CBS Solar review

Here at our company, solar power is something we care deeply about. Contractors Building Supply, Inc. of Copemish Village has been supplying construction materials for over 40 years. All of your requirements for renewable energy may be met by our expert staff. CBS Solar provides services ranging from design and installation to energy assessment and advising to assist you save costs on your monthly electricity bill. CBS Solar has the expertise to install solar power systems of every size, from residential to commercial.
CBS Solar review

CBS Solar overview

Here at our company, solar power is something we care deeply about. Contractors Building Supply, Inc. of Copemish Village has been supplying construction materials for over 40 years. All of your requirements for renewable energy may be met by our expert staff. CBS Solar provides services ranging from design and installation to energy assessment and advising to assist you save costs on your monthly electricity bill. CBS Solar has the expertise to install solar power systems of every size, from residential to commercial.

What CBS Solar has to say about itself

To promote the widespread use of solar energy in the United States, both as a main and secondary power source for buildings. Every town may now switch to a renewable energy source as its primary power supplier. No longer do we have to use dangerous and nonrenewable fossil fuels. There has never been a better opportunity to take advantage of the renewable energy boom. This will not only improve our economy but also the prospects for future generations. It gives us great pleasure to announce the opening of a factory in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

CBS Solar Review

Year Started1993
Service AreasMI
Service TypesInstallation of solar panels, Solar system design, Solar Power ConsultingAffordable Incentives, Maintenance and repair of solar panels, Solar Financing and Incentives, Solar monitoring and data analysis, Storage of solar panels, Solar System Modernization
Types PanelsMonocrystalline solar panels, Polycrystalline solar panels, Thin-film solar panels, Bifacial solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries

CBS Solar website review

A firm that specializes in solar energy solutions is called CBS Solar. The company's goal is to provide affordable, sustainable solar energy solutions to consumers in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. The website features a simple, contemporary layout with a backdrop color of mostly white and accents of blue. The design is well-organized, making it simple for users to move between the many areas. Utilizing symbols and graphics of superior quality improves aesthetic appeal. Users may simply visit different sections on the website, such as Home, About Us, Solar Services, Solar Financing, and Contact Us, thanks to its simple and intuitive navigation system. No matter how far down the page is scrolled, the menu stays stuck at the top. The website offers in-depth details on the advantages, services, and products offered by CBS Solar. The writing is clear, straightforward, and simple to comprehend. For easy reading, each page contains pertinent headers and subheadings. Customers' excellent experiences from the past are highlighted in case studies and consumer testimonials on the website. This aids in gaining the confidence and trust of prospective clients. Integration of social media: CBS Solar includes social networking buttons that make it simple for consumers to interact with them on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Users are able to keep up with the most recent corporate news and updates thanks to this. The website prominently displays contact details such a phone number, email address, and physical location. This makes it simple for customers to ask questions or get guidance from CBS Solar.

CBS Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCredit or Debit Card,Financing Options
Payment discountsCash Rebates, Financing Options, Federal Tax Credits, State & Local Incentives, Referral Programs

CBS Solar online reputation

According to user reports, consumers have had a mixed experience with CBS Solar. Positive evaluations emphasize their professionalism, prompt installation, and the solar panels' good performance. Customers have applauded the company for its great customer service, ability to work well with contractors, and reduction in power use. These testimonials show that CBS Solar successfully fulfilled certain customers' expectations and delivered a satisfying experience. Delays, little communication, and poor installation quality are also mentioned in some of the unfavorable evaluations, however. Customers have complained about the sales process, broken promises, and difficulties with customer service. These studies draw attention to uncertainties about cost savings, property damage, and inadequate solar panels. These unfavorable evaluations together imply that CBS Solar has not consistently provided all consumers with a positive experience. It is crucial for prospective clients to thoroughly assess CBS Solar's services and take into account the experiences offered by past clients before making a choice in light of the conflicting reviews. It is advised to do in-depth study and get more data to make sure that CBS Solar is the best match for their particular requirements and expectations.
"So, I called up CBS and asked them to install a solar panel installation. Tyler came all the way to our property only to give us a quotation. Later, he inquired for photos of our power packs. The last time we heard from him was after that. I sent him many texts but got no response from him. No estimate was ever sent to you. It would have been polite of him to let us know if he was not interested in the position." - Wylie
"Interested in learning more about installation options. The caller returned, but no message was left. They obviously have a lot going on and are unwilling to help out." - Mike
"My home now has a total of 8 solar panels. The people were amazing, and my system is top-notch, but suddenly one of my panels stopped working and I had to call for help many times. They promised to come out and repair it, and they eventually did. NOT YET OCCURRED. In January, we sent out the panel! Let me add that." - Martin
"Unfortunately, working with CBS Solar was a negative experience for me. The salesperson was quite persistent in trying to sell me more services I had no interest in. There was a major snafu with the installation procedure. The technicians' lack of competence caused significant delays and property damage. My concerns were not handled in a timely manner, and it took me many tries to receive a response from the customer support department. The solar panels have not been saving me nearly as much money as they were supposed to. In conclusion, my experience with CBS Solar has not led me to endorse it." - Tom
"The installation of my solar panels by CBS Solar was a mistake. False claims about cost reductions and other advantages were made throughout the sales process. The installation staff was late and unprepared, which led to more work and waiting around. There was obvious damage to my roof, and the wiring was poor at best. I tried to get in touch with customer support many times, but my concerns were always rejected and nothing was done to fix the problems. The solar panels have not delivered the expected results, and I have only witnessed a little decrease in my monthly energy costs. I was quite disappointed, and I would advise folks to look into other solar companies." - patrick
"We got the ball rolling early, but Consumers Power caused a delay. Because the power meter was in an inconvenient place for wiring to the new breaker panel, installation was challenging. CBS SOLAR coordinated with our electrical contractor to ensure that all of the work could be completed before the year ended. Just before the big Christmas snowstorm, the installation was finished. The system has met all of our expectations, and more. Even with the cloudy winter sky, we have seen the system providing electricity back to Consumers." - Brent
"CBS Solar recently constructed a solar energy system at our Onekama, Michigan, home. They sent a sizable, hard-working team to our location, and they set up our array and system with no problems whatsoever. After obtaining the necessary permits, the team quickly completed the installation. They provide excellent service to customers, even after the deal is made. Outstanding teamwork, and a first-rate organization to do business with. We couldn't be happier with our system, which we enthusiastically endorse." - Jim D
"Every single person was well-informed, competent, and took the time to explain the procedure. Email conversations kept me up to speed throughout the whole of the process, and the CBS Solar team handled everything, including the getting of permits, the arrangement of municipal inspections, and the communication with my power supplier. Extremely satisfied with the outcome!" - Anna
"I love CBS Solar. We were interested in going solar but lacked the resources to do so at the time. After chatting, Kaleb encouraged me to check out an installation they had just finished. I suggested starting with a smaller system and expanding it gradually, and CBS agreed to build us the first four panels. The first four are live, and they're fantastic. Knowing that the sun is helping to provide electricity for your house is a wonderful experience. Two nights ago, we experienced a major windstorm, and the panels remained just where they should have been (but all my plants were destroyed). And we're already laying in the funds for the following pair. I cannot speak highly enough about the CBS solar team." - Justine
"Outstanding! Extremely professional and really educated. They promised to carry out a certain action, and they subsequently carried out that action as promised. I really could not be happy right now!" - Benny

