may include more visual information like movies or infographics to make their postings more entertaining and accessible.
The LinkedIn page for BVI Solar, which provides a brief summary of the company's objectives, states the company's dedication to provide clean and sustainable energy solutions. They highlight their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability while also highlighting their expertise in solar energy. Given that their LinkedIn page only mentions between 11 and 50 employees, BVI Solar is a rather small company. BVI Solar's LinkedIn page mentions this area of specialization along with the installation of solar panels, solar energy systems, and solar energy consulting. The company interacts its audience directly by posting content that is relevant to them and by participating in discussions around renewable energy. Viewing the LinkedIn profiles of the members of the BVI Solar team is one approach to discover more about their credentials and areas of experience. A reasonable number of people follow the LinkedIn profile, indicating some level of audience interaction. Posts from the company get likes, comments, and reposts, indicating that the neighborhood is active and involved. The website is a useful forum for discussing ideas and finding out about the newest developments in the area of renewable energy.
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8 Subscribers

BVI Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews205


BVI Solar Pros & Cons

  • Efficient financing and sales process
  • Prompt Communication
  • Responsive and supportive staff
  • Problems with Inefficient Panels
  • Pricing
  • Mixed customer reviews

BVI Solar Final Conclusions

The company has consistently shown its commitment to offering trustworthy and environmentally friendly solar solutions, earning it a strong reputation in the sector. BVI Solar operates well overall and has a positive reputation, according to customer reviews. For its excellent customer service, successful sales approach, and prompt consumer communication, the company has won awards. Customers appreciated that their preferences were taken into account during the planning stage and that BVI Solar actively engaged with homeowner associations to guarantee a smooth installation. BVI Solar has also established a strong reputation for adhering to environmental and moral business principles. The business gives social and environmental performance a high priority and makes sure all of its activities follow the CSR principles. BVI Solar, in general, is a reliable company whose solar installations have delighted many customers. Prospective clients should weigh the advantages and disadvantages, as well as their particular needs and objectives, while evaluating the performance and reputation of BVI Solar. By doing in-depth research, seeking advice, and obtaining exact quotations, customers may determine whether BVI Solar is the best choice for their solar energy needs.

BVI Solar locations

Main Address7867 Dunbrook Rd. Ste D, San Diego, CA 92126
Phone Number8773593749

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