CBS Solar Social media
The official page for the business is the CBS Solar Facebook page. It has a certified blue checkmark on it to show that it is real. The page's main goal is to advertise solar products and associated information. The installation of a solar panel on the lid attests to the company's expertise in this field. In order to promote brand familiarity, the profile image is the CBS Solar logo. The page routinely posts articles, advice on energy conservation, and news on the company's initiatives that are linked to solar energy. The information has been carefully chosen and is relevant to the target market of solar energy solution enthusiasts. A sizable number of people follow the page, suggesting a respectable degree of activity. Posts get a variety of responses, comments, and shares, which reveals a vibrant and involved community. In order to improve customer service, the page administrator regularly replies to comments and inquiries. Customers may write comments on the page's testimonials section on their interactions with CBS Solar. Customers express pleasure with the company's professionalism and services in the majority of the favorable evaluations. The website effectively uses photos and videos to highlight their solar projects, installations, and goods. Potential customers may better comprehend the advantages and caliber of CBS Solar's work by using these photographs. Overall, the CBS Solar Facebook page shows a strong online presence, interesting material, enthusiastic user evaluations, and efficient use of images.
The size and personnel count of CBS Solar are not specifically disclosed on the company's LinkedIn profile. Although it is not specified, the firm is headquartered in the US. With a concentration on solar energy, CBS Solar is a player in the renewable energy market. They want to support clients who want to use sustainable energy and lessen their carbon impact. The firm places a strong emphasis on the advantages of solar energy, including financial savings, environmental sustainability, and energy independence. According to their LinkedIn profile, CBS Solar provides a variety of services, including the design and installation of solar systems and the upkeep of solar panels. Additionally, they provide consultation and evaluation services to assist customers decide if solar energy is a viable option and whether it would be advantageous for their particular requirements. Both the clients of CBS Solar and any known projects are not specifically mentioned on the website. The fact that they claim catering to residential, business, and industrial customers, however, suggests that their clientele is varied. Solar postings, business news, and industry updates are often posted to the LinkedIn profile. CBS Solar interacts with its audience by disseminating educational materials, advice, and concepts about solar power. Information about the corporate culture or employee evaluations are absent from the website. neither employee profiles nor team member data are available.
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CBS Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews184.1


CBS Solar Pros & Cons

  • Environmental benefits
  • Long term investment
  • Increasing property value
  • High initial costs
  • Weather dependency
  • Unstable energy production

CBS Solar Final Conclusions

A reputable solar panel business with years of experience in the renewable energy sector is CBS Solar. Due to its premium solar panels and top-notch customer support, the business has established a strong reputation. Performance-wise, CBS Solar has continually provided dependable and efficient solar panels that have assisted several residential and business clients in lowering their carbon footprint and saving money on electricity. Customers may profit from solar energy for many years to come because to the company's panels' renown for strength and longevity. Additionally, CBS Solar has established a strong reputation for providing outstanding customer service. Customers are supported by a group of skilled and competent personnel throughout the whole procedure, from first consultation through installation and maintenance. They guarantee a smooth and trouble-free experience and provide customized solutions catered to each client's unique demands. The standing of CBS Solar is well regarded both among its clients and within the industry. The dedication of CBS Solar to excellence, dependability, and customer happiness has resulted in a devoted client base and favorable word-of-mouth referrals. Overall, CBS Solar is a respectable supplier of solar panels that constantly turns out high-quality products and offers top-notch customer support. For individuals looking to harness the power of solar energy, CBS Solar is a reputable option with a proven track record.

CBS Solar locations

Main Address16880 Front Street PO Box 67 Copemish, MI 49625
Phone Number2313782936

